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Gardens of Erotica

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Location: Amor est Hortus
Address: 126 North Caldwell Drive, Alamos Town
Time: 11:02 pm

Terra Thorn hesitated, looking up at the ominous building with great unease.Biting his lip, the green eyed teen frowned softly; a honey brown curls bounced softly as his head lowered in thought. He couldn't believe what he was doing; this was not like him, and he could get into some serious trouble if caught. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to go through with things, thanks to what happened earlier today at school.

During his lunch period, one of the more popular boys of his year (which one, he wasn't sure), had come up with a wild dare for the shy teen. A type of dare that no other student had been expecting, much less having such a dare being addressed to one of the loners of Alamos High. The dare was rather simple, to be honest. Venture onto the abandoned property of what was once an infamous garden, and spend an entire night alone. However, should Terra actually go through with the dare, two things would happen. Not only would he receive twenty bucks for this, but his longtime rep as a shy, nervous boy would forever change. Unfortunately, should he fail the dare or back out during the night, the money would be forfeited and well, let's just say the beating would be the least of his worries...

But still...

Why am I getting a bad feeling about this...?



Dark green, almost black, eyes snapped open as the owner looked up from their desk with curiosity. Their pointed ears twitched slightly, picking up on the faint sounds of delicate footsteps, before a cruel smile graced their lips. It had been a long time since they had any company, long enough for the town to have forgotten such an important piece of history. Perhaps, it was time for a new chapter in the town's history to begin anew?

Chuckling softly, they slowly stood up as a dim light formed in the center of the lone room; a sweet scent curling lovingly around them. The room, while it looked small; really wasn't. The walls and ceiling were lined with heavy layers of soft ivy, smooth vines ran along the ceiling; some even sported beautiful flowers. Soft grass and sweet moss had replaced the floor; all in all, the room gave off a peaceful vibe. They smiled sweetly as one vine reached down, caressing their cheek; humming as the temperatures took on a more pleasant tone.

"Hello my dears," They purred, leaning into the gentle touch. "It would appear that we have company," They said lightly as the light flickered. Then, a smooth vine curled around their slender waist; as if hugging them, and they laughed. A sweet, throaty sound as the vine slid below, caressing and rubbing along their slick passage. Of course, the excitement of a new family member was always treasured. "Now," They said huskily as their pet slid into them; shivering as it buried itself deep inside their sinful body. Another caressed and coiled lovingly around their torso; running lightly over highly sensitive skin. "Why don't we go and greet our new mother, hm?" They cooed as their pet twitched with excitement. Their darkened eyes turned towards the back of the building; knowing that was where Mother was, and smiled, eyes glittering with an insensational hunger.

"Welcome home, mother..."



Terra, having snuck in through the back, stopped in mid-stride. Somehow, he had found a door in the back of the building, a door that was strangely unlocked. Thanking his luck, Terra had quickly darted in, and just in time to avoid a patrolling officer. Hm, how curious; the cops normally didn't come out to this area. He held his breath, pressing his ear to the door; struggling to listen as the cop seemed to halt where they were. Damn, it sounded like the cop wasn't going to be moving any time soon.

This was going to be a problem...

Frowning deeply, he leaned back with a thoughtful look. Biting his lip, Terra finally reached into a pocket, and pulled out a little penlight. It was strong enough for him to see, but not so bright where it would attract attention. Hopefully, it would be enough. Breathing deeply, Terra was startled when he caught the faint scent of something, something that felt...familiar; roses and sweetened milk. It was a pleasant scent, to say the least; at least, it smelt better than the staleness of time and the disgusting sickness that was old and rotting garbage.

Curious, he flicked the little light on, and slowly aimed it around the area. Somehow, Terra knew that he shouldn't be surprised by the fact that a garden would have something like a docking station. Due to the great age of the building, and over the many years since abandonment, grass had grown through the crumbling stone; threatening to take over the floors. Thick curtains of ivy lined the walls and criss-crossing the ceiling; with smooth vines intersecting the ivy.


The surge of roses and sweet milk greeted his nose, and Terra groaned; staggering a bit as his vision swam. He blinked blearily, rubbing at his eyes as it felt like someone had placed a warm cloth over his senses; muffling them terribly. Terra winced as his head throbbed again, and something tugged at his mind; something that he had to find. His nose wrinkled, before giving a cute little sneeze; darkness seeping at the edge of his vision. Breathing deeply, Terra's eyes fluttered, before focusing intensely. There was now a visible pale red film over his pupils; the green irises dimming slightly as he hummed. Somehow, the temperatures were beginning to rise, and if he focused enough; he could see the faint traces of a dense fog creeping along the floor. He felt pleasantly warm, the chill slowly leaving him as his eyes looked ahead to the now opened door; which led out to the dusty hallways.

