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A Surfboard for a Motorcycle

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Mack didn’t exactly agree with everything the biker girls were saying, but she went along with the script just to get the movie over with. She did however attempt to throw her own progressive views on relationships but to no avail. Thoughts of her own relationship with Brady plagued her head while the lyrics ringed in her ears and butterflies flew in her stomach. “Hey, Lela. Where’s your bathroom?”
“Just out the door and to the left…” Lela barely finished her thought before Mack raced out of her bedroom.
Mack growing dizzier with each breath tugged at the doorknob just as Lela’s older brother Butchy emerged from the bathroom after his nightly shower. Mack stopped in her tracks and could only stare at the admittedly attractive figure in front of her. Butchy only had his boxers and a pair of sleeping pants on exposing his toned torso that was still moist and glinting from his recent shower. Mack couldn’t help but eye each muscle and trace each line as she subtly bit her lip and tried not to whimper. She quickly realized she was falling for Butchy.
After an awkward minute Butchy spoke up, “Um… Mack? Beach to chick?”
“Sorry, I’m not feeling so hot”
“Well. How ‘bout I cool you off?” Then, Butchy wrapped an arm around Mack’s lower back and dipped her down into a kiss. Mack’s immediate instinct was to pull away but that was soon squandered by her enjoyment of the kiss. They broke off and spent another moment simply gazing into each other eyes silently while each mind was racing. Mack had no idea what she was doing and started to feel sick once again and slipped past Butchy straight toward the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and promptly sat on the toilet to process everything that had just happened.
I’m with Brady, she thought, but… I think I’m into Butchy. I mean, he’s pretty cute and I do kinda like bikes but. I’m a surfer!! And, I’m with…Brady. How will he react? I have to tell him, but he will probably freak out. I could try to hide it… I have no freaking idea. I just know I need to get back home. Yes! That’s it. I’ll focus on getting home.
While Mack was having a small panic attack, Butchy waited devotedly by the door anticipating Mack’s reaction to their awesome kiss. He decided to knock.
“Hey, Mack? Are you okay?”
“Yeah, doin’ fine.”
“You sure? I’ll leave if you need…”
It was at that moment that the door creeped open and a red-faced Mack peered out. Seeing that none of the others had noticed, she stepped out and stared straight into Butchy’s now soft and kind eyes. She could see the concern and caring in his eyes, so she stepped forward on a whim and pressed her lips into his once again. They tenderly embraced and continued to passionately kiss. Butchy suggested that they escape to his room and Mack eagerly followed.
After a few minutes of entertaining their passion, Mack suddenly pushed herself off of Butchy and turned away. This is really not right, she thought, what about Brady? What about my future? She wore a perplexed look that Butchy soon noticed was due to their intimate actions. “Are yous not so comfortable with this? We can stop if you’d like…”
“No Butchy. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with you. The problem is that I AM comfortable here. I’m supposed to be with Brady, and I need to leave soon…”
Butchy pulled her into an embrace as he saw that she was stressing too much. He tenderly stroked her hair and quieted her. She took it all in and let out a few small tears before releasing a steady stream of sorrow. “It doesn’t look like your happy with your whole situation to me. Is that true, Mack?”
“Yes… but no. I love Brady, or at least I thought I loved him. And, I’m incredibly lucky to get into this prep school, but I’m so confused about what to do. I really want to be successful for my mom, but a large part of me also wants to live an endless summer.”
“Who says you can’t?”
“Everybody. Every person I meet seems to have an opinion about what I should do with my life but don’t consider what I would like to do.”
“Well, if it means anything to you… I would like to see you be happy. To live life to the fullest! Whether that be as a soifer or a biker or a lawyer. Mack, you should live your life the way you see fit.”
“That means so much Butchy…” Thoughts of Brady kept flooding Mack’s mind, but she started pushing them aside and focused solely on the thoughtful hunk sitting in front of her. Butchy pressed a soft kiss onto Mack’s forehead, and at that moment Mack made a decision. She would live her life her way, even if that was without Brady. Lela’s into Brady anyway so what’s the harm in trying something new.

Back in Lela’s room, Mack apologized for her sudden escape from the party, but she was immediately welcomed back. Chee Chee and Struts were teasing their hair and Lela was choosing between dresses when, on an impulse, Mack announced, “I think I like Butchy.”
“Wait,” Lela said slightly confused but as her usual ditzy self, “You like my brother all of a sudden?”
I really just said that didn’t I? How am I going to pull myself out of this? “Yeah…” Mack cowered as each other girl had their eyes locked fiercely on her. “I mean he’s cute I guess, and he is so protective of you, Lela.”
“Say no more. I am so happy for you, Mack. We all feel like we have to live our lives according to some script, but I’m glad you are making your own decision in this world. I may be biased considering he is my brother, though.”
“But, aren’t yous into that soggy soifer?” Chee Chee chirped up from behind Lela with Struts nodding in agreement. Lela and Mack both turned red because they knew exactly which boy they were implying, but both of them didn’t want to admit that they liked Brady.
After a pause, Mack thoughtfully replied, “Yes, at one point or another I thought Brady and I were meant to be, but now I’m not so sure. Brady is nice but Butchy makes me feel warm inside. He empowers me in ways no other man has before. I feel like he genuinely believes.”
“We are talking about the same Butchy, right? My older brother? When did you come to all of these realizations?” Lela inquired.
Mack began spilling her silent love story about how she had unintentionally been checking Butchy out since her and Brady arrived. She also began subconsciously comparing the two guys. Brady liked to surf, but Butchy was the leader of the biker gang. Butchy’s muscles were much larger than Brady’s, and Mack found that she preferred brown hair to blond. Butchy was also secretly smart and kind and thoughtful. “I need to go talk to Brady.” Mack turned around and stormed out the door again, but his time Lela followed.

Mack found the boys still in Big Momma’s circled around a pool table laughing and playing an intense game of pool. She sneakily although intently crept around until she saw Brady and then swooped in to isolate him from the other guys. Her plan to pull Bray would have gone off without a hitch if it wasn’t for Tanner stepping into her path and pulling her into a close embrace. “So nice of you to drop in…again.” He said trying his hardest to be flirty but ended up sounding creepy.
“Tanner, I really need to talk to Brady. Now!” She barked back. “It is quite urgent.”
“Are you sure? You can always take a moment for love.” He said as he slipped his hand around her back. “Brady can wait.” He attempted to lean in for a kiss, but as soon as he closed his eyes, Mack slipped away and pulled Brady out of the restaurant.
“What was that for Mack?” Brady exclaimed but he was soon stopped because Mack pressed her lips into his. Brady grabbed her shoulders and pushed harder into the kiss; he was obviously enjoying himself. Mack on the other hand felt nothing at all. No spark. No passion. That affirmed her decision.
“Brady. I think we are done.” She tried hard to let him down easily, but the look on his face only showed betrayal and hate. He was disgusted and horribly confused. Mack started to provide and explanation, but Brady cut her off not wanting to hear her excuses.
“I’m going back inside, have fun at Lela’s,” She knew that she had crossed the line.