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Sun on Stone

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Wind rushed across his back, trembling over bare skin and kissing up his spine. It was cold, a spring breeze bringing a winter’s chill, come to make him shiver in the space before true morning.


It would have succeeded, if he wasn’t shivering from something else entirely.


He clenched his fingers across the ground, felt them tremble into dirt and shake the loose sand to rubble. He was sore and aching, here on this rough soil, knees collecting bruises and drool catching at the corner of his mouth.


He loved it.


There was a lake before him, water swirling in delicate patterns and lulling currents. Open sky greeting his skin and left him exposed and trembling. He was bare and hard in the sun of morning, on his hands and knees to receive a cock hotter than that sun.


The Gusu Lan Sect would rise to greet that sun, soon enough. They would walk through the compound on careful paths and with each foot inside those strict rules.


They would walk those paths and see their precious Second Jade’s cock, driving into his ass. He let out a moan at the thought, felt too much and not enough. He was writhing around Lan Zhan, the risk of exposure sending delightful shocks through his blood.


They had so little time, and Wei Wuxian wanted so much.


“Ah, Lan Zhan, that’s not enough, not enough come on.” He drove back as much as he could onto that cock, with sand eroding away beneath his hands and shaking with him to pieces.


“Lan Zhan, the rest, they’ll wake up soon. Do you want your disciples to see me like this— ah”  There was a thrust, hard and merciless, coring him open and spreading him out.


He was already so wide around Lan Zhan’s wide cock. He already felt it break into his body and leave a mark, shape him anew with love and endless force.


He would feel it for long hours afterwards, if he didn’t let golden energy wash the stretch from his skin, if he didn’t make the finger-bruises across his hips vanish into nothingness.


He wanted to feel it for days.


“Lan Zhan,” he moaned, wicked and smirking over his shoulder, eyes catching on a peerless face and watching it shade red with arousal.


Lan Zhan looked so beautiful, mounting him like a conqueror. Wei Wuxian would take this cock for years if he could, trap it deep inside and make his voice hoarse with moans. He would give his body to this man as warmth and sheath for that cock.


He would do it gladly, to see those eyes glimmer like molten gold.


The dawning sun washed his skin with warmth, but it was nothing compared to the heat between them.


He loved this man more than life, and he had lived enough lives to know what that meant.


There was another long thrust in, made slick from the last time Lan Zhan had filled him up, the last time he had been left writhing and heavy with cum.


Wei Wuxian never wanted to be dry again, if it meant he could smirk at Lan Zhan from across a room and make the man go hot.


Their jade toys were truly useful for keeping him stuffed and stretched, but he loved them most for the way he could squirm and watch Lan Zhan’s neck flush.


Oh he loved him, but he loved breaking that Lan composure even more. That face may not show its cracks, but the trembling hands would.


The moan he let out at that thought, at the fingers clenching into his hips bruise-deep and delightful, was loud and unrestrained.


It was far too loud for the morning, far too loud when there were a thousand disciples sleeping in the elegant walls before them.


It was far too loud when the even more elegant Second Jade was fucking into his ass like it was an instrument to be played, in clear view and under the warming light of the sun.


The wind brushed over his back but did nothing to calm his heat, couldn’t carry the sweat away fast enough to beat Lan Zhan’s thrusts, Lan Zhan’s thick cock, Lan Zhan’s leaking cum.


Nothing could beat Lan Zhan, Wei Wuxian thought, and moaned lewd and long.


“Wei Ying,” the man said, around a groan and on a slick thrust in. “Quiet. You must be quiet.”


The words were low and stern but so desperate. The last of those Lan principles, showing through enough for his husband to scold him. 


But the cock in his ass twitched, hot and thick as a tree branch. The slide had somehow gone even slicker, and Wei Wuxian just threw his head back and laughed a delighted laugh.


Lan Zhan may be filling him up and fucking the air from his lungs, but he had the power to make the man break.


