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just like a wavin’ flag

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The time had finally come. It was officially the Pride march weekend of their precinct, and the Wild Wild Pussycats were ready to join in the march together as a unit. Just like they have for the past decade.


Except, this Pride weekend, they had a little kitten tagging along as well.


Kouta Izumi looked nervous as he stood in the middle of the cluttered living room, wringing his tie-dyed t-shirt in his pudgy hands as he waited for the Pussycats to finally get done with their preparations.


“Aunt Shino…” the boy starts, voice a near whine as he looked up at his aunt from under his cap. “How long are ya gonna take?”


Said aunt, who was busy braiding Tomoko’s hair full of pink ribbons on the couch, blinked at her quiet nephew. As she was holding a few ribbons in her teeth, she couldn’t exactly answer properly, but her fiancé took initiative.


“Kouta-kun, I think we’re just about done!” Tomoko chirps, grinning over at the boy. Shino gave a grunt behind her back, as her sudden movement almost disentangled the braids right from her hands, but it was a near save.


“Auntie, you said that, like, an hour ago,” Kouta huffs, full-on whining now.


“I dunno, I think it’s been closer to twenty minutes? Shi-chan, what d’ya think? I’m right, aren’t I? Or is my internal clock going cuckoo?” Tomoko chirps, before giggling at her joke. “Heehee! Clock! Cuckoo! Cuckoo clock!”


With deft fingers, Shino finally finished the braid she was working on. Wrapping an elastic at the bottom to keep it in place, she took the ribbons out of her teeth. “I’m sure that for anyone that’s waiting, any time that’s passed must feel like an hour,” she answers diplomatically.


Kouta pouts, harrumphing and crossing his arms. “It’s been forever!”


“Well, it’ll feel less like forever if you’re doing something, Kou-kun!” Tomoko says brightly, holding a finger up. “Maybe you should ask Ryu-chan and Yawa-kun to find you more accessories to wear! Or, or—Oooh, what if I help you get your face painted?! That sounds fun, right? Right?”


The green-haired woman perks up in place, beaming brightly at the child, pleased as punch. If she actually had a tail, she’d be waving it in the air.


“Getting your face painted is for little kids!” Kouta retorts, scowling and looking like he was about to stamp his foot. “I’m not a little kid!”


“Of course. You’re already a very strong boy, Kouta,” Shino says instantly, knowing how to placate her troubled nephew before he really started to throw a tantrum. “But most of us are going with our faces painted or wearing special make-up.”


“Mhm! All your favorite aunties and uncle are going with different flags and stuff painted on our faces! You’ll fit right in!” Tomoko agrees, grinning toothily at the boy. “C’mon, you can get whatever design you want, Kou-kun! It’ll be purrfect!”


The boy grumbles, arms still crossed, but his previously hunched shoulders relax. After a minute, he acquiesces with a muttered, “’Kay. You can paint my face, I guess. Everyone else’s doing it…”


“Alright!” Tomoko cheers, pumping a fist in the air. Shino barely manages to lean back in time from getting smacked in the face.


“Tomo, keep still!” the brunette chides, tugging pointedly on the braid she was still working on.


The green-haired woman whines, pouting, but apologizes readily. “Sorry, Shi-chan…”


“It’s fine. Just please try not to give me a black eye before we actually go out marching,” Shino sighs with a fond smile on her lips. “If I get one, I’d rather it be from defending someone if things start to get rowdy…”


“They’ll have to get through me first!” Tomoko states, puffing her chest out and pounding a fist against it.


“I’ll punch ‘em for you, Aunt Shino,” Kouta adds gravely, fists clenched in front of him and with a fire in his eyes. “Punch ‘em straight in the balls!”


It takes the two women a few seconds to properly process that statement, but when they do, they break out into startled laughter.


“K-Kouta…Kouta, no,” Shino snorts out.


“Kouta, yes!” Tomoko cheers, cackling and holding her belly.


Shino tugs once more on Tomoko’s braid, trying for scandalized but falling far from it. “D-Dear, don’t encourage him…!” she giggles with fond exasperation. She looks at her nephew, raising a pointed brow. “Kouta…I thought you were done doing that, after Midoriya-kun…?”


The young boy’s face flushes from neck to the tops of his ears, and he averts his gaze bashfully. “W-Well…Um…”


“Hey, hey, maybe that can be Kou-kun’s special move!” Tomoko manages to eek out, before cracking up again. “C-Crotch Punch!”


