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Who Wore It Better

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“I didn’t write this! I didn’t write this!”

Shang Qinghua’s shrieks fell on deaf ears, Shen Qingqiu’s glare all but ready to murder him on the spot. In fact, Shang Qinghua’s pretty sure he would have been strangled by the man by now, if it weren’t for their… current predicament.

He really didn’t write this! Even if he’d thought about it more than a few times, even if there were at least three sisters in the harem with the ability for it, he never wrote it!

“If you didn’t write it, why is it happening!?” Shen Qingqiu demanded, struggling to get out of the tentacles holding him up.

Right, yes. The tentacles.

They were, well, they were there. Currently, they were both a bit tied up with them, in a cave somewhere in the mountains somewhere. Look, lots of mountains and caves to be lost in, in this world, and he never really finished mapping out the demon realm, in his mind nor in his books. There were bound to be places they could stumble upon without knowing!

“I really don’t know,” Shang Qinghua whined, having given up on struggling himself. Demons were very territorial, he’s sure one or both of their husbands will show up eventually to collect them. These plants can’t be too dangerous if they were just left out here in the open, right?

The tentacles were very carefully slipping off his robes, dropping them sloppily on the floor, damp and sticky. He himself was all kinds of damp and sticky, tentacles wrapped around him and – and undulating like a delicious, full-body massage.

Shen Qingqiu continued to struggle, so of course the tentacles were rougher on him. They were pulling at his clothes, and he was pulling back, but he was outnumbered.

“Hey now, I’m sure we’ll be rescued in no time,” Shang Qinghua tried to reassure him.

“Fuck that!” Shen Qingqiu kicked at a tentacle, only succeeding in making the plant-demon-thing angry. The tentacle he’d tried to kick shot upwards, past his leg where it was originally aiming at, and straight into Shen Qingqiu’s mouth!

“MNG!” It wriggled and bunched in on itself, leaving barely any room for Shen Qingqiu’s muffled protests to escape.

Shang Qinghua cried in alarm, because shit! That was way too unexpected! And Shen Qingqiu was still trying to glare at him in blame, despite having to focus on other things, like not choking to death on the tentacle stuffing itself down his throat.

Shang Qinghua tried to sit up, much as he could while being suspended by tentacles, but because his companion was so uncooperative, a single sign of resistance from him had the tentacles tightening. Another slithered up his torso and tapped on his mouth in warning.

He looked at it, then looked back at Shen Qingqiu. His face was flushed cherry red, all the way down his neck, and his throat bobbed delectably, mouth dripping with some sort of fluid the tentacle force-fed him.

Ah, so it’s like that.

He obligingly opened his mouth, feeling all kinds of tingly with the thing sitting heavily on his tongue. It didn’t go further than that, letting Shang Qinghua suck on it lightly, releasing fluid in a steady but otherwise slow drizzle.

He can’t help but think he’s getting the better treatment, what with Shen Qingqiu still weakly struggling, and the tentacles taking it as a sign that he liked being manhandled.

On second thought, maybe he did? The flush didn’t go away, and his dick was rock hard despite not being touched by any tentacles so far. Not that Shang Qinghua was watching his dick, per se. He was just comparing, because heavens knew his own dick was deliciously being pumped as we speak.

It was around this time that things got a little fuzzy.

His position at the moment was perfect for watching Shen Qingqiu writhe around in the tentacles’ hold, covered in tentacle slick and just – wow, that’s erotic.

His ass wasn’t on display, sadly, but Shang Qinghua can see just how many tentacles were wriggling and slipping over each other to enter him anyway. The answer was, a lot. Most of them the size of noodles, granted, with maybe two or three the size of two fingers.

Shang Qinghua himself only had two, each one three inches thick, stretching his ass six ways from Sunday, very politely. As much as Shang Qinghua enjoyed it, he can’t deny that it was absolutely nothing compared to what he and Mobei Jun got up to. Mobei Jun’s cock alone was… mmm yeah, these little things just can’t compare.

Shen Qingqiu was making very interesting noises, doing far more in the turning-Shang-Qinghua-on department than the tentacles in his ass were. Shameless, he knew, but he was just human! What was he supposed to do when his Shixiong was very prettily sucking on a tentacle, his ass out of sight but very obviously stuffed full, his glare still there?

Mobei Jun has really spoiled him, huh? Nearly nothing was scarier to Shang Qinghua than his husband, nor hotter, so Shen Qingqiu can’t really affect him the way he wanted.

“Ah! Ahh!”

The tentacle had finally left Shen Qingqiu’s mouth, letting him release desperate moans into the air. Shang Qinghua really can’t tell much from this angle, but he’s pretty sure the guy was being stretched out to his limits. Just how many was this thing planning to put in him?

“Shixiong,” Shang Qinghua muttered, easily pulling away from the tentacle he’d been sucking on like a lollipop. “Relax, why don’t you?”

“I’ll – mm – I’ll show you rela – ah – xed!” Shen Qingqiu, despite not being able to swallow his moans, was truly giving a valiant fight!

