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Creepypasta Revival (CP story)

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(I will offer this warning now, but because it is creepypasta keep in mind that it is going to be slightly violent and could have triggers for people that have undergone assaults or paranoia. and as usual, language can be strong, but I hope you all enjoy!)

Creepypasta Revival Chapter 1- Press Start to Play

There was a moment, where we never lived. The only destruction to humans were themselves. But a thought, no, a dream was made. From those that have died with no justice to them they grew, they thrived, they killed. A higher life began to grow and take control of what they lost. At the time, no one could prove anything. No bodies, no killers, no tracks. Until an unlikely thing happened, a young man was pulled from his home to be a legend, but not by choice. By the greed and lies of others he was called a killer and forced out, even though he was protecting someone. A little girl. That night ended his mortality, and consumed him to be a new man.

They took him in, they taught him their ways, and as more joined a new civilization began. Two leaders and a council, working together to save the lost and unjust people. Or at least, that’s how it was supposed to go. Day began to fall to night, the mist rising in the forests as the legend himself stalked the woods. The more souls he could gain, the more strength he would have. However the other leader collected and stole rare artifacts from the humans, believed to have special powers and meanings to the human’s history. The two leaders never really saw eye to eye, and the soul stealer had a thought.

‘Why should I be resurrected but not others? Perhaps I'm not the only one who has gained a second life.’

With the permission and help from the council, a mansion was built with a way to hide in the forest that this monster protected. With his home, he would create a new life for those that had lived unjust as he did. Over the years he collected them, killers, monsters, and all he saw as his family. The human’s knowledge and activity grew overtime for them, attempting to find these legends or hunt them, but whenever they got close only insanity or death would greet them. Slender became a leader and protector to what the humans started calling Creepypasta’s, and Zalgo became a well known demon Creepypasta and collector of relics.

The Creepypastas lived their lives that they couldn’t live as normal people, but as time passed their existence was being forgotten. Some saw this as a blessing, others saw this as ignorance, and without much of a choice the CP’s started to hide and follow along the humans in the shadows of day and night. One CP had met a human that was unafraid of their life, knowing life was not fair and scars do not define the place you belong. She met several of them one by one, and each time showed the same courage towards each of them. Jeff had told his story to the CPs about how he met her, but hasn’t seen her in years since the last encounter.

Slender saw an opportunity, if this child was still alive then perhaps she could renew their legends, make humans more aware of their lives. However, Ben said that when he tried to find her at the house he last saw her she was not there and only an older man and woman lived there. Slender started to send out searches to find the girl and asked Ben to try and hack into computers to locate where she might be living now. Although, they only learned her name being Mara, and with no last name or idea how old she was it was going to be a challenge.

~time to start the story~

Mara groaned as her alarm clock went off, her arm lazily reaching out to hit it, and popping her head from the covers she read ‘10:00 June 10th Sunday.’. She stretched out, arching her back like a cat and then sighed before she hopped out of bed. Mara loved to stay up at night, hence working at a nightclub as a bartender. However, during the day she took her online classes to be a psychologist and therapist for criminals, and to her classes were almost too easy. Her parents always said she’d be better off taking over the company or to go into her mothers jewelry business, but there was something about criminals she wanted to know more about.

Mara’s fascination with criminal minds would shock many people, even the professors, but she wanted to know more than their trial, she wanted their origin. She wanted the story from the start, even before that to their parents. Mara would watch trials, horror movies, and criminal TV shows in her spare time to learn more of criminal habits and figure out things that for some reason humans can’t figure out anymore. The answer to that was simple, humans don’t care, they want to be paid and they want to put someone into prison or let them go based on their personal feelings of the case rather than the facts presented.

This notion always made Mara sick. She never really knew where her passion came from though, as a child she was not allowed to watch TV and she never got a laptop until she was 18 and heading off on her own. Whenever she tried to think of her past her head would start to hurt, and her past always seemed like a puzzle. Mara quickly took her shower and got ready for the day, despite only doing her homework online after this. She looked at the mirror and began to dry her hair out, and look over her features, thankful that the bruise on her cheek from last week was gone.

