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Professor Midoriya

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Katsuki wants him. He wants to take this man, bite his neck, open his corduroy pants while whispering dirty things on his ear. He wants to finger his hole until he is all nice and ready and fuck him bent over his desk making unmarked papers fly around the room.

Katsuki wants to see this man with glasses fogged and breath ragged as he takes his cock deep and slow. Katsuki wants to make him beg for more, for faster, to be wrecked. Katsuki-

“Katsuki, are you all right? The class finished five minutes ago. Do you need me to accompany you to the medical center?” His professor, Mr. Midoriya, asks with worry in his big green eyes.

No, Katsuki needs him to choke on his dick.

“I’m fine, just got distracted” ‘by my terrible need to fuck you’ Katsuki thinks as he packs his things.

“Oh, alright. Good thing you stayed behind though! I’d like to talk to you about your paper!” Professor Midoriya says with a big smile that makes his whole face brighten up.

He has these big chubby cheeks that should have no place in the face of a forty-year-old man, and they go up when the professor smiles making some cute little expression wrinkles show up around his eyes. Katsuki’s heart skips a beat just from seeing that smile. Shit, he has it bad.

“What about it?” He grunts before he gets lost looking at the man’s face and imagining all the kinky shit he wants to do with his professor. The list is long.

“It’s absolutely brilliant! I never read anything on this level from an undergrad, you truly are an amazing student!” 

Midoriya almost jumps in place with excitement when talking about Katsuki’s homework. He looks like a labrador who was just shown a ball, cutest freaking thing.

“Thanks,” Katsuki says uncomfortably while throwing his backpack on his shoulder. 

Some may think he is uncomfortable getting praise from his favorite professor, but that is bullshit - Katsuki has been receiving praise since he learned how to crawl.  No, what is giving him issues is the half chub inside his underwear. 

He needs to adjust his dick in his pants, but he knows he shouldn’t grope himself in front of a professor. And he would much rather grope the professor than himself.

“I could use a brain like yours as a research assistant. What do you think about that?” Midoriya says smiling as he fixes his glasses on his face a little nervously. “Before you say anything, I must warn you that the pay is very low and the workload is very high. Lots of hours stuck inside my dusty office.”

Long hours in a cramped old office hearing Midoriya talk excitedly about his nerdy research?

“Sign me up.”

“Really?” Midoriya is now literally jumping with excitement. “That’s awesome! We’re going to write amazing things together, Katsuki!”

Well, if Katsuki actually bothers to write all the ways he wants to fuck and be fucked by his professor, he would win awards for his erotic novels. But, alright, research isn’t that bad. It’s a chance to work on the development of human knowledge while, at the same time, ogling the professor. It’s just like adding something useful to something pleasant, Katsuki should get an award for efficiency.

“Cool. When do I start?”


“I honestly don’t know if you are a genius or a complete idiot, dude” Sero says shaking his head. 

They’re at the school’s cafeteria eating the worst food Katsuki’s ever been subjected to. He usually wouldn’t bother with that, he sets his schedule making sure he can go home to eat some proper food most days. But now that he’ll be working with Professor Midoriya, his nutrition and leisure hours are going to suffer.

“I go with genius, he’s gonna spend hours with his crush and he’ll even have the chance to show how smart and reliable he is. I believe in you, bro!” 

Kirishima pats his back as if Katsuki was entering a fucking field to kick a ball. Bakugou appreciates the support, but it’s completely futile - he knows he can seduce the professor. It’s just a matter of time.

“What he’s gonna do is spend way too many hours reading boring books and thirsting over Professor M who won’t even realize Baku has a boner the whole time.” Mina teases and Camie completes.

“Homeboy here is gonna die of blue balls.”

“Nobody fucking dies of blue balls, idiot. If you keep believing bullshit like that, you gonna show up pregnant before midterms.” Katsuki grunts wondering why he is friends with these assholes after all.

“Well, I’m Team Baku! You go get your sexy nerdy professor, man! And if worst comes to worst, we can buy a plaid vest and put on an older hooker for-” Kaminari doesn’t manage to finish that line because Katsuki forces his head inside the fried rice bowl.


