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 2007 Lian-Yu






Oliver had to bite down on cold leather as horrid pain rippled through his body; ten times worse than whatever he's been through while on this God-forsaken island. But, it would all be worth it. The Omega sat against the makeshift cot, legs spread and tears with sweat dripped down his face, making his hair stick to his skin and forehead. The swell of his stomach and tenderness in his chest had become prominent over time while the seed inside him flourished and grew. Oliver cursed beyond the leather in English and then in the four other languages he had learnt while on the island. He let out the scream that grew inside him, thankfully it was muffled from the leather and he fisted the dirt and metal beneath him. He panted after, though went still at the impending footfalls he heard coming round the nose of the fallen plane. Oliver reached for the gun that he had stolen from a soldier he managed to knock out and aimed it at the opening. He may be in labour, but there was nowhere in hell he was going to let anyone take this child away from him. Instead came Slade, the Alpha froze with the fish he had caught for them, dangling at his boot. Oliver dropped the gun and let his head fall back, a cry escaping him. Slade puts the fish down and brings him clean water. Oliver takes out the leather and Slade gently helps him drink to keep hydrated and then the Omega bites down the leather again. 


Over a year ago, Oliver had been shipwrecked and came to this island. Almost immediately, the Omega was shot at with an arrow, starved and forced to kill an animal plus people to survive, tortured and nearly raped. It was a miracle that he lived and with the help of Yao Fei, he was guided to Slade Wilson. This was where the two came up with the idea to get off of the island but was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, Oliver did manage to learn how to protect himself; how to survive. Wilson, a dark hair and stubborn, crazy, trained, asshole of an Alpha taught him mostly, everything he needed to live. However, Oliver was an Omega. In Starling City, where he was born and raised, he was a Beta in the eyes of the public because his Father was ashamed to have an Omega son. So, since he was a teen, he used scent suppressants and pills to hide his dynamic. Within the past few months, he'd been on the island, the pills and suppressants began to wore off, which put him in a Heat. The first time; Slade had avoided him with a passion, using the herbs he had, he masked Oliver's Heat scent and natural scent so they could go about their lives. Not long after his first Heat on the Island, they saved Shado, a Beta female and the daughter of Yao Fei. She taught him discipline and patience, endurance and archery. In due time, he knew how to survive. That's when it all changed.


  Oliver before the island could have any Beta, Omega and Alpha, that Oliver was selfish and egotistical. That Oliver had caused the life of someone's daughter, sister. That Oliver did not watch his Father blow his brains out so his Omega son could survive and right his wrongs. To fix the Queen name and help the people's lives they had ruined. The new Oliver fought with bravery and skill, Oliver now was selfless and observant. Oliver now embraced his Omega dynamic, mastered ways to go through his monthly Heats and supposedly caring nature on an Island that would destroy him. This Oliver caught Slade's attention, this Oliver was a warrior and an Omega like no other. Oliver Queen was not the same person that washed up on that shore, he was not the same Omega Slade Wilson's stares lingered on. And when his fourth heat came, Oliver, knowing that it was not their wisest idea, still submitted when his Alpha entered the Plane. He moaned and slicked for an Alpha to knot him. And knot him he was. Now, nine months later, after nights of restlessness, days of aches and cramps, mornings of sickness, Oliver was going to bring Slade's- their child, into this mess. However, Slade could not stop the Omega. No matter what he had said, no matter the dangers it would bring, Oliver was not letting this child go. After all, he was still and Omega. Even so, he was trained and would not hesitate to kill for his baby. 