Many times she’s had to kick people out of the nightclub and has gotten many injuries from such actions. Being a bartender wasn’t easy, nor was it the best way to make money, but she had plenty of tips and she also worked as a janitor there so she made enough to survive. Plus with all the money she stored as a teen she already had about $8,000 in her checkings and $3,000 in savings. Most of her money came from doing chores or doing small jobs like mowing lawns, watching houses, and pet sitting. She never had to worry about paying rent or buying anything when she lived with her parents because they were always eager to please her, but that life was too easy.

She only lived in an apartment with one bedroom, bathroom, and her living room and kitchen were practically one room. Mara didn’t try to spend money on a lot of food, mainly paying for her home and laptop, and she never bothered to get a car. Exercise and her habit of not eating much allowed her body to remain slim but with curves in the right places. It was a pain at times to live like this, but it was better than mooching off her parents' money. She finished up drying her hair and started to comb it down.

Her raven colored locks have shaded a little darker as she grew older, her hair now touching her shoulders in a feathery mid-length style and bangs crossing over her left eye by a couple inches. Mara’s eyes have also gone from their lilac coloring to a violet, which complimented her cool faired skin tone. She never bothered wearing makeup, only adding some lipgloss to make her peach lips show up more.

She let out a yawn and got dressed into black stockings with small tears in them, and dark blue jean shorts, and slipped on a black tank top with the words “I’d stop eating Pizza, but i’m not a quitter”.

“Alright life, whatcha got for me today?” Mara muttered to herself, opening her laptop.

It was her last day of online classes and then she could work all summer for her money, considering she only had one more year to go to become a psychologist. She deserved a break. Since she turned 17 she was ahead in all her highschool classes and managed to get a year head start in college, so she was flying by her schooling and she was only 21 now. Her fingers sped up as she was finishing her last report that was due at 3 today, but considering it was only 10:56 now she thought she might as well finish before eating.

“And bing, bang, boom we’re done.” Mara smirked, sending the final to her teacher before speeding downstairs to eat.

She felt weight lift off her shoulders at the thought of this summer, only working five nights a week she’d had two days every week to herself, plus the mornings everyday. Mara started up her spotify and hummed to “Victorious” as it played and she started cooking her breakfast. She heard her phone buzz in her pocket and pulled it out, swiping the call to answer and held to her ear.

“What’s up?”

“Is that really how you answer all your calls?” Her mother's warm laugh echoed into the call.

“Not all, just to the people I know.” Mara grinned, taking a bite of her toast. “Something wrong mom?”

“No hon, I was just calling to see what plans you have for your summer.” She replied calmly.

Oh this had to be good. “Nothing much mom, working five nights every week from 2pm to 1 in the morning. Why?”

“I wish you’d take a job at my jewelers..” She muttered softly. Her parents disliked Mara having anything to do with crazy drunk people. But Mara loved the thrill of a fight or psychological argument.

“Mom, your point?”

“oh yes! A colleague of your father is inviting our family to their mansion as a celebration for being partners for 5 years now. It would mean a lot to your father if you came honey.” Her mother’s voice practically begging.

“Alright mom, when is it?” Mara asked, trying to withhold a sigh.

“It starts 4pm on June 17th!” Her mother gleefully answered.

“A Saturday? Nice.” Mara smiled softly. “I’ll be there mom.”

“Great! I’ll let your father know. Love you honey!”

“Love you too mom.” Mara replied and hung up.

She released a sigh and set her phone in her back pocket. She knew if she refused the invite her mother would only beg her more, and it was only a week away so she knew that her mother was going to tell her short notice so she couldn’t come up with a good reason to not attend. It’s not that she didn’t want to go for her family, but half of the time she went to was just a bunch of people talking all sophisticated like with no humor. The other half of the time, after she turned 16, her parents were trying to match her up with some of the sons from other business partners or family friends.

