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Okay, So Now What?

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Izuku Midoriya is a hard worker. 

Or, well, he’s just really busy.

He doesn’t have time for a lot of fun or parties. He’s even surprised he has any friends at all, but he does. 

Izuku can have fun.

He does go to parties, though it’s very limited. 

And he has more friends than one person needs. Not that he’s complaining, he loves them all dearly. 

When one is simply surviving on a scholarship and their mother’s occasional checks sent their way. They try not to waste the advantages they’ve been given, which includes not completely failing his classes. Of course this comes with its disadvantages. The only thing he has time for is class, homework, studying, going to the gym on occasion, and hanging out with friends.

Even then, the only reason why it’s possible is because his two best friends are engaged and one lives with him. Iida and Uraraka don’t live together simply because they’re waiting for marriage. Which Izuku doesn’t completely understand. If you love someone and you’re already making the commitment, why don’t you just go ahead and live together. Then he doesn’t have to hear them through the apartment’s extremely thin walls. But he shouldn’t complain, rent’s cheaper with two people and he’d doubt he’d have a social life if he didn’t live with Uraraka. 

Besides, he doesn’t know the first thing about relationships so who’s he to be giving advice or having opinions?

That’s right. 

He, Izuku Midoriya, has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend, much less been on a date before. He was too busy, there was too much to do to make sure that everything in his life was going right. 

Was it kind of a bummer he wasn’t in a relationship?


Would he be in one if he wasn’t always doing something?

Probably not. 

Look, you could want someone or think they’re attractive, but that doesn’t mean they’ll think the same about you. That and there was something about approaching someone and flirting with them that always made Izuku feel so uncomfortable. Uraraka told him to just talk to them like normal, to just be himself. Though that usually ended up backfiring. 

Tsuyu and him became friends because Uraraka had introduced them in hopes of something happening. Izuku tried, he really did. But the more they talked, it became more apparent that they both were more interested in other things. Izuku was more interested in Tsuyu’s Marine Biology major and Tsuyu was more interested in girls. Which was something that came as a surprise to Uraraka, but life carried on nonetheless. 

Todoroki was someone that had been in his communications class Sophomore year. He thought he was handsome, quiet, and mysterious. So he took the first step and approached him after class and they started to talk. It was then that Izuku realized that Todoroki was in fact handsome, but he was a bit socially awkward, and not so mysterious considering he was prepared to put his dad on blast at all times. Izuku knew he had to take him under his wing, get him some more friends. Make it so he wasn’t so alone.

So the mystery of how he has so many friends isn’t such a mystery. He’s just better at making friends than potential lovers. 

Todoroki and Uraraka stand on either side of him as he’s lead through the crowded frat house to the kitchen. Whose frat house? Good question. 

“Who are we here for again?” Izuku asks looking between his friends, they both look at each other before shrugging. 

“All I know is that a friend of Tenya’s invited him.” Uraraka states as she grabs empty solo cups for the three of them. 

“Did you happen to catch a name?” He pushes a little as he takes the cup from her. She hums in thought, not really thinking of the question as she looks at the different liquors for her picking. 

Izuku sighs, looking over at Todoroki, hoping that he’ll have an answer. “I was told by Kaminari and Sero.” He says simply as Uraraka fills his cup with some sort of whiskey. “They said to come because it was going to be a ''rager”.'' When he sees Izuku’s questioning gaze he shrugs. “They cornered me in the dining hall during breakfast.”

“I don’t know how they always manage to find you.” The brunette speaks up with a shake of her head. 

He rolls his eyes as he raises his cup up to his lips. “Hell if I know.” Izuku goes to speak up, but Todoroki cuts him off quickly. “And no, they didn’t give a name.” He deflates. 

“Well what’re we supposed to say if someone asks?” He asks while taking a sip of the whiskey, wincing a little at how strong it is. 

“We were technically invited.” Todoroki says, Uraraka points at him in agreement. 

“I mean yeah, but doesn’t it feel a little like, I don’t know?” He trails off looking for a word to describe the situation. 

“Easy.” Todoroki says followed by Uraraka’s equally blunt. “Free.”

“Inappropriate.” Izuku mutters while taking another sip of his drink. “We don’t even know anyone from a frat house.” 

He’s grabbed by his shoulders and brought down to his shorter friend’s height. “Deku-kun, it’s a party. They could give two fucks about who's here or not as long as the booze and food is gone by morning, then it’s fine.”


“No buts,” She asserts. “This is the law of the land, now drink.” She brings his cup up to his mouth. 

“But I-”

“Sh, sh, sh.” Uraraka hushes him, tilting the cup up more. “Drink now.” 

