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(the god knows) when to smile

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There's a kid puking up his guts behind a bush. He's pale, sweaty, trembling and shaking, eyes wide open and blank. There's probably some kind of drug running wild in his system, Taehyung can feel it while stepping over him. 


He takes a few steps and closes his eyes, breathing slowly and smiling wide, inhaling the wild beat of music, the smell of sweat, the feel of intoxicated people dancing wildly, drinking vodka like it's water, swallowing colorful pills that quickly eat through their weak mortal brains.


He doesn't just love this. He feeds on this. The energy, the frenetic beat of hearts, the madness, this is what he needs, this is what he is .


There's a girl, not much older than eighteen rubbing herself all over some old guy's groin. In real life, without the alcohol- induced daze and far away from the alternate universe that is the rave, she wouldn't look at him twice, maybe crossing paths with him on the subway, not even noticing him. But there she is now, panting, desperate for more contact, more blow, more sweet, sweet poison, her short jeans soaked, maybe with liquor, perhaps with piss or with wetness coming from between her thin legs. 


Taehyung smells the pheromones and his steps become lighter.


It's almost three in the morning and the party is at its peak: morning seems so far away, but in a matter of  hours the thin, cold air will be filled with the sound of sirens, ambulances sprinting towards the hospital and cops shaking their heads, staring down at the white sheet covering a dead kid's body. 


That's the problem of the rave. It can't last forever and when morning comes and you fall from the high you thought you could reach, you fall hard.


He leans against a tree and scans the crowd moving in the big clearing, eyes distractedly following shaking limbs, screaming mouths. He soaks in the frenzy that permeates the air, made hot and heavy by the hurried breaths of  dozens of dazed humans. Music is blaring, bass shaking the ground and breaking eardrums, making ribcages vibrate.


There was a time when Taehyung would have joined the craze, would have dived straight into the sea of swaying bodies, drenched with the sweat and alcohol pouring from their skin. Would have drunk with them, danced with them and revealed himself to their blind eyes.


But that time is far, part of a past not yet completely forgotten, even though centuries, millennia have passed. The time when people knew his name, his real name, and they all danced, blood free of cocaine but still boiling from the wine and the drums beating incessantly, following a primal, animalistic tempo. When they all screamed the name of Dionysus, they cried for Bacchus, begging the son of Zeus for power, for pleasure, for madness. 


And he had liked humans. His mother, after all, had been one. So he used to answer their prayer and descend among them. He would join the orgies, and lead the hunt. His most beloved humans, his dear bacchaes would follow him, ripping apart their prey with their bare hands and feasting on raw meat. 


Now Dionysus is Taehyung, plain Taehyung. Still a god, but what kind of god?

His true name is forgotten, his shrines have become ruins. He's still got a following, yes, and a quite impressive one. But his worshippers don't know him, don't scream his name, don't yearn to see his true form. They are just chasing a feeling they can't reach, an ecstasy they will never obtain. They would, if they were still devoted to him, but they're too stupid, too blind to see. They don't look past brown eyes and dirty blond hair, past the honey skin and the slender body. They can't feel his power, burning bright in his chest, can't understand that he's not like them, he's superior, he's a god .


And that makes his heart swell with pure, unrestrained rage. He still can feed on the offers humans unknowingly give him, on their energy when they drink and dance until their limbs are numb and their mind is a blank space; but it's not what he wants. 

He wants to lead his followers into battle again, wants to stomp his feet onto the ground until an earthquake strikes, yearns to wave the bloody head of his enemies around, while he races through the woods followed by his worshippers.


He wants devotion, and since he can't have it he enjoys taking revenge. It's petty, he knows, but he never claimed to be mature. 


So he touches passed out teenage girls with a digit and brings them to overdose, he smiles sweetly at boys and persuades them to take their shiny cars and drive them straight into a tree or a wall. He breathes into someone's mouth and takes control of their mind, making them puke until they bleed. 


America is easy, from this point of view. Land of the free, land of straight-laced christian ladies, land of corrupt politicians and of vice. Land of excess and hypocrisy, land of friendly sunday barbecues and friday night orgies. A perfect paradox that suits Taehyung just fine.


