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Tying the knot on the way to a happy (n)ever after

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Joshua knocked on Seungcheol's door for the nth time. The prince was taking so long and they are late for their supposed meeting with Prince Jihoon. "My prince, please tell me you're ready, we are leaving in a few minutes." He sighed. As a friend he is worried, but as the prince's royal advisor he needs the prince to hurry up or else things might not turn out well.

Seungcheol did not answer at all. Joshua rolled his eyes, feeling pissed because the prince didn't even bother to say a word. "Choi Seungcheol I am telling you this one last time. Open this door or I'll be the one to tell Jihoon and Jeonghan that the wedding is called off. You won't be able to see your Jihoon anymore." His voice raised a bit. Hoping that the prince will finally listen.

It worked! Prince Seungcheol opened the door with a pout. "Don't you think you're being too mean? I was just having a hard time on choosing what to wear Also, not seeing Jihoon means you can't see Jeonghan too and flirt with him. Tragic, right?" The prince grinned as if he already won the argument.

Joshua's face reddened but he stood still, chin up, facing Seungcheol confidently. "First of all, Jeonghan is just a friend. Second, that doesn't mean we can't meet; if there's a will, there's a way. Third, you'd look good in anything you wear okay? Don't stress yourself about it. Jihoon would not care about your clothes, but he would care if you're late for your meeting."

The prince smiled widely, "Thank you, Shua." He hugged his bestfriend, "I meant it." He continued.

Joshua hugged him back. "I'm the best, I know. You're welcome." He ruffled the prince's hair. "Hey! Don't mess my hair up." The prince frowned, moving away from him.

"You deserve it though, we are like 20 minutes late. Goodluck telling your fiancé why." He walked out of the prince's room, after saying "If I don't see your face in the next five minutes, I'm leaving without you."

"What? Why? To see your Jeonghan?" Seungcheol snorts. Joshua would never leave without him. He's the one getting married after all, not his advisor.

"Maybe you are right" Joshua whispered. Eyes twinkling as he thought of a certain blond man.


"My dear, sweet, cute prince, please stop that. I'm the one getting dizzy here" Jeonghan says, looking at Prince Jihoon who keeps on walking around the room.

"Stop with the compliments, I'm trying to think here" Jihoon answered, as he continues pacing back and forth. He felt uneasy because 1.) Seungcheol is late, 2.) He had never been late. The prince tried to think of a reason why but nothing seems reasonable enough.

"You're overthinking Ji, maybe something came up, or he's too nervous. He loves you okay? If you think he cancelled the wedding, then you're wrong. By the way, please talk about your plans, Shua and I were so exhausted because you guys couldn't make up a unified decision. I can't stand seeing him tired- I mean, I don't want a repeat of those times." Prince Jihoon laughs, Jeonghan will always find a way to suddenly mention Joshua and speak of how much he likes the other. Plus Jeonghan is right, Jihoon loves Seungcheol and vice versa. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Except the planning itself. The thing is, he and Seungcheol can't seem to agree in anything. He wants a small, private wedding. Seungcheol on the other hand, wants a huge one. Probably to show the whole world that they're together. Jihoon finds it cute, but no, he doesn't want that kind of wedding. He just finds the thought of Seungcheol wanting to shout to the whole world that he loves Jihoon sweet.

He doesn't realize that he had been zoning out for the last 5 minutes until Jeonghan snapped his finger in front of him. "Earth to Prince Jihoon!"

Jeonghan's eyes were full of concern as he asked "Hey, are you okay? I'm sure they're going to arrive soon." He was surprised as the prince clung unto him. "Hyung, are you sure they are coming today? I had an argument with Cheol last time and-"

"And he sent you a peace offering remember? I'm pretty sure he missed you" Jeonghan answers with a smile, to give Jihoon assurance.

"Aren't you excited to see them? Well I am. I'm also sure that today will be better than the last one" He tells the prince, grinning.

