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The impropriety of thugs

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If there was one thing Dick had always loved about the mansion, it was the paintings. He didn't need to know their history, or even to understand the hidden meaning behind what was depicted, he just liked the dark or light colours, the brushstrokes that had left a thicker layer of paint here and there... he could get lost in a painting like his brother could get lost in a book.

This was one of the main reasons Bruce took him with him to the exhibition to which he had been invited and for which his brothers had clearly refused to participate.

Dick loved painting, painters a little less. He left his father to take care of the artists and enjoyed the works hung on the wall while sipping his glass of champagne. The elite of Gotham was present, a soft whisper of conversations in low voices reigned and the bright lights that lit up the room left no details in the shadows. Dick was thrilled.

He wandered from one painting to the next, then stopped longer in front of one of them, towards the back of the room. It was a camaïeu of blue that used different painting techniques and textures. The message itself escaped him completely, but he liked the blue tones in front of him. A shiver went through him and then a swift heat wave. He wrinkled his nose and frowned. He had been tired the week before but had not paid more attention to it than that. Now... he had doubts. He stepped aside to approach the painting to his right, but a dizziness overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It didn't bode well. Usually when he felt so unstable on both legs, it meant that his heat was coming and at the moment, he was not home, in a safe and potentially danger-free place. He looked around, noting that no one had noticed his discomfort, walked to the nearby door and found himself in a small lounge for private presentations.

Perfect. He would lie down for a moment on one of the ottoman and send a text message to Bruce to pick him up. Yes. It was the best solution. Rest and wait for his father to come and get him. No one had seen anything, and his father would protect him.
Dick was lying on the leather of the Ottoman who squawk under his suit when a heat wave fell on him and took his breath away, causing him to faint under the shock.

This kind of gathering, like tonight's opening, was an opportunity to network. Instead of admiring the layers of primary colours that a 5-year-old child could have achieved, most of the people present were there either to show themselves or to consolidate alliances. Roman was no different, and the presence of Bruce, his eternal commercial enemy, reinforced his decision to visit the gallery. He dreamed of one day being able to cut the ground under Wayne's foot and finally win a contract without Gotham's sweetheart humiliating him by winning everything, all the time, without having to make the slightest effort. Despite their alpha status, the law and the rules of life imposed by the Gender Regulatory Authority, Roman could not just throw himself at his rival's throat and skin him alive. He would have to find another solution, and for the moment he hadn't found any.

Roman's phone began to vibrate and he took it out of his pocket to check who dared to call him at this late hour. With a frown he realized that he could not escape this so inappropriate call and looked for a nearby exit. Sighing, he walked to the door at the back of the gallery hoping to find a lounge sheltered from the curious to answer the phone.
He picked up the phone as he opened the door and his eyes fell on the unconscious shape of the eldest son of Bruce Wayne. His interlocutor had barely begun to speak, but Roman did not answer, blocked by the vision before him and the erotic vision of an omega in heat. He whispered a "I'll call you later", and hung up without taking his eyes off the unconscious young man.

Richard Wayne, Bruce Wayne's eldest son. Defenseless, without his father, without anyone to watch him, even though he was known to always set foot in the dish. Richard Wayne, in heat, alone in a room without a camera or guard to prevent anything displaced from happening to him. It was so easy to take advantage of the weakness of an omega in heat. And that omega was in a state of blatant weakness.

Roman closed the living room door behind him and considered the options available to him. He could go out to warn Bruce that his son was unconscious and vulnerable and most of all in heat in a living room away from prying eyes, or maybe....

Or maybe he could take advantage of the situation.

Knocking up an omega like Richard could give him a position and power over Wayne like he's never had before. He could, with a little luck and a little bit of his own self, become the father of Bruce Wayne's grandchildren, and thus assert his domination over the alpha he hated so much. He could also enjoy the young and seductive body of a young omega who was old enough to be his own son. And an omega in the prime of life could give him several children per litter. Someone like Dick could easily carry three or even four during a first pregnancy. He considered the option for a moment and then stood up to lock the door. He couldn't miss a golden opportunity like this.