...find us...mother...



Dark green eyes watched as the young boy walked by; never once noticing his watcher. The boy was rather cute, actually; a perfect vessel for the family. The boy was petite with a slender frame, curly honey brown locks and glazed over green eyes. Hm, they supposed that the boy was hiding a delicious figure underneath his baggy clothes; they hoped so, anyway. With a smile, they finally stepped out of the shadows; revealing their true appearance. Wavy dark green curls framed a sweet, heart-shaped face as dark green orbs stared out; a small nose and plump dark purple lips. Their frame was slender, yet curvy, at the same time; sporting dark green nipples, an aching dark green cock that stood at attention, and a swollen, slicked purple slit.

"How lucky are we, dearies?" They asked lightly as a vine curled around them; looping gently around their sinful frame, and between their buttocks. "To have such a rare treasure," They mused, humming as the vine slid into their quivering hole; sighing as it nestled deep within them. "Come so willingly...?" Their voice broke off as a vine ran lightly over their lips, before slipping pass the sweet flesh, and burying itself down their throat.

It's been so long since we've had company.
Our family can be complete now...


Have to...I have to find...

The sudden desperation to find that mournful voice was truly strong, strong enough that Terra Thorn could not fight it. Ever since he heard the call, Terra's mind had slowly grown muddled; a warm fog was rolling in and wrapped around his fading memories. With each step that he took, he felt his body grow warmer and warmer, a pleasant heat pooling in his belly. Despite his state, Terra's hand, thankfully, remained steady; keeping the light aimed low. This, hopefully, would keep any cops from noticing him.


Terra shook his head; eyes tearing, whimpering softly as a sharp pain went through his heart. The scent of roses and sweet milk rose, ensnaring his senses once more; causing him to relax. "Please..." Terra whispered. "Please hold on," His green eyes were trickling with pearly tears.

Please wait for me.


The sweet scent of roses and milk had practically flooded the halls, and the dark owner sighed with pleasure as vines continued curled around them. Their family was waking with each moment the little one was within the building; soon, the family would be fully awake, and the little one would become apart of them. "He's reacting to us," They whispered as the vine within their wet hole, throbbed as it began to thrust. "Isn't he, dearie?" They smiled as they felt the familiar presence nuzzle their shattered mind.

Mama will be ready soon.

A soft, sweet moan left plump lips as vines curled around their nipples; gently rubbing and caressing them as a thinner, more delicate vine found its way into the slit of their cock, and slithered into the heated flesh. As more vines continued to tease them; the darkling's green hands reached out and was running them lightly over the vines. They relaxed as the vines began to secrete a pale green fluid; which left trails of heat coursing through their sensitive skin.

"What if..." They moaned. "What if he doesn't accept us..." They managed to get out, leaning in as their cheek was caressed. There was a soft laugh, and a thick, almost tube-like, vine slithered past their lips; and buried itself down their throat. Their eyes closed, blissfully giving in as a sweet, warm liquid began to flow; forcing them to swallow the contents. Almost immediately, their body flared with unnatural heat.

Don't worry, my love.

The vines that were down the darkling's throat, cock and pussy, suddenly thickened, and without warning; were slowly being absorbed. They squirmed in delight, a poisonous green fluid dripping from their swollen nipples, as each vine was absorbed deep into their sinful body. Their hips flared a little more, the flesh around their nipples began to swell, their cock dripping with need, and their pussy had expanded; growing hotter and wetter.

Mama already has.

The darkling groaned softly, slowly coming around; a vine petting their green curls. Shaking their heads, dark green eyes opened; revealing poisonous green markings curling around their eyelids. They were pleased with the changes, and smiled as they felt their love settling deep in their corrupted soul; now they were bonded in a way that could never be broken.


Underneath their lover's scent of rose and milk, they picked up on the scent of jasmine and mint; making their mouth water. They slowly got to their feet and they realized that the new scent belonged to Mother; a sweet scent that was definitely alluring. The family was truly blessed, and now, to greet their new family member.



Terra breathed a sigh of relief. Desperation to find the mournful voice had arisen, a need so strong that Terra Thorn could not fight his growing urges. Ever since he heard the pained cry, something seemed to have shifted inside. With each step that Terra took, his body was growing warmer and warmer, a pleasant heat pooling in his belly; his pants growing uncomfortably tight. Breathing softly, his heart raced and pearly white tears were trickling from his empty eyes. Despite the hazy fog, and the seemingly endless hallway; Terra noted that the further he walked, the more the walls were covered with moss and ivy. Vines snaked their way through the ivy and curling along the walls; hiding numerous doors. What doors were visible, he saw that they were heavily boarded up, or that the knobs were covered with heavy layers of rust. Absentmindedly, he knew that there was no access to what laid behind, and so; he willingly ignored them.