“Ah, ah, Lan Zhan, you are so big in me, you can’t expect me to be quiet, not without something to fill my mouth too.” The words were loud, broken by gasps and the punched-out arousal of having Lan Zhan at his mercy and in his body.


Long hair draped across his shoulder and trailed down, brushing over his skin and heart like a tender kiss. It rode the currents of the wind, trembling on him and tracing patterns of love and lust.


No, Wei Wuxian would never grow tired of this man, not in a thousand years.


“Wei Ying,” came a smooth voice, sharp and almost pleading. He sounded like he was breaking in the curves of Wei Wuxian’s body.


Let him break, let him tremble; Wei Wuxian would take it all with a laugh and a smile.


His husband would always have a space in his heart, and his cock would always fit so well in his ass. He pushed backwards, met the desperation with equal need. The man’s thrusts just increased, speed and power mixing together into the most formidable man in the world.


And he was Wei Wuxian’s.


He laughed and smiled, felt the creeping sun begin to rise up his back. The wind blew over his skin and left it trembling, but it couldn’t cool his heart, couldn’t cool his smirk.


It was almost five. It was almost time for the guards to emerge, for careful cultivators to clamber up the walls and wear fine white robes into the sunshine.


It was time for the Cloud Recesses to awaken, and they were in full view of where those eyes would show.


Wei Wuxian had never felt hotter. His hands were scrambling on the ground again, dirt collecting under his nails on the wrong side of uncomfortable. He didn’t care, didn’t have the space to, not when Lan Zhan’s thrusts were getting hotter and faster.


Strong hands were pressing bruise-deep into his skin, and he could only moan, loud and unstoppable.


Lan Zhan’s face may never show emotion, but Wei Wuxian could read the cracks in polished jade, could feel the trembling fingers on his skin and know how much he was loved. In the heat of the man’s hands he could hear my husband and in the small gasps that sounded more punched out than his own he felt you are beautiful.


He could read it in the love.


There was a creaking sound from before them, the hint of noise, the beginnings of morning. A single chime of bells echoed out over the lakeshore, loud and beautiful in the light of dawn.


For a heart stopping moment, they froze, locked together and exposed.


There was the sound of footsteps, of people moving closer. Wei Wuxian felt heat drive up his skin and consume him.


Discovery was so close, and so were they, hanging on the edge of pleasure. He thrust his hips back, moved from frozen to motion.


“Lan Zhan, cum in me, come on.”


The fingers on his hips clenched for a moment and a heartbeat, silent and mighty. Then Lan Zhan shifted, and his cock shifted with him, twitching and fucking into Wei Wuxian again.


It only took four more hard thrusts for the man to fall onto his back, weight shuddering and skin trembling. That thick cock drove in deep enough to wash him clean, deep enough to own him. Wei Wuxian could feel the tendrils of sensation all the way into his throat.


He could only open his mouth in a scream. The sound tore out of him like the burn of fire. He could feel that love in the rush of hot cum filling him to the brim and beyond, stretching him out and leaving him shuddering and wet. It dripped down his thigh, thoughtfully lewd.


God, he loved this man.


“Did you hear that?” The words were cautious, slow with sleep but clear. It was the voice of Lan Jingyi, sharp tone gentled into sluggishness by the early hour.


Those words were close.


Wei Wuxian’s heart beat faster, frantic as a rabbit in his chest. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to be seen by the children, but he didn’t feel like trying to catch them after they fainted. His ass was far too full for movement, and far too sore.


But damn if the threat of discovery didn’t make him go hot.


He didn’t need to worry though; in a motion smooth as a whirlwind, Lan Zhan pulled out and lifted him into his arms like a maiden. The slide was too smooth to even feel, his ass sloppy and wet with cum. Wei Wuxian moaned at the loss anyway, low and unstoppable, how could he not miss that feeling, how could he not want the man in him always how could—


“Okay, what the hell was that?” The voice was closer now, loud over the chirping songs of birds and the gentle patter of water falling across rock. The wall was before them, the gate in sight. There were no trees, no bushes to duck behind.


