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Kamado Tanjiro: Magical Boy/Girl ( Working Title )

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the weird people are out doing weird things again. It's these kinds of normal days in which young and abnormal normal boys must take it upon themselves to resolve these small conflicts and save the day!


Today, is a particularly normal day. At three in the morning near the Kamado Bakery is when random weirdos that roam the streets hear the soft thuds of hand-made dough being pounded onto a sturdy desk. Some take it for what it is and others have more imaginative thoughts.


Either or, the young high school boy pounding the large ball of dough into submission is one Tanjiro Kamado. This particular bakery is very popular for the late-running bread eaters and its because of that he makes hundreds of different kinds of bread at three. After four hours of kneading and taking out hundreds of different loaves, its time to get ready for school! 


He makes eight lunches, one each for his six siblings ( except for one ), his ailing father, and his overworked mother. He takes great care in selecting the right proportions of rice, vegetables, and meat for the day. After he’s done, he takes a shower and prepares breakfast for his family. Making sure he doesn’t disturb his mother and father while also waking up all of his six siblings.


There is one particular sibling that he can’t prepare for though. Middle schooler Nezuko Kamado is one such sibling. Her energy comes from her sleep rather than the meals her brother prepares, so he allows her to sleep as much as she wants till the time comes to go. And even then, she sleeps peacefully underneath her brother’s arm as he escorts his younger siblings to the elementary school and middle school. By then, he wakes her up with a gentle shake as they approach her class before waving goodbye with a whole loaf of baguette in her mouth.


Tanjiro Kamado’s high school takes two nearby schools and one train ride before he can arrive. But before all of that, Tanjirou uses his athletic prowess to apprehend a pervert flashing his butt and humping the train. By then he’s gotten used to it, calling the train operator and watching the older, disgusted man take the squirming pervert away. 


He always sees him the next day.


“ Oh, I think I can get to class early!” He thinks as he runs to the gate. This thought is dismissed when he looks up from his watch to the apathetic school counselor Tomioka Giyuu staring directly at him.


This is Tanjiro Kamado’s first roadblock of the day. 


Tomioka-sensei readies his shinai, Tanjiro readies his resolve.


The first action Tanjiro takes is to bow, “ I APOLOGIZE, BUT THIS IS A FAMILY MEMENTOOOOOO-” Tomioka-sensei performs a fast swing of his shinai which Tanjio promptly back-flips over. Both leaving him out of the next swing and into the campus of the school. He continues to run, Tomioka hot on his trail, leaving a mixture of students in awe and in dismay. ( In the background,the president of the moral committee Zenitsu Agatsuma, distracted by Tanjiro’s brashness fails to attempt in scolding Genya for his mohawk ).


Although the hanafuda earrings hold incredibly amounts of memories and value to him, earrings aren’t allowed in school. This is why Tomioka Giyuu, in his free-time, dedicates himself to confiscating them. 


But in this normal day, Tanjiro manages to successfully run away and gets to Kyojuro Rengoku’s history class on time. Rengoku-sensei is very lenient with Tanjiro. Allowing him to wear his earring because of the historical context they hold ( which was a half-truth ) and because he didn’t care. 


“ Now become the Sengoku General! Seat number 12, Kamado Tanjiro, become Akechi Mitsuhide!” Rengoku says, rallying his students in the usual business.


Tanjiro stands up with a big smile on his face before raising his fist into the air and shouting, “ The enemy is in Honnou-ji!” The class cheers afterwards, tossing Tanjiro onto their backs while brandishing paper swords and helmets. 


Rengoku-sensei’s history class is mainly comprised of cavalry battles.


“ Uzui-sensei! You can’t keep bringing explosives to the class!” Tanjiro scolds.


The soaked Art Teacher Tengen Uzui grimaces. His teeth grinding together as Tanjiro continues to go on a tangent about Uzui-sensei’s continued habit of bringing glitter bombs to class.


