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The ABCs of Blackhill

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As the redheaded assassin walked through the dirty, wet, cigarette filled streets of New York she clutched tightly to something in her pocket, a red velvet ring box with a small silver band topped with a diamond wrapped by gold tipped leaves. She bought it after a total of two hours of Clint, Tony and Wanda's overlapping opinions over 'the kind of gal Hill is' which made a difference in ring choice.

It had started with just Wanda who had become a close friend to her but when she couldn't give a good enough reason to miss training to Clint, it soon became obvious that he would be bringing himself along for the little field trip claiming that he's 'Nat's bro' and that was a valid enough reason to tagging along. Tony had soon became known to the trip thanks to some eavesdropping done through the surveillance system and convinced them that he was worthy of the extra special trip because 'Pepper is on the verge of throwing him out a window due to the amount of problems he has given her to solve due to some science experiment or another'.

So she dragged herself through the streets of New York with a bickering trio, which proved to be a good distraction because apparently the Black Widow gets nervous when she's about to ask the love of her life to marry her.

She walked out of the elevator instinctively going down the hallway and sticking the key into the keyhole to let herself into their shared apartment. Walking past the living room focused on the bedroom where she the safe she planned on putting the velvety box in. Pulling out the box from her pocket, trying with all her might not to drop it from her quivering hands.

Suddenly, she feels someone jump on her, unable to regain her balance in time she falls to the ground. Nat's about to pull the knife from her boot when she hears the laughter from a certain Sharon Carter. "I did it! I got the mighty Black Widow by surprise! Ha! Suck it Romanoff!" shouts before proceeding to tickle her sides, Natasha winces from the sheer volume of her voice when she hears a third voice "Sharon, stop trying to tickle her, only I've managed to do that and trust me it's impossible" she winces at the sound Maria's voice and winces harder when she realises that she is no longer holding the velvet box.

When she opens her eyes again she sees facial expression change from smiling at the funny scene to confused as she spots the red velvet box near Nat's hand. She picks it up and opens it curiously, she sees the contents of the box and smiles, tears welling up in her eyes. "Nat,is this you?" Maria asks smile forming on her face. She holds her breath before answering "Yeah." Sharon began to stand up and exit the room. "Hell yes," Maria says finally breaking the silence.

Natasha finally stops holding her breath, allowing a smile to form on her face as well, she steps in and grabs her face, kissing her fully on the lips. The two only break upon hearing the click of a camera shutter go off.

They turn to see Sharon Carter smiling proudly, phone in hand capturing the moment. She lifts her phone a little more to prevent them from seeing the tears streaming down her face.

The two smile brightly at each other as Natasha slides the ring onto Maria's finger. "Mine now," is all Maria can say before Natasha pulls her in for another kiss.