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skies changed into blue

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May 15th, 2038


"In the past week." There was a television set up in the break room, he didn't listen to much to what was on the news normally, so the fact that something important was going on caught his attention. "Over seven thousand androids have begun to search for jobs in the workforce. The recent laws passed require that employers cannot discriminate against somebody due to whether or not they are android or human, similar to the previous laws passed decades ago to protect women and minority groups."


"Phcking androids, like it wasn't hard enough for humans to get jobs." Gavin remarked to nobody in particular as took a long sip of his coffee. Cringing as the hot drink scalded his throat. Shit, that hurt.


"You got that right." A gruff voice muttered, Gavin turned to shrug at Anderson.


"I thought you softened up on them a bit, old man." He looked away from the Lieutenant, watching the television. The newscaster continued to talk about the new law. Brightly colored graphs popping up on the screen to show what kinds of jobs the androids were more likely to take. "Y'know, the tin can Fowler put on your ass."


"You mean I didn't get pissed at it enough to shoot it or something?" Anderson grumbled, Gavin could hear him getting himself coffee. "It was annoying, but not too annoying. Don't know if the tin can as a deviant, or as a machine was worse."




"Many androids have been taking jobs that humans cannot do." The newscaster continued. "These jobs are dangerous to humans, but harmless to androids. Such as working in places or with chemicals that can harm a biological creature. However, some androids are still pursuing more common careers. Especially in cases where android work pre-deviancy has left the market with too few human workers. Such as nursing and psychology."


"Well, I guess the phckers can't get radiation poisoning." Gavin pointed out, gingerly taking another sip of the coffee. "There's that."


"In other news." The newscaster took on a more serious tone. "Anti-android crimes are on the rise across the nation. Including vandalism, assault, and even murder. Many police departments are finding themselves overwhelmed, and we advise androids not to leave the android-specific complexes that they live in at night, unless it is an emergency. Curiously, many PC200 and PM700 androids have returned to the police force, voicing that they hope to help their people."


"Hey." Tina popped up around the corner. "The captain says he wants everybody to meet up in the bullpen, ASAP."


Gavin frowned and downed his coffee in one last go. "Why, what's going on now?"


"We're getting some android officers. Three of them." She pushed a strand of hair back away from her face. "He wants to have us meet them. Just standard, 'new guy' stuff. And they need partners. So he'll be bringing three of the human officers into his office."


"Phck." He tossed the styrofoam cup into the trash can. It soared inside. Gavin was glad he didn't have to pick it back up, that would have been embarrassing.


"Pity to the idiots who have to work with them." Anderson chimed in, taking a long drink of his coffee. "I just hope he doesn't dump one of them on me."


Tina gave both of them a slightly disgusted, and definitely shocked face. But she didn't say anything. She just turned and speed walked away.


"Let's just get this over with." Gavin drawled, sticking his hands into his pockets and starting to waltz towards the bullpen.


He spotted the three androids almost immediately. The three were clustered together, shooting wary glances at the people around them. One was a PM700, the other was a PC200. The third made him have to take a double take. At first, he thought it was Connor. But that was impossible, there was only one activated RK800 and it was a Jericho leader. Then Gavin realized that this android was a little bit... taller. But easily twice as broad and had cold, gray eyes that pierced holes into the humans around it. Okay. Not Connor. Not even an RK800. But it definitely had an LED blinking at it's temple. It was definitely an android.


"Hey what the ph-"


"Alright, men!" Fowler barked, quickly making himself the biggest figure in the room. "As you can see, we've got three androids here. Officer Catherine PM700, Officer Jonathan PC200, and Detective Richard RK900. They'll be working with us from now on. I expect you all to treat them as you would a human newcomer." The Captain's eyes swept over the group. "Reed, Chen, and Miller. My office." He paused for a moment for quickly nodding to the androids. "You three as well, come on."


Gavin's surprise at the at the strange bot's model number quickly delved into shock and annoyance. Phck his life. He didn't need some plastic prick rattling around after him.


"Ah, at least it's not me." Anderson shrugged. "Too bad, Reed."


Gavin huffed, narrowing his eyes and clenching his jaw. He stomped over to Fowler's office, pretending to not notice the way that Tina was side-eyeing him. As soon as the door clicked shut behind them, he voiced his complaints.


"Come on, Captain. I don't want a partner. Especially not some.." Gavin paused for a moment before deciding, phck it, he didn't want to hurt some machine's fake feelings. "Plastic asshole."


All three of the androids, who had been facing Fowler's desk, turned their heads to look at him. The two common officer models just look shocked, but the Not-Connor looked pissed. And Gavin had to admit, a pissed off Not-Connor looked terrifying. It didn't help that the thing was about three times his own size.


"Reed." Fowler's gaze was cold. Staring him dead in the eyes. "You need a partner. And it is going to be Detective...." He gave the Not-Connor a look.


"I prefer Richard over RK900." It piped up. It even sounded a bit like Connor, but just different enough that they could be told apart. "Most androids feel demeaned by being addressed by their model. I am yet to meet an exception."


"Your partner is going to be Detective Richard." The Captain continued. "Reed, you don't get to argue with me on this. Either you accept him as your partner, or you turn in your badge."


Gavin quickly realized that there was no way he could win this. Instead, he stayed silent. Stewing in his own anger.


"Catherine is with Chen. Jonathan is with Miller. I expect the six of you to set a precedent for human-android relations."


Tina gave Catherine a small smile. Miller looked more nervous. Their android... partners looked curious. The Not-Connor was giving him an icy glare and it made his skin crawl.


"Now get out of my office." Fowler added.


Gavin huffed and hunched over, trudging out of the fishbowl. Tina and Miller hung back, standing around for a few extra seconds so they could come out next to their respective walking calculators. He could hear Tina striking up a casual conversation with her android. Talking about.... Were they actually talking about animals? Apparently the tin can had a snake. Which, firstly, what the actual phck? Secondly, from the sound of it, Tina found the androids' attachment to pets fascinating.


"I don't mean to pry, but about how many androids would you say have pets?" She asked. Gavin was still lost on why she was bothering.


"Oh, I'd say almost all of us except for the Jericho leadership themselves, they're too busy." It replied. "Including Mr. Broody over there, he has a cat you know...." Its voice became softer, low. Like it was trying to keep the android in question from hearing the conversation. "Wanna know what he named her? I can't decide if its adorable or ridiculous."


He couldn't hear any other part of what they were talking about. Not that he really cared.


"I can't believe Fowler did this to me." Finally, he spotted Anderson again. He stomped over to the man.


Anderson gave him a helpless shrug. "Too bad for you."


"Excuse me, Detective Reed?"


Gavin took a deep breath before turning around to face the damn robot. The phcker had a blank, unreadable expression. But its mood ring was blinking yellow. "What do you want?"


"I just wanted to say that I hope we can have a productive partnership, and I look forwards to beginning to work for the DPD." Was it trying to... placate him? Anderson was chuckling quietly to himself.


"Yeah. Sure thing, Rick Deckard, don't you have something better to do?" Gavin turned away from it again.


The bot didn't walk away. Just stayed quiet for a beat before replying. "Was that a Bladerunner reference?"


"Yeah, so?"


It was silent for a moment, thinking, before it responded. "I prefer the Terminator movies."


For whatever reason, Tina and her bot found this hilarious. And both of them were trying, and failing, to hide the fact that they were laughing out loud.