The next period is music! Tanjiro is one of the ten students who actually decided participate and even so. His playing brings his music teacher to tears.


“ Its ok Kyougai-sensei, you’re an amazing music teacher! I’m sure you’ll have us make the nationals!” Tanjiro says as he praises his emotionally unstable art-teacher.


“ No, that-that will never happen.” Kyougai says with a shuddering voice. “ There’s no such thing as ‘nationals’, and even if there is, every one of you except Zenitsu is insanely tone deaf.” 


The bell soon rings, and outside of the music room is Tomioka with an even longer shinai than earlier.


“ No earrings allowed,” He says in a monotone voice. Swinging his shinai more faster than before, the whack of bamboo echoing across the halls as Tanjiro begins to run again while clutching his arm. He quietly enters the roof of the building, opening his boxed lunch ( full of rice, not bread ). He stuffs fluffy rice into his mouth as fast as he can before the door to the roof slams open. Revealing the apathetic school counselor, his shinai tapping into his open palm.


Tanjiro slides into view, cheeks still stuffed full of rice as he dashes past Tomioka’s swing while shouting, “ I’M SORRRYYYYYY-” in a muffled voice. 


By the time school ends, Tanjiro jumps out of the classroom window ( in Tanjiro fashion ) and rolls before he can fully impact the ground. He runs towards the gate, but not before Giyuu manages to apprehend him. Pushing him onto the ground as Tanjiro struggles to get to the gate. 


Luckily, by this time. The middle school gates had been opened for its students to leave, and the cute middle school girl Nezuko arrives at the scene. 


As usual, Nezuko kicks the school counselor in the face. Leaving an opening for Tanjiro to escape, both of them fleeing the scene. ( In the background, Zenitsu doesn’t bother to help his superior. Too entranced by Nezuko’s beauty and cuteness to do anything about Tomioka’s bleeding nose. )

On the way, Tanjiro stumbles across his second weirdo on a balcony. He climbs up the ten floors, lightly knocking the door and explaining the situation before being let in and tackling the thief onto the floor of the balcony. The underwear of a sixteen year old girl hanging over them as the pervert/thief continues to struggle.


“ WHY DO YOU KEEP STEALING PEOPLE’S CLOTHES, LET THEM GO!” Tanjiro yells. Painfully twisting the thief’s wrists in a way to coax him to letting the light blue bra and panties go.


“ LEMME GO! LEMME GOOOOO!” The boy shouts, a pair of undies stuffed into his mouth muffling his speech. Tanjiro doesn’t comply with the thief’s request, holding the thief down long enough for the police to arrive and take the panty snatcher away.


He always sees him the next day too.


Sometimes when he’s hungry and has enough money. He takes his siblings to the Aoi house where they serve the best chicken donburi imaginable.


And most of the time, a gluttonous girl has eaten all the chicken donburi that the restaurant can manage.


“ Sorry Tanjiro,” Sumi, Naho, and Kiyo say in unison. “ Kanroji-san ate all the chicken donburi again.” 


Kocho Kanae, one of the three  current owners of the restaurant, comes out from behind the kitchen. Giving them a small smile and waving, “ Come back faster, maybe you’ll beat her next time!” 


“ Alright,” Tanjiro declares in his own pepped up mood. Turning towards his siblings and saying, “ We’ll beat her next time, right guys!” His siblings gives him their own affirmative nods. 


They never beat her.


( In the back of the kitchen, Kanao hides from Tanjiro. Embarrassed to have failed to serve even one bowl to his family while Shinobu comforts her. )


This is a normal day of one such boy like Tanjiro Kamado. But in special days like these, he always gets to take a small breather. Relax with his family and feel desperate in his chases with Tomioka-sensei.


And its days like these in which he forgets the meaning behind his earrings.