Katsuki isn’t the kind of man to go down without a fight. And what he’s fighting for is the chance to get between the (probably) thick freckled thighs of his professor. 

Bakugou has been thirsting over him since the first day he saw the man in a department open-lecture last semester. Katsuki went to the lecture to get extra credit for some class, it wasn’t even the kind of thing he’s focusing his degree on. But the moment he saw Professor Midoriya, his whole world stopped.

The professor is the cutest and sexiest thing Katsuki has ever seen, with his adorable expressions, fat ass, and awful nerdy-grandpa clothes. Bakugou was instantly captivated and horny, that must be what love at first sight feels like.

Sure, the man is about twice his age and a professor in his college; but that isn’t going to stop Katsuki. The moment he left that lecture, he started his research about the professor and doing all that he could to guarantee he’d be in Professor Midoriya’s class next semester.

Bakugou also dug around and found out Midoriya isn’t married and doesn’t have children, which is a pretty good basis to say he’s gay. And if that isn’t enough, the man has a case of multi-colored pens, a big one of twenty-four colors, that he uses to make notes for his research color-coded. If that isn’t a big sign of ‘I like to take it up the ass’, Bakugou doesn’t know what is.

So when Midoriya sent him an email with the hours they’d be working together, Katsuki didn’t even stop to think about how that could influence his already full schedule. Fuck school, work, social life or whatever - he wants to spend time with Professor M.

Katsuki’s going through every trick in the book to make Midoriya’s eyes focus on him during their time together. That is why he’s spent so long thinking about what to wear to his first shift with the man. Katsuki’s wearing low riding skinny jeans, a skin-tight black tank top and an open dark blue shirt on top. Mina passed by him on the way and said he’s looking like a fuckboy, so he’s certain he hit his mark.

He arrives at the office and sees through the open door the professor typing furiously on his notebook, his glasses slipping on the bridge of his small perky nose. What Bakugou wouldn’t give to be allowed to ‘fix his glasses’ just to get close enough to make the damn thing even more out of place because they are making out furiously. Fuck, paying attention to this research shit is going to be hard (and he is going to be harder).

Katsuki knocks on the open door to get Midoriya’s attention, his head shoots up with a smile already in place.

“Oh, Katsuki! You are here! Please, come sit!” 

Midoriya has a big four-person table beside the usual office desk most professors have in their offices. He has his notebook set up on the table, and another close one is waiting for Katsuki at the spot right in front of him. Perfect, Bakugou will be able to watch the professor working the whole time he’s here (and yeah, do a little research or whatever).

There are books, files and loose paper stacked around every nook and cranny of the office. It’s a complete mess, exactly what Bakugou was expecting from the professor. The whole room screamed ‘Midoriya’, the man even had figurines of superheroes scattered around. So fucking nerdy and cute.

“I’m so happy to see young people excited about international journalism! It’s quite a stimulating subject if I say so myself. Sure, we’re not going to be doing any fieldwork in war zones. But sometimes following the paper trail can be just as thrilling, you know?”

Yeah, sure, Bakugou really wants to show Midoriya how excited Katsuki is and how stimulating their time together can be. The man’s just so cute fanboying over famous journalists and publications that it makes Bakugou want to wreck him.

Midoriya is now on his side of the desk showing the databases Katsuki will have to research and helping him set up the computer. Bakugou is sitting and the professor is leaning over him to type and click things on Katsuki’s computer.

“There we go! I believe you’re all set! Let me know if this old thing gives you any trouble! I’ll tell you, the computers here are due a renovation. As soon as we get the funding, we’re getting rid of them and buying new ones.”

“Too bad. Personally, I like when things are a little bit older.” Katsuki says smirking to the professor. “They can be more reliable, know their way around things. Besides, they have their little quirks and idiosyncrasies, that kind of thing makes me really interested and excited .”

Katsuki licks his lips and gives Midoriya a half smirk, the professor blushes a beautiful red and knocks over a couple of books on his way back to his side of the table.

“Go-good! I-I suppose that ca-can be true! I’m-I-... Let’s just start the research, shall we?”

Professor Midoriya still looks frazzled as he picks up a file and lets its papers scatter around the room. Then he scrambles to pick up the papers from the floor before, finally, sitting down in front of his notebook with his face still flushed.

