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Doctor Fang

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It was rare for a shifter to get sick, and even more rare for a shifter to stay sick, so when a week went by of Jacob Black feeling like absolute hell (and not looking much better) Sam had become worried. As an alpha, he always had to make sure his pack was in tip-top shape, so the fact that Jacob had not only become sick but stayed sick worried him.

Jake had described how he felt, hot like when he was going through his first shift, he felt like throwing up but hadn't no matter how much he wanted to so he could just get it over with he couldn't, sleep hadn't been the best either for him. At first, Sam thought Jacob was just going through a heat cycle early, and Jake thought so too, but as soon a the headaches started he knew it was different. Sam was worried to send him to a normal doctor, they would get overly worried about the abnormal temp that he was at, they would see things about him that weren't normal and it could give them away, so when Seth had suggested that Jacob go to Doctor Carlisle Cullen, it didn't seem like a bad idea... however Jake refused.

"I don't want to go to that bloodsucker," Jacob said resting his forehead against a cold bottle of water.

"Come on Jake... Dr.Cullen is brilliant!" Seth said "everyone in Forks talks highly of him" he added as if that would budge the stubborn attitude that Jacob had.

"No," he said firmly.

and at first Sam wasn't going to make him, he was confident the boy would pull through, however, another week went by, then another, and the younger male had just gotten worse. Sam decided it was time to interject, hopefully not too late.

"Jacob" Sam said, already hearing the boys thoughts, begging him not to do what he was about to, he had no choice, he didn't like the coven of vampires either, but he was the only doctor they could trust at the moment "Go to Dr.Cullen, get a quick check-up, that's an order" he commanded making Jacob flinch.

The younger boy glared at his alpha before standing up from his couch and leaving. As much as Jacob would have loved to be able to resist a direct order, he couldn't, whether he liked it or not he was going to go see Dr.Fang. He waited till a bit later in the evening to go bother the doctor, he felt bad about lying to his father about where he was going but he had to, there was no way Billy Black was going to accept that his son was going to a vampire for a health check-up, even when his son was sick. So he told him he was going to hang out with Bella and maybe see a movie before driving off in his fathers truck, off to the other side of town where the Cullen's live, if he went through the forest it would have been a lot easier, but due to being so weak shifting didn't seem like a good idea.

Jacob parked in their driveway and sat there for a moment, no doubt all of the vampires in the house had already smelled he was their, just like he could smell there overwhelming stench. He wanted to drive away but instead, he got out of the truck and walked up to the door, before he could knock the door swung open and he was greeted by the auburn-haired vampire; Edward. Scowl and all.

"What are you doing here, Mutt?" Edward asked.

Jacob fights back the urge to punch him and clenches his teeth for a moment before taking a deep breath and thinking of the fastest way to explain what was going on without giving Edward all the unneeded details.

"I need to talk to Carlisle" Jacob offers hoping that's all it will take, or that one of the more friendly ones of the family would come to his rescue.

"Why?" he asked.

"That's a private matter Leach, now can I please see him?" Jacob asked meeting Edwards glare.

They stood like that for a few seconds before Edward give a small sigh and opened the door more the let him in. Jacob couldn't help but wonder if Carlisle told him to do so, he quickly goes past Edward and up the stairs toward the doctor's office. Pausing a moment before opening the door.

"Dr.Fa-Cullen?" he questions popping his head in the door and seeing the blond doctor as his desk.

Carlisle can't help but smile at the small nickname that Jacob had branded him with, it was much better then leach, and honestly kind of endearing and cute in away. He takes off the glasses he had one and waves Jacob in as he folds them up and put them in his shirt pocket.

"Don't you have like... beyond good vision?" Jacob questions as he looks down at the glasses.

"The lenses are fake, but I wear them to make me look a bit more human and older, only for reading really... though Esme told me I look good in them" Carlilse smiled.

Jacob couldn't help and image flashing in his head of the doctor wearing the glasses and he couldn't help but almost agree with Esme that the Doctor probably did look very good wearing glasses.