Because you see, the Kamado family had been watched over by a powerful deity. It’s all-seeing eye having experienced the life of each and every Kamado, and each and every Kamado possessed the same sense of selflessness, honesty, and kindness which brought a warmth and blaze of fire that warmed even the coldest demon’s. 


Unfortunately, as the deity watched, that warmth would always bring a darkness so thick and enveloping that it would eventually swallow that mighty flame. That very same kindness that each and every Kamado had would always bring them ruin, destruction, despair. It would kill them, and it was because they were too kind to lash out and harm the darkness or they couldn’t bring it to themselves to sacrifice someone to protect them.


And so, the deity broke the laws of the divine. Its would strive to become their protector, to always stay by their side. To be the being who would cover the flame in times of rain, snow, and hail. To be the unknown watcher of the Kamado family. To be the being that would allow them to protect themselves and the being that would protect them.


And it took form, in a pair of hanafuda earrings.


“ Nezuko.” he says. Her long black hair being messily braided while they watches the television with him. “ Do you think Genya hates me?” 


She blinks at him while chewing a piece of bread. The artificial rays of light spilling from the TV amidst the dim light of the over-head lamp.


“ I’m trying to be nice, but sometimes I think that I say things out of proportion.” His lips form into a line. “ Maybe it's my reputation for being chased around by Giyuu-sensei? But then again, I can’t exactly take them off. You of all people should know how much value they hold.” Nezuko grumbles, a small pout forms on her face as she stuffs another piece and walking away.


“ Nezuko-” He says, getting up from the couch. “ Hold up.” His mouth crinkling into a frown as he follows his younger sister outside of the Kamado residence.


“Nghh, Mph.” She grabs hold of her brother’s hand.


“ Do you… Want to show me something?” She aggressively points towards the street, her grumbling getting louder. Tanjiro nearly tilts his head in confusion, “ Is there something wrong Nezuko?” 


She points to her ears and than to his before doing a twirl and a pose.


He gives her a sigh, “ At this time of night?” Tanjiro sniffs the air, the distant scent of cooked dinner and incense intertwining together. He looks down at his sister, “ I don’t exactly smell anything, are you sure somethings there?” His younger sister gives him an aggressive nod before pointing to her ears and performing the same spinning motion.


“ Who could it be?” He lets out a held-out breath before slapping his cheeks and giving Nezuko his best smile. “ Alright,” He pumps his fist up into the air, “ Let's do this!” 


He lightly brushes both of the hanging cards and his hands glow a red light. He crosses them together over his face before uncrossing them to reveal a hand-painted, rosy cheeked white kitsune mask. He eventually brushes his body with his hands and white and red fibers spring out. Twisting themselves together to create a sun-patterned red hakama underneath a white open-hinged skirt that stretches outward. 


Tanjiro roughly combs his hair down, long strands of burgundy hair replacing short ones before being tied into a high-rise pony-tail by a red bow. One hand glides over his waist while the other dots near the top of his head, a black belt wraps itself around his waist. The nichirin blade’s scabbard seated on the right side of hip. Yellow lights begin to levitate over his head and four dots begin to curve except for the one in the middle which in turn grows larger than the rest. 


The strange thing about this specific power of being able to protect was how the transformation went.


Normally, objects holding a part of a god/goddesses power would impart the user with a temporary boost of power. But the hanafuda earrings were the sun deity itself, merely taken form as a pair of earrings. This dramatic channel of power would result in the wielder of taking form of the deity.


Otherwise, Tanjiro Kamado would take the form of the Sun Goddess, Amateratsu.


His feet lightly touch the ground and he positions the kimono more better for the sudden expanse of his chest. Turning towards his sister as he brings the white cloth further up while tying the red obi around his waist tighter to ask, “ Where’s the demon Nezuko?” 


She grumbles, twirling and posing again. 


He softly groans, “ Nezuko, not now.” She shakes her head, doing the same twirl and pose. In response, Tanjiro clasps his hands together and begs, “ Come on, please?”