Roman approached the Ottoman and leaned forward, took off Richard's shoes, undid his belt, then took off his pants and underwear. He would think later about how to get him dressed again. He undid his own belt, opened his pants, pulled out his cock, and didn't need much stimulation to make himself hard and ready to explore the depths of the unconscious young man. He spread Richard's legs, who was wet and oozing from the heat. Roman pushed two fingers into the warm, open cavity and had to hold back a growl of satisfaction.
The alpha in him was waking up at high speed and wanted only one thing, to claim the warm body and fuck him so hard that he couldn't walk for days. He was ready to cum just at the thought of Richard Wayne, with a round belly and moving with difficulty under the weight of his tummy and the children that Roman would have given him.
He thrusted his fingers three times and removed them from the sweet cunt before diving his cock into the wet slit in front of him. He growled with pleasure and closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling before pounding the young cunt under him with enthusiasm. He licked Richard's throat with delight who did not wake up despite Roman's repeated assaults, and had to refrain from biting the young man when, by reflex, he contracted around the businessman who was taking him. The wet sound of their union, facilitated by Dick's natural fluids, filled the room and Roman felt his orgasm rise quickly. He buried his face against Richard's throat and after two violent strokes of his cock, his orgasm submerged him and his sperm poured into the deepest part of the still unconscious young man.

Panting and satisfied, Roman remained with his lips glued under the omega's jaw near his ear, just where he could easily have bitten and ended Wayne's son. He stayed in the warm body for a few seconds and withdrew before cleaning the scene of his forbidden intercourse. With difficulty, he dressed Richard and had to control himself so as not to make a second turn between his thighs before opening the small window overlooking the courtyard to evacuate any suspicious smell and leave the living room. His eyes crossed Bruce's as he walked out of the gallery, and he decided to keep an eye on his rival's eldest son. Their little session must not have been fruitful yet and thanks to Bruce's traditionalism that forbade his children to swallow the chemical junk that doctors called contraceptives, he would have the chance to breed and impregnate Richard more quickly than he hoped. It was now necessary to organize a second meeting with Dick, and quickly.

Richard woke up in the limo that took him and his father back to the mansion. He was hot, and he felt unusually wet for a first day of heat. He needed to sleep and he would see the next day what he would do. He already knew it would be difficult for him to fulfill his obligations to Bruce, but he had not yet been born the one who would prevent him from doing what he wanted.

The day after the opening, Bruce Wayne and his eldest son were expected by many to attend an auction that would see the sale of an art object held by the late Thomas Wayne and whose sale price would be donated to a local orphanage. Roman rolled his eyes when he entered the auction house. Wayne really was getting under his skin, and he could not help but think with satisfaction at the very moment he had taken his son's body and made it the receptacle for his seed. He saw himself slipping inside the young man again, as if Richard had been made to be taken by Roman until he was overflowing with his sperm. Wayne's grandchildren would be Sionis or would not be. Roman promised it.
He had observed the family's comings and goings after tasting Richard's body for the first time, and had even pushed the vice to have microphones installed at Wayne Manor and their family doctor's office to monitor the evolution of the situation. He wouldn't rest until Dick was heavily pregnant with his children.
Roman went to sit in the small private room he had reserved for the auction and which he had chosen to be right next to the one where Bruce and his son would be installed. The first lots were presented, and time seemed long to Roman who counted the minutes until Wayne's lot was presented and offered him the chance he wanted.
Finally came the long-awaited moment. One of the auctioneers called Wayne to present the piece he was selling, and Dick took the opportunity to go to the backstage to admire the paintings that were going to be presented to the public, alone.
He was admiring a dead nature signed by Dominique Gambier when an unknown figure appeared behind him, knocked him out and dragged his unconscious body into the storeroom on the side.
The guard, paid for by one of his men, quickly moved away, and Roman slipped into the storage room to discover with pleasure, Richard, ready to be devastated and above all, ready to receive his seed.
The businessman did not waste any time and turned the motionless body face down, then positioned it to give the illusion that it presented in the most basic form of submission to an alpha. Roman undid Richard's pants and lowered them halfway down, taking with him the underwear the young man was wearing. He knew that Bruce's son was in heat and did not need any preparation, and it was with a thrill of intense pleasure that he pushed his erection into the burning cavity that was open to him without resistance. Roman's hands clutched to Richard's narrow hips, and he hammered the young man's ass, struggling every time his pelvis met the firm flesh of the omega's rear end, not to scream with pleasure.

