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Just Two Bros

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“I’m home!” Ciel called out as he shut the door and placed his keys on the side table. Sebastian rested against the doorframe to the kitchen and smiled at Ciel. His dark hair was slightly ruffled, stray pieces poking out here and there. His plain black button down sleeves were rolled up, showing off his thin but muscular forearms. A light flush decorated his cheeks. His amber eyes sparkled with interest.

“Hello handsome,” he winked. As soon as Ciel was within reach he pulled him into an embrace. Lips latched onto each other. Sebastian roughly shoved his tongue in Ciel’s mouth. A hint of sweet wine lingered and mingled as they breathed each other in. Sebastian’s hands dropped to Ciel’s ass, groping and drawing him impossibly closer. Sebastian wedged his thigh between Ciel’s legs. He smirked into the kiss as Ciel groaned and rolled his hips. They parted with a wet smack. Sebastian trailed his lips from Ciel’s jaw down his neck, biting and sucking on the sensitive skin. Ciel’s breath caught in his throat.

“H-hi, yourself,” Ciel’s fingers found a small patch of pale skin revealed at the top of Sebastian’s shirt, the first three buttons were already undone. “H-have fun?” Sebastian reluctantly lifted his head up, dark eyes burning. It took him a minute to process Ciel’s words.

“Can’t we talk later?” he pouted. His hands slid under Ciel’s white t-shirt, thumbs kneading into small hip bones urgently. Ciel let out a breathy chuckle. Bright cerulean took in Sebastian’s lecherous gaze.

“I guess talking can wait,” he let his hand fall to Sebastian’s dark trousers, unlatching them one-handed with practiced ease. Sebastian’s hips moved reflexively, seeking some form of friction. His mouth fell open as Ciel thumbed his arousal, hot and twitching against the slim fingers. He tugged the skin back and forth over the head as it stiffened further. “Fuck, are you ever not hard?” Sebastian narrowed his eyes and forced his hand down Ciel’s tight jeans, rubbing and teasing. Ciel’s breath hitched as Sebastian pushed a finger in.

“Ahhh, are you ever not wet?” he countered. He crooked his finger and pressed the heel of his hand into the hard nub. “Mmm, fuck,” he stuck in another finger, loving how soaked Ciel already was. He felt dizzy, glad the doorframe was there to support him.

“S-se-eb!” he squirmed. Sebastian’s fingers dug little bruises on one of Ciel’s hips as he tried to hold him still. “Pl-please!” He squeezed harder as he stroked Sebastian, trying to get his attention. Sebastian slowly removed his hand then pried Ciel’s hand out of his own pants.

“So, you want my big cock?” Sebastian flashed a smile. Ciel’s cheeks dusted a strawberry red.

“Don’t flatter yourself. I have bigger ones in my closet,” he mumbled. Sebastian’s eyes lit up, his own cheeks flushed brighter.

“Really?” he purred. “Maybe next time you can use one on me.”

“What? I thought you didn’t bottom.”

“I would for you,” Sebastian leaned down and nibbled at Ciel’s ear.


“I’d like to hear you say that when I’m bent over for you,” his hot breath tickled Ciel’s neck.

“Oh my god, I hate you,” Ciel groaned, knees nearly buckling at the image.

“Who’s the liar now?” Sebastian’s hand found his own, their fingers laced together. “Bedroom?”

“Bedroom,” Ciel nodded enthusiastically. As soon as they got through the door they started helping each other out of their clothes. Sebastian tugged Ciel’s shirt off and raised his eyebrows in question. Ciel pointed to the nude toned sports bra. “This stays on.”

“Okay,” Sebastian agreed. Ciel unbuttoned the rest of Sebastian’s shirt and let it flutter to the floor. They both stepped out of their pants and underwear. Ciel sat on the edge of the bed as Sebastian rummaged through the dresser drawer. He found the black harness he was searching for and stepped into it. He shifted the toy’s base to rest on top of his own member and tightened the straps. He groaned at the pleasurable pressure.

“H-how do you want me?” Ciel squeezed his legs together and bit his lip. Sebastian stalked up to him. He tucked some of Ciel’s vibrant hair behind his ear before whispering huskily into it.

“I want you to ride me,” he smirked and flopped onto the bed. Ciel’s face heated up even more.

“You pervert!” he spat but still climbed into Sebastian’s lap. He lined the shaft up with his entrance and slowly lowered himself on it. He groaned at the stretch and burn, not stopping until he bottomed out. He rested his hands on Sebastian’s stomach as he sat there panting. Sebastian smoothed his hands up and down Ciel’s flanks, fingers running over each bump of rib.

“That’s it baby, you take me so well,” he cooed. One hand moved to grip one of Ciel’s thighs, petting absentmindedly. His other rubbed at Ciel’s dick, coaxing him to full hardness. Ciel moaned, rocking his hips and curling his toes as he dripped onto the length inside him.

“You fill me up so good,” he gasped. His own hands wandered up to the raised dark pink scars across Sebastian’s chest. His fingertips traced along the lines curiously. He leaned forward, his lips met with Sebastian’s in a soft caress. His hands traveled up to Sebastian’s neck, to his strong jaw, then found their way to his hair. His fingers gently twisted a few strands. “Mm, this is getting long.”

“I know,” Sebastian sighed.

“No, no I like it like this!” Ciel reassured. His tongue ran along Sebastian’s lower lip begging to be let in. They simultaneously gasped when Sebastian bucked his hips up. Noses pressed into each other, their lips centimeters from touching. Sebastian gave a slow roll of his hips and nipped at Ciel’s lips. Their lips glided into place devouring one another as tongues explored. Ciel hummed and push himself back up.

“You ready baby boy?” he huffed placing both hands on Ciel’s hips. Ciel nodded, fringe falling in front of his eyes. Ciel lifted himself up a few inches and sunk back down.