Izuku begrudgingly gulps down his drink, giving his friends the side eye. Todoroki looking away, as if he were not a witness to Uraraka’s dismissal. Most of the night is spent like this, Uraraka and Todoroki “encouraging” drinks into Izuku’s system so he’d stop asking questions and relax. Listen, he doesn’t care, but he thinks it’s important to know what’s going on when one is out and about. 

They’re all talking about some nonsense or another when Uraraka suddenly pushes her drink into Izuku’s hold.

“Tenya!” She yells, as she runs towards him. 

The tall man smiles back and holds his arms open wide, waiting for his fiancee to jump into his arms. 

It’s a sweet sight, truly, but at this point Izuku can only have one thought.

Tsuyu passes them, pointing her finger into her mouth and making a gagging sound. “This is a public place.” She comments as she approaches Todoroki and Izuku with a smile. 

“Oh right!” Iida says immediately as he sets down Uraraka. “This is no place for displays of affection!” His tone serious. 

Uraraka simply pouts at the declaration, sticking her tongue out at her friend. “What took you guys so long anyways?” She asks as she hangs onto Iida’s arm. 

“The study group we were in lasted longer than we thought.” Tsuyu sighs. “They wanted to debate about the different types of debates.” She grabs one of the cups in Izuku’s hands and takes a swig. 

“It was a bit frustrating to say the least.” Iida adds on with a tight lipped smile, then looks at the red solo cups in hand. “So, what are we having tonight?” He asks with a clap of his hands. 


Eijirou Kirishima is a nice guy.

Or at least he’d like to think he is. 

A nice, manly guy you could bring home to meet the parents. 

Sure he was a little messy and had some, little, minor, issues. 

But he was a good guy, truly. 

Once the year was over he was excited to pay off all his loans for years to come. Enjoying the sweet burden of paying money he probably will or will not have in the future. He’d say he does relatively well in his classes and while his major isn’t all that impressive, Business, because he has submitted himself to the man. He has the rest of his life to figure out what he really wants to do, for now all he has to do is survive the rest of the year and then graduate. Shouldn’t be too hard. At least he thinks. Classes haven’t been easy, but they aren’t all that hard either, now that he’s gotten used to them. 

But for now he wants to forget about classes and the impending doom of graduating. Right now all he wants to focus on is his friends, the booming music, and all the drinks that come in between. Well maybe not so much on the drinks. He may or may not be designated driver tonight, but as long as he sips slow and eats all the snacks he can, then he should be fine. 

Looking out into the sea of people he can see a few familiar faces, Bakugou had disappeared a little bit ago. He always liked to go and brood by himself for a bit before the rest of their main group appeared. A moment of peace was good for the blond anyway. Eijirou snorts at the thought of Bakugou sitting in a corner glaring at anyone who passed him while sipping his drink. 

He doesn’t mind being abandoned by his friend, it just gives him an opportunity to meet new people. He doesn’t like to brag but he’s pretty good at meeting people and making friends. That’s probably how he ends up with a new partner almost every other month. 

Eijirou is a likeable guy, there’s not a person out there that has a bad thing to say about him. He’s always trying to make others happy and comfortable, always putting others before himself. So of course he goes out a lot, with a lot of different people, friends and dates alike. Not that anyone would call him a player or anything like that, though his relationships only last a week or three before it ends. It always happens so nicely ask anyone who's dated him before. Only good things to say. 

The point being he dates, a lot.

Recently though, he’s decided to take a break from dating. Letting himself bask in the life of a single person. Kaminari says he’s crazy for doing it, that the life of a single guy isn’t glamorous. Eijirou can only laugh. Sure he misses it sometimes, but taking a break is good, to focus on him. He’s a little bored, most of his time was spent on classes, studying, and the dates he would go on, but it’s not an absolute must.

“Kirishima!” He turns around at the sound of his name being called.

He watches as Bakugou is being dragged along by Sero and Kaminari, both standing on either side of him. Probably to make sure he doesn’t try to sneak off again. 

“Hey guys, how's it going?” He greets with arms open wide, which Kaminari steps into quickly for their “bro hug”. 

“We’re good, we just found this wall flower.” Sero points his thumb over at Bakugou’s hunched over figure.

“Yeah, we found him standing outside on the porch on his phone.” Kaminari says as he wraps his arm around Bakugou’s shoulder. “Don’t worry buddy, you don’t have to be alone anymore.” He reassures the other blonde. 

Bakugou pushes his face away with his hand. “Hands off dunce face.” He growls. 

