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FBI/SSR S.H.I.E.L.D. File X-32557038


This is a transcript of a statement given by a witness who shall remain nameless for their own protection. Currently, this is the only record available of this phenomenon. This file will only be made available only to the highest authorities in the FBI and agents of Level 7 or higher clearance within the SSR/S.H.I.E.L.D. There is currently no evidence to either confirm, or deny the statement given by this individual. If any questions arise, they may be directed to the offices of J. Edgar Hoover or Margaret Carter. Do not attempt to interview any of the individuals mentioned in the file or any of their associates. If this file is released to the public, given to the press, or discussed with individuals without proper clearance either in part or in its entirety, the individual who released it will be held indefinitely without trial, legal council, or chance for parole. 


The transcription is as follows:




It was about midday on- I think, October 20 th . What year? 1961. I was undercover. We know the Russians have a program of some sort running over there, or at least we did. I’m fluent, you see, so I was really one of the only choices who could’ve- … Why was I there that day? I’d finally gotten the clearance I was looking for and got called in by Vasily Karpov. Aleksander Lukin was also in attendance. We were in Ukraine. I had no idea what he wanted me for, but when Karpov called, you came running, or you paid for it, so I came. We took an elevator down below Kiev and arrived into this massive underground network that I strongly believe ran and still runs under the entire city, or at least most of it. He took both of us to this room that had more technicians than I’ve ever seen in one place before, and this chair, this horrific looking chair with this contraption that was shaped like some sort of helmet on arms above it. There were wires that ran over the walls and across the floor, and all of them were hooked into that helmet. 


Karpov starting talking about the various programs that were using that technology. And the things he said. I have a high enough clearance to be aware of MK-ULTRA and all the other things that the West has been doing. But he was talking about complete and total control of a person. Of any person. Not just people brainwashed from childhood, but any person at all; regardless of their strength of will or spirit, their identity, or what they stood for. He must’ve wanted to make an impression. I’ll admit, I didn’t believe it. I knew my work was dangerous, but I didn’t think anything like that was possible, even with knowing about the Tesseract and the Roswell Incident.


Either way, the person he brought in. The man he brought in. I don’t even know if I could’ve called him a man anymore. He acted more like those machines in those dime pulp novels about science fiction. If it hadn’t been for his eyes, it would’ve been easier to believe that’s what he was. This is going to sound like I belong in Letchworth or Bellevue, but I swear, I’m still sane. The man they brought in was Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. The Howling Commando. Don’t look at me like that! I saw more than enough of his face when I was a kid to recognize him, even with how emaciated he was. He was incredibly malnourished. He was practically skin, bones, and connective tissue and almost nothing else. Karpov was talking about punishment for some infraction or other and Lukin just looked really fascinated by some chart a technician had handed him.


Anyway, they threw him in the chair, and proceeded to…proceeded to…I don’t know what to call it.  I’ve heard of Electroshock Therapy in the asylums, but this seemed like they were trying to electrocute him. He was screaming around this rubber guard they put in his mouth, and he couldn’t even move properly with how badly they’d starved him. I didn’t even mention how his entire body was bent to the left. Why? Didn’t I remember to mention? No, I guess I…He had a metal arm. His left arm was completely gone, and in its place was this silver looking monstrosity that had a red star on the shoulder. It was probably a Soviet marker, or something like that. It was obviously heavy, with how bent over he was. While they were doing whatever it was that damned chair was made for, Karpov started reading these words. The only ones I can really remember are “longing, one,” and “freight car” and then it was like he really was one of those machines. The look on Karpov’s face. The man is sick. Lukin is the same.


That’s who the Russians have been using. I’m more certain of it than I’ve been of anything else in my entire career. That’s their spook. That’s the man they’ve sent after all those people that’ve gotten killed in the union and over here. I know we pretend that- I know it’s just a story. But, after what I’ve seen. Listen to me, you have to believe me! The Winter Soldier isn’t a myth, or a legend, or anything else like that. He’s real, and he’s James Barnes, he’s someone who looks a lot like him, or the Syndicate has gotten a lot further with their cloning program than they were ever supposed to. I wish I could’ve helped him, or saved him, or done anything at all, but I don’t think there was anyone in there to help or save anymore. I think whatever or whoever that was died as soon as the Russians got a hold of him, and he’s just a revenant now.


This is the last mission I’m ever going to take. I’m going to ground after this. Leave my name out of the record and bury me under paperwork. Maybe I’ll be able to live for a few more good years before I get found by someone I don’t want to see.



As there is no proper resolution to this case or the relevant mission, it is to be qualified as unsolved and left to the U-class files. The individual whose statement is held within is to be erased from all relevant files, government services, and identifying registrations. Given the content of their testimony, it is impossible to say what truly happened in that station under Kiev on October 20 th , 1961. Further inquiry is to be made into the Syndicate cloning program in order to ascertain whether or not one of their specimens would be viable for such activities.


January 18 th , 1991 Addendum: File X-32557038 is now classified under the X Files due to the unusual and unnatural nature of the testimony given. X-32557038 is still considered highly classified. If any questions arise about the contents within or the reason for reclassification, questions may be directed to the offices of Alexander Pierce or Remus Strauss. All aforementioned consequences for sharing the contents of X-32557038 with any individuals without sufficient clearance still apply. If Alexander Pierce and/or Remus Strauss cannot be reached or are not available, questions may be directed to C.G.B. Spender.