"I am excited yes, but I think you're happier than me, knowing that you'll see your not-so-secret-crush again. When are you planning to tell him hyung?" Prince Jihoon teased as he saw that Jeonghan was looking outside.

Before Jeonghan could answer, a soft voice spoke "Plan to tell who what?"

Jeonghan quickly walked towards Joshua, taking his hand and kissing it afterwards "It's always nice to see you, Shua." Joshua blushed, "Nice to see you too." He hugs the man smiling beautifully at him.

Seungcheol coughed out loud. "Joshua? You were going to say something."

Joshua pulled out from the hug with Jeonghan and faced his prince. "I'm sorry your highness" he bowed.

He turns to Jihoon, "Your highness, Prince Seungcheol wants to have a word with you. After that we shall continue the plan for your wedding."

"It's just us Shua hyung, no need to be that formal, you and Jeonghan hyung broke the formality earlier already." The younger prince chuckles.

Joshua laughs as well, (nervously if I may add) scratching the back of his head. "Yeah, uhh... Seungcheol wants to tell you something I guess. If you are done, Hannie and I will be outside."

Seungcheol shakes his head, "I think the talk will be long, but I assure you both that after this, the planning will be much easier. You can tour around the palace." But his eyes tell Jeonghan that he should confess to Joshua.

Jeonghan smiled knowingly, he intertwined his hand with Joshua's and pulls him out of the room. "We'll be back later!"

"So, what are we going to talk about?" Prince Jihoon asks.

"I don't know actually, I'm just tired of seeing them flirt on each other without actually confessing." He smiled, wrapping the other's waist with his arms.

"I feel the same way to be honest, and Han hyung speaks of Shua hyung all the time." The younger hugs the elder back. "It's too much sometimes. But they're really adorable"

"Yeah." He hummed. "How about we talk regarding our plan okay? This time let's listen to each other."

Jihoon nodded.


"Where are we going?" Joshua asked as Jeonghan pulled him gently. He smiled when he realized that he knows where the path they took leads to.

The sound of the waves splashing welcomed them. They took their shoes off, wanting to feel the sand. Jeonghan removes his hand from Joshua's, "There's something I need to get. Wait here."

When Jeonghan came back, he had a blanket and a basket in his hands. "I left this earlier here because I know the princes would want to spend time alone and I want to be with you."

Joshua's cheeks turned into deep red. He smiled, helping Jeonghan set everything up. They sat on the blanket afterwards with the basket between them, they both stared at the horizon.

It was very quiet, yet Joshua knows that he would cherish this moment. He and Jeonghan, alone, with no worries, the sea calming him down.

He gasps as he felt another hand on top of his own. Joshua smiles as he looked at Jeonghan, who was staring back at him. No one spoke, but he intertwines their hands, moves the basket aside and leaned onto Jeonghan's shoulder.

His eyes then focused at the horizon. "It's beautiful."

Jeonghan smiles and turns his head a bit to face him. "Yes. Beautiful."

Joshua noticed and unconsciously bit his lower lip. "So," he started. For he wanted to avoid what was about to happen. Whatever it is. "Do you think they finally agreed on something?"

Jeonghan chuckled. "I hope. I have never seen anyone so competitive on choosing the flavor of the cake." Joshua laughed as well. He recalled how the princes both wanted different flavors, mocha and chocolate. Both argued that one is better than the other. Jeonghan suggested that they can have both because they were taking too much time on choosing. The princes agreed, until one of them- probably Seungcheol -opened up on which cake to slice and taste first.

"Ah, remember when they argued on what to wear?" Jeonghan asked. Joshua nodded, smiling as he remembered what had occured that day. Prince Jihoon wanted everything to be formal which both Joshua and Jeonghan agreed to. They thought everything was settled until Prince Seungcheol voiced out that he wanted something different. ("Every wedding is formal, aren't you tired of that? Plus I want this to be the most unique wedding of all.") When they asked him what theme did he want, he answered that he would still think of one. In the end, they still chose formal. Which resulted to a pouting prince.