Yeah, this research will bring the most interesting results, Katsuki can already tell.


Katsuki would like to rescind his previous statement, he will die of blues balls. Professor M is just too sexy for Katsuki’s young heart to handle. Watching him merely a few feet away working has been maddening. 

The professor is so fucking expressive. He mumbles to himself while studying things, nibbles on pens, smiles or frowns when reading something interesting, touches his face and gesticulates when thinking. It’s fascinating, Katsuki’s been watching him transfixed (and then dreaming about what kinds of sounds and expressions the man would make in bed).

They’ve been working together for over two weeks already and every shift is a new game of ‘how Katsuki can say an innuendo that will make the professor blush without getting himself fired’. And Bakugou’s been pushing the line of ‘appropriate’ every single day.

“Katsuki, do you remember that article I sent you? Do you remember the name of the author?” Midoriya asks without taking his face off his notes. “I can’t remember where I put my notes on that…”

Bakugou gets up and walks to his side of the desk, “it’s just another professor from Cambridge, is the name really that important?”

“Of course it’s important. We gotta call people by their name.” The professor answers absent-mindedly focusing on finding his notes.

“Really, then can I call you Deku?” Bakugou asks coyly while picking up the notes the professor was looking for under a pile of files. He already knows where things are better than Midoriya himself.

“Deku?” Midoriya turns his head confused. “Why would you call me that?”

“You call me by my first name, so I thought I could call you by your first name as well,” Katsuki says waving the papers Midoirya wants in a teasing way.

“My name isn’t Deku, it’s Izuku!” The frown on his face disappears instantly when he recognizes the papers on Katsuki’s hand. “You found them! Give them to me!”

“Nah, nah, only if you agree that I can call you Deku,” Katsuki smirks at the professor.

“I told you my name is Izuku!” The professor pouts and Bakugou wants to bite and lick his lips.

“Even better, then I’m gonna have a special nickname just for you.” 

“It’s not usual for students to have nicknames for the professors, Katsuki.” He says furrowing his eyebrows, then completes “…well, at least it isn’t usual for the professors to be aware of the nicknames.”

Katsuki chuckles at the implication but keeps his ground.

“And I don’t think it’s usual for professors to lose their notes among their own mess.” Katsuki cocks an eyebrow waving the papers again.

“If you keep acting like a child, I’m going to have to call you Kacchan.” Midoriya crosses his arms pretending to be annoyed, but Katsuki can see the humor in his eyes.

“Great, then we both have special pet names for each other.” Katsuki leans in to drop the paper in front of the professor and whispers quietly. “Good to negotiate with you, Deku.”

Izuku blushes a deep red and brings the papers up to hide his face.

“You are an impossible student, Kacchan.”


Working with Deku is the best thing Bakugou has ever done. The professor and him found out they have several things in common, like their love for vintage comic books (though the professor doesn’t consider them vintage). 

Deku can spend hours babbling away about the things he is passionate about. Be it how he hated Midnight’s portray in the last hero movie (“they transformed her in a sex doll! She’s a hero and a symbol of empowerment for the female sexuality!”) or the importance of choosing a good VPN provider (“when studying politics and war, it’s important to protect yourself, Kacchan! And protect your sources!”). 

The professor seems to be obsessed with the idea of saving people. Since he couldn’t be a superhero in real life, he decided to be a journalist to denounce all the shit that’s going on in the world. He said that he wanted to be a warzone reporter when he was an undergrad, but changed his mind because he didn’t have the heart to leave his mother alone.

“It was Toshinori who helped me decide to follow the academic path.” Deku says from his chair. Bakugou knows he should be doing his research, but it’s impossible to look away from the professor when he’s talking about himself. 

“Yagi Toshinori?” Katsuki asks frowning. 

That’s a big name in the journalist world, he was a famous reporter for National Geographic before he retired. Katsuki was too young to follow the man’s work during his prime, but the name is dropped from time to time even in his classes.

“Yes! I was lucky enough to be his student when he decided to retire from his travels and become a professor. Toshinori convinced me that academic life could be even more impactful in the world than fieldwork.”

Professor Midoriya is so idealistic. He’s the kind of person who just seems to be too good for this world. Bakugou almost feels ashamed of himself for trying to seduce the man.