Wei Wuxian had picked this place for its exposure, and oh had he picked well. There was only one way out of this, with cum dripping down his thighs and his cock hard and twitching in the morning sunlight.


Lan Zhan seemed to come to the same conclusion. Like a statue come to life and made warm, the man plummeted them both into the clear water.


It hit Wei Wuxian as a slap to the face, cool water spraying over his trembling skin and washing cold and shocking on his cock.


None of the arousal faded from his blood but damn if the chill didn’t make him go soft in an instant.


No matter; he’d just tease Lan Zhan with moans until the man was riled up, until those gilded eyes burned. Then he’d get fucked again, until he couldn’t walk and the bruises on his hips were purpled and lovely.


It would be glorious.


He couldn’t help the laughter that bubble up in the water, gasping and so foolish. The currents tickled across his bare skin, washed the dirt from beneath his nails. He couldn’t help this happiness.


How could he help love, after all?


Lan Zhan just pressed a firm mouth to his, warm in the cool of the water. It lapped at their joined lips, wanting inside a kiss that no one could breach.


He would have laughed again, if it didn’t mean dislodging Lan Zhan.


It took them only a few moments to swim out of sight, through the lake into a place hidden by trees.


Or rather, it took Lan Zhan a few moments. Wei Wuxian just spent the time running teasing fingers along the line of those gloriously strong arms, across the polished jade of Lan Zhan’s skin.


The sun was glimmering across the water, fracturing and breaking on the surface. It broke on Lan Zhan’s body too, reflecting off a body cut by heaven.


Truly, the man had no right being so handsome. Wei Wuxian smiled like the sun had come to kiss his skin good morning.


And with Lan Zhan’s touch, maybe it had.


“Good thing we left our clothes behind, huh Lan Zhan? You really were so horny this morning, couldn’t even let me put on a robe before you had me in your lap and on your cock.”


Strong fingers tightened across his ribs, the edge of a nail catching on his skin. He shivered and arched into it, smiled like he had everything he ever wanted in his arms.


And with Lan Zhan’s touch, did he not?


There was a small flush, creeping up the back of Lan Zhan’s elegant neck and shading pale skin to a light pink. The man looked down at him, and the water reflected light up into his face.


Long eyelashes glimmered with wet droplets and a hint of embarrassment.


Wei Wuxian laughed, the sound echoing over cool water and into the air, matching the chiming bells in the distance. It was a happy sound, drawn from a happy chest.


Not so long ago, he hadn’t thought he could ever be truly happy again. Fate was truly strange.


He shifted, spreading his legs enough to let Lan Zhan slip between them, enough to press them together from hip to chest. Water splashed at the movement, droplets falling across his skin in a chill rain.


Lan Zhan reached automatic hands forward to support him, strong fingers pressing into the swell of his ass and holding him strong and steady.


Wei Wuxian could always count on this man to keep him safe, he thought, and shifted to grind up against that cock.


It was hard again, long and hot against his waist. Wei Wuxian was hard too, precum leaking over Lan Zhan’s fine skin and staining it white.


He wanted the man to stain him more, wanted to be marked and bruised by pleasure.


“Lan Zhan,” he drawled, the smile on his face growing sly and needy. Water was slipping into his ass creeping to mix with the cum, thinning it out and dragging it away.


Wei Wuxian had teased Lan Zhan into fucking him too many times to lose that prize. He reached back, pulled at one of the man’s hands until it moved with his.


He pressed a strong thumb against his hole, felt it shift and plug him shut. It almost wasn’t enough, with the stretch, with the trails of cum streaming into the water.


But it was worth it, for the dark flash of Lan Zhan’s eyes, for the way the hand on his ass squeezed and trembled. He arched up, pressing his chest to rub onto Lan Zhan’s body. The water swirled with his motion, gentle splashes sounding across an empty lake.


The sun was so warm, and he was so in love.