Mara quickly set it on her phone and finished up with her food. After eating it was already 11:20 and she got on her black calf-high boots before grabbing her purse and walking out from her house. It was about 20 minutes to get to the club so she just took her time walking while plugging her headphones into her phone. Music was her favorite way to escape the world, and she could only watch as the people walked by her. She tries very hard each day not to judge people before she knows them, but sometimes the humans of this world were too easy to read. Like the girls that would brag about getting a boyfriend that was older than them, or the guys that would brag about doing a dumb challenge from the web.

When she arrived, her co-worker Sam looked at her. Sam was a kind man, age of 25 and had a wonderful girlfriend. He had dark skin and a well-built body to go with his person. Sam wore his ripped up jeans with a casual button up pale green shirt, and brown shoes to go along with the outfit. His hairstyle was a simple shave and a black medium stubble growing. His eyes were a pecan brown and a tattoo was wrapped around his bicep tattoo of the different phases of the moon.

“Hey Mara!” Sam smiled and Mara copied the smile while giving him a hi-five. He stood a good few inches above her, she only being 5 foot 5, and he being 6 foot 2.

“Hey Sammy, what’s going on?”

“Not too much.” He shrugged, walking back to the counter and continuing to clean the cups. “Last night I had to kick out an asshole because he was picking on one of the dancers, dude didn’t even take a hint.”

“That sucks.” Mara huffed, sitting at one of the bar stools. “I hate it when we have idiots like that.”

Sam chuckled and nodded. “You say that, but you’re always itching to hit someone.”

“Can you really blame me?” Mara grinned. “This is the only place I can get away with it.”

“Nah, you right. But still, shouldn’t you try to tone down the fighting? Alyssa is starting to worry about you.”

Alyssa was Sam’s girlfriend, a nice woman and had so much sass it puts professional actresses to shame. She had an almond skin tone, and dark coca eyes, with long brown hair that would fall down her back with dark waves and have caramel highlights. Although she could punch your lights out she did care about her closest friends.

“She always worries, I’ve told you guys before, that i’m not going to jail anytime soon.” Mara groaned, resting her head on the table.

“She’s more worried about you not taking care of yourself.” Sam said, setting the glass down and leaning on the counter top. “You always are doing this to yourself, you only have us as close friends, you join in on fights, and you’re so thin that the wind could carry you.”

Mara quickly lifted her head. “Ok, that last statement is a lie, I actually have been putting on weight.”

“Oh yeah? How much?” Sam grinned, watching Mara advert her eyes.

“Uhh..i’m at 120 pounds now.” Mara admitted slowly.

“Uh-huh, girl do yourself a favor and buy a cake.” Sam chuckled. “For God's sake I don’t even know if one cake would do it.”

“Not with my metabolism.” Mara scoffed. “But seriously, I always will come to you guys if something is wrong.”

“I'm gonna hold you to that.” He nodded and grabbed some of the coasters out, setting them on the tables. “Why are you here so early today? It’s barely noon.”

“I don’t know, I woke up feeling pretty energized. After finishing my final I just couldn’t sit and wait.” Mara shrugged. “I have a weird feeling, like something exciting is going to happen.”

“Oh? Like what?” Sam asked, flipping the closed sign to open and walking back to the counter.

“I’m not sure, but my gut feeling is never wrong. Like when I told you Alyssa would love those black ankle strap heels?” Mara grinned.

“That serious huh?” Sam lightly smacked Mara’s head at the mention of his 2nd anniversary.

“Yep. now, let me work early, please!” Mara smiled, fluttering her lashes.

“Uh no.” Sam replied, flicking her forehead to stop the look. “First off, you begging is terrifying, second if I allow you to start early you’ll be working overtime. You know how Kenny hates people going over schedule.”

“That’s because Kenny likes money.” Mara huffed, rubbing her forehead.