"Where do you want to get married?" Jeonghan suddenly asked, which caught the other off guard.

"Shua?" He shakes his head. "What was that again?"

"Where do you want to get married? Like a beach wedding or-"

"A beach wedding, a simple one though, with only close friends and family." Joshua answers, avoiding the other's gaze.

"Really? I want one like that too. Also, I want to be married to someone I really like. I'd let that person choose and maybe we'll try to make the planning as equal as possible. But now I know that person wants to have the same kind of wedding, so I think it wouldn't be hard" Jeonghan grinned.

Joshua suddenly sat straight up. He tried to speak and look at Jeonghan without stuttering. But all he could mutter was a soft "what?" Which made Jeonghan laugh.

"I'm serious about it Shua, I couldn't picture myself getting married without the person beside me right now." He smiles, right hand caressing Joshua's cheek as the other holds Joshua's hand.

Joshua, on the other hand, had no idea what to answer.

"What do you mean?" It was a dumb question, but he can't think of anything else to say.

Jeonghan smiled teasingly, "What if we practice the gesture after we both say I do? What do you think?" Joshua's eyes widen as Jeonghan moved closer to him. But he didn't stop the elder. "I like-"

"Yoon Jeonghan! What are you doing?"

Jeonghan sighed. Great timing, princes. They turned to the men who are walking towards them.

Seungcheol helps Joshua up, "Let's go, we are never coming back here." He pulled Joshua by the hand walking away from the other two.

Jeonghan stood there confused, "What happened?" He asked the prince, who was standing beside him. " Seungcheol looked pissed." He continued. "Let's just go hyung" Jihoon answered. That's when Jeonghan noticed that the young prince seemed down.

"Hey, what happened? You guys fought again?" He asked, concern evident in his voice. Jihoon just hugged him, "hyung" was the only word that came out.

Jeonghan knew that whatever happened was serious. He had never seen Jihoon like this. "Ji? Tell me, what happened?"


"We're over Shua, he cancelled the wedding, he broke up with me." Seungcheol sighs as he explained. He tried to look calm and act like he's okay, but ofcourse Joshua could tell otherwise.

"Are you both sure about that? I'm sure we can talk this through. I'll go there and talk with Hannie" Joshua assured. Seungcheol shook his head. "I don't know, we both said some things we didn't mean- I know I didn't mean it, I'm not sure about him."

Joshua sighed, "What did you guys fight about this time?" He ruffles the prince's hair as he spoke.

"It was going well actually, but when we thought of where the wedding would be held, his kingdom or mine, I wanted to do it here, he was opposed to the idea. Until he just gave up and told me that we should stop seeing each other if we would just keep arguing over stuff. I didn't argue and just let him be." The prince played with his fingers, a gesture that he does whenever he is sad or nervous.

Joshua could only comfort the prince for he tried telling him not to give up but the prince won't listen.


Weeks had passed and there was no sign of the princes making up. Usually it would take a day and they'll apologize, but now, Joshua felt that it was real serious.

He went to Seungcheol's room, asking if he could go and talk with Jeonghan and Jihoon but Seungcheol firmly answered no. The prince even instructed the palace guards not to let his advisor out.

Joshua stayed in his room, he thought about what happened before they left the other kingdom. He misses someone. He misses Jeonghan. Another thing, he regrets not telling the other about what he feels.

He heard someone knocking, probably Seungcheol trying to apologize. "Do you need something your highness?" He raised his voice.

"No, Shua hyung, but someone is here for you." Wait. That wasn't Seungcheol, it was his younger brother, Prince Hansol.