That is, until now.

There, at the end of this endless hallway, was a single door. The door was a dingy gray, appearing to be rather locked; but Terra saw a soft glow coming from beneath the door. Did this mean that there was someone behind here? Maybe...maybe whoever it was, could perhaps help him?


Terra sniffed delicately, breathing in the pleasant aroma of roses and sweetened milk; realizing that the source of the heavenly scent, was coming from this room. A soft smile graced his lips, all of a sudden he felt giddy. This had to be it, the one who was calling out...they must be behind the door! He was so close to finding them...

You're finally here...

Breathing deeply, Terra reached for a surprisingly clean knob, turned it; raising an eyebrow as the knob clicked, and slowly, the door slid open. Yes, this was where he was meant to be. The one who he was looking for, was here; he was finally here.



Terra smiled softly, his glassy eyes looking around the room with pleasure. The room was actually quiet spacious, and full of life. The walls were lined with ivy and silky smooth vines; vines that sported colorful, exotic flowers emitting sweet scents. The ground, was in fact, an endless field of soft grass and a shimmering mixture of white roses and snow white lilies. He looked up, noting the mixture of ivy and vines intersecting lovingly along the ceiling.

It was heaven.

"It's beautiful," He whispered, a gentle breeze brushing by. There was a soft, sweet laugh and he squeaked; cheeks flushing deeply. "Thank you," Said a warm, husky voice. Embarrassed, Terra turned and his face redden further at the sight of the gorgeous male. The older boy was perfection sculpted from pure emerald. He blushed at the sight of leaves and moss curling around their chest and groin; perfectly toned muscles and a delicate face. Dark green eyes twinkled merrily as purple lips curled into a soft, gentle smile.

Terra was surprised when the older male strode forward, taking his left hand and kissed it softly; leaving the skin tingling. "My name is Skylar, lovely," His soft voice was like silk caressing his thoughts. "What's yours?" Terra blushed furiously, feeling his shy nature rise up once more. "T-Terra," He stammered, heart pounding like mad.

"My name is Terra Thorn."

Skylar hummed softly, his dark eyes meeting Terra's glassy ones. "Terra?" He repeated, his voice dropping to a throaty purr. "That's a pretty name for a pretty thing." Poor Terra, he looked like a little rose; blushing furiously as he looked away. No one had ever addressed him like this before, so he was flustered by Skylar's sweet words.

He was curious when Skylar cupped his chin; forcing him to look up into those dark eyes. "Tell me little Rose," He cooed, the scent of sweet honey tickled Terra's nose. "Why did you come to my home?" A sudden wave of dizziness washed over Terra, and he nearly stumbled; but thankfully, Skylar caught him before he could fall. "I-I..." Terra mumbled, his thoughts were dispersing into the warm fog that had enveloped his mind. "I don't remember," Terra whispered, confused and lost by the idea. He couldn’t really think anymore, blinking sleepily as he looked up at Skylar with a drowsy gaze. Then, a most curious thought came to Terra as he focused on those plump lips; wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Skylar smiled sweetly, and to his internal pleasure, leaned in and captured Terra's lips in a soft, sweet kiss.

A soft moan escaped and Terra leaned in, Skylar tasted faintly of grapes; relaxing as Skylar's strong arms wrapped around his waist. What was happening to him...? Skylar broke the kiss, admiring the younger boy's swollen lips and glazed over eyes which were darkening with growing lust. They were inwardly pleased with the boy's acceptance; their lover's power practically flooding the room in excitement. "Hm," Terra whimpered as Skylar placed a cool hand to his forehead, he was still warm and he felt so tired all of a sudden. Terra didn't know what was happening to his body, feeling his cock straining against his pants; weeping with need. All he knew, was the beautiful male in front of him, and there was a growing urge. It was the urge to obey, submitting to a much stronger male; to be forever loved...

"You don't feel feverish Rose," Skylar mused; gleeful as they felt Terra's excitement even through the boy's pants. "Perhaps we should cool you off?" Terra could only nod, his clothes felt damp against his heated flesh, and he wanted to feel the gentle breeze. He meekly accepted Skylar's help; slowly stripping down to his bare form, his cock standing at attention (much to his embarrassment).

Skylar licked his lips, hungrily looking Mama over with lust. They had been right, underneath Terra's baggy clothes; was a beautiful boy. Terra was small and curvy, with a slender feminine frame; his cloudy green eyes were darkening with lust. Heat was pooling in his belly, and the fog was sinking into his very soul; looking up at Skylar with hungry, lustful eyes as Skylar chuckled. "Beautiful," Skylar purred as he gently helped Terra to sit; admiring those lustful eyes. Terra blushed furiously, twiddling his fingers; the soft grass felt wonderful against his skin.