Tonight it's the same as always. He's looking for his next victim, anticipating the satisfaction of seeing proof of his powers, as Thanatos, the sweet death, sweeps past him to claim a new soul.


His attention is caught by a young guy, black haired, cute. He's been grinding against a petite girl, but he's now walking alone, guzzling down cheap beer. He's got stunning blue eyes, maybe a bit of a squint but that doesn't matter. Tall. Handsome. Oh, how he likes the pretty ones. Taehyung bites his full lips, he's already fond of this one: maybe he'll suck his dick, make him nice and happy before filling his lungs with wine, making him drown.


He moves to approach his prey but stops in his tracks when the pretty boy stumbles and drapes himself over another man. Taehyung's eyes widen as he takes in a glorious back, broad shoulders. A white t-shirt, drenched in sweat and clinging to the sculpted body. 


The man turns towards pretty boy and rolls his eyes, says something and Taehyung swears his heart skips a beat. The man - boy, his face looking younger than Taehyung thought -  is beautiful. Captivating eyes, smooth, soft skin, amazing cheekbones, and Taehyung knows he's basically waxing poetic about a human but he can't help it. He’s asian, just like Taehyung’s chosen human form for this lifetime, and it’s stupid but it feels like destiny. There’s something about this boy. He reminds him of Ampelos, his beautiful satyr, his beloved one back when he was Dionysus, except that he was so small and this human is so built it makes Taehyung tremble a little in a pleasant way. 


The young man steadies drunk pretty boy and looks at him with concerned, maybe a little annoyed, definitely sober eyes. He must be the only person in here that is not completely intoxicated, well, except for Taehyung of course. 


Taehyung wants him.


He walks with powerful strides towards his new prey, the crowd parting imperceptibly to let him pass, almost as if they were conscious of who he is. 


He reaches the man and it's kind of disappointing really. His beautiful human doesn't even notice him, not even when he's two feet away from him, he's too busy talking to his fucked up pretty little friend. He’s gonna have to fix that. 


“Tom? Tom can you even understand me? I swear to god if you've taken anything-”


He stops talking when Taehyung lays a hand on his shoulder. Looks at him, puzzled.


“Can I help you?”


Taehyung doesn't answer, reaching with his other hand for pretty boy’s cheek, cupping it softly.


“Tommy” he says, honey-sweet voice. “why don't you go over there? You see that bush? Go there and sleep” 


Tom nods mechanically, caught in a trance, slowly wiggles out of his friend's grasp and walks away, dazed with alcohol, drugs and Taehyung’s magic.


Before the other man can even process what's happening, Taehyung turns to him and flashes his prettiest smile. 


“Hi” he breathes. “I'm Taehyung”


“Jeongguk” the other replies, eyes wide and finally fixed on him. As it should be. He looks hypnotized and, well, he is. Just a little, just enough to keep him here and talk. Taehyung wants him awake for what's coming later.


“Nice to meet you, Jeongguk” he whispers, stroking the boy's cheekbone.


He bites his lips and lowers his eyelids a bit, not missing of Jeongguk’s eyes immediately fall on his mouth. He decides to play coy. He could snap his finger and bring this man to his knees, metaphorically and literally, but this time, this time he wants to be desidered. He wants Jeongguk to want him, he wants to unleash the boy’s darkest urges, want this man to pin him to the ground and just take him. He wants him in complete control, dominating him until Taehyung has had enough and reveals his true self and makes the human submit, worship him. But that’s for later.


For now he lets his hand wander from Jeongguk’s cheek to the back of his head, playing with his damp hair. 


“Wanna dance?”


He doesn’t even bother to wait for Jeongguk’s anwer, even though the boy immediately nods. He turns around and pushes his back to the man’s front. Strong arms immediately wrap around his waist as their hips start to move to the generic beat of the music.

