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"Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song 
Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song 
Scorpion sting, I don't wanna bleed 
Tell me that I'm not lost 
Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song "

That song played on every open radio app and website in Collège Françoise Dupont.

On the screens, a black background and the only source of color was an on-air box that glowed red and displayed:

Night Cœur Sin On Air

Night Cœur Sin was a rising radio DJ that appealed to the population of Paris, though most of his fans were students. Problem was that nobody knew his identity. He had never appeared on TV, attended any radio gatherings, or announced any fan meetings. The only thing that anyone knew about this DJ was that he would play his music on his independent radio station called Night Cœur Gala C and that his radio sessions were scarce in the day but active in the night.

In order to connect with the majority of fans, the elusive radio DJ would answer fan calls or just talk during the breaktimes of Paris's schools.

Today, however, was a special day. DJ Night Cœur Sin promised to arrange a meeting with the 77th person caller, who must have their parents' permission if they were a minor.

Hence why the majority of the students of Collège Françoise Dupont crowded around anyone who had a laptop, huddling around a laptop with their phone in their hands, waiting for the song to end and for the DJ to shout go to the readied callers.

For Miss Bustier's class, they weren't crowding around a computer, but rather a person. 

Lila Rossi.

"Lila, is it true that you actually know Night Cœur Sin?"

"Yep. I'm probably his only friend at the moment since he doesn't go out."

"Really?! What's his favorite snack? If I ever meet him, I don't want to turn up empty-handed."

"Oh, that's easy Rose. He likes peanut croquant."

"That's not true." A voice interjected to the claim.

Lila turned to see Marinette frowning at her with her phone in her hand. Lila gave a mocking grin to her.

"What do you mean Marinette? Of course, it's true. I should know, I'm his only friend." Lila placed her hand over her heart, acting as if Marinette's statement was offending to her.

"Some friend you are if you're trying to kill him. Night Cœur Sin is allergic to peanuts."

Before Lila could lie about Marinette being a liar or being jealous, the song that was blasting through the speakers ended.

Once the song ended, everyone tightened their grip on their phone.

A voice broke through the silence, a very familiar voice.

"Bonjour Paris. Hello to those who are listening. For those who are new here, I'm Night Cœur Sin. Today is the special event for the fans, so let's recap on today's special event. Once timer rings, callers call in and as so as the 77th caller is chosen, the on-air box will turn off. After the box is turned off, I will text the caller's phone with the details on our meeting, with parents' permission of course if you are a student. Now if you are chosen, don't say that you were. People might stalk you to our meeting location. Enough of me speaking, let's get started!"

A timer could be heard ticking and the alarm rang, signaling the start of the race against time to be the lucky winner. The furious typing and wishes could be heard through the courtyard. After some time, the on-air box's light quickly faded out. 

The winner was chosen.

Moans and complaints echoed in the courtyard of Collège Françoise Dupont.

"Noo! I was so close!"

"How?!?! I ended up as the 90th person!"

"Of course, you did. It's not only students participating in this event!"

"So did anyone here in the school win the event!?"

"Night Cœur Sin says to not to tell anyone, you fool. Didn't you listen to him?!"

Although she couldn't say, a girl under the stairs was surprised and happy but conflicted in deciding whether or not this was a hoax. She looked down at her phone again to check that this wasn't a dream. Her fingers danced across the screen, making sure this wasn't a scam.

The on-air box glowed once more and the voice that everyone wanted to have a face to connect to, came back on

Back at the courtyard, the on-air box glowed once more and the voice that everyone wanted to have a face to attach to, came back on.

"Bonjour Paris! I'm back. No, the 77th caller didn't reject the offer. The caller was merely suspicious, which is a good thing to be when facing liars and con artists. I'm afraid I have to end this broadcast a little earlier than usual; so here is a parting song from Linkin Park, "No More Sorrows". Apollo's raven croons the future. Au Revoir."