She shakes her head and he sighs. Replicates the same spin and pose before reverting to his original position. “ Did I do it right?! Is it ok?” 


Nezuko nods, her hands going all over the place as she says, “ Nghhh, Mph, Rhhhhh, Ngh.” 


Tanjiro awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, “ Awww, Nezuko. Your still cuter, not matter what your big brother does.” Before smiling and reverting his focus back into the distant monster. “ So where is it Nezuko?” 


“ Nghh, Ngh, Rghhhhhh.”


“ If I travel north, I’ll get there?” He asks.


She nods back pointing north while he nods back, “ Got it. See you soon Nezuko!” 


She grumbles back while waving, “ MPHH NGHH MHHH NGH RGHHH!” 


Tanjiro blinks as he jumps over wide gaps between house, skids across roof tiles and rolls onto the ground in a quick pace. “ Why does she want me to do that?” He thinks as his feet land onto the ground, and by than…


The scent of grime and blood clogs his nostrils.


He chokes back a gag,  drawing a hand to his face and touch the smooth surface of the mask. Completely obstructing his face and leaving him defenseless against the horrible smell.


The urge to puke right then and there overwhelmed his senses, but then he notices the smell getting stronger. Tanjiro’s eyes widening as he looks down at the ground, gulping as the demon’s presence seems to get closer.


“ Its- Its underneath me?!” He thinks before jumping at the very last second. Dirt and concrete flying into the sky as hands collide together. Tanjiro clutches the Nichirin blade in his hands, winding his body up for a strike. “ First style…” He crosses his hands mid-air, feeling the waves of water rushing through his blood before moving forward, “ Water Surface Slash!” And the strike goes through the hands.


The sludge-demon howls,“ DAMNIT!” Before popping out of the hole, red eyes flickering at the absence of its hands to the masked Tanjiro,“ THAT HURT YOU BITCH!” It shouts, following the water style slash with its poor attempt at hitting him with its stubbed limbs.


As the demon vigorously flails his limbs around, pieces of sludge whip around in the air as he screams, “ I’m gonna get you for that!” He launches his body forward, taking a fast swipe towards him and missing again. “ First I gonna pin you down and take those stupid earring off,” the demon growls. “ Than, when you revert back, I’LL TAKE YOUR CLOTHES AND THAT BURGUNDY GUY’S EYES FOR MESSING WITH MY BROTHER’S PLANS FROM EARLIER!”


( A certain pervert locked in a cell sneezes, still pissed off about his failed attempts at stealing a sixteen year old girl’s underwear. Mumbling about a long dark haired girl with a cute face and wondering if she’s sixteen as well. )


Tanjiro eventually readies his sword one more time. His upper and lower body twisting, “ Eighth Style-” Before his ankles are caught by a pair of hands, pulling him down and making him lose his balance. His back crashing onto the grey asphalt. He cries out a choked gasp as the two hands on his ankles begins to pull him fast towards a swirling purple portal on the earth. 


Before he’s entirely enveloped, he blocks an attempt of razor sharp nails scratching his mask. With the demon’s hands having grown back, Tanjiro pushes back against the demon’s strength. That is, before taking a deep breath in as his face sinks past the portal’s entrance


He opens his eyes to a translucent place, his feet levitating above an empty black space. With his cheeks stuffed with air, he blinks. The area around him surrounded by floating bubbles, each one of them containing a girl pounding against its surface. He grits his teeth, looking at a bubble next to him before his attention is aimed downwards at an identical looking demon’s scowl as it swims behind him. He barely escapes the arms that would’ve squeezed the life out of him, noticing the lack of speed with his movements. 


A girl in a bubble shouts something as he dodges the demon’s attacks. Although the clear substance clogs his ears, he spells the words of the girl out in his head. “ G E T O U T. G E T H E L P.”