Eijirou looks around. “Did Mina not come with?” He asks. 

“Nah, she’ll be here later though. She said she was coming with Jirou and Hagakure.” Sero responds with a shrug of his shoulder. 

“Nice.” He nods. 

“Now.” Kaminari rubs his hands together. “Would you be so kind as to show me to the drinks?” He asks.

“Why of course sir, follow me.” Eijirou leads them to the table set up with all the different drinks. 

While Sero and Kaminari get their fill, Eijirou turns to face Bakugou. 

“So, who’s driving tonight?” He asks, Bakugou simply shrugs. 

“Beats me.” He takes another sip of his drink. “Whoever passes the keys test by the end of the night can drive.” 

“Seems fair.” He takes a drink of his cheap beer.

The night continues on with the usual antics and drinking games, Eijirou and Bakugou each giving each other the side eye whenever they take a generous drink of alcohol. For Eijrou, it turned into more of a game than anything, not that he’d let Bakugou know that. When Mina arrives, she jumps onto Bakugou’s back before giving them each a big kiss on the cheek. 

“Hello, party people!” She yells, throwing her arms around Kaminari and Sero. “How’s it going over here, my children?” Mina looks at the boys in her group. 

“Oh man,” Kaminari holds his nose. “You reek of alcohol!”

“Me and the girls were pregaming.” She explains, then giggles. “It got a little out of hand. Why, is the smell bothering you?” She asks expelling as much as she can onto Kaminari’s face.

He tries to get away but Mina’s grip on him is tight as she holds onto his shoulders, talking extremely close to him. The rest of their friends laughing as they watch the two struggle with each other. 


New years is always depressing for Izuku, no one to kiss at midnight. 

It just reminds him it’s another year of him being single. 

Not that he’d change his current predicament in exchange for a significant other, school is the most important thing right now. 

And still as the clock strikes twelve, he watches as Iida and Uraraka kiss, Tsuyu kissing some girl she just met and Todoroki is off, somewhere , who knows at this point. 

And here’s Izuku. Standing by himself, smiling at the people around him that pat him on the shoulder and yell Happy New Year! Over and over again. 

It’s fine. 

Really it is. He doesn’t mind. 

Later, when everyones back together, expect for Todoroki who is still awol, probably on the phone with his mother now that he thinks about, they all sit on a thankfully empty couch, talking about who knows what. When it happens. 

The empty cups that were set up on the coffee table are cleared off by a body sliding across it. Kaminaris elbow is bent so that he can rest his head on his hand, the other hand resting on his hip while he smiles widely at Izuku’s group, who can only stare in wonder. 

“Uh, hi, Kaminari?” Izuku greets first with a small wave. 


They all look at each other before he speaks up again. “What’s up?” He asks slowly. 

“Waiting.” Kaminari replies simply, before he’s pushed off the table and onto the ground. 

They all move their feet out of the way as Kaminari falls to the ground with a thud, when they look up, three more people are sitting on the coffee table. Mina, Sero, and Kirishima. 


“Scoot over nerd!” Bakugou cuts off Izuku as he pushes him to the side so he can sit on the couch. 


“Deku.” He greets gruffly. 

“Mina?” Tsuyu tilts her head at the pink haired girl. 

“Tsuyu! Uraraka!” Mina opens her arms wide. 

“Kaminari!” The man himself pops up from where he had fallen from the ground.

Izuku looks over to see Iida pinching the space between his brows.

“What’s going on guys?” Uraraka asks politely as she holds onto Iida’s arm tighter. 

“We were looking for somewhere to sit and just happened to notice this empty table.” Sero speaks up patting the side of the coffee table. 

They all knew each other. Of course they did. At some point or another they had all encountered each other. Kaminari and Sero seemed like they knew everyone, and even if they didn’t, they could act like they did. Mina was more or less the same, though she got around and knew the “tea” on everyone. Kirishima was a likeable guy and had Bakugou as a best friend, so that explained that. 

Even though they were all in their own groups, they somehow found each other every time there was a party or social gathering of some kind. Their friend groups merged in some weird venn diagram way that made sure they couldn’t forget about the other group. Not that they wouldn’t want to, or help it. The two groups enjoyed each other’s company when it came around. 

Izuku gets lost in the conversation that happens around him, mostly enjoying the laughter and talking that surrounds him. He looks over to his left to see Bakugou sinking into the couch with his permanent glower plastered on his face. His face twitching on occasion whenever he hears someone say something that was particularly funny, but other than that, he stays still, quietly sipping on his drink. 