It’s not long before Taehyung feels the other hesitantly nuzzling his neck, kissing it. Adrenaline rushes through his veins and he trembles in pleasure. He throws his head back, leaning against Jeongguk’s shoulder and giving him more access, before pushing his ass back and rotating his hips, trying to feel something. And something he definitely feels. Jeongguk is hard , so hard, the poor thing must be going crazy. Taehyung pictures his erection straining against his pants, trying to get to him and the idea makes him shiver and let out a tiny, breathy moan. 

Jeongguk groans in response, the sound reverberating in Taehyung’s ribcage even more that the bass, and grounds his hips firmly against his ass, a promise for what’s coming later. He’s everywhere, behind Taehyung, around him, on him. 


He’s biting his neck now, no longer gentle or hesitant, but rather demanding, possessive. Taehyung can taste what’s coming later, can picture Jeongguk growling into his neck and grabbing at his hips until they bruise, a pretty purple color as a reminder of the night. Can picture Jeongguk not being even a little bit gentle, or patient with him. Pushing his pants down, just enough to have access and then forcing his way inside Taehyung, make him bleed. 


It’s nearly perfect and Taehyung closes his eyes, pictures the two of them far away from this rave, all the way back to his beloved Greece, the shitty rave music mutating in powerful drums and the smell of cheap alcohol replaced by delicious wine and honey.  Not predator and prey dancing together, but a god in communion with his devoted worshipper. 


But, alas, this is not reality. Taehyung is brought back from his dream when some drunk idiot stumbles into them, making them break apart. Taehyung is seething. If he wasn’t trying to get Jeongguk he would murder the offender, stomp on him until his bones are crushed.


As it is, he simply turns to Jeongguk, who’s now very conscious of his surrounding, no longer captured in the god’s magic. That’s the worst thing about not having proper worshippers, Taehyung laments in his mind. You become so weak you have to concentrate to control a single human. That's fine though, he doesn’t want to enchant the human again, he wants him to follow him willingly. He battles his eyelids and reaches out to tuck a strand of sweaty locks behind his boy’s ear.


“It’s crowded here. Wanna go quiet somewhere so that we can talk?”


Jeongguk grins and nods, looking like an over eager puppy. Adorable. Taehyung giggles and guides out of the clearing, deep into the heart of the dark woods.



Taehyung takes Jeongguk’s hand, lacing their fingers together as he leads him far away from the sweaty, polluted air of the rave, far enough that the loud music is not audible anymore even with his superior hearing.


And he didn’t expect them to actually talk, but Jeongguk is babbling about his life as they walk.

He tells Taehyung how he left South Korea after his parents basically disowned him for being gay and that he’s here to study business but he doesn’t really like it  and he also doesn’t really like parties, let alone raves but his only friend, Tom, dragged him here and oh, where’s Tom? I should look for him-


Taehyung squeezes his hand and shushes him, somewhat endeared by the human. “Your little friend is safe, don’t worry. Don’t you want to stay with me?”


Jeongguk nods, a boyish grin on his face. He’s the complete opposite of the dominant man he was earlier while they were dancing, but Taehyung doesn't mind. He’s always loved duality, perfect opposites mixing together in unique armony and perfect contrast; day and night, old and young, pleasure and pain. This perfect mix of boy and man is cute, it will be a pity to kill him after they’re done, but a god has to do what a god has to do. 


As they finally sit down under a large oak tree, Jeongguk is still talking, but stutters mid sentence when Taehyung caresses his cheek.


“You look like an angel” he blurts out, before shutting up for good, looking at the god in awe.


Taehyung giggles. He really must look angelic under the moonlight, with his blonde hair tucked behind his pierced ears and his white silk shirt slightly askew, one tan shoulder on display. 


“I might look like an angel, but let me prove it to you that I’m not one” he smirks at his own cheesy line, before closing the space between them and pressing his lips against Jeongguk’s.


It’s like flipping a switch: Jeongguk groans into the kiss and immediately pushes back, one hand gripping Taehyung’s chin, steading him, and the other on his waist. He bites the god’s lips, forcing them open and licking inside his mouth. The dominant personality is clearly back and Taehyung feels slightly intoxicated by the sudden rush of arousal that hits him. This is so perfect. This human is perfect. 


