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New Job, New Hope

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Kat was awakened close to eight o’clock by the sound of songbirds outside Adena’s apartment window. She thought it seemed appropriate for what had just happened the night before. She was spooning a sleeping Adena and had her face buried in her sweet smelling hair. Kat slid her hand slowly under Adena’s tank top and began caressing her breast.

“Mmmm...good morning to you too, fiancé.” Adena said in a breathy voice.

Kat replied, “Good morning fiancé,” and gently pulled at Adena to turn and face her. “You know what we should have for breakfast?”

“Uhm...Why don’t you show me, instead.” Adena said in a sultry tone, opening her eyes full of desire for Kat.

Kat gulped, and with firey eyes, commanded, “Ok...turn over on your stomach for me.”

Adena complied and Kat pushed the sheets away, getting up on her knees. She pulled Adena’s pajama shorts and panties off together and tossed them aside. Kat took a few seconds to admire the sight before her. She then began caressing and kissing Adena’s feet and moving slowly up her legs, then thighs, to her buttocks. There, she rubbed her face and nipped at Adena’s soft ass. Adena could hear Kat’s labored breathing as she dragged her tongue on her skin. She groaned into her pillow and clutched desperately at the fitted sheet, feeling herself getting wet with anticipation of the next move. Kat used her thumbs to part Adena’s butt cheeks close to her thighs exposing her genitals. Kat then slid her warm tongue inside Adena’s moist center from behind. Adena let out a loud gasp and squeezed Kat’s tongue with her muscles.

Kat was enjoying the taste of her lover, but decided it was time to continue her journey upward and retracted her tongue. She pushed Adena’s tank top up as far as possible, exposing her perfect back and shoulders, and kissed hoer neck. Adena was still lost in the euphoria and continued to moan and pant helplessly. “Turn over on your back,” Kat whispered with warm breath on Adena’s neck. She quickly complied, sitting up briefly to shed her shirt.

Kat began descending now down Adena’s body. Starting with opened mouth kisses on her face, neck, and sternum, she stopped to feast on her plump breasts. She circled her tongue over erect nipples before continuing south. Kat licked a trail down to Adena’s lap, then held her firmly by both hips. Adena spread her legs open and Kat laid between them. She paused briefly and lifted her head to look up at Adena with a devilish grin. They locked eyes, Adena nodded, and Kat dropped her head.

- - - - — - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kat waited until Adena’s orgasm faded and gave her center one last soft kiss. She then wiped her mouth and chin on the sheets and ascended Adena’s body. She left kisses along the way until she reached her mouth and they locked in a kiss.

“Mmmm, so, so good!” Adena breathed in Kat’s mouth. Then, flipped Kat onto her back. “Your turn.”

Kat sat up and Adena relieved her of her pajamas. She was so aroused that she knew she wouldn’t be able to last long. With the first swipe of Adena’s tongue between her legs, Kat yelled, “Oh god!” and almost came. So Adena decided to slow things up and take her time kissing her and enjoying their closeness. Eventually, Kat’s desire was too much and she begged Adena to return to her center. A few minutes later Kat grunted and tipped her head back, “Adena...I’m gonna come baby...fuck!”

As Kat’s breathing’s and heart rate subsided, she felt blissfully satisfied and eventually opened her eyes, pulling Adena up. “C’mere sexy.” Adena wiped her chin on Kat’s thigh, then laid on top of Kat with her face buried in her neck. Kat enjoyed the intimacy of the moment and rubbed Adena’s scalp gently with her hand.

A few minutes later Kat spoke. “Okay Dena, let me rephrase my original question. Do you know what we should eat for breakfast? The Eclairs in the fridge!”

After a decadent breakfast of chocolate eclairs and coffee were consumed in bed, the girls finished washing up and brushing their teeth. Kat grabbed her phone and threw herself on the living room couch. Adena came over with her laptop and sat close to her, resting her elbow on Kat’s thigh.

“Oh boy, I already have 29 text notifications. Mostly from Jane and Sutton answering my #SheSaidYes text from last night.”

Adena chuckled, as she perused her emails. “Oh, those two must be very happy for you.”

“For us, baby. Believe me, they are both very ‘Team Adena’ since I met you. Who do you think pushed me to invite you to the Muna concert back in November.”

“Oh, so you had someone else in mind to ask?” Adena pretended to be hurt.