“Kacchan, can you help me out with these?” The professor says showing the test sheets he needs to arrange together.

Almost ashamed.

“Sure, I can nail you whenever you want,” Katsuki smirks walking closer to his mark.

“It- It’s a stapler, Kacchan, it uses staples and not nails.” Deku blushes and looks down to his pile of papers.


As the days go by, Katsuki gets bolder. He’s addicted to making the cute professor blush and won’t lose any chance.

“Your class was particularly rowdy today. Is there anything going on? Important game or something like that?” The professor asks from behind his notebook.

“I don’t know, but if you want you can apply discipline with spanking. I could go first.” Ok, this one may cost him his job.

Midoriya looks at him appalled, “Kacchan! I’d never resort to violence against a student! Besides, you’re all adults, I can’t spank you!”

“You could try.” Katsuki says shrugging and Izuku just shakes his head.


“Please, Kacchan, don’t look at these papers because it’s the homework from your class,” Deku says pointing at the stack of papers he’s grading. “I understand you want to know how you did, but it wouldn’t be fair for you to know your grade before your classmates.”

“I can wait like a good boy, Deku. I know I’ll get the D eventually.”

Katsuki even winks at him. The professor blushes and looks back down at the papers.

“Don’t be silly Kacchan. You are never getting a D, you are a brilliant and hardworking student.”

“That is mean, Deku. I really want the D.” Katsuki pouts coyly.

“Well, then you are going to have to treat what I give you like usual homework.” Deku says cheekily and now it’s Bakugou's turn to do a double take. “You know, forget I exist and do it half-assed like most students.”

“Really? My style is more going long and hard the whole night.” 

Bakugou licks his lips at the thought of treating Deku like homework. The professor would look good on top of his study desk.

Midoriya actually chokes on his saliva at Katsuki’s tone of voice, “well, you’re a very diligent student, Kacchan.”

‘You have no idea how diligent I’d be doing you, Deku’ , Katsuki thinks wickedly.


Deku is stressed out. He’s been dropping papers more often than usual, and Katsuki hasn’t even said any innuendo yet. The professor is also wearing a complete suit with the world’s most awfully knotted tie, instead of his usual awful plaid shirts.

He is looking like a damn snack and Katsuki doesn’t like it. Does Deku have a date tonight after their work? This is driving Bakugou crazy and, as their work time gets to the end, he can’t hold back anymore.

“What has you so jumpy today? Do you have a shitty date or what?” Katsuki grunts not being able to hide his jealousy.

Izuku laughs awkwardly and scratches the back of his head, “what? Don’t be silly, Kacchan! I’m too old for dates! I have a department event, the dean is going to be there and we’re aiming for some new funding next semester…”

That makes Katsuki’s anger simmer down immediately. It’s just a boring professor party, Deku isn’t going to meet anyone more interesting than Katsuki there.

“Well, then I guess we should fix your shitty tie,” Bakugou says getting up from his chair and walking to Deku’s side.

“Oh, it’s bad right?” Izuku looks down at his own tie. “All these years and I still can’t get it right, it’s embarrassing- wha- what are you doing, Kacchan?!”

Katsuki pulls Izuku by his lapel forcing him to stand up close to him. Katsuki’s much taller than Deku, at least half a head. The professor, however, is stockier with round thighs that say he doesn’t spend as much time in the gym as Bakugou does. And that had no right in being as hot as it is; all those Buzzfeed articles about ‘dad bod’ being sexy were right after all.

“Fixing your tie. You have to impress the dean, right?” Katsuki whispers undoing the knot slowly, savoring the chance to have the professor so close to him.

“Ye-yeah, I do. Im-important funding and… ahn- stuff.” Midoirya’s blushing a bright red.

“And what was that shit about you being too old to date? Fuck that”, Katsuki whispers.

“Ah- Kacchan, you don’t have to be nice. I know I’m way past my prime.” Izuku forces an awkward chuckle.

“Bullshit. You are grade A dating material. At least, I think so.” Katsuki says biting his lower lip as he finishes to knot the tie. “Now, go get that funding, pretty boy.”

Izuku stumbles three times before he manages to leave the office.