Jeongguk’s hands start roaming everywhere, finally settling on Taehyun’s hips, guiding him to sit on his lap. He moves Taehyung up and down like he weighs nothing, pushing him on his crotch. He moves his head to attack his neck again, starts sucking on it, desperate to leave a mark. 


They start grinding together, lips connected but not really kissing, just sharing breaths, panting in each other’s mouths, until Jeongguk leans back, gasping for air. He looks lovely. His hair is a mess and his lips are swollen and bitten. His pupils are so dilated with arousal that they swallow the irises, nothing but bottomless black pits. Taehyung loves that the human is fully aware, fully himself, no magic, no tricks, and he’s still so willing to treat him so good, so desperate for him.


“God, Taehyung, the things I want to do to you…”


“Tell me” Taehyung urges. He knows Jeongguk is not calling him a god, but the mere word is enough to make him frantic. “Tell me what you want to do to me”.


Jeongguk exhales, shaky breaths swallowed by Taehyung’s lips. His hands move to his ass, squeezing his cheeks from over the pants, pulling them apart. 


“I want to eat you out. Lay you down on the grass and spread your thighs apart, leave you exposed. Want to make you squirm, try to close your legs because it feels too good. Want to make you cry, oh God, what to see your pretty eyes squeezing shut as you cry for me” he stops to bite at Taehyung’s lips.


“What else?? What else, Jeonggukkie?” Taehyung urges, as he starts to move again, up and down, brushing against the human’s crotch, teasing him. 


“Want to get my fingers inside you, stretch you out, see how desperate I can make you. Make you beg me to fuck you, Taehyung, can I? Will you let me fuck you?”


Taehyung nods furiously, letting out short quiet whimpers, as Jeongguk starts unbuttoning his shirt, kissing and biting every new inch of skin he exposes. 


Taehyung lifts himself up to get rid of the rest of his clothes, stopping for a moment to let his boy admire his naked body, his soft curves and hard edges. He smiles when Jeongguk crawls towards him, looking up at him from his knees.

Taehyung combs his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair, bringing him close.


Worship me


He doesn’t need to repeat himself, because Jeongguk immediately surges forward and starts sucking a bruise on Taehyung’s hip, making him hiss as sharp teeth graze his smooth skin. Once he’s satisfied he nuzzles lower, closer to where Taehyung is hard and throbbing, looking up at him with adoring eyes before taking his cock inside his warm mouth. 


The view is spectacular, Taehyung notes. He guides Jeongguk’s head up and down his length, tugging at his hair and petting them as the man swallows him diligently, pushing himself until his nose grazes the soft skin of the god’s groin. Jeongguk sits back on his heels, gasping for a second as oxygen fills his lungs before leaning in again, tongue teasing Taehyun’s slit before taking him in all the way once more. 

Taehyung moans unrestrained. His little human is so good to him. 

They build up a rhythm, Taehyung holding Jeongguk down, making him choke and cry, before letting him breathe for a second to admire the tears falling down his precious cheeks. 


He pulls out when he feels a familiar heath building up in his loins, not ready to come so soon. He wants more. Much more. 

Jeongguk whines in protest, eyes shut and mouth blindly searching for Taehyung, but the god stops him, hooking a finger under his chin and forcing him to look up.


“You’re gonna make me come like this baby, and I don’t want that. Want you to fuck me, remember?”


Jeongguk nods hesitantly. 


“You want to eat me out, baby?” 


The nod comes quicker this time, accompanied by a deep moan.


“Yes, Taehyung, want to eat you out”


“Good boy” Taehyung chuckles. “Get undressed, baby”


While Jeongguk jumps to his feet, struggling to pull his clothes off, Taehyung lays down on the soft grass, lazily tugging himself, his other hand coming up to his nipple, teasing. 


He giggles at Jeongguk stumbling as he tries to kick off his pants and shoes at the same time. Finally naked, the boy turns around and moves towards the god, confidence in his steps, almost like a predator stalking his prey. Oh, how ironic


“Stand there a moment baby, want to admire you”


Jeongguk obeys, a bit embarrassed but eager to please. He lets Taehyung’s eyes roam around, gawk at his sculpted chest, his strong thighs, his hard, aching dick. He’s big, bigger than average. Perfect. Taehyung knows he’s fighting the urge to cover himself, to escape the burning gaze of the god, and he’s pleased with his obedience. What a precious boy. 