“No, I just wanted to go with you. But I was so scared you’d say no to me, I was taking too long to make my move. So, Sutton swiped my phone out of my hands and typed the message out to you. Jane stopped her and checked with me before sending it. She was the one that snapped the photo of me holding the tickets.”

“Awww, they are so sweet. I’m so glad you have such good friends, Kat. I know they’ve always been there for you.”

“Yes, they are heaven sent. Even if we get on each other’s nerves some days. Here, let me read you some of their funny dialogue.”

Kat put her arm around Adena’s shoulder and read her texts from Jane and Sutton aloud. The girls were so very happy to hear about the previous night’s engagement and that Adena said yes. They were also writing to remind them of tonight’s game-night at Jane’s place.

“Listen to this one, babe. Sutton was so anxiously awaiting our news, that she spent the night at Jane’s. They ate so much popcorn and cookie dough ice cream, Sutton ended up with a stomach ache and Jane felt nauseous. Needless to say, Jane has banned cookie dough from her freezer!”

Adena laughed as she rested her head on Kat’s shoulder.

“Ah, they crack me up. Here’s another, they both are fighting to be my Maid of Honor. Sutton says, ‘If I’m not the main bitch, then you’ll have to name your firstborn after me.’ Says she’ll provide us with a lifetime of free baby-sitting services in payment.”

Kat stopped and got quiet, thinking about what that implied. Adena realized Kat felt uncomfortable and thought for a few seconds, darting her eyes around the apartment.

“Oh, that’s so kind. But maybe she’ll change her mind if the baby has colic.” Adena looked up at Kat and snickered, lightening the mood.

Kat smiled wide and shook her head in agreement. “Hey, should I make up an excuse, like we are too exhausted from lovemaking, and tell them we’re not coming to game-night? Then we can just veg at home with a good movie.”

“No, no Kat. They are so good to you. We have to go and not disappoint them.”

Kat paused then asked, “When should we tell our families?”

“Let’s wait a couple of nights and then we’ll FaceTime Maman and Zareen together. Do you want to tell your parents in person?”

“They’ll be in the City next weekend, so let’s get together for brunch and announce it then, sound good?”

“Yes, a great idea. I hope they’re really happy for us. I feel like your father isn’t my biggest fan.”

“Babe, mom and dad love you. From that first time they met you in my loft, they really liked us together. And after mom saw you at my election party, she asked a lot about you and where we stood. She pushed me to talk to a colleague of hers when she saw me struggling about us. And you know how much I detest therapy.

“But your farther...I can’t read him.”

“Dad’s just dad. And, I’m not making excuses for him. But he’s always been like that, tough on the outside. He chased off every guy friend or date I ever had in high school, just with that vibe he gives off.”

“Well then, perhaps I should thank him for chasing boys away from you, huh?” Adena pokes Kat’s side and they both giggled.

Kat’s face softened. “This is why I admire you so much, you always make me laugh.”

“Uh huh.”

“What about your family, will most of them be happy for us?”

“Hmm, you know Maman and Zareen already are very fond of you. We’ve FaceTimed enough and I’ve been telling them about you, us, since the beginning of our friendship. You are Maman’s hero for helping me with that dildo contraband mess at the Tehran Airport, you know that. So, yes I expect them to be very supportive and happy. The rest of my family will have no choice with the situation. And I do not care what they think of it. It will be okay, aziz-am.” Adena placed her laptop on the couch next to her and wrapped her arms around Kat.

“I think I’m going to jump in the shower and then head over to the farmers market. I want to buy a couple of pounds of the roasted peanuts to take to Jane’s tonight. Wanna come?”

“Sure, Okay. Do you want to bring something more? Did Jane say it was a potluck or something?”

“No, she just said bring an appetite.”

Game night at Jane’s was actually a planned surprise engagement party for Kat and Adena. It was Jane and Sutton’s collaborated idea. But, they had lots of help planning the event from Angie, Sage, and Lilly. The apartment was decorated in gold streamers and blue balloons, to match Adena’s engagement ring. The guests were told no presents but the girls took up a collection to buy a few gag gifts.

Everyone invited was present by 5:15 PM. Sutton brought confetti to throw, which Jane said she’d have to vacuum up after the party people were all gone. There was Olive Garden meat and vegetable lasagnas, salad, and bread sticks delivered, chocolate cupcakes with heart sprinkles, and lots of wine, beer, sodas, and champagne for toasting. All that was missing was the lovebirds, who were told game night started at six.