"Are you lost in your lies?
Do you tell yourself 'I don't realize'?
Your crusade's a disguise
Replace freedom with fear, you trade money for lives
I'm aware of what you've done"

"Are you lost in your lies?Do you tell yourself 'I don't realize'?Your crusade's a disguiseReplace freedom with fear, you trade money for livesI'm aware of what you've done"

The girl under the stair's clutched her phone to her chest. She, Aimée Dubois, was new to Paris and wanted to quickly make friends. Aimée was from Provence, France and was homeschooled until her parents moved to Paris to take care of her grandmother, so she didn't have much experience in making friends. She noticed how the previous new girl from Miss Bustier's class, Lila Rossi, had quickly made friends with her connections. Maybe if she had a high connection, maybe people would want to be her friend.

Back with Miss Bustier's class, the classmates were still surrounding Lila and listening with obedient ears to her words.

Lila dropped the volume of her voice to a whisper so nobody not from Miss Bustier's class could hear but loud enough for Marinette to hear.

"Let me tell you the truth. I'm also meeting the lucky winner. I must be really lucky. Imagine the winner's surprise when they see me there at the meeting place."

Lila giggled as the reactions of her classmates, staring at her with awe, except Marinette who was frowning and rubbing her ear in pain. She placed a finger onto her lip and made the shushing movement.

"Remember, it's a secret." She winked after she said that and left to head to the cafeteria since the beginning of the break was used for the lucky caller lottery instead of eating.

Others followed her like ducklings, some stayed behind in the courtyard like Juleka, Rose, and Marinette.

"Juleka, what wrong? You" Rose tilted her head at her dearest friend.

"I'm alright, Rose. It's just that Night Cœur Sin mentioned a line that sounded like it would be a line from an Edgar Allan Crow poem." She rummaged through her bag for something.

"Oh, one of your favorite poets, right?"

"That's right. He just released a new book of poems. Would you like to hear one?"

Juleka had brought out a new looking black leather-bound hardcover that had silver etchings and a red title that read For My Dearest.

"What a lovely title! Juleka, I would love to hear some! Did you finish the book already when you got it?"

Juleka nodded at her dearest and flipped to a page.

She reads:

Beautiful jewel

forever plagued
for as the hour draws near, shadows cover
the jinx you cursed to infinity 
to forever shatter


"Oh my, Juleka, this seems like it's about you, isn't it?"

Juleka only nodded and flip to another page before reading:


you once promised me forever 
as a child, 
but say goodbye
The scent of departure is present
waltz through the thorns

Put to rest, in the everlife

"Oh my, this poem is like the story of Sleeping Beauty! Juleka, what other poems are there in this book?"

Rose gestured for the book, which Juleka obediently gave. Rose flipped through a couple more pages before noticing a poem that was written longer than the others.

She read:

The one who rises

Say good night 
scarlet stained 
watch as darkness descends
a flickering candle on the table, 
a wet cheek 
why did it come to this?

For this is it,
The one who rises

A mask, 
so it will be 
in forever silence 
a burial shroud for the betrayer, 
justice in blueish eyes
They are but a blighted spot.

For this is it, 
The one who rises

A silver smile
only for the love 
promised to an eternity
only for the belligerence in peers
so I pray

A golden heart, a blessed soul
the good of the people

Maybe one day...

Once Rose read the poem, she realized how a few lines from the poem reminded her of a classmate.

She browsed around and quickly found her person of thought, who was typing something into her phone.


With the sound of her name being called, Marinette looked up from her device and turned to look at Rose.

"This poem reminds me of you! Your name means 'the good of the people' in french right? I'm not sure what language the definition 'the one who rises' comes from, but these are the definitions to your name. Do you want to see?"

Marinette smiled at Rose's enthusiasm in showing her the poem but apologetically say "I'm so sorry, Rose. I would love to see it but I have to leave right now if I'm going to make it in time to a lunch meeting."

With that say, Marinette waved to Juleka and Rose goodbye before running off to her location.