The second demon follows from jumping through the portal, both speeding towards him. “ Get her! She won’t be able to escape if we both move at the same time!” Tanjiro looks to both of the demons, closing his eyes and painfully twists his upper and lower body. “ Sixth Style-” 


Both demons reach out, their claws glistening through the light spraying from the portal above. As they approach, he closes his eyes and uncoils his body, “ Twisting Whirlpool!” A rapid current sweeps them around, Tanjiro and the blade swirling around in the swamp. The movements eventual spin faster the count of strikes increasing as the moments pass by, eventually ending as the blade cleanly slices both of their necks. Cleanly floating in the swamp before everything ( and everyone ) drops onto the ground in a wet, dripping mess. 


He gasps for air and falls onto his knees, sputtering the newly acquired air out of inflamed lungs. Barely standing with the help of his blade, and his eyes move directly towards the two heads. Both shouting at each other for their incompetence, “ YOU HAD A MOVEMENT ADVANTAGE!” Shouted the first. “ YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE THOSE EARRINGS AS I WAS DRAGGING HER NEARLY SCREAMING INTO THE PORTAL,” shouted the second. 


Either way, their bickering didn’t matter as Tanjiro approached the demons. A coy, a satisfied smile replaces the tired pants. As he approaches, the two demons their faces turn to a multitude of colors. First purple, red, and than a ghastly white as his shaking hands approach the golden sphere floating on the top of his head. 


“ W-WAIT, LET'S MAKE A COMPROMISE HANAFUDA GIRL!” One of the demon’s shouts.


“ YEAH, WE’RE ONLY PRESERVING THESE GIRLS BEAUTY. YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT, THEY’RE LIKE PRETTY PIECES OF ARTWORK. WE GOTTA KEEP EM THERE!” Shouts the other, red tinted eyes twisted upwards as both of the demons painfully smile.


“ ...Alright, sure.” He says tiredly, his hands not faltering from their position near the shining yellow sphere. He takes a deep breath in and out amidst the screams for forgiveness and mercy. Feeling the glow of the sun wash over him as he slowly opens his eyes and opens them.


He approaches the heads, the glow of yellow light on his fingertips. He nears the two demons, crouching and pressing his thumb onto their foreheads before stabbing his nail into soft skin. Feeling the flow of blood filled the underneath of his nail and he closes his eyes once more. 


Golden light shimmer across the city, fixing the raided panty drawers, the messed up bed-sheets, and returning the two humans to their original holding cells.


Tanjiro opens his eyes, standing up silently before hearing a shout. “ Satoko!” he turns around to see a young man in a grey striped kimono running up to one of the girls in a red bow.  


“ Kazumi!” She shouts back out as she hugs him back. Crying out as she hugs him, “ Kazumi! It was so horrible and dark, and scary! I missed you, father, and mother so much!” She buries her face into his chest as she cries ( loudly ).


He hides his smile behind the white, rosy-cheeked kitsune mask. Turning around and ready to move when one of the girl’s blindly grabs his haori, her elegant long hair trailing her movements. Her soft voice tell him, “ Thank you miss.” 


Tanjiro opens his mouth to respond when the realization hits him, “ The pose!!!” He twirls out of the girl’s grasp, crossing his arms and crossing both of his fingers into a peace sign. “ I’m the hidden justice that fights against the night-” he says. He bends down, one hand on his back while the other hangs beneath him. “ I’m the missing truth that goes against the lies-” He twirls his hands, one hovering above his mouth while the other moves to his hip where his sword is, “ Heed me! For I am…” He draws out his sword, twirling it against his palm and aiming it to the moon, “ The fabled lady of the sun! The protector of the light, truth, and justice! I am… AMATERATSU!” 