“Hey Midoriya.” He perks up at the sound of his name and turns his focus back on the coffee table where Eijirou sits on the edge smiling at him, 

Izuku smiles back. “Hi.” 

“How’s the party treating you?” He asks looking Izuku over, taking in his appearance of baggy All Might sweat shirt and white washed jeans. 

He feels himself flush at the blatant staring, but shakes it off. “Good, mostly being force fed drinks by Uraraka and Todoroki.” Izuku shrugs.

Eijirou nods then raises an eyebrow as he looks around. “I actually haven’t seen Todoroki at all tonight.”

“Ya know he always disappears at some point, but appears again after a while.” Izuku explains. 

“I get it, Bakugou does the same thing.” Eijirou laughs then pats his friend's knee, who kicks his leg out in response. 

“Fuck you! It’s not like you extras would give me a minute to myself anyway!” He gripes as he leans forward from his slouched position, no longer becoming one with the couch. 

“Aw, don’t be bitter Bakugou.” Mina coo’s as she pinches his cheek, he smacks her hand away. “He’s always cranky at parties,” she leans closer to loudly whisper to the rest of the couch, “they start after his bed time.” She winks.

“I can hear you, racoon eyes!” He yells at her. 

Mina laughs it off. “Oh my god, one time I dated a guy that had to go to sleep at exactly eight thirty every night. He’d always fall asleep during sex.” She explains with a roll of her eyes. “It’s not like he was very good at it in the first place anyway.”

Uraraka and Iida flush, their modesty keeping them from laughing like the rest of the group.

“Oh I remember him! Wasn’t he the guy with the cow lick?” Sero asks. 

“No that was the guy that asked for my number when she introduced him to us.” Kaminari answers with a wave of his hand. 

“Wait is that guy you brought to Jirou’s birthday party?” Uraraka asks Mina. 

She shakes her head with disgust. “Nah, that was the guy that was extremely high maintenance.” Mina seems to shiver in disgust at the memory. 

“I thought he was with Yaomomo.” Tsuyu comments, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

“No, no, no.” Mina corrects her quickly. “Yaomomo and Jirou were dating then.”

“Yaomomo and Jirou are dating?” Izuku asks. 

“No, they were .” Eijirou inputs. “They kind of go on and off.” Mina nods in confirmation. 

“What? Why?” He asks looking at his friends for answers. 

“Something about Yaoyorozu’s family not liking Jirou.” Kaminari shrugs. 

“Because she’s a girl?”

“They don’t care about that, they just don’t like she’s majoring in music production.” Sero speaks up. 


“Yeah they want something that more “substantial”.” Eijirou rolls his eyes as he puts air quotes around the last word. 

“Which is bullshit. She could make a better living as a musician or producer than any of us can, doing whatever the hell it is we’re doing.” Bakugou adds, talking with his hands. 

“Exactly!” Mina points at him excitedly. “That’s what I’ve been telling her, but no one listens to me.” She leans against Sero in exhaustion. 

“Well, what about you Midoriya?” Kaminari leans against Mina’s legs as he looks up at him from the ground. 

He gives a small laugh. “W-What about me?” He asks.

“Well we know all about everyone's love life, I’ve never heard any of your relationship stories.” He asks more blatantly. 

Izuku freezes up, but keeps smiling. How the hell was he supposed to answer that? 

“I haven’t- I don’t really have a- have uh, um, any stories.” He avoids eye contact.

“Psh! Everyone has a story!” Mina exclaims. “Even Kiri has some stories and he’s the nicest guy I know.” She wraps her arm around his neck and ruffles his hair. Eijirou laughs and pushes her away. 

“Yeah, not every relationship is perfect.” He explains as he fixes his hair. “I’m sure there must be someone that had been a little bit much for you.”

“Kind of hard to have a story if you don’t date.” Izuku says with a nervous laugh rubbing the back of his neck. 

There’s a moment of silence as the words process amongst the other group of friends. 

“Hello.” Todoroki greets as he comes up from behind the couch. 

Which breaks the silence. 

“Why am I not surprised.”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Of course! How could I have not noticed!”

“Holy shit! But you’re such a likable guy!”

Izuku puts his hands up in defense as the other group shouts at him in awe and shock. The only one who seemed to stay silent was Eijirou, but even then he could only stare at him with wide eyes. Todoroki looks down at the scene with confusion, wondering if he should leave or stay to see what was going to happen. 

“The world is so unfair!” Kaminari hugs Izuku around the waist, who pats him hesitantly on the head. 

“There, there.” He comforts awkwardly. 

“Are you sure you’ve never dated anyone before?” Sero asks as he comes forward to gently shake his shoulders. “Not even a casual coffee and a kiss goodbye?!”