“Auntie!” Kouta whines, face red and pouting in embarrassment.


“What’s this about special moves?” a new voice booms, as Yawara enters the room princess-carrying Ryuko. “Are we going to train young Kouta to better his form soon?”


“Yawara, no,” Shino groans, burying her face into Tomoko’s shoulder, who was wheezing at this point.


“Yawara, yes!” the man refutes, carefully setting Ryuko down onto the ground, who rewards him with a quick peck on the underside of the jaw.


“Thanks, babe,” she tells him, patting at a massive bicep, before looking over at the other couple. “Yo Shino, why’s Tomo looking like she’s dying?” the blonde woman wonders, sashaying over to the couch the women were occupying. “Tomo, you’re gonna ruin your make-up if you cry, you know!”


“I-It’s just all so funny…!” Tomoko manages to gasp out, wiping carefully at the corner of her eyes. “But man, it’d suck if I ruined my make-up after all your hard work! How’s it look?”


Ryuko leans down, tilting her head and narrowing her eyes, scrutinizing. “Mostly intact. Just a touch-up or two, really.”


“Nice!” the green-haired woman chirps, before she seems to remember something, perking up in her seat. “Oh! Kouta-kun wants his face painted, too! Can you go—”


“Get the paints? Already on it,” Ryuko nods with a wolfish grin, patting the boy’s cheek on her way back out of the living room. “Gimme a sec!”


“Don’t have to make a big deal ‘bout it,” Kouta mutters, shuffling in place, toeing the ground.


Yawara steps forwards and crouches in front of the boy, smiling slightly. “What would you like painted on your face, Kouta-kun? Would you like one of the flags?” he asks, tapping the left side of his face, which was nearly fully painted to show the trans flag colors. The opposite side was painted for the bi flag.


Kouta’s brows furrow as he seems to deeply consider his choices. “I…I dunno…”


“You could get anything you want, Kouta-kun! Ooh, maybe a nice little rainbow! Or, or—” Tomoko speaks up, wiggling in place.


“Dear, you’re going to overwhelm him,” Shino says calmly, tapping a finger on Tomoko’s lips. “I’ve just finished your braids, by the way.”


“Ooh, I wanna see ‘em!” Tomoko exclaims, eyes bright and attention already completely diverted. She makes grabby hands in the air, cheering as Shino gives her a hand mirror. Tilting it about, she gasps. “Woah! They look a-ma-zing!”


Kouta turns his attention back towards Yawara, who’s still patiently crouched down, waiting for an answer to his earlier question.


“Uncle, which flag’s the one for boys like us?” Kouta asks cautiously, eyes glimmering with curiosity and a carefully-held hope.


Yawara’s smile widens and turns gentle. “Oh, it’s this one here,” he says, tapping his left cheek with the trans flag. “We could paint it as a flag, or a heart, or a star—whatever shape you’d like.”


Kouta nods, shoulders set resolutely, smiling back. “I want that one, then.”


“Coming right up!” Ryuko sing-songs, sliding dramatically into the room with a bag on the crook of her arm, the opposite hand with a few cases of make-up. “Tomo, here’s your touch-up stuff—”


“Thank you!” the green-haired woman crows, all but leaping at the blonde for the products in her hand. “You’re the best, Ryu-chan!”


“And don’t you forget it,” Ryuko says with a wink, easily handing the items over.


“Shi-chan, can you…?” Tomoko starts, plopping herself back down on the couch and using puppy-dog eyes on her fiancé.


Shino smiles, shaking her head fondly. “Of course I’ll help you with your make-up, dear.”


“Whoo! Best fiancé ever!” Tomoko whoops, nearly head-butting the other woman in her enthusiastic attempt at a hug.


“Kouta-kun, let’s go to the kitchen to get yourself situated,” Ryuko says, walking backwards and out of the room, gesturing the child towards her. “Do you want a special shape or design? Auntie can paint whatever’s your heart’s desire!”


“’Kay,” the boy says, shuffling after the blonde, Yawara’s hand on his shoulder a comforting weight.



Fifteen minutes later, including a few quick trips to the bathroom just-in-case, and everyone was ready to go.


Tomoko coos at the sight of Kouta, a heart with the trans flag colors on his left cheek, a rainbow paw print on the right cheek. Coupled with his rainbow tie-dyed shirt and the little trans pin on his usual red cap, he looked ready for the pride march.


“Ryu-chan did so good on your paint, Kou-kun!” the green-haired woman crows, smiling brightly as she crouches in front of the boy. “You look very handsome!”


