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Kim Namjoon was a silent child who always wanted to know more. He spent most of his childhood in the palace wandering around observing his surroundings and people. He also loved playing with the animals, to the dismay of his mother. His favorite place to go was the garden, he'd sit for hours and just observe everything quietly. At first, people thought it was a bit strange and that he was such a strange child, but his parents found out he had a very strong connection to nature and the Earth, which explains his fondness towards the outdoors. 


When Namjoon never found any interest in any of kids his age, his parents started to worry. 


They tried their best to make him become friends with nobility his age or other royals his age, but he'd always ignore them and go out to the garden. 


The first time he showed interest in any kid was when he met General Min's son. The General had been invited to dinner with Namjoon's family after General Min had successfully stopped a coup d'etat from happening. He brought along his own family and that was when Namjoon met Min Yoongi. The young prince observed the older boy all throughout dinner, and found him to be a bit interesting. While Yoongi was only seven, he was a lot smarter than the other kids Namjoon had met. When their parents allowed the kids to go play together, Namjoon immediately took Yoongi to the garden. 


"This is my favorite place in the palace," Namjoon said softly, too scared to break the comfortable silence between the two. 


"It's a very pretty place, Namjoon," Yoongi replied, he looked up to the stars and smiled. 


Namjoon was a bit taken aback by the lack of formality between the two, and then he felt relieved. He was used to everyone calling him 'Young Master' or 'Prince Namjoon' so this was nice. He could just be Namjoon.


"I'm glad you think so, Min Yoongi-ssi."


Yoongi scrunched his nose at his name. "Just call me hyung, I'm one year older than you, right?" When Namjoon nodded he smiled. "I've heard people call you weird, but you're not bad at all," Yoongi admitted to Namjoon. "Oh, I didn't know people thought I was weird," commented Namjoon as he played with the hem of his clothes. "They just don't understand you, I can tell that you have a lot on your mind but you don't like to say it out loud," Yoongi stood up and pulled Namjoon with him. They started walking through the garden together. "I just have a hard time expressing myself I guess," Yoongi could detect a hint of sadness in Namjoon's voice and frowned. They walked passed a fountain, the water created a soothing sound, Namjoon closed his eyes. "Maybe you could try writing your thoughts?" Yoongi suggested, and Namjoon opened his eyes to stare at the pale boy. "That doesn't sound like a bad idea, I like writing," the young prince said. 


"Uhm, thank you hyung for listening to me and for giving me some advice."


"It was nothing really, Namjoon."


"Well, no one has really interested me as much as you, and no one really understands me like you do."


"Really? Well then I promise that I'll be your friend from now on, I'll stick by your side." 




Namjoon held out his pinky and Yoongi intertwined his with the prince's.




Namjoon smiled at Yoongi, dimples and all, showing that he was extremely happy. Then and there Yoongi decided that he would do his very best to see Namjoon like this all the time. The stars seemed to shine brighter in that moment, increasing the beauty of the garden.


In the background, a shooting star danced across the sky.


This was the start of a beautiful friendship.