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I felt her fingers run down my spine, then slightly to the left, gently caressing-

“Oh my god, Aisha,” I said. “Are you serious?”

She grinned up at me, in that slightly feral way she did. “Wondered if you’d remember.”

“Tell me something only Imp would know.”

“I could tell you there’s a mole on your back,” Imp said. 

“That’s…” I was honestly at a loss for words. It was almost a relief when she arched up and kissed me again, dragging me back down until I was lying on top of her. “You didn’t think that would be a moodkiller?”

One of her hands wandered down to my chest, fingernail digging ever-so-slightly into my nipple. “Mood seems fine to me,” she said as I gasped.

“You two done being weird yet?” Lisa asked from her chair on the other side of the room. “Getting kinda dry over here.”

We’re being weird?” I muttered indignantly as Aisha cackled.