Kouta flushes pink under his face paint. “Thanks, Auntie…You look nice, too. Your hair’s pretty.”


Tomoko giggles, swishing her braids back and forth. Shino really did a good job in braiding so many pink ribbons in her hair. Along with her all-pink outfit, and little rainbows on her cheeks, and about a dozen jangly rainbow bracelets and necklaces, Tomoko felt like no one would mistake her for anything other than a big ol’ happy lesbian.


“Your Aunt’s the best with hair stuff!” she nods, smile wide and toothy. “I’m really lucky to have such a super smart and super cool and super strong and super cute and super talented lady like her as my fiancé!”


“Oh, hush, you,” Shino giggles, looking pleased as she stoops slightly to take one of Kouta’s hands in hers, offering the other to Tomoko. “I’m the lucky one, here.”


The green-haired woman readily takes her hand, the two hauling her up without much effort. “Nuh-uh! C’mon, Kouta-kun—isn’t your Aunt the best? Doesn’t she look super cute? She does, right?”


“You look real nice too, Aunt Shino,” Kouta says dutifully, swinging their joined hands slightly. “I like your bracelets ‘n stuff.”


“Thank you, Kouta,” Shio says warmly, smiling down at her nephew. She was dressed rather maturely, wearing clothing in various darker or muted shades of pink. She was also sporting a rainbow flag on her cheek, as well as little rainbow barrettes and rainbow bracelets to liven things up.


“What am I, chopped liver?” Ryuko jokes, popping up behind the boy, who gives a strangled squeak. “C’mon, c’mon—aren’t I pretty too, Kouta-kun?”


“Yeah, you look pretty,” Kouta manages to eek out, shuffling almost behind Shino in embarrassment as he says it.


Ryuko looked like a rainbow barfed on her and seemed wholly uncaring about the fact. Rainbow socks, rainbow tutu, rainbow tank top, rainbow make-up, rainbow necklaces. The only thing that wasn’t a rainbow were two hearts on her cheeks of the pansexual flag colors. She made the wild amounts of bright colors work for her, as she always seemed to do with anything she wore.


The blonde grins, hands on her hips. “I’ve gotten the approval of the most important boy in the world!” she crows, patting the child’s head despite him trying to duck back. A pause, as she grins over her shoulder. “No offense, babe.”


“None taken,” Yawara rumbles with a small smile, coming up behind Ryuko, wrapping an arm around her. “Kouta-kun is indeed the most important boy in the world!”


Auntie, Uncle,” Kouta whines, looking very embarrassed indeed, put also pleased at the compliments.


Other than the face paint, Yawara was sporting clothing in the bi flag colors. He also had a large trans flag tied around him like a cape.


“Y’know, maybe we should make these outfits our new hero costumes!” Tomoko chirps, waving an arm enthusiastically to encompass them all. “Wouldn’t that just be purrfect?!”


“Or it could be a cat-a-strophe,” Ryuko snorts, bumping her hip against Yawara’s.


“Aw, way to spoil the milk, Ryu-chan!”


“It’d take me half an hour alone just to do my make-up if we actually did it, Tomo.”


Shino smiled helplessly over at Yawara as both their partners began to bicker.


The spell was only broken when Kouta tugged on Shino’s hand. “Hey, Aunt Shino…?”


“Yes, Kouta-kun?”


“Can we eat rainbow cupcakes after this?”


A pause went over the Pussycats, as they exchanged considering looks.


“Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!” Tomoko cheers, jumping in place, while Ryuko groans and hangs her head.


“Aw man, but I’m on a diet…!”


“We should have an entire rainbow cake!” Yawara booms, smiling widely and striking a pose. “We can just work off all the calories later!”



In the end, the Wild Wild Pussycats plus Kouta managed to get to the Pride march intact and on time.


The only problem that arose was during the march itself. A man tried to pull Kouta away from his Aunts with the excuse that they were ‘corrupting’ him.


Kouta punched the man in the balls, and then in the face for good measure.


Shino quickly and nervously spirited Kouta away from the scene, Tomoko and Ryuko too busy laughing their asses off as phone cameras flashed around them. Yawara took it upon himself to detain the harasser with some extra handcuffs he’d hid on his person.


The debacle was captured on hundreds of phones, and they ended up on the news the next day, but, well. That’s another story.


Kouta did get those rainbow cupcakes he wanted in the end, though. That’s all that really mattered, other than him being with his Aunts and Uncle and having a great time.