“Oh fuck!” Ciel groaned. He let himself drop hard to meet each thrust. Sebastian cried in pleasure every time Ciel’s weight and pelvis pressed onto his own. He licked his lips as he gazed at the bulge in Ciel’s tiny stomach. He moved a hand and placed it firmly over the protrusion, feeling himself going in and out. Ciel’s movements faltered, Sebastian took control and picked up the pace. One hand gripped into the meat of Ciel’s hip. The other pressed firmer on the bulge. “Mmmh, don-don’t do that!” Ciel whined.

“I thought you liked my big dick,” Sebastian grinned. “Doesn’t it feel good to be split open?”

“N-no, I don’t wanna cum,” he whimpered. “Not yet!”

“But I love it when you come on my cock,” he gave a particularly sharp thrust. Ciel let out a wounded gasp.

“Fuuuck,” Ciel’s knees squeezed into Sebastian’s sides. Sebastian mirrored him by cinching his hands tighter into Ciel’s middle. Ciel’s lungs heaved and sweat started to bead on his skin. He let his mouth fall open and eyes lid.

“Let it go Ciel,” Sebastian encouraged. “I want you to spill on me.”

“Ahhhh,” Ciel arched his back his nails scratched at Sebastian trying to find something to hold on to.

“That’s it, good boy, cum for me,” Sebastian pistoned his hips hard, puncturing the air right out of Ciel. Ciel cried as his climax made tremors overtake his body. Sebastian kept a firm hold, not wanting Ciel to collapse. He ground his cock into Ciel as Ciel was taken into his pleasure high. It took a minute for Ciel to open his eyes and gaze down at Sebastian, lips glossy with spit and cherry red.

“Your turn,” Ciel gently climbed off Sebastian. The strap glistened with his wetness. Ciel pulled the harness loose enough to slide it off of Sebastian’s actual arousal. Ciel let his hot breath tease the organ as it twitched impatiently. “Let me suck you, you always like that,” Ciel lowered his head and darted his tongue out to catch the tip. Sebastian’s hands tugged at the bright blue locks, fingers tangling.

“Yes,” Sebastian hissed as he was engulfed. Ciel sucked and wiggled his tongue against the hard bud. He let it drag along the top and played with the small but prominent vein. Sebastian’s member throbbed as it engorged further. “Shit, don’t stop,” Sebastian begged. His thighs trembled the harder Ciel sucked. Ciel pinned Sebastian’s thighs to the bed. He slurped at the underside as he bobbed his head. Sebastian’s wetness coated his tongue. “Ahh, a-almost!” Ciel drew back, lips and chin shining. He moved the harness back in its rightful position and retightened the straps. The pressure was almost enough to bring Sebastian over the edge. Sebastian humped the air trying to get back the sensation he lost. He grunted in frustration.

“You’re going to have to fuck me to get what you want,” Ciel smirked. In a flash Sebastian flipped them. He rested Ciel’s heels on his shoulders before burying himself inside. He pushed forward nearly bending Ciel in half. Drool slipped down the side of Ciel’s chin, his mouth agape.

“You should know better than to challenge me,” Sebastian rammed into Ciel. Their thighs slapped together as loud as their moans. Sebastian lowered his face, their noses brushed. Their lips crashed against each other, smacking and nipping. Sebastian pistoned his hips fast and hard, tensing the strong muscles in his thighs. Ciel’s moans grew louder with each thrust. A familiar warmth built in his core. “Ahh C, I-I love you,” he groaned. Ciel’s nails bit into the back of Sebastian’s neck.

“Fuck, love you too Sebs,” Ciel panted. He threw his head back and arched as he came. “Sebastian, Sebastian, Sebastian,” he murmured as he was fucked through his orgasm. He held onto the short strands tickling Sebastian’s neck, anchoring himself as if he’d float away. Sebastian ground his hips into Ciel and placed more of his weight on him. His hands tightened where they gripped Ciel’s legs, they no doubt would be bruised the next day. The veins in his hands and forearms stood out against his ivory skin.

“Ciel, my angel,” Sebastian moaned. His brows pinched and eyes closed. His entire body buzzed with pleasure and shook.

“Mmh, that’s it,” Ciel encouraged out of breath. He rubbed the back of Sebastian’s neck.  “You can do it love.”

“Ahh, oh fuck,” Sebastian tensed. Waves of pleasure crashed over him as he peaked. He rode out each throb by thrusting in time. Ciel whimpered, overly sensitive but on the edge yet again. Sebastian pulled out, lowered Ciel’s legs back onto the bed, and covered Ciel’s face in kisses. He kissed each rosy cheek, his lightly freckled nose, his fluttering eyelids, to finally his soft lips. “Another?” Sebastian questioned. Ciel bit his lip and nodded. “Okay,” Sebastian moved his hand to Ciel’s little cock. He thumbed at it, teasing the skin back and forth.

“Mmm,” Ciel squirmed as he drenched Sebastian’s hand with his slickness. Sebastian rubbed harder and let his fingers gently roam the seam of Ciel’s opening. “Seb!” Sebastian pulled him close and let him convulse in his arms.

“I’ve got you, good boy,” Sebastian patted down his spiky blue hair. “You did so well,” Sebastian praised and nuzzled Ciel’s face. “How do you feel?”

“Good,” Ciel mumbled. “Snuggle ‘Bastian?” he tired to press himself closer as if it were possible. Sebastian chuckled.

“Okay, we can snuggle,” he agreed, he could always clean up later. He moved them so they were both on their sides facing each other still. Sebastian brushed his hand against Ciel’s cheek. “Thank you Ciel.”

“Mhm,” Ciel beamed. Sebastian smiled back at his special boy.