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You don't play fair!

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It was a simple bet. One that Maya was wholeheartedly committed to winning. Never mind the consequences of losing said bet, Claudine’s and her competitive streak never wavered no matter how long they’ve been together. It was just a part of their relationship that was never really going to change.


When it came to performing, they were almost neck and neck at this point with their little duels, but when it came to a particular aspect of their relationship, Maya had to admit Claudine had the upper hand.


“You are not allowed to touch me for a day,” Claudine said with a smug grin. “It could be fun.”


“And why would I do that, Ma Claudine?” They had just woken up one Saturday morning, content to sleep in and enjoy each other’s company. Maya would not agree to this no touching bet Claudine just thought up unless it would benefit her somehow. There was only so much she would say yes to after all.


“I’ll wear that matching underwear set you bought for us.”


“The one you absolutely refused to wear?” Now it was getting interesting.


“The very same.”


“And if you win?” Surely there was a catch to this. “Then I get to be the top for the week. No excuses from you.”


The brunette agreed that very instant. It was a win-win for her no matter what happened. It wouldn’t mean she wouldn’t try though. She is competitive if nothing else. What Maya didn’t expect was for it to be so gosh darn difficult.


No matter how much her body is telling her to claim Claudine right then and there, she would steady her hands. It didn’t bother her at all that her girlfriend was technically cheating in this little game of theirs by wearing one of Maya’s worn out graphic tees and a pair of red panties that Maya can’t help but focus on. And she has been focusing on Claudine’s slender physique all day.


“Do you want a drink Maya?” Claudine calls out behind her. They’re in the kitchen now, getting ready for lunch and Maya has been trying to find every reason to not look in Claudine’s way. Sure, she’s failed every single time but it was a valiant try all the same.


She turned to tell Claudine she already had tea and almost spat out said beverage at the eyeful of Claudine bending down in front of an open fridge.


“See something you like, Maya?”


If this was the only occurrence to happen that day, then Maya figured she had a fighting chance. Such wishful thinking.


Claudine was a brilliant actress, Maya would gladly boast that fact to anyone she comes across, but right now she could tell Claudine wasn’t even trying to make her act convincing. Claudine reaching for a book on the top shelf of their bookcase so her shirt would ride up? Claudine walking out of the bathroom with nothing but the shortest towel Maya wasn’t even aware they owned? Claudine changing shirts in front of her? The worst acting she’d ever seen. The girl wasn’t even trying, but it was by far the most alluring display Maya has ever witnessed.


She felt so lucky that Claudine was hers.


She felt equally as unlucky knowing her hands couldn’t hold what was hers.


What finally broke the camel’s back and the Top Star’s patience was walking into their living room and seeing Claudine seemingly waking up from a nap from the couch. Eyes half lidded, a slight moan escaping her lips as she stretched the knots out her body, and her shirt that rose up somehow in her slumber to reveal the underside of her breasts.


Enough was enough.


Bet or no bet, Maya will get what she wants. Nay, needs.


Before either of them knew it, Maya strode to Claudine’s side, taking a deep breath before succumbing to the fact that she was about to lose a bet. And Claudine, she was always ready to succumb to Claudine.


“You haven’t been playing nice,” Maya spoke. Her voice was low and almost dangerous as she straddled Claudine’s waist and held the blonde’s wrists over her head.


“I never said we had to play fair, Ma Maya,” Claudine purred. She was absolutely loving this.


“Then don’t expect me to play nice for a while.” Maya couldn’t help it. Claudine had pushed her. Drove her to the edge until Maya couldn’t even understand the word self-control. Her lips found Claudine’s neck, a location she was very used to. When she bit down hard and a gasp escaped from her gorgeous girlfriend’s lips, it was her signal that Claudine was very much aware that she might be top for a week, but tonight Maya would not be giving up her position that easily.