Oliver cried out from the leather, feeling the instinct to push rise inside of him. And he took Slade's hand, then bared down, squeezing the man's hand. Shado returned and knelt in front of his legs. She had cleaned and dried cloth with her as that had been her duty for a month now, her dark hair was brought back in a messy bun. She had said that the child could not sleep on the dirty floor so, she washed as best as possible the rags that were about to wrap the baby in. Oliver dropped his head and felt soft cloth dab away sweat and tears before Slade's voice, suddenly soft and kind rang near his ears, whispering words of encouragement and praise. Oliver looked at the Alpha and damned him straight to hell for letting him get away with this stupid idea. If only he had known it would be this painful- Oliver screamed again, this time pushing with all the strength he had left. He felt immediate relief and Shado dipped forward. Oliver's eyes were blurry with tears but, he could make out the new scent in the place; pine and grass. Oliver reached blindly as his ears picked up a soft cooing sound. Shado gently passed the child into his arms and Oliver took in the, though dirty, beautiful sight of his baby boy. The baby wiggled and cooed, as if sensing that loud noises weren't right before yawning. Slade stares and reaches a finger out which his son takes firmly. A spot of wet, dark hair- Slade's hair, but it would be some time till he saw his son's eyes. He had always wondered if they would also be like Slade or maybe like Oliver's. 



Shado smiles, "What is his name?"


Oliver glances at her, "Slavick. His name is Slavick Raphael Queen."  













 Starling City, 2016




Oliver Queen is alive.

The Starling city resident was found by fishermen in the north China Sea five days ago. 

Ten years after he was missing and presumed dead following the accident that took the Queen's Gambit.

Queen is the son of Starling City billionaire, Robert Queen, who was also on board and now officially confirmed as deceased.  

As of now, it is unclear about the Beta son's condition as well as the two that were found with him. 













    Moira Queen was certainly not one to believe in miracles, however, when she gets a notification requesting her presence at the hospital because her son, Oliver has been found alive, she was forever grateful for the gift of having her child returned into her arms. Moira showed up as soon as possible and was told to speak to the Doctor in charge of her son's care before going to see him. Moira had been slightly furious about that, as all she wanted was to hold her firstborn again. Finally, look into those blue-green eyes of his and see him smile again. The Doctor assigned was a Beta man that sat her down and told her what they knew about Oliver. As he listed off the injuries and the scars, physical then possibly psychological, Moira covered her mouth in shock. She could imagine the horrors her son had gone through just to see them again. Moira looked over at the glass window, to her son that stood, slightly taller and larger than he was when he left, facing the window that looked over the Starling City night. The Doctor continued on.



"Miss Queen, there is...more."


"What else could there be, I understand, he may need therapy-"


"There are signs of breeding and...there is a child."


  Moira rose from her seat and walked to the window, her son could not see her through the glass, "A...child, so the Alpha is here." She had only heard quick rumours when she was getting in.


"Yes, he is under a sedative however, after proving to be difficult when we did not allow him to see Mr Queen and the boy."


 Moira looked over her shoulder, "A boy..." Oliver...had a son?


"Yes, he's estimated to be eight and is highly intelligent for his age, especially after being on the island most of his life. He, like his Mother and Father, have not eaten the food given, he also sleeps on the floor like his Mother. He also shows early signs of being an Alpha." 


"'Has Oliver said anything since he's been here?"


"He asked to see his son once we told him that his Mate was sleeping."


"Can, can you let him, I'd like to see them interact before..."


"Of course, Miss Queen."


"And Doctor Lee, if this gets out to the public that my son is an Omega and has a child, I'll make sure that the next time you are is in a Hospital, you'll be on a gurney. Do you understand me?"


"Yes, Miss Queen, I'll see to the boy now." The Beta pauses, "I must also warn you, Miss Queen, the Oliver you knew may not be the Oliver now."



  Moira lets the Beta scramble away and waits a moment. While she waits, she can't help the fear that strikes her. With her son alive, he was now a target to Malcolm and his goons. She did not want to lose her son again, especially now that Oliver was a Mother himself. Moira had always tried to support her son of his Omega dynamic, however, her late husband proved to be difficult in that manner and insisted, as a means to truly protect Oliver, hide his dynamic. The people they had to meddle with over the years and the things they had done, Oliver being an Omega would have gotten him killed or worse, mated to one of their enemies or allies. As the firstborn, that meant all that was the Queen family would go to her son's Mate. Speaking of which, Oliver had Bonded with someone, someone from the island and had a child with the Alpha that the Doctors had to detain. Moira had to weigh his options quickly. The door to Oliver's room opened and a boy, slender and small with a head of dark hair and smooth tanned skin, rushed through. Oliver turned and the child ran into him, hugging his Mother's legs. Moira took in the little boy, Oliver's son, her Grandson and the now heir to Queen fortune. He looked up at his Mother and they spoke quietly. Moira left the office and went to stand in the doorway. Doctor Lee and a Nurse let her by to walk into the room. The child seized up and glared with blue eyes as if he could hurt someone to protect his Mother. So, he was an Alpha then.