“N-no.” He stutters, looking over at his friends who seem to be ignoring his harassment all together. 

“Midoriya, why didn’t you tell me!” Mina cries out as she gets out her phone. “Don’t worry I can fix this! I know plenty of people that would love to go on a date with you.”

“Who?!” This was news to him. 

“DOn’t wORry about that.” She begins to type something on her phone. “I’m gonna fix this.” Her face stays determined. 

“Wait!” Izuku reaches forward and quickly grabs her phone, the entire group gasps, including Bakugou, but his was more of a very quiet intake of air. He shrinks a bit before speaking again. “Listen,” he sighs, “I appreciate what you’re trying to do and how concerned you guys are, but it’s fine.” Izuku smiles. “If I’m going on a date with someone then I want to make that decision and to at least know them before we go out.” He explains, then hands Mina her phone back. 

Mina lets out a huff of air. “Okay, even though I know I could fix this for you like that.” She snaps her fingers before straightening out. “I respect your wishes.”

“Thank you.” He nods at her.

“Fucking nerd.” Bakugou simply says as he gets up, using Izuku’s head as support. “I’m taking a breather from all,” he makes a face as he gestures to the whole group, “this.” He begins to walk away but turns around when he sees Todoroki just standing there. “You coming, Icy-hot?” he growls before continuing his walk towards the entrance. 

“Oh, yeah.” He says quickly then goes to chase after Bakugou. 

Izuku watches them leave, letting out a huge sigh as he leans back against the couch and closes his eyes, the rest of the group now focused on some entirely new subject. When he opens his eyes again, he’s met with Eijirou’s eyes on his. 

“Uh, hi.” He gives a slight smile. 

“Were you serious?” He asks completely serious.

Izuku looks off to the side and takes a deep breath. “Yep.” He breathes out. “Completely.”

“Hm.” Eijirou hums to himself then goes back to listening to the group conversation, though he looks like he’s thinking the entire time. 

Izuku brushes off the encounter. 

Soon they all split off, going to do their own thing. Izuku settles for going outside to chill on the porch. The smell of alcohol and vomit getting strong enough that he was starting to notice. He leans on the railing as he looks off into the distance where he can see the faint glow of some fireworks that were being set off for the new year. It was cold outside, so not a lot of people were out anyway, not that he minded. It was nice to have the porch to himself. In the corner of his eye he sees someone lean against the railing next to him. 


The corner of his lip turns up as he looks over slightly. “Kirishima.” 

They didn’t see each other that often, but there was something about Eijirou that always made Izuku smile. Usually they’d end up hanging out together whenever there was a gathering, and every time they’d end up enjoying each other’s company. 

“Look I know you’d rather not talk about it, but I have an idea for you.” Eijirou begins and Izuku backs up from the railing with a grimace. 

“Kirishima I’m not really comfortable with blind dates.” Izuku says quickly. “I’d rather we’d just forget-”

“That’s not what I was going to say!” He cuts him off quick, trying to reassure him that this wasn’t another way to set him up. “It’s just-” He sighs through his nose. “I go on a lot of dates so I just don’t get how a great guy like you has never been on one.” Especially when he knew that Izuku was a way cooler guy than him, that's what made the situation twice as baffling.

Izuku blushes at the comment, not that he thinks that Eijirou would be able to tell, he was already red from the cold air. “I just don’t have any time for that kind of thing right now. Would it be nice? Yes, but I’m just so busy, all the time. I don’t have time for a real relationship.”

“A real relationship.” Eijirou mutters to himself. “Well what if it wasn’t real?” He asks as he goes back to his spot up against the railing. 

“What?” Izuku asks confused. 

“Yeah, like what if I took you out on a date so you can get some experience in?” Eijirou looks so serious right now that Izuku can’t tell if this is a joke or not. 

“You-You want to-I can’t- I um, what?” He seems to be short circuiting, he shakes his head looking at his shoes to realign himself. “Sure, some experience would be nice and helpful and I’d appreciate it, but...” He blinks, then looks back up at Eijirou. “Wouldn’t that be weird, or-uh. Wouldn’t that be a waste of time for you?” He asks. 

“Nah, man I don’t mind at all, I’m not that busy anyway.” Eijirou smiles at him as if this wasn’t the weirdest conversation Izuku had ever had. “I don’t mind helping out a bro.” He gets up from leaning against the railing. “Go out with me on a Saturday and I’ll show you what a date is.”

Eijirou holds his hand out for Izuku to shake on it. He looks for a moment. What could possibly go wrong? He thinks before taking his hand.