( Tokie watches the woman’s confident display, a rosy red blooming in her face. Imagining the person before her to be a man instead of a woman. A shining knight in a white kimono with red patterned kimono. She sighs, thinking, “ How amazing would that be?” )


He gulps, smelling the awkwardness and suspicion aimed towards him. “ Well-” He sputters, turning around. Glad that the mask hid his burning hot face. Tanjiro takes a step back, jumping onto a nearby wall. “ I hope you all have a safe trip home, see you all!” 


( In the back, a clever girl with her cellphone had recorded everything . Smiling to herself as she updates it to her (soon-to-be) popular channel. )


“ MPHHHHHH, RHHHHHHHHH!” Nezuko rushes into her older brother’s, jumping on his bed at one in the morning as he groans. 


“ Nezuko-Nezukooooooo-” He says tiredly, patting his sisters phone away from him. “ It's one...Give me-Give me one more hour-” 


She shakes her head, shaking her brother as he stammers, “ Ok, Ok! What is it-?” Her phone is shoved right into his face and the dull light blinds him. His tired eyes having to adjust to the screen before noticing the same red, white, and of his outfit. The same hunched over formation in purifying the demons, the same hugging couple, the same-


His face turns crimson red, pushing the phone towards Nezuko before burying his face into a mass of blankets. Mumbling his own incoherent words as he shuts his eyes and covers his ears with his pillow.


“ Ngh?” She shakes her brother before watching the video one more time before tears pour out of her eyes. Nezuko wheezes, muffled laughter following her as she rushes upstairs into the attic.


The dusty old attic of the bakery was packed full of boxes and dust, the only source of light was the overhead window that sat atop the tall wooden beams. There seated on the window sill was a peach-haired boy and a small girl with curvy black hair. Both peering out the window and momentarily disconnected from the world around them. The boy eventually looks away from the window, a scar near his mouth visible in the moonlight, blinking when he notices Nezuko’s arrival ( as well as the tears ) while the girl continues to peer outside. 


“ Nezuko?” He floats down, his hands ghosting around her cheeks. “Are you alright-” She shoves the phones towards her face, holding her stomach and she continuously wheezes. 


He looks at the video, his form shaking as he draws a hand over his mouth to hide the smile on his face. “ Is that-,” The boy chokes out. He allows himself to pass through the wooden floors and into the burgundy haired boy’s room. The sight of Tanjiro hiding beneath the covers of his bed almost overwhelming his teel resolve to not laugh at that very second.


“ Tanjiro-” The peach haired boy holds out a hand towards him, holding back wheezes.


“ Please go away Sabito,” he says through exasperated moans. “ I don’t think I can face the world ever again-” 


The same black haired girl follows Sabito through the ceiling of Tanjiro’s room. A cute smile on her face as she nonchalantly says, “ Your so stupid Tanjiro.” 


Sabito frowns, “ Mamoko, be more kind. This is his first mission using the sword techniques I had taught him.”


Mamoko flips around the air, responding, “ Techniques that you- and if I remember correctly- ‘Beat into his flesh and blood’ ?” She curiously adds, leading to Sabito groaning. Mamoko giggles, “ I think he got all of that from you, Sabito.”


Sabito takes a deep breath in, his gaze focusing back onto Tanjiro. “ As I was about to say,” A soft smile replaces stern expression. Rubbing his hand on Tanjiro’s head, “ Good boy.”


Tanjiro shakes the hand off, “ Sabitooooo. I’m not a dog!” 

“ Who’s a gwud fuwufy boy Tanjiro? Who is it?” Sabito tackles him onto the bed, continuously petting him.


“ SABITOOOOOOO!” Tanjiro shouts in dismay as Mamoko and Nezuko amusingly watches Tanjiro wrestle with Sabito. Tanjiro's hands continuing to pass through Sabito's body as the other continues to pat Tanjiro, sometimes pulling at the dangling hanafuda earrings. Smirking as he enjoy the familiar expression of dismay that Tanjiro shares with an old friend before furiously rubbing his hair even more.


And thus ends the beginning of Tanjiro’s Kamado’s adventure.