 "Do not worry, Slav. That is your Grandmother, Moira."


Moira stared at her son, Oliver had cut his hair which was a dirty blonde and his green-blue eyes looked down at his child with such care and intensity that Moira never thought she'd live to see from her son. "H-hello..." Her voice cracked and was weaker than she intended. 


The child stepped forward, straightening his back and put out his hand, "Hello Grandmother, My name is Slavick Raphael Queen, it is a pleasure to meet you."


Oh, Moira wanted to hug the boy, "It is a pleasure to meet you too," She met her son's eyes, and tears stung, "My baby boy,"



Oliver opened his arms and let her fall into a hug, as she sobbed joyful tears.


 Moira finally got Oliver out of the Hospital.


Her son and Slavick were not so keen on leaving and she had to promise that tomorrow, they could return to see the Alpha. Moira had gotten from Oliver that his Mate's name was Slade Wilson and he had saved Oliver's life more times than he could count. He also ensured Moira that their Mating and son were blessings in disguise. Slavick, who had never been to or even seen a city or car, had taken a second to get used to it, even so, he stuck close to Oliver. Moira asked simple questions about the boy, like his name and what it meant. Oliver told her it meant survivor in Russian and she wondered briefly since when did Oliver know Russian. Oliver then told Slav, as he called him, the names of the buildings they passed and some of the things he did as a child. It brought back memories, leaving Moira with even more questions about Robert and what happened on the island itself. As she watches her son around his child, she picked up the new calmness in his aura and acceptance with his Omega dynamic from the simple way he did not ask about his scent suppressants or pills. The boy that left those 10 years ago was no longer ashamed of his dynamic. 


 The car pulled up in front of the Manor and Oliver open door, letting his son jump over him and out of the vehicle before calmly sliding out. The chauffeur was slightly confused, but let Moira out. The Beta then drove the car back as Moira led Oliver and Slav to the door that opened and revealed her husband, Walter. The Alpha and CEO of Queen consolidated smiled widely before letting them in. Oliver frowned, his son skipped into the house and awed at the tall ceilings, hardware floors and stairways. Moira watched her son take in the Manor, after ten years, there were a few changes, mostly renovations to modernize a few parts. Slavick poked at the fake flowers, seemingly disappointed when they weren't what he expected. Oliver smiled at the sight. Moira began on about what was different while Walter lingered. She understood his behaviour as Omegas were a sensitive dynamic to their Parents bonding over again.



"Oliver, so good to see you." Moira's mate says kindly. 


Moria rubs her son's arm, "You remember Walter, Walter Steele. Your Father's friend from the company?" Oliver barely acknowledges him and steps away to greet Raisa. The Omega woman smiles and sweetly welcomes him home. Slav walks up to her and Oliver, which makes Raisa beam and she bows to kiss his cheeks. Slav giggles and takes his Mother's hand. 


Then, Oliver looks up the stairs and his little sister, Thea, her Alpha daughter comes speeding down the stairs. She jumps into her older Brother's arms. Slav watches, unsure of what to do. 



"I knew it! I knew you were alive!"


"You were with me the whole time."



Slavick approaches gingerly, tugs his Mothers cuff. Oliver breaks the hug to introduce Slav to his Aunt Thea. Thea gasps and goes to her knee to hug the pup. Slav looks slightly uncomfortable before he slowly slides small arms around Thea. Moira tells him that his room is the same way he left it, having not found it in her heart to clear it out. Thea leads them upstairs and Moira comforts Walter after Oliver's blatant ignorance. Tommy Merlyn shows up then and Moira tells him what to expect. The Alpha nods and she kisses his cheek before heading up the stairs two at a time.