"So you like painting? I'll give you some! I'm gonna paint you white from the inside, bitch! "

He picked up the pace when he felt his orgasm rise and stopped when the latter took him by surprise and united him to Dick, letting Roman's sperm flood the young man womb. He stroked the body underneath him until he could finally detach himself from Richard, then with the confidence of the one who knows he will never be caught with his hand in the cookie jar, tried to increase his chances by diving into Richard Wayne's worn and gaping opening. He restrained himself less than the previous time and lost in sensations, pounded Dick so hard that he snarled and growled, and groaned his pleasure. The clap clap clap clap of the flesh that meets could be heard by Roman's henchmen standing guard at the door. The perversity of the situation made one of them blush, as he did not know what to think about his employer's deviance.
For the second time, Roman slammed brutally in Dick, and released his seed in the waiting depths of Richard, still out of consciousness. When he pulled out, Roman watched, slightly irritated, his sperm flowing out of Dick, and it was just as likely for a child not to take up residence in Richard's young and fertile belly.
His opening was glistening with slick and seed. This one vision had Roman at full mast again. Even if it meant taking risks, he at least wanted his business to be successful, he didn't think any longer and penetrated violently for the third time, the asleep body. If the previous time he had not been able to hold back his growling, this time he gave it all to express his pleasure and his desecration of the innocent body, his frolics were noisy and enthusiastic, to such an extent that Richard was fidgeting in his artificial sleep. The adrenaline caused by the possibility of being caught in the act by the person he was literally raping, made him reach his orgasm faster than expected and he poured himself inside Bruce's son once again.

Dick had no suspicion, Roman still having the presence of mind to clean up the traces of his crime after him, and to have his victim's unconscious body placed in a place and position that made it look like he was fainting due to his heat. Bruce didn't suspect anything either, just worried about his son's condition. His heats, as for all the omegas, tended to make him faint, but, isolated, he had been in danger of being found by an ill-intentioned alpha. Roman returned home that day, convinced that in a short time he would have the pleasure of seeing Wayne's discomfited face, and Dick's belly rounded under the weight of his children.


The night after the auction, Dick had a nightmare that left him scared, panting and slightly aroused. In his nightmare, he saw himself entering a dark room with no windows, being tackled on the ground, and taken by a band of alphas, all identical and faceless, whose smell stuck to his skin. Every time one of them penetrated him, he would massage his belly and laugh as he ejaculated into him again and again and again and again. When he woke up with a start, he was soaked in sweat, and he laid his hand on his stomach out of superstition.

The wait was excruciating for Roman. Every day, he waited for his secretary's report on the recordings that were made without their knowledge at the Wayne's house. Being an alpha himself, he didn't know much about the anatomy of omega, and had never been interested in it. He didn't even care, he only knew what he needed, in this case that the heat periods were for him an unexpected chance to walk all over Wayne and finally get his revenge. He had followed with interest the end of Richard's heat, then, had the coming of the next ones watched. If he was subject to his heat again, it would mean that he had failed and would have to arrange another meeting or two with Bruce's son. Not sure this time, that he would be lenient enough to take him while he was asleep. He wanted to take him with force, feeling him struggling underneath him for once.
The double door of his office suddenly opened and the young woman in charge of watching the Wayne's came forward with a triumphant smile, placing a USB key on her boss's desk who grabbed it with greed and revealed its contents by connecting it to his computer. He adjusted his headphones and started the audio file, trembling with anticipation.
He immediately recognized Richard's voice, and after a moment understood that the second voice was that of his younger brother Jason, also an omega.