"What seems to be the problem, Jacob?" Carlisle asks snapping Jacob out of his thoughts, he already saw the slight bags under his eyes, and the boy had such a temp that Carlisle could feel the heat radiating off of him.

Jacob sat down in on of the chairs and thought a moment, he knew that him and Carlisles species didn't know a lot about each other, so he was trying to find a way to say everything without making it seem like he thought Carlisle was stupid.

"Well, I've been sick for a while, a week, and its usually wolfs aren't supposed to get sick, but..." he trailed off "anyway, I've just been overheating, I can't sleep well, I have this pounding headache that won't go away" he said reaching his head up to rub his forehead "anyway Sam ordered me here in hopes you could check me out and see if you can find anything wrong with me" Jacob said.

"Of course I can here sit up on my desk and we'll see if I can find anything," Carlisle said offering Jacob a warm smile before clearing his desk off and moving away to grab his at-home kit. 

Jacob sat on the desk, Carlisle moved to touch his forehead with his hand and move back it back as soon as they made contact, the heat burning him slightly. Jacob, however, couldn't help but loved the slight cool feeling he got from that brief contact and leaned into the doctor's touch unconsciously when Carlisle touched him once more. The doctor couldn't help but smile a bit and continue with the regular check-up for the boy, he couldn't find a thing wrong with him, besides his temp being way over the normal for a wolf. Jacob got off the desk and looked at the much older vampire.

"Okay Jacob, I couldn't find anything wrong, possibly you just have to try and fight through this, but if it gets worse please come to the hospital and we'll do some more test," he said.

"Alright... I hope your right, cause I have been feeling awful" he said moving his head to rub his temple again.

"Have you tried taking aspirin for your headache?" Carlisle asked Jacob thought he heard the slight worry in the vampire's voice.

"I... yeah, didn't work" he said before glancing at the clock on the wall "do you mind if I stay here a bit longer, I don't feel like checking in with Sam just yet, and I sort of lied to my dad saying I was seeing a movie with Bella" he said biting his lip.

Carlisle chuckled softly and nodded "sure you can stay in here if you wish not to deal with Edward," he said before sitting back down in his office chair. Jacob sat back down across from the doctor and watched at he put stuff back on his desk.

"Thanks for checking me out... you could have turned me away" Jacob said looking down at his lap.

"Just because we're supposed to be enemies Jacob doesn't mean we have to be," Carlisle said.

This made Jacob look up at him and Carlisle met the shifters gaze before smiling softly at him and putting his glasses back on. Jacob watched the doctor shift through papers, watching at his pen quickly wisped across each one, it was almost mesmerizing.

"what was your human life like?" before he could stop himself the question had already come out, he was overly curious about the doctor at times, when the movement of Carlisle's hand stopped he looked at his face to see the doctor looking confused "Sorry... you don't have to talk about it... I'm just curious, I shouldn't have asked..." Jacob said he figured it was probably a sensitive subject.

"Its fine Jacob you just caught me off guard," Carlisle said clearing his throat and putting down his paperwork "Well... I grew up in London, my mother had died giving birth to me and well my father was a preacher" he said folding his hands together "um, my father spent most of his time throwing around wild accusations about people being witches or vampires and getting them killed, so my father wasn't really around much I'd say, nor was he really ever the type of guy to show his feelings to much anyway..." Carlisle said before pausing and looking to see if he was boring Jacob, however, the boy seemed interested, more interested then most people would probably be in this "Anyway at the ripe age of.... twenty-three I was turned, too smart for my own good I guess, see i took over what my father did with witch-hunting and vampire hunting but I actually found a small group of vampire hiding in the sewers" Carlisle said.

"And they attacked you?" Jacob asked though he realized that was probably a stupid question.

"Yes... along with a few other people, anyway, when I woke I realized the town and my father would hunt me next so I ran, and starved myself to insanity before attacking... I believe it was deer, and then I realized I could eat animal and live off them, and I didn't have to be a monster... well I didn't have to act like one at least" he said in a soft tone.

"You're not a monster at all..." Jacob said seriously "monsters don't go against their nature and help people," he said before Carlisle could object to anything.

