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the magicians but theyre all gods

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"Truly, Eliot, you are undeniably, unbearably, in love with that dumb little questing god," Margo drawled out, and the truth of it made Eliot scoff at his companion's words and shoot her a glowering look.

"Bambi, dearest, you know me. I don't do love," Eliot replied coolly, rolling his eyes and sipping his cocktail leisurely. He snapped his fingers, and his servant, Todd, scrambled forth to bring him a new cocktail after he'd finished his precious one. "I hardly do feelings. The guy's cute and sweet, and yeah he's brave in ways I could never be, and the way his mind works is pretty incredible, but I don't love him. Or rather, I'm not in love with him. "

Margo cackled, smacking Eliot hard on the shoulder, before she snatched the drink from Todd's tray. "Invite him to the party later, see if he comes. If you don't love him, then just bone him and be done." She said simply, finishing the drink off and placing it back on the tray. shooing Todd away.

"I can't just fuck him, Margo!" Eliot whined, sighing and sliding down the lounge they were currently lying on. "If I did that, then I would screw up our friendship, and I like being just friends with him. Plus, he probably doesn't see me that way." Eliot pouted at Margo, who snorted and threw a grape at him.

"Tell me that when you're making puppy dog eyes at eachother at the party," Margo teased, patting Eliot's shoulder and heading out to go back to her own palace.

Eliot groaned, burying his face in his hands and biting his lip. So, maybe he had caught feelings for the nervy god. So what? He couldn't, and wouldn't, do anything about it unless Quentin showed a sign of reciprocating his feelings. Letting out an angsty sigh, he decided to simply get back to planning this century's party, and who he would be putting on the guest list.

"Todd!" Eliot barked, and his loyal pet came stumbling forward, eyes round. "Make sure to put Sir Quentin and Lady Julia on the RSVP list. And call for Penny, I almost have the invites ready." Todd nodded, looking excited as ever, and he scurried off to complete his god's task. With a quick few tuts, Eliot had the envelopes before him, and adorned with his neat signature, containing the announcement of the upcoming event. He made sure that every letter had the correct god's name on it, and when he heard the flutter of wings, he turned to see a glowering Penny. "Ah, William!" Eliot purred out, wanting to tease the messanger more than anything. Penny scowled at him, eyes flickering to the stack of letters.

"That for the party?" The dark-skinned messenger god asked gruffly, crossing his arms. Eliot nodded, and slipped an envelope from the stack and handed it to him.

"For my favorite messanger," He said fondly, smiling as Penny took the envelope and opened it, revealing another RSVP. Penny sorted, rolling his eyes, but Eliot had known him long enough to see the signs of a smile he was holding back.

"Thanks, Eliot. I'll get these out as soon as I can." Penny sighed, walking over and swiping the rest of the letters into his bag. He paused, picking up Quentin's letter and noticing something familiar. "Aha, I recognise this." Oh, fuck. Eliot forgot that Penny had known him for a while too. "You did this when you first thought you'd caught feelings for me, and we exchanged homoerotic poetry for a bit before finally banging." Penny flipped the letter around, his face twisting as he saw the name. "Really? That loser questing god that always hides at these things?" Penny snorted, throwing the letter into his bag and shooting Eliot a look. "You can do better." He said, before he gathered the rest and made to leave.

As Penny took of, flying out of Eliot sacred sky temple, the god shouted after him, "JULIA AND HIM ARE FRIENDS! WE COULD BENEFIT FROM THIS!" But Penny was gone, so Eliot sighed and got back to working on the party planning.


Quentin looked up when he heard the beat of wings, and inwardly groaned when he saw Penny swoop down before him. The man sent a glare at him, dropping a letter in front of Quentin and his work station, and flew away immediately after. To be expected from Penny. Quentin sighed softly, setting down his latest quest so he could open his letter. It was from Eliot; Quentin could tell from the intricate calligraphy and the little hearts (Quentin definitely did not blush, because why would little hearts mean much of anything? They were just hearts!) adorning the space around his name. He felt his heartbeat pick up, and he smiled wide at the sight of the RSVP invitation to Eliot's every century party.

Quentin had gone to one or two of them when he'd met Eliot four centuries ago, and last time they'd almost given into lust and fucked. But Quentin knew better, and so did Eliot. Well, that was a lie, Eliot was the actual god of sex, he always gave into lust by simply existing. He'd remembered the last party Eliot had thrown, which had turned into a huge orgy. Kady, Julia, and Alice had all gotten it on together, and when things got too much to handle Quentin got the hell out of there. Eliot had been a little handsy with him, but to be fair the god went overboard on alcohol constantly. Things hadn't gotten much out of hand, but they'd ended up on the couch together, contemplating creation as they sipped fruity cocktails and stared at the enchanted ceiling.

Quentin was going to need Julia's help if he was gonna make it through this. He could not go to that party without a plan, a present, and a good look. Fuck, maybe he was overthinking things. He let out a frustrated whine, closing his eyes tight and balling a fist in his toga. He took a harsh breath, snapping his fingers and summoning his most loyal helper.

"My lord!" Fen's chipper tone cheered to him from where she appeared, and he turned to give her a smile. "What has you summoning me?"

"I've gotten this century's invitation to Lord Eliot's party," He stated, turning to give her a nervous smile. "Could you... perhaps help me with an outfit or something? If you're busy I can just summon Jules, but I'd like an outsider opinion."

Fen considered it a moment, before she came over. They went over the different outfits that Quentin was most comfortable in and what he wore to more formal occasions. They settled on a nice silk toga with gold embroidery. Simple and still charming, perfect for him. Fen suggested that Quentin get something alcoholic for Eliot, before she went on her way delivering one of his latest quests. Quentin sighed softly, sinking back into his work station, nervously tapping his foot. Well, lets hope that the party goes well...