“Come here, Jeonggukie. Make me feel good”


Jeongguk is on him in a second, pressing him down on the ground with his own weight, kissing Taehyung and grinding their erections together, no layers of clothes between them this time, just skin on skin, bodies melting together. 


He doesn’t waste any time, sliding down and leaving a trail of bites. He stops to gently kiss the head of Taehyung's dick before grabbing his thighs and spreading them, just like he promised.

He hooks his hands under the back of Taehyun’s knees and moves them up and out , leaving the other completely exposed. He kisses Taehyung’s thigh, almost gently, before sliding lower.


The first, experimental lick at his perineum has Taehyung gasping, and the first rough kiss placed directly on his hole makes his squirm, wanting to get away. He’s always been so sensitive there. But he forces himself to remain still, to welcome the familiar sensation of the warm, wet muscle circling his entrance with practiced ease. It’s electrifying, sparks of pleasure radiating through his whole body. 


Jeongguk teases him with broad swipes of his tongue, occasionally dipping the muscle inside him, wiggling it to make him relax, to open him up. Taehyung’s eyes roll back when the man straight up closes his mouth around his hole, alternating between licking and sucking at it like Jeongguk is a starving man and Taehyung the most delicious meal in the world. 


Taehyung lets out a loud whine and starts grinding down on Jeongguk’s tongue, hips straining and working in tiny circular motions. Jeongguk groans in response, the vibration of it driving Taehyung mad, and doubles his effort, eating him out with sloppy and hungry movement of his tongue. 

It’s wet, it’s desperate, it’s perfect. 


Taehyung’s whole body spasms when the human sneaks in a finger alongside with his tongue, fucks it in shamelessy, hooks it and tugs at his rim. His legs fall on Jeongguk’s shoulders, weak and shaky. 


“So good, Jeonggukie” his voice is strained, he’s out of breath. He can’t remember being so pleased with a human companion before, but he’s too immersed in bliss to dwell on it.


Jeongguk hums in response, and adds another fingers. It’s almost too much again and Taehyung squirms and tries to wiggle out of the man’s grasp. Jeongguk just tightens his hold on Taehyung’s thighs, bruising them before smacking one. He lifts his head just for a second, just to grunt Stay still, baby, let me make you feel good before diving in once more, resuming his sweet torture. 


It goes on for what feels like hours, even though it’s probably just minutes, Jeongguk fucking Taehyung with his fingers, pushing them as deep as they’ll go and licking around them. It’s filthy and Taehyung is in love. Jeongguk finally takes a break, leaning back on his heels to watch as his fingers disappear inside Taehyung. He’s panting and sweating, looking as wrecked as Taehyung feels. 


“So perfect, Taehyung, so fucking beautiful, angel”


Taehyung preens a bit at the praise. He can’t help it, it’s his nature.


“Fuck me, Jeongguk” he’s going crazy, he needs more and more and more.


Jeongguk does the exact opposite. He stops and withdraws his fingers, staring down at Taehyung. 

He smirks. “Beg for it.”


Taehyung feels a surge of anger at that. How dare this little human try and make him beg ? He’s a god, he doesn’t beg, he demands and the others obey. Begging for a human, what a ridiculous idea.


And yet. 


It’s also arousing. Seeing Jeongguk being so unpredictable, the most obedient boy mutating in a mere second in this rude, demanding man. He’s the perfect combination of opposites. Taehyung feels a pull he hasn’t felt in a long time, the need to grant his worshipper’s wishes, to comply to his requests. 


“Please” he whispers, before he can even realize what he’s saying. 


“Can’t hear you, baby”


Please , Jeonggukie, please fuck me” and once he’s started the words flow out of his mouth freely, the humiliation making his insides coil in arousal. “Fuck me, please, give me your cock, I need it, I need it, I need it-” he’s surprised by how much truth his words actually hold. 