A third tentacle, three times as big as the ones before it, finally found its way into Shang Qinghua’s ass, and he moaned shamelessly in appreciation. With the three slipping and sliding in harmony, he was starting to feel full. Fucking finally.

He ground down on the tentacles as much as he was allowed, making encouraging noises along the way. He would love to be filled up more, thank you very much!

But after a while, even that wasn’t enough, and he was whining pitifully as he was still unable to come. The tentacles didn’t pay him any mind, just continued on by themselves.

It was about time wasn’t it? Where’s the main attraction!

As if summoned by his thoughts, there was a deep rumble from somewhere beneath them. Could be their husbands, could be the pair of tentacles each the size of the business end of a baseball bat, slowly approaching.

Oh fuck yeah, that should make a dent, shouldn’t it?

Shang Qinghua drooled at the sight, thrusting into the air as if just begging for it. He was close to verbally doing so, too.

Shen Qingqiu seemed a little against the idea, though.

“No! Nn – ahh, stop – I won’t - !!” Another tentacle made itself comfortable in his mouth, warm and soft and wet and fleshy. Ah, strange thoughts!

Okay maybe this was getting a little out of hand, even for Shang Qinghua.

None of the tentacles already occupying their asses looked – or felt? – like they were itching to leave anytime soon. In fact, they just began stretching him more, pushing at his walls and for the first time making him worried.

“Wait – wai – Aahh!” He shrieked, the large tentacle squeezing itself between its brothers. Oh shit that’s a lot that’s a lot that’s definitely a lot!!

Through the tears in his eyes he caught Shen Qingqiu smirking as if he won something, despite breaking down into a blubbering mess just seconds after as he too, was being acquainted with the massive fucking tentacle.

Serves you right!

It was a fleeing thought, though, when the tentacles all started to move.

None of them were moving in any sort of pattern – all inside him one moment, only one the next, and so on and so forth, keeping him right on the edge and pushing him higher and higher into bliss.

Shang Qinghua came with a keening cry, satisfied beyond belief. In fact, he was pretty sure it should’ve been impossible to be so turned on that he just slipped right to his next hard on, the tentacles in his ass and on his cock not even pausing.

Distantly, Shang Qinghua thought they ought to have been rescued by now. Because if not now, literature dictates they wont be rescued until the thing was thoroughly done with them. Distantly, Shang Qinghua realized they might’ve been screwed. In more than a few ways.

Before him, Shen Qingqiu had ceased struggling, hanging limp as the tentacles fucked him up. Gods, he was kind of really pretty like this, crying out with every thrust into his overstuffed ass, his dick still pitifully all on its lonesome.

Shang Qinghua was just thinking about finding a way to help out when the tentacles started moving him. He let out a moan when the jostling brought the huge tentacle pressing against his prostate like his life depended on it, and as such was unprepared when his face was shoved onto Shen Qingqiu’s dick.

“Ahh,” Shen Qingqiu mewled at the touch to his poor, neglected member, bucking into his face. Shang Qinghua, dazed with the smell of sex and sexed up tentacles, happily took his dick in his mouth, letting the tentacle twining into his hair guide his movements.

So they ended up like that. Shang Qinghua sucking the life out of his good bro Shen Qingqiu, while tentacles filled the both of them until they could barely feel anything else.

Ahh, bliss! He’s positively drowning in bliss!

By the time he was swallowing down Shen Qingqiu’s cum, he literally couldn’t think of a better situation. The tentacles felt like they were trying to punch his guts into putty, but instead of pain it was overwhelming pleasure that just kept assaulting him.

How long can he last like this? It turns out, the answer was very long.

The tentacles were more than happy to explore, too! Shen Qingqiu on top of him, him on top of Shen Qingqiu, stuffed every which way and filled everywhere.

He was about four orgasms into this whole situation when everything abruptly stopped.

Shang Qinghua whined, writhing and trying to get the tentacles moving again. Above him, where the tentacles had Shen Qingqiu hanging just so, there was also little movement, just a slight shivering from his wrung out bro.

“Shang Qinghua.”

An icy chill pierced the air, making Shang Qinghua shiver. His king, his king has arrived!! Was that it? Were they done? He didn’t feel anywhere close to done!

The tentacles started pulling away, nearly dropping him in their retreat. Shang Qinghua could only complain weakly, body absolutely sore.

Strong, strong arms readily caught him, and Shang Qinghua couldn’t help but drool just a little more. Not even a bunch of tentacles could compare to his lord, no matter how many tentacles they tried to stuff in him and how much tentacle juice they used.

He tried to rut against Mobei Jun, still kind of really turned on, but the previously mentioned arms around him tightened and stopped his movements. He whined again.


There was Mobei Jun’s stern tone, and by the gods Shang Qinghua came harder than he’d ever done that day. Just that voice, just those arms holding him immobile and he was positively wrecked. Goodbye world! This is how he was truly meant to perish!

Thankfully, he passed out before he can realize just what he’d done.