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It was a Wednesday when he decided it was time to reveal his feelings. Even George didn't know what was happening, and they had no secrets. Or so he thought. Hermione was getting closer to the two of them, and she was going to visit them before returning to Hogwarts in September. And today, Fred would ask her out.

"George," he began softly, "I have something to tell"

"Do not tell me you've finally arranged a date," George said loudly and laughed. "I knew you still had it. I have a date too"

"What? Who? I have no date, I ... "

"Just tell me who this girl you're in love with. It's been this way since before the war and I can not think of who" he theorized "Anyway, Hermione arrives today from Australia, if all goes well, if you understand me, we will not need the guest room " he winked

And it was with this speech that Fred froze. Was it some kind of joke? Was George faster at flirting with Hermione? Did he really like her? Fred did not ask these questions and just stepped into the mood as if it were all a big joke. Until Hermione arrived.


Fred couldn’t sleep. Not with what he was hearing in the next room.