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The new game and reality

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You can never know when you're just sleeping or dreaming. Because sometimes you forget your dreams. Hell, sometimes you forget you're memories, you don't realize it but they're gone.

But you do keep the ones that matter. The ones that are reminders of who you are.

It feels like I'm asleep but I'm also in a memory. It's me as a baby and my mom giving me a bath in the kitchen sink of our old house.I'm splashing the water with my little chubby hands and my mother laughing.

Except... I see tears in her eyes.... Is she crying?

Suddenly the dream ends and I feel different, my body feels a little hurt. Must be coming down with a fever or something.

I hear birds chirping and I feel the warmness from the sun. I feel the covers on my bed and pull them away.

"Mama?" I say.

I rub my eyes and stretch my arms while yawning. I must have kept reading late last night because I still feel tired.

Then I stretch my arm to get my glasses but i don't feel them on my nightstand. I now open my eyes and while everything is a bit blurry, I can now see that this is certainly not my room.

Everything looks different, the declaration has a hippie look to it. Candles in some places, colorful bed sheets and scarves hunged from the wall. I see a big bean bag chair and a small pile of blankets next to it. Some mysterious books piled on the floor. It smells like oakwood and jasmine flowers.

I get up from the bed, it's a bit bigger than mine. I looked down and see that i feel asleep with my leggings and one of my highschool Field trip shirts with my sketchers.

That's weird, I think, I haven't fell asleep with my clothes and shoes on since I was a kid...

I look in the mirror, everything looks ok with me physically, aside from the tiredness. But I still can't stop and think...

...what is this place? And why am I here and not at home?

The more I thought about it, panic sinks deeper into my chest. I walk to the door when I hear something slithering behind me.

A white snake with red eyes appeared from the small pile of blankets and was slowly coming towards me.

I freaked out and screamed, running to the opposite side of the room. The snake then quickly slithers back to the blankets as if it got frightened too.

I start hyperventilating and at this point, I think I might faint when I hear footsteps coming near the room.

"Luna? Are you ok?" A man's voice said as he enters in the room.

As he enters, I thought he was beautiful. White fluffy hair as if they were clouds in the sky, tan skin that looked really smooth, and what caught my attention the most, were his eyes.

Those breathtakingly stunning eyes, having a beautiful purple color to it, the kind of purple you see in those very rare colorful sunrises. A variety of shades to it. I almost got lost in them for a moment.

The man looks right at me. And has a look of confusion and alarm.

"You're not Luna." He says.

I take a deep breathe and realize I recognize this person...or rather, character. I try to keep myself as calm as possible to talk.

"No, my real name is Dianna but I do know you... You're Asra"