Carlisle cleared his throat a bit and smiled a Jacob "I appreciate that Jake but-"

"No buts," Jacob said "your a good man Carlisle," he said biting his lips.

Carlisle for a second felt like trying to finish his thought, but decided to take the wolfs kindness instead of trying to fight it. It was sweet that he thought that way, but nothing would barge the thoughts that had been pounded into his head by his father so many years ago, what they were was soulless and monsters that were going to hell. Plane. Simple. Painful to think about at times. Carlisle had a lot of things pounded into his head that still haunted the back of his mind sometimes and forces unpleasant thoughts to occur, it was a different time, but still, he couldn't help but wonder how they were so wrong about so many things.

"Thank you, Jacob," he said with a quick smile before looking at the paperwork he had finished he folded his hands in front of himself "so what about you? I'd like to know a little more about wolves" he admitted.

Jacob's thumbs circled each other as he thought to himself about what to tell Carlisle about himself, there was no way he had stories as interesting as Carlisle's, and yet when he looked at the doctor, he seemed eager for any knowledge the young shifter would give him.

"Anything specific you want to know?" he asked hoping Carlisle would narrow down his options of where to start.

"well, you said it felt like you were going through you shift again, what did that feel like?" Carlisle asked, "the first time you went through it..."

"well..." Jacob started "you're just really hot... it feels like your body's on fire, and sometimes it hurt so much all you can do is lay in bed, sweat and cry" he admitted.

"That must have been pretty scary to go through," Carlisle said.

"...At first I didn't understand it, but once my dad called Sam he helped me through it" Jacob said, he respects Sam, even if he didn't show it all the time "the mood swings are almost worst though, one day I thought I was going to hurt my dad and I just ran... I don't even know how far I ran but eventually Sam and Paul found me passed out somewhere on the forest floor" he said, Jacob met Carlisle's eyes, he looked like a small kid listening to the most interesting story they ever heard, Jacob felt his heart flutter, he had never really felt listened to like this before, he had Carlisle's undivided attention.

"I understand why you wolves hate us now..." Carlisle said "I can't imagine going through something like that... must have been emotionally draining"

"It still is emotionally draining," he said "but being in pack helps, if I wasn't in a pack I honestly don't know if I would have even made it through my shift alive" Jacob stopped his thumbs smooth movement and placed his hands flat down on his lap.

"You're a strong kid, I'm sure you would have done fine" Carlisle smiled softly.

"I'm not a kid... I'm seventeen" Jacob said a hint of defensiveness in his voice.

"Still a kid till you turn eighteen" Carlisle's voice was teasing making Jacob have to fight back a smile.

"I'm only six years younger then you, that's not very far," Jacob said.

"Ah... I am far, far much older then you" a smirk found its way onto Carlisle's lips.

Jacob pouted softly "well sorry I wasn't born during the dinosaur area, tell me did they have feathers?" he teased back.

Carlisle opened his mouth as if to answer but instead he looked toward the wall, as a loud crash along with a loud yell was heard across the house, Jacob couldn't tell which one had yelled, but it probably had something to do with Emmett, he remembered Bella telling him he was the ‘trouble maker' of the household. Carlisle was quiet for a bit, probably listening to his children, before sighing softly and glancing out the window.

"I didn't realize how late it had gotten, you should get home and get some rest, and I need to deal with whatever Emmett broke or did to make Jasper so angry," he said standing up.

Jacob also had realized what time it was, nearly eleven now, he also realized that he was feeling much better then when he came before, he was about to tell Carlisle that but decided not to, mainly because he was a little weirded out by the fact that he seemed magically better.

"Probably right thank you for seeing me again Dr.Cullen," he said getting up out of his seat to follow Carlisle out.

"Please call me Carlisle" the vampire smiled as he walked out of office, holding the door open for Jacob and looking to see Edward waiting for them to come out.

Jacob looked to Edward seeing a slight scowl on his face as he looked at Jacob, the shifter returned the look before looking to Carlisle "good luck with your kids" he said before leaving moving to let himself out. He drove back home feeling a lot better, he didn't feel sick anymore, not like he had been, he was confused but he guessed it was better than feeling like he had been, so he didn't question it.