Jeongguk shuts him up with a kiss and gets his fingers back inside Taehyung, while he reaches blindly for his pants. When breaks the kiss, it’s to show Taehyung the small packet of lube he must have stored in his pocket.


Taehyung laughs with mirth. “What a good boy, always prepared”. He would have gladly made do with spit, but his boy is so considerate, it makes his cold heart melt. 


Jeongguk blushes a bit, the shy boy from before making a quick appearance. He doesn’t waste a second more, ripping the package open and slicking himself up, teasing Taehyung as he throws his head back, jerking his dick slowly, getting it ready for the god.


He finally, finally gets back on top of Taehyung, grabbing his chin and roughly kissing him. 


“Hold your legs up, angel” he instructs, Taehyung happily following his command, proudly putting himself on display.


Jeongguk rubs the head of his cock against Taehyung’s rim, the anticipation and the friction making them both shiver. Jeongguk’s hips stutter for a moment and the god looks up confused and mildly irritated.


“What’s wrong?”


“It’s just, I don’t have a condom…?” 


Taehyung snorts. It’s a bit late to remember that. Silly human. Also, he’s a god, he doesn't do condoms. 


“No condom baby, want to feel you come inside me” he purrs, wrapping his legs around Jeongguk’s waist, heels pushing his ass forward, making Jeongguk’s tip finally breach his rim. 


They both groan as Jeongguk slides in, buries himself to the hilt in one go. It’s painful and feels so fucking good, and Taehyung cries as it rubs his insides, as it fills him perfectly, stretches him to his limit. 


“So big, Jeonggukie, so perfect. Move, baby, please-”


Jeongguk growls at Taehyung’s whiny tone, hips snapping up. It’s clear that he wanted to start slow, be gentle, but that’s not what Taehyung craves and he always gets what he wants.


The human sets up a brutal pace, spurred on by Taehyung’s sobs. The god slides his nails down the other’s back, leaving bright red marks. Every thrust jostles his body, like he’s a ragdoll and it’s just so good. Their moans echoe together in the silent forest, mixing with the filthy squelch of lube and the crude sound of Jeongguk’s hips slapping against Taehyung’s ass.  


“You feel so good, angel, so tight” Jeongguk is groaning, face hidden in the crook of Taehyung’s neck. The god cradles his head like he’s a baby. He would coo at him if he wasn’t being fucked within a inch of his life. 


Everytime Jeongguk pushes in, Taehyung feels the stretch, feels his body accommodating, making space for the other, feels his insides being ruined, being shaped by the human. 


“C’mon GGukkie, give it to me. Make me take it, make me take you


The plead makes Jeongguk snap. He pulls out abruptly and, before Taehyung can protest, he flips him on his stomach, grips his hips roughly and pulls them up. He pushes Taehyung's shoulders so that they remain on the ground, making his back bend into a perfect arch.


He doesn’t wait before pushing in again, reaching even deeper inside Taehyung in this new position. He fucks him like an animal, no finesse, no teasing, just a tight grip on his hips to keep him in place as he uses him, uses his body to make himself feel good. 


He’s hitting his sweet spot every time, reaching it perfectly, making the god see stars and whimper like a wounded animal. 


Taehyung is full on crying now, tears springing from his eyes, but his heart is soaring. That’s what he wanted, that’s how it should be. The raw, wild energy, the lust, the primal needs to just get off flood through his veins, feeding him as his body is ravaged by his worshipper, as their bodies drown in pleasure. 


Jeongguk leans in, and kisses his tear stained cheek, a surprisingly affectionate gesture in contrast with his punishing thrusts. 


“You alright baby? Am I being too rough?”


“No Ggukkie, I love it, please” he’s incoherent now, as he always is when his orgasm is approaching. Jeongguk is once again everywhere, just like on the dancefloor. 


Jeongguk caresses his back, before leaning back and delivering a slap on his cheek, moaning as he watches it giggle. 


“I’m close, angel, are you? Need some help?”


He slows his thrusts, pushing deeper every time, letting his cock press against Taehyung’s prostate before dragging it out almost completely, pulling deliciously at his rim.


Taehyung wonders if he can come untouched. 