He hurriedly opened the door, bowing "I'm sorry your highness, I thought you were-"

"My brother? He is still in his room, trying to practice his apology I think" Hansol smiled. "But you have a visitor. I heard you and my brother earlier so I visited Jeonghan hyung and he's here." Joshua noticed the guy behind Hansol, also smiling at him.

"Hannie!" He hugged the other tightly. "I missed you!" Jeonghan laughed as he hugged the younger back. "I missed you too, baby."

"I'm going to leave you here now, if my brother finds you, I'll help you both."

"Thank you, Hansol." Joshua, waved at the young prince.

"No problem hyung, you helped me with Seungkwan so it's my turn to help you too!"

Joshua pulled Jeonghan inside his room. "How's Jihoon?" He asked once they sat on the bed. Jeonghan pouted. "Won't you ask how I felt when you guys left and not show up for weeks? I missed you."

Joshua glared at the other. "Can we speak of Jihoon and Seungcheol first? Then we can talk about us." Internally he was smiling as he played with Jeonghan's hand.

Jeonghan smiled. "Great, I'd like that. Jihoon isn't fine. He acts like he's doing well but every night, he talks as if he is with Seungcheol, apologizing and saying that he loves him. How about Seungcheol?"

Joshua sighed. "Same as Jihoon, also one time he's angry at the whole world after a minute he'd be sad and I don't know what to do. He keeps refusing when I tell him that I'll talk to Ji."

Joshua added that he never saw it coming, he doesn't understand why they ended up that way. "It's obvious that they love each other hannie, what's stopping them?"

Jeonghan placed his hand on top of Joshua's. "I think it's because they think that they're very different from each other, but I have an idea on how we can help."

"Hmm?" He rests his head on Jeonghan's shoulder. "How? I can't even leave this castle without Seungcheol."

"Then let's start with him first. We'll make them remember why they were getting married in the first place."

"Oh I love that."

"Thanks. You love me too right?" Joshua was taken aback, head shooting up. Jeonghan faced him and wrapped his arms around the younger's waist, he burried his face on the younger's neck.

"I love you." He says softly. He smiles as he felt Joshua hug him back. "I love you too, hannie."

Their moment was cut short when Prince Seungcheol entered the room, barging in with an apology for Joshua. "Shua I really am sorry I didn't mean to- Jeonghan? What are you doing here?"

The two quickly pushed each other, moving away with red painted on their cheeks. Jeonghan stood and bowed before speaking. "Prince Hansol helped me get in here. Prince Jihoon wishes to see you, your highness. He is devastated and he had been sick for the last few days, he hopes for your presence tomorrow. His highness knows that I will be staying here and will go back tomorrow, with you and Joshua."

The only thing that sinked in the prince's mind though was that the other prince is sick. "Is he okay? How many days has he been ill?"

"Uhh. About three days, your highness" Jeonghan quickly answered, hoping that the prince would believe his lies.

"We shall leave first thing in the morning, Jeonghan? You can stay in a guest room-"

"He can stay with me. Right, your highness?" Joshua interfered. Seungcheol raised his eyebrow. "And why would I allow-"

"You came here because you wanted to apologize, right? I'll accept your apology if you let him stay, or we can forget that we're friends and stay with the formality."

"Yeah okay sure whatever. But Jeonghan, could you please leave us first?" Jeonghan nodded and went out of the room.


"Did you really mean that?" Seungcheol pouted. Joshua laughed as he walked towards the prince. "Ofcourse not, but I wanted him to stay here."

Seungcheol gasped. "So you would sacrifice our friendship just to flirt with him? I can't believe you." But he hugs Joshua. "Very funny Cheol, you know I won't. And please, try to fix your situation with Jihoon okay?"

"I will." The prince smiled before he pulled out of the hug. "Sorry and thank you."

"You're forgiven. But why are you thanking me?" Joshua asked, a bit confused.

