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There’s a harsh difference between dreams and reality in a world divided by sub-gender. In a perfect world, Tsukishima Kei would remain at home with his parents and brother—except the world loved to screw him over. From a beta family with a long history of beta children, his future was predetermined. He even figured that his best friend would be a beta as well. The girl in their kindergarten class though, the one that always cried in submission, she would be an omega and no doubt sold off to earn her family a little more income. Tsukishima was confident that he was right about his plans for the future—before reality settled in.

“Kei?” Akiteru knocked on his bedroom door, concern wafted through his tone. “Are you okay?”

Tsukishima groaned and buried himself further under his covers. “No, everything hurts.”

“I think you have a fever.” His older brother pushed his way into the room with a tray of food in his hands. His brother was fairly tall, but it looked like Tsukishima might pass him up, even if he was several years younger and not fully developed. Akiteru also had dirty blond hair versus Kei’s distinct light blond.

“I feel more pain than cold,” he rolled over in the sheets and watched his brother set the tray on his nightstand and push his lamp and alarm clock back.

Akiteru straightened and pressed a hand firmly against Kei’s forehead. “Fever. Your body probably aches as a result. We’ll keep you home from school for a couple more days until you feel better.”

“Okay,” Tsukishima agreed weakly.

“Feel better soon, and eat the miso soup I brought you.”

The blond nodded and pushed himself up in the bed to reach for the food, but the bowl slipped between his fingers and crashed to the floor. He was overtaken by a sudden lust and he could feel something wet pooling in his anal region. The skin felt swollen and when he reached down to explore the sensation, he found himself hard and sensitive. He rutted into his hand and his fingers brushed back into his ass and he gasped with pleasure.

The door swung back open and Akiteru looked first at the soup across the floor, then to his brother caught between embarrassment and ecstasy.

“Kei, you’re—”

“An omega,” his father appeared behind his son in the doorway.

“We have to help him.” Akiteru rushed forward and pulled Kei up into his arms. The omega pressed himself into his brother and tried to shield is hard-on. His underwear clung to his figure and rubbed sticky cum against him in a pleasant and equally disgusting way. “Kei, you’re going to be fine.”

“He’s going to make this family rich.” The glint in his father’s eye made Akiteru leery.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s an omega, we can sell him to a rich alpha.”

Kei keened at the word alpha, but his heart clenched at being tied to a soulless alpha in need of a good fuck every once in a while, that doesn’t care about children.

“You can’t.” The older brother hissed.

“It’s all he’s good for now.”

Akiteru pushed his father out of the way and ran with Kei outside of the house. He heard of omega houses, places where alphas could find good mates, and he looked one of the addresses up quickly on his phone. He followed the map up until he saw a shortcut through an alleyway. He ran through the dank alley and was cut off by a harsh cry of fear. He turned and located the open window that it came from. Akiteru lifted himself up onto his tiptoes to see through the window and he was shocked by the state of the room. As a beta, he never learned this far into it. The omega house was a sham.

The omegas in the room were strapped to the beds by metal chains with their asses in the air. The collar around their neck prevented them from moving too far from the iron bars of the headboard. Most of the omegas had blank expressions on their faces as alphas thrust themselves inside their leaking and awaiting asses or vaginas. One alpha would finish, their knot deflating far enough to let them pull out and another was there waiting to take their place. A few of the omegas were clearly in heat and their skin was torn to shreds under the frantic grating of several alphas trying to be the first to claim the omega with their knot. Akiteru felt his stomach churn, but what pushed him over the edge, was the children standing in the corner. Some of them tried to look away from the terrifying sight, but their heads were turned back by alpha and beta watchmen.

“That’ll be you if you present as an omega.”

Akiteru set Kei down on the ground and turned just in time to get away before he vomited across the already grimy ground. The younger brother let out a needy whine when the alpha pheromones bled out of the open window and Akiteru heard the people reacting inside the omega house. He quickly grabbed Kei again and took off running in the opposite direction. He couldn’t take the young teenager to an omega house—he couldn’t take him back home either.

This world was never built for omegas.

“Over here!” The voice caught him off guard and he turned to see a busty blonde waving at them from the end of the street. “You have an omega?”

“He’s my brother.” It only took a few moments for Akiteru to register the woman as a beta—the same as him.

“My brother is an omega too, get him into the house.” She pointed behind her and opened the gate.

Not having any better ideas, Akiteru followed her instructions and ran into the house. Kei whined at the unfamiliar setting and buried himself deeper into his brother’s shirt.

“The omega house—” he started.

“I know. Follow me,” she headed for the back of the house once the front door was locked and opened a closet near the back door for the yard. At the back of the closet was another door and when she pushed it open, a flight of stairs dropped down into the ground. Akiteru glanced at the blonde and she nodded encouragingly. He quickly headed down the stairs of the house and found himself on a landing in front of another door. He managed to grab the doorknob and pull it open, to find himself in a room of omegas.

“Another one? Nee-san, can we feed another one?” A bald man stood up near the back—his gaze focused on the woman.

“I’m sure we can handle one more. The beta is his brother, I’ll be sending him back.”

“Sending me back where?” Akiteru narrowed his gaze.

“Home—we only house omegas here. The ones that manage to not get caught by hunters, sold, or put in an omega house.”

“Is this—illegal?” He looked around the room.

“Very. Omegas are supposed to go to an omega house once they present according to the law. Of course, a lot of them don’t and they either end up on the streets fending for their lives, sent off in an arranged marriage, or captured by omega hunters. Omega hunters sell them off for a profit. As a beta, it’s impossible to know all of this. I found out the same way as you when Ryū presented.”


“My brother.” She pointed at the monk looking omega. “After I saw the omega house, I brought him back home and hid him while I figured out what to do. I wasn’t going to send my brother anywhere that would hurt him.”

“So, you took in more omegas and house them here.”

“I take in what I can, others I find a place for. I’m willing to keep him here, as long as you send me a little money to help take care of all the omegas. Plus, you can come visit him whenever you want.”

“I’ll send what I can—I only have my weekly allowance.”

“I’ll take it.” She slapped him on the back. “I’m Tanaka Saeko, by the way.”

“Tsukishima Akiteru, this is Kei.”

“Ryū, come take care of Kei, he’s in heat.”

The omega moved under her request and pulled the youngest blond away from his brother. The omega whined, but was immediately comforted by a wave of pheromones from the others.

“So, what made you run?”

“My dad wanted to sell him off to a rich alpha—so I thought I’d take him to the omega house, but I saw from a side window what went on in there and I couldn’t willingly put him there.”

“I totally get it—it’s rape. Alphas that are mated go there too because they say their partner isn’t enough for them. It’s disgusting. I have the same reasoning as you when it comes to taking care of and hiding my brother.”

“I trust you to take care of him here, I’ll visit him as often as I can.”

“He’d like that. If you can, bring some of his things from home when you visit next, it’d help him adjust better.” She turned back from the room. “You’ll need to leave as soon as possible. You never know whose eyes are watching.”

“I’ll return as soon as I can.”