Hello Mama

Terra gasped as the husky voice whispered in his shattered mind; amazed when he felt a gentle presence nuzzle his cloudy thoughts. Skylar smiled, reaching out and caressed Terra's cheek; the boy's lustful gaze turning to him with curiosity. "You can hear them," His soft voice gentle and kind. "Can you not, Rose?" Terra nodded, dumbfounded by this recent revelation. "Good," Skylar sounded pleased. "That means you were meant to be here with us."


Skylar looked amused by his confusion; finding it adorable as Terra tilted his head. "We've been apart of this community for many years, but we went dormant for a long time," He said quietly. "But now," Skylar said softly; his eyes piercing Terra. "Now that you're here, we can revive our family," Those ominous words sent a chill down Terra's spine, but he was not afraid. No, if anything, he felt a sense of pleasure; a thrill that he could help Skylar. "H-How...?" Terra rasped, his hazy eyes remained on Skylar, never noticing the danger that he was in. Skylar smirked, as a shadow washed over the room. Unknown to Terra, there was a slick, tube-like vine, slithering along the grass; desperate to reach the unsuspecting boy. "Don't worry about it, Rose," He soothed, slowly getting to his feet as he held out a hand. "You'll see soon enough."

What was...?

Terra's eyes snapped open as something curled along his left leg, reaching up and rubbing at his slick entrance. His pupils dilated and he let out a soft moan as it slid into him; slithering through his passage, before coming to a halt, snuggling deep in his belly. His eyes rolled back and he collapsed; only for Skylar to catch his limp body. Skylar hummed, wrapping his arms around Terra's waist, running a hand through the younger boy’s curls. Terra whimpered, his glassy eyes fluttering as he was held so gently, so lovingly that he couldn't help but relax. Skylar's eyes dark with lust, watched with pleasure as he saw the visible bulge in Mama's belly; feeling his lover in the petite male, pleased as little bulges ran along the tube vine. Terra moaned, his eyes tearing up as heat continued to wash over him.

Slowly, but surely, a boiling liquid was splashing and coating his very organs. His belly began to swell, and he sighed as he felt Skylar's hand rubbing his swollen belly. "See, Mama?" He cooed as those lustful eyes stared up blankly. "You're helping us," Skylar said soothingly, watching as soft moss began to form around Mama's feet. Skylar gently cupped Mama’s chin, kissing the lustful male; feeling the little one lean in, obediently opening his mouth. The darkling growled, his tongue slowly shifting to its vine-like appearance; tracing every inch of that moist cavern.

Delicate vines curled lovingly around Terra; gently binding his legs together as the moss continued to spread; forming a demented cocoon. The vine was still buried inside of him, his belly swelling as the moss tied itself off at his waist. The mossy cocoon felt natural to the lustful boy; having the vine flooding him with delicious warmth, this was...home.

Skylar broke the kiss, purring at the sight of Mama's new cocoon; running a hand lightly over the soft moss. "Our children," He cooed, rubbing Mama's belly; pleased as Mama's fair skin began to take on a pale, yet noticeable shade of green. Terra couldn't help but moan and mewl as Skylar petted him; sending little bolts of pleasure coursing through him. His shattered mind grasped at the thought, and he couldn't help but mewl. "You Mama," Skylar whispered, laying Mama along the soft grass. "Will bring our family into this new world," He promised.

Terra shivered, licking his purpling lips, pleased and hungry over the thought. He looked at his swelling belly with pleasure, rubbing a pale green hand; absentmindedly noting that his nails were turning purple. His nipples felt so sensitive now, the flesh swelling gently; becoming plumper. A silky smooth, tube-vine ran lightly over his soft lips; before it slithered passed, and down his throat. At the same time, two thin vines clamped down wetly over his nose.

Feels good, does it not Mama?

Skylar purred; his lover's vines curling around him as Mama continued to blossom under his love's power. Terra nodded, a pink film taking over his cloudy eyes. His honey brown curls was turning a dark shade of green, and he leaned in as Skylar's love caressed his cheek.

"You're doing so wonderful," Skylar cooed as his love nudged him forward. He smiled as Mama's belly became heavily swollen; his plump breasts bouncing as Skylar rubbed his belly. He helped Mama's arms to drape over his belly, watching as the moss continued to grow; beautiful roses sprouting over the expanding cocoon. He then pressed a gentle kiss to Terra's forehead, before stepping back as the most continued to spread over