“Man, the suspense is gonna kill me!” Sutton communicated bouncing up and down, as Richard rubbed her shoulders.

Jane reminded the crowd, “Ok guys, we all know the drill. As soon as they knock, everyone goes and hides and I go open the door by myself. Once you hear me say, ‘Let me see that ring,’ then you all jump out and yell. Capeesh?”

“Kat’s gonna shit. I hope she’s ok with us all knowing her news so quickly,” Angie said.

“Oh well if she’s not, she’ll get over it.” Sage exclaimed with a roll of her eyes.

Lilly added, “I think Adena’s going to be so happy, we’re going to make her cry.”

Jane kept checking the time on her Fitbit nervously. Until, at 6:07, there was a knock on the front door. “It’s showtime, Jane whispered.” Everyone scrambled to hide and Jane turned off the overhead light. The living room was now lit by only three small candles on the coffee table.

Moving quickly to the door, Jane turned the knob. “Well hello ladies, you guys made it!” Jane greeted cheerfully and hugged each girl. “Oh my god, I cannot believe you are engaged! Come, hang up your purses and jackets on the hooks and follow me. Let me see that ring!”

Kat turns her eyes inward and asked, “Why’s the apartment so dark? Did you forget to pay the electric-“

“Congratulations!” The crowd yelled and threw confetti, as Kat and Adena walked through the threshold of the entry hall. Jane hit the light switch to reveal everyone inside. The startled couple were a bit shocked for a second, looking around the room with amazement. They saw Lilly, Leila, Sutton, Richard, Alex, Angie, Sage, Donald, Firuze and her husband, and Martha.

“Oh gosh, you guys!” Kat exclaimed holding her chest. Then she and Adena went around the room hugging everyone.

“Where’s Pinstripe, Jane?

“Remember, he’s in Miami on round two of his book promotion? Martha’s husband is at the fire station saving lives, so she’s my date for tonight.”

At 6:30 one of the hostesses shouted, “Let’s eat!” And, Richard and Alex carried out the lasagna trays hot from the oven. The other items were already set on the kitchen counter for the guests to help themselves. Once everyone ate, Jane and Sutton left and came back into the room holding two gifts. “We now have preset time! Just a few gag gifts we all thought you needed.” Jane announced.

“Adena you open the first gift.” Jane handed it to her. It was a medium size wrapped box with a big bow. Inside was a wooden rolling pin. “Read the note attached to it for us.”

“Let’s see... ‘This is for you to use on Kat’s head after she’s drank too much and staggers home late’. Oh, I would never use that on Kat’s sweet head,” Adena proclaimed, gently patting the top of Kat’s crown.

“Awww, how cute.” The girls in the room cooed. “You can use it to make pies together, instead.” Firuze added.

“Oh, we can think of a few occasions Kat needed to get the rolling pin from Adena!” Sutton yelled, with her hand next to her mouth. Both Jane and Kat gave her a dirty look from across the room. Adena knowingly turned to Kat with eyes narrowed and a half-smile.

Kat looked down. “Y-Yeah, Dena’s not mean like that,” she stuttered. “If that were to happen, she’d just hold my hair back as I puked in the toilet. Oh!...and make me ginger tea!” Kat faced Adena and quickly pecked her lips.

The second present was a small black gift bag with hot pink tissue paper. Sutton handed that to Kat, who looked inside and found a pair of metal handcuffs in furry leopard print and a can of cool whip. The note said, to use these when they needed an extra spicy pick-me-up in the bedroom. “Ooh, maybe I’ll use these later tonight?” Kat wiggled her eyebrows at Adena, who ducked her head and buried her face in the nape of her neck.

The third, and final gift, was a large box that Richard carried out of Jane’s bedroom.

“You got us a microwave? Kat huffed.” And the group cackled.

“Open it up together and find out,” Jane said.

Inside was a framed 20x24 black and white photograph of Kat on one knee proposing to Adena by the river.

Both girls loved the gift. “Oh my, how did you guys get this? Kat asked. Adena sat holding the frame and wiping her eyes.

“We hired Sage’s cousin Belkis to follow you in the park last night and take it.” Sutton disclosed.

