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The One With Yoonji

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The first time Yoongi became Yoonji was at Seokjin’s Halloween party. Hoseok and Jin forced him to dress up like a female student, thinking how embarrassing the whole thing would be, but, actually, everything turned out quite the opposite.

Yoongi had fun refusing all those guys whom tried to hook him up.

People usually don’t flirt with him, his aura too intimidating and scary, or at least that’s what Hobi and Namjoon told him.

Yoongi just think he’s not worth the bothering of being flirted with.



Now he’s trying to understand the message Jimin sent him a few minutes ago.


Jiminie : Ehi Hyung, do you still have Yoonji’s costume and wig?


Me : Yup! Why?


Jiminie : Can we meet up? At the café?


Me : Be there in 15!




Jimin looks pale. He has his hair covered by a beanie, dark circles around his eyes and he keeps moving on his seat.

«You okay?» Yoongi asks.

Jimin sighs and then hides his face with his hands.

«It’s just- It’s something really embarrassing.»

Yoongi takes Jimin’s wrists and force the younger to look at him in the eyes.

«Jiminie, you can tell me.»

The blonde boy blushes and then he speaks.

«So, my parents asked me to go home for Christmas.»

Yoongi furrows his bow, what’s wrong with Christmas?

«It’s just- okay I told them that I have a girlfriend, but I clearly don’t have one?»

Yoongi is taken aback.

«D-do you want me to –?» He’s not sure what to say. Does Jimin want Yoongi to find a girl for him?

«Hyung, could you dress up as Yoonji? And pretend to be my girlfriend?»

He? What?


«Hyung, please.» Jimin’s puppy eyes are his weakness but he’s not sure, what if he screws everything up?

«Why me Jiminie? I don’t look feminine at all. Can’t you ask at one of your teammates? There’s a lot of pretty girls in your dance class. I’m sure they will gladly help you if you ask them.»

«I-I c-can’t ask them. I need someone that knows me better that them. And I don’t have any female friends that I’m really close with. I would ask Tae, but my parents know him and Kookie, too so they would recognize them.»

«How about Seokjin-Hyung or Hobi?»

«My family saw them a few times during video calls. And Namjoon-Hyung is too clumsy he will probably end up ripping his skirt off plus he’s taller and broader than me. You’re my only option Hyung.»

Jimin gives him his best puppy eyes and now he’s even pouting.

Damn it!

Fuck, Yoongi can’t say no to him.

«Fine.» He mumbles.

The smile Jimin gives him makes Yoongi’s stomach doing weird things inside of him.

Doesn’t matter that Yoongi has a crush on Jimin since the boy’s first year of university, he’s still not used to the way Jimin smiles at him, at how his eyes goes into crescents and the cheeks flush a bright red.

«Really? Thank you Hyung! Thank you so much!»

Jimin takes his hands and squeeze them, and Yoongi feels hot all over his face and ears.

«’Kay, Jiminie, calm down. Care to explain why are we in this mess?»

At Yoongi’s question a strong blush creep on Jimin’s cheeks and ears.

«Well,» Jimin’s voice is barely audible. «It started two weeks ago. I was facetiming with my mum, and she saw an hickey on my neck. And my hook up was still sleeping in my bed, and then she saw my tongue piercing while I was yawning. So first she got mad and started yelling how dangerous is piercing a such delicate part as my tongue, and then she asked me if it was my girlfriend fault for the hickey, and I couldn’t tell her the truth, Hyung! She was so mad; I couldn’t tell her that it was a guy and just a one-night stand.»

The boy speaks fast and it’s difficult to follow the flow of his speech.

Yoongi thoughts are tangled while his eyes dart from Jimin’s eyes to the boy’s lips; Jimin is playing with his piercing. Pulling the damn thing between his teeth.

This is not going to end well, Yoongi is sure of it.

«Wait, okay. Fuck! That’s a big mess.»

Jimin nods.

«I tried to tell them that my girlfriend had to see her family too, but she said that I should bring her another time and I can’t just tell them that we broke up because I said that we just started dating.»

He’s going to cry, Yoongi can clearly see the little tears forming on Jimin’s eyes.

«Jiminie, I said I’m going to do it. Please, calm down. We just need to figure how to make it works.»

Seeing the big smile on the younger boy Yoongi smiles too.