The nightclub was really popular, mainly because there was ‘friendly’ hours from 12 to 6 then the more ‘sexy’ hours from 6 to 1 am. The place consisted of the bar that surrounded the dancing stage, to stop anyone from climbing up to the dancers. And then the DJ’s booth was on the stage towards the back of it so the dancers had the center and front of the stage. The rest of the place had just a large set up of tables and lounge areas. There was a good space in the middle that had a light up dance floor.

In the day it looked like a normal bar, but at night the neon lights would kick on and the place would be thumping with music. This place was called “Eden Sanctuary”, the loudest nightclub in the city and one of the safest for customers and employees. Kenny was greedy but he’d always make sure his employees were safe to avoid any lawsuits. He especially hated when an employee tries to work over time, such people like Mara.

“Fine, can I at least just sit at the booth and relax?” Mara pouted.

“It’s alright with me.” Sam shrugged and Mara walked over to one of the private booths.

She closed the door and propped her feet onto the table, leaning back she resumed her music and day dreamed.

Yep, this was the norm. Getting up, doing paperwork, getting food and watching TV for a couple hours, then going to work and passing out when she got home. She didn’t have many friends because so many find her weird. People like Sam and Alyssa like her because she is weird but very independent, and Mara was always there when they were in need. Mara has always been called kind for giving money and food to people, and doing small tasks for them like grabbing something off a shelf or getting a kids ball out of a lake. But those that knew her find it odd Mara would never ask for anything in return, plus her going to private and online schools limited her interactions with people like her.

It seemed society doesn’t know what good deeds are anymore. Mara sighed, there was nothing she could do to make people appreciate life, so all she could do is play nice. She closed her eyes and let herself escape reality.

Loud knocking woke Mara up and she snapped her head up and opened the door quickly. “Hey Sam.” She yawned.

“Come on, get on your uniform, time for work.” Sam smiled helping the sleepy girl out of the booth. “Any drink for you?”

“Virgin shirley temple!” She called out as she headed to the dressing room.

She ran down quickly, getting past some of the other workers, several of the dancers get here early to get ready since makeup took so long. Mara quickly grabbed her bartender outfit and changed into the slacks, white shirt, and black vest. Since she had boots on she didn’t bother to change her shoes. The music upstairs was thumping with pop and quickly hid her purse in the corner of the room before running back upstairs.

She got behind the counter and brushed her shirt off, tugging the vest slightly and smiling as Sam handed her a shirley temple. “Thanks Sam. Ready for tonight’s bad decisions?”

“Well, as the ol’ saying goes-”

Mara knew this one, and they said in unison. “I don’t need alcohol to make bad choices.”

They laughed and hi-fived each other before going off to separate sides of the counter to serve the customers. Normally it didn’t get really busy until 4pm, but that all depended on the day. Through the hours Mara had easily ignored the males that flirted with her, and pretended to be nice to all the sluts of the bar. Mara felt bad for Sam, he was a good looking guy but some of these women wouldn’t get the hit that he has a girlfriend.

Mara envied people that found someone they loved, but she’d never admit that out loud. Just no one made her life a challenge. She didn’t want to be with some rich punk, nor a person who wouldn’t lift a finger for work. But she could pass up love for another couple years.

“Mara! Could you throw the recyclables out?” James called out to her.

“Yeah I got it!” Mara called back, going around to collect the bottles and cans. Anything to get away from people even just for a minute.

After she grabbed as many bottles and cans as she could into a container and took it out the back. As she walked out she huffed seeing some people smoking in the ally, and she turned away to open the recycle bin. Mara dumped the container and huffed a bit as she closed it, turning to the ally to see someone on the ground. Her adrenaline spiked and she took out her tactical flashlight, being a bartender you could never be too careful and she would need light when she walked home.

She flicked on the flashlight and slowly walked over, kneeling down and grabbing the man’s shoulder to turn him onto his back. “Sir? Are you alright?”