“Actually Belkis owed me and Donald for watching her two toddlers over a resent weekend, and did it for free. She just hid behind some bushes and snapped the photo with an ultra-zoom lense, without you guys even knowing.”

“She also went into her photo shop early this morning to print and frame it for us. We just paid for the materials when we picked it up. Sage, you have to thank her profusely for us all,” Jane said.

“Well, it is lovely. Kat and I will hang it on our wall forever. Thank you, thank you all for your thoughtfulness and this wonderful get together. It means a lot to us.” Adena sniffed and Kat rubbed her back.

The friends all clapped, then Sutton and Jane looked at each other and simultaneously yelled, “Game time!”

The drinks were plenty and Kat was playing songs on the Bluetooth speaker. For games, there was couple’s Engagement Charades, with wedding themed songs and movies; Lover’s Bingo; Two Truths and a Lie; and The (Almost) Newlywed Game. No doubt everyone was having a lot of fun finding out new, and sometimes embarrassing, information about each other.

In between games, Kat went to the kitchen to get herself and Adena a refill on their drinks, and Sutton followed. “This is so much couple’s fun. Too bad Pinstripe’s not here for Jane.”

“Yeah Kat, Jane didn’t want you to know right now, but they broke up.”

“What?! When and why?”

“Apparently three nights ago at dinner out. Jane brought up Ryan kissing that girl, again, and they got into a huge fight at the restaurant. Ryan got up and stormed out. Jane hasn’t seen him since. He only sent her a text from Miami saying it was best if they broke up.”

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, you know I’m not a big fan of Pinstripe, but poor Jane. I can’t believe she kept it from me.”

“Since it happened so close to your big moment, she didn’t want to bring you negative news, babe.”

“Ok, I’ll let her know I’m here for her next week at work.”

Kat returned with Adena’s drink as Sage was asking Adena if they had announced their engagement to their parents, yet.

“No, we are going to do that next week,” Adena replied.

“Are your parents okay with you and Kat?”

Adena inhaled and paused. “My father passed away five years ago. But my mother really likes Kat and wants me to be happy.”

Kat intervened, “Yeah, you know, no one can resist my charm,” and squeezed Adena’s side.

Jane cried out, “Ok, on to the next game guys!”

The party continued until 11 o’clock when there was a mass exodus of tired guests. Sutton and Richard stayed behind to help Jane clean up and put leftovers away. Kat and Adena soon said their goodbyes and headed home.

Once back home, the girls changed to go to bed. Kat set her alarm clock for Monday morning’s wake up jolt. She had an early meeting with Jacqueline and two board members to go over some advertisements. She wanted to give herself enough time to get ready for work and make Adena breakfast, so she set the alarm for an extra thirty minutes ahead of her usual time.

Adena took off her engagement ring to store in her ornate tanned leather box. She ran her finger softly over the side of the ring and smiled reading the engraving inside, ~My heart, my soul mate~, before placing it away for the night. Then, got into bed after she applied moisturizer and lathered lotion on her face and body. The scent of her lotion hung in the room as she dove under the duvet and hugged Kat. Kat ran her fingers lightly through her hair.

“It was a fun party. I absolutely love the framed photograph they made us.”

Kat lifted her head up, looking at the picture frame on the floor that leaned against the wall. “Yes, me too. That’s the best gift they could ever give us.”

“I still can’t believe Jane and Ryan broke up.”

“Me neither, D. I feel so bad for Tiny Jane. But maybe it’s for the best. Who knows what destiny has in store for Jane.”

The girls peered quietly into each other’s eyes. Adena asked, “Do you want a big wedding?”

“Well, we probably will have a decent amount of guests. Our parents are going to want to have a big wedding. Both sides like celebrations and therefore we’re kinda forced to have a big event, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I agree. It’ll be alright, we can plan it together and our mothers can share traditions and ideas. I’ll help Maman convey that to your mother.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Kat’s mouth curved into a smile and her eyes twinkled from the moonlight coming inside the apartment’s window. The look warmed Adena’s soul. “Do you want to have kids?”

Adena moved her head closer to Kat’s and the depth in her eyes seemed more serious. “Uh huh. I’d like to have a baby with you.”

“Yeah, me too. I’d like to be a mom and share all those neat experiences with you. I can’t wait to some day hold my beautiful mini-Adena.”