"I saw you and Jeonghan earlier and observed you both for awhile before entering. I thought of Jihoon as I saw you hugging. I miss him so much. I realized that when you love someone, you would do anything just to be with him and not let little things ruin what you have. All thanks to you and Jeonghan." He smiles genuinely and bid goodbye before leaving.

A few minutes after that, Jeonghan enters. "Seungcheol warned that if I break your heart, he won't let me see you ever again."

Joshua giggles. "Don't you think he won't let you see me once he finds out that you lied earlier?"

Jeonghan shakes his head and hugs the other from the back. "No, I think he would be happy to see Jihoon again and they would make up. And what's with you telling him that I will stay here?"

"You don't want to?" Joshua teasingly tried to get out of his hold. But he hugged the younger tighter.

"I was just asking, and I do want to stay here. As long as I'm with you."

Joshua rolled his eyes. "Whatever." But he is smiling.


"What are you doing here? Why are you in my room?" Jihoon asked. Surprised to see Seungcheol.

The said prince also was shocked. Jihoon doesn't look like he someone who is ill, he looks healthy. "I thought you are sick? And you want to see me?"

"I do want to see you! I mean who told you that? I'm not even sick." He turned away from the other.

"But Jeonghan said you weren't feeling well and you ordered him to tell me that you want to see me." Seungcheol reasoned out.

"Jeonghan? He told me that he's going to visit Seungkwan- He planned this." Jihoon sighed.

Seungcheol sighed as well, he slowly walked towards the younger, and embraced him. "I miss you."

Jeonghan smiled as he heard those words. Just like what Seungcheol said, they left early in the morning. Once they reached Jihoon's room, Joshua pushed the prince inside and closed the door, telling Seungcheol that everything should be back to normal once he went out that room.

He looks at the latter who is very serious while eavesdropping and he finds it adorable. He kissed the other's cheek quickly and hoped for reaction. Joshua blushed. Cute. Absolutely cute.

"Let's go?" He asked.

"Go where?"

"Outside. I'm sure they'll look for us later." He took the younger's hand and they head towards the shore.

"The view really is amazing" Joshua's face lit up, admiring the sea.

"Truly magnificent" Jeonghan answers.

Joshua looks at him and saw him staring. "I meant the view!"

"You are my view though. So, can we talk about us? Before we get interrupted again?" Jeonghan asked nervously, his eyes wander everywhere except Joshua.

Joshua smiled, placing his hand on the elder's face. "Look at me then."

Jeonghan did. They stared into each other's eyes. Not breaking the eye contact.

"I love you." Jeonghan starts. "I don't know when I started to have feelings for you but I'm glad. I love you very much. I love how you always know what to say when I feel down, I love how you can make me laugh. I love that we're always there for each other."

Joshua caressed his cheek. "I love you too, ever since we met I liked you. But when we became close, I fell. I dreamt of you, I love your eyes, your nose, your face, your personality, everything."

"So can I kiss you now? I- well, uhh. I tried to kiss you before but you know, got interrupted so maybe-"

"Shut up and just do it."

"With pleasure" Jeonghan says, right hand going up his face, the elder traces his face with his finger. "You're beautiful."

"Will you do it or wait for interruptions again?" Joshua asked, a bit annoyed.

Jeonghan chuckles. "Sorry baby, I won't make you wait again." With that, he captures the other's lips.

Finally. When they pulled out, Jeonghan asks "Let's get married?" Joshua laughed, but nods afterwards.

"Hong Joshua!" They heard. Looking back, they saw Seungcheol walking towards them, holding Jihoon's hand.

"Looks like the wedding will push through." Joshua grinned. Jeonghan smiled. "Ours would have to wait then, but I don't care, as long as it's you who I'm getting married with."

"Good. Because I feel the same way." Joshua smiles charmingly and their lips met again, they ignored the princes' complains.

In the future, Seungcheol and Jihoon would be living happily together with their child. Jeonghan and Joshua would finally tie the knot, and have a simple beach wedding with their close friends and relatives as guests.