“Lan Zhan, you have to keep me plugged up, or I’ll leak out everything you gave me,” he leaned in to whisper into the man’s ear, low and teasing. It was as quiet as he’d been all morning, from the screams to the drawn-out moans.


But here there wasn’t a risk he wanted to make sharper. The thumb pressed in hard, swirling at the swollen edges of his hole and dragging a gentle nail over sensitive skin.


Wei Wuxian let out a whimper of pleasure, of happiness.


“I would give you more, Wei Ying,” the man said, with a straight face and hungry eyes. A shudder crawled up his spine, pleasantly deadly and puckering with anticipation.


I would give you anything you asked, Wei Wuxain heard, and shivered all the harder.


“Ah, please, Lan Zhan, have mercy. It’s been ten minutes since I’ve had your cock, and we did almost get discovered by our dear disciples. Wouldn’t that have been shameful, to find their teachers fucking like animals in the dirt?”


He smiled into those glimmering eyes, smiled like the sun was shining into his face and the love of his life was in his arms.


“Is it too soon to fill me up again, even if I feel so empty now?” He let his voice fade to teasing, let it tremble into the beginnings of a pout and a whimper.


Lan Zhan had seen this expression a thousand times and knew it to be a dare. The man rose to the occasion every time.


Today was no different. There was a gentle sloshing of water, the hand on his ass spreading him open with two firm fingers, and then that wide cock drove into him again.


He threw back his head and moaned, felt the long slow slide in every inch of his bones. He was so full, a hammering warmth swelling out from the stretch of his ass. God, the man could reach every part of him, break into his skin and steal his heart.


The man could set his skin aflame too, set him trembling. He stared sightless eyes towards the sky and let the sun warm his face, let pleasure make him blind.


He was smiling.


“Lan Zhan,” he moaned, breathed, laughed. The man was filling him up again, and all Wei Wuxian could do was hold on for the ride.


They were both too worked up to last long, the threat of discovery sending their hearts racing and the touch of skin making them drunk on pleasure.


They came again, curled together in that cool water. Wei Wuxian breathed out his release in a long moan, watched cum stain Lan Zhan’s skin white for a heartbeat before it was swept away by the gentle lapping waves.


The cum in him was kept safe, stoppered by the man in his arms. Wei Wuxian locked his legs around strong hips, pulling the man close and keeping him trapped.


If he had his way, he’d be sitting in Lan Zhan’s lap for eternity, teasing the man to hard fucking and gentle kisses.


Lips pressed into his neck, not biting but resting there, as if the taste of his skin was grounding. There was another breath, trembling over his skin like the sigh of a passing storm.


“I love you, Wei Ying,” was spoken into his pulse and he felt it jump in response.


Those words would always send his heart pounding and put a smile on his face, always leave him so very breathless. The wind brushed across the surface of the water, splashing drops across their skin and tugging at their hair.


He would do anything for this man, he thought, and laughed against the wind’s touch.


It couldn’t take a drop of this heat from his skin.




⊱ ━━━━.⋅❈⋅.━━━━⊰


The sun was very bright for this hour of the morning, and it made the complex gleam a shimmering white. It echoed off the carefully sculpted gardens and over the lines of tended stone.


It looked like a temple to a god of order, with all its fine polish and careful principles, but today Lan Sizhui just prayed for the strength to keep the embarrassment off his face.


“Seriously, did you not hear that? It sounded like a scream!” Lan Jingyi turned towards him, face earnest and eyes too eager. “What if it was a fierce corpse, Lan Sizhui? We might need to save someone!”


Save someone, Lan Sizhui thought, thinking of the familiar tremor of that scream, of the sound of slapping skin he had heard as a terrible undercurrent.


The only thing missing had been the moaning names and panting gasps, but Lan Sizhui thought they were likely too far for those noises to carry on the wind.


He had never been more grateful in all the short years of his life.


“Ah, I don’t think we need to look into it, Lan Jingyi.” He paused, a weight and pointed sound. “I am sure Hanguang-jun heard it too.”