He didn’t move as she turned him over and his head tilted back, revealing a deep gash on his neck. Mara gasped and let go of him, sure she was used to seeing ugly stuff because of her studies, but not this close before. Hearing a light thud she stood up quickly and shined the light down the alleyway, seeing nothing at first.

Her instincts kicked in and she turned quickly, holding in a scream as she saw a masked man, and swung her flashlight at the man’s head. He grabbed her arm quickly and shoved her to the wall, but as painful as her head hitting the stone wall was she just felt her adrenaline spike again. Mara quickly bit into his arm and heard him groan in pain, he grabbed at her hair to pull her off but she only turned and bit his wrist, sinking her teeth in with all her strength. She tasted copper which tasted fowl in her mouth, but refused to let go.

Finally the man threw her to the ground, making her gasp in pain as she looked up. The man took out a pocket knife, she assumed it was the same one he used to kill the man behind her, but strangely it was clean. He quickly lunged at her and she panicked at the sudden movement, and kicked her foot out to meet his chest, causing him to grunt again but grab her leg and raised the knife above her stomach. Mara let out a gasp but quickly lurched forward to grab his arm, trying to pry his fingers from the knife.

The man seemed to be startled but used his other hand to try and push her away from him, but Mara had wrestled with assholes before and she was not going down without a fight. She listened to the man grunt as she managed to kick the heel of her boot into his leg, she had to try and remember his voice in case the police did get him. In the midst of their wrestling the man finally twisted his wrist in a way to get his hand free from her, dragging the blade across her palm in the process.

Mara yelped in pain but with all the adrenaline she was able to ignore the burn from the wound. The man stood up fast, looking at his wrist for a moment as he turned away, but that’s all she needed. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck as he quickly dropped the knife and grabbed at her arms around his neck, and due to her being shorter she managed to pull him back a little. He growled under his breath, muttering what sounded like a cuss word and he quickly backed up, slamming her into the wall again. If Mara wasn’t so stubborn she probably would’ve let go but she just wrapped her other arm around his neck. She glanced to the alley as the man continued to try and throw her off or hit her against the wall, seeing the people walking by she began to scream.

“Call the police! Someone call the police! Fire!”

Contrary to what most think, the human brain reacts to the word ‘fire’ faster than the words ‘help’ or ‘rape’, and her call actually managed to catch someones attention. The next thing she knew her world spun as she was flipped over him. Mara did let go this time, screaming in pain as she felt her back being scratched on the concrete. Her vision was blurry but she made out the man, with a white mask and a yellowish coat, but otherwise her vision was starting to fade. The last thing she noticed was the man looking anxious and grabbing something before running down the alley, and seeing a couple people run towards her. She couldn’t hear anything but her own heartbeat as she closed her eyes and gave into her exhaustion.

~Back at the manor~

“What kind of idiot are you?”

“Shut it hoodie you weren’t there.”

Slender heard the grumbles and gasps of pain from the security room as he was walking by, he teleported in and was surprised at Masky’s wounds. Bites on his left arm and a deep bite on his right wrist. Hoodie was currently putting some medicine on Masky’s neck which was red from friction.

“What happened here?”

“Oh shit!” Masky jolted, looking at Slender in frustration through his mask. “Don’t do that please!”

“Nothing Slender, Masky just had a fight with a girl.” Hoodie shrugged. “Apparently she was pretty tough but he managed to knock her out cold.”

“I see..and why did you attack a woman?” Slender questioned as he walked over.

“She saw a person in an alleyway, a guy I killed. She came out before I had the chance to hide the body so I thought I would just kill her too. But she turned out to be a tough little shit.” Masky grumbled, letting Hoodie wrap up his new bites.

“Hm..where were you at?” Slender questioned.

“He was at a club called Eden Sanctuary.” Hoodie replied for Masky.

Now Slender didn’t mind this at all, sure Masky got a few wounds, but maybe this girl is the one they’ve been looking for.