The answer is, apparently, yes: Jeongguk leans forward again, ramming his cock right against Taehyung’s prostate and puts a hand on his lower belly, pushing until he feels the slightest bulge caused by his length moving inside the other man.  And that’s enough for the god, enough to make his eyes roll back and his cock twitch, as he spills on the ground beneath him and clenches around Jeongguk. 


The man lets out a curse as he feels Taehyung tightening around him, squeezing him until it’s almost painful. His hips stutter and he starts to pull out, not wanting to overwhelm Taehyung.


No baby” Taehyung reaches back with one shaky arm, pulling Jeongguk’s hips forward, even as he whimpers with oversensitivity “come inside me”


Jeongguk hesitates, mind no longer focused on his own orgasm, but rather on his partner’s wellbeing. Taehyung smiles.


“Want to feel you, Jeonggukie. Want you to come inside, want it to leak out of me”


And Jeongguk clearly cannot deny his angel. He pushes back with a sigh, reveling in the now familiar warmth, in the delectable tightness.


Taehyung closes his eyes, content as he’s filled again. It doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to resume his rough pace.


“Fuck, baby, you’re perfect, I never want to leave you, want to fuck  you forever, my baby, my angel ” Jeongguk lets out a single sob as he finally comes, thrusting frenetically.


“That’s it, GGukkie, fuck your come deep inside me” Taehyung moans, enjoying how Jeongguk whimpers. It’s been long enough since he let someone fuck him and he realizes he’s missed it. 


Jeongguk carefully pulls out, inhaling sharply as he watches a dribble of come spilling out of Taehyung. He collapses on the ground, pulling his lover with him and engulfing him in a loose hug, nuzzling the back of his head. Neither man speaks, both trying to regain their breath and come down from their high. 

This is when Taehyung usually reveals his true form and kills his preys, absorbs every last ounce of energy, enough to keep him satisfied for a couple of months. He could do it now. Turn around and squeeze Jeongguk’s neck, squeeze the life right out of him. A quick death as a thank you for the amazing orgasm. He’s done it before, no big deal. 


But, he realizes after a minute. He’s not going to do that. This human, this human is special. He worshipped Taehyung without even knowing his name. He would make a wonderful priest, Taehyung realizes suddenly. It’s the simplest solution. He knows that other gods have collected new priests along the centuries, travelling the world to expand their cults. He’s always thought it was stupid, after all, they can’t go back to their original glory, so why bother.

Godless humans are not worthy of being his priests, he’d much rather watch them die. 

But Jeongguk’s different, isn’t he? They have a connection. Or is he projecting, millennia of solitude finally catching up to him?


A hand touches his neck, bringing him back to reality. Jeongguk is leaning over him, shy smile on his face. 


“You alright, Taehyung? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he says it like the idea of hurting Taehyung is unbearable. Taehyung purrs. His precious boy. He would take such good care of him, just like he’s doing now. He really wants to keep him.


And, really, there’s no reason he shouldn’t. He’s probably the only god without a priest at this point (he can’t be sure, he stopped talking to other gods centuries ago). Zeus has probably built an harem by now, that disgusting old fuck. 


He kisses Jeongguk, mind made up. “No baby, you were perfect”


Jeongguk grins and lays back down, pulling Taehyung again until the god is leaning his head on his chest. Taehyung coos. Adorable. He’s definitely keeping this one, and this one only. 


His boy soon drifts to sleep, and Taehyung closes his eyes, diving into his dreams and memories. He sees Jeongguk’s unhappiness, the rejection he’s faced all his life. He’s clearly unfit for these other mortals that don’t deserve him. He exits Jeongguk’s mind, satisfied. It’s destiny that he must belong to him. 

As the rays of the morning sun chase away the dark of the night, Taehyung rests on top of a sleeping Jeongguk, their bodies intertwined as it’s meant to be. He’ll have to explain everything to the boy, ( to his priest , his mind supplies with glee) but he’s got time. He smiles to himself. He’s got a lot of time. He hopes Jeongguk doesn’t mind being made an immortal, but he probably won’t object.


After all, he said he wanted to fuck Taehyung forever.