"Pregnant? How? Bruce is always glued to us during our heat to avoid this kind of problem! "A short silence set in before Richard answered. "I don't know, but Dr. Thompkins is positive. I'm pregnant. A month and a half. We don't know yet how many children I'm going to have. Bruce is gonna kill me. "The muffled sound of a sob, then the rubbing of clothes was heard. "Bruce loves you Dick. He loves us all. He won't hurt you at all. On the other hand, you would need to know who is responsible for your condition. You couldn't have gotten pregnant like that. "Again a silence set in until Dick hiccupped and addressed his brother. "How could I get knocked up like that! Pregnant, without Alpha to claim the paternity of... my children! What will people think?! Jason...... Please be careful out there. I don't want something like this to happen to you."

Roman stopped the recording. He was gloating. Richard Wayne, Bruce Wayne's eldest son, his sworn enemy's son was pregnant. Pregnant with him. This one notion alone had driven him mad with joy. Bruce's ego was going to take a hit and Dick would be so humiliated by this affair that the reputation of the whole family was going to be ruined. Beautiful.
And poor Richard, unhappy with the situation. On the contrary, even if he did not yet know the identity of the father of his children, he should feel honoured. Roman wasn't just screwing any bitch who came forward. If there was really anyone to blame, it would be Bruce who lets his omegas strut in front of all the alphas of Gotham, and does not protect them from potential predators when they are in heat. Bruce, in Roman's eyes, was neither a good alpha nor a good father. It was certain that with the children he had given Richard, it wouldn't go the same way. He would see to it. He would wait long enough for the young man to be desperate enough to accept anything and come and claim his due.
Anyway, no alpha would come to take Dick from him in his current state. Now that he was expecting Roman's children, no alpha would dare approach him, he was defiled. And as for the Betas who might eventually be interested, he knew perfectly well that a pregnant omega was a threat. Even if the father never claimed the omega and the children, he could still be extremely aggressive towards the person who would like to take possession of the body he or she had used to give birth to his or her descendants.

Roman laughed. He could already see the headlines in the newspapers. "Richard Wayne, knocked up by a stranger." He put his headphones back on and continued to listen to Dick's lamentations to his brother whose fear was palpable.

Dick had just given him a wonderful idea. An idea that would only further undermining Bruce's reputation. An idea that he was sure would bring him a lot of satisfaction and more moments of intense pleasure. After all, there was nothing more pleasant than to be buried between the thighs of a docile omega, unaware of what was happening to him. Roman had always preferred them like that anyway. Docile and unconscious. The only difference with the brothel he used to go to is that here, he could pour his sperm into an omega's warm and welcoming interior without having to pay extra, or hear them cry when he took them hard.
It would not stop there. After Richard, Jason was Bruce's most beloved son, and just because of this status, Roman wanted to expand his future family.

Getting Jason pregnant meant having even more children. He too was young and fertile, and he was strong. Much more than his brother. With a little luck, he could give him small alphas that he could model in his own image. He could imagine the horror on Wayne's face when his two eldest sons would be impregnated by a complete stranger without their knowledge. Just as he could already imagine slipping between Jason's legs and taking him as he had taken his brother. He saw his muscular and naked body, shining with sweat, his thighs spread out, marked by the pressure of his hands on the pale skin, his cunt dripping with semen. Now that Richard was pregnant, Jason would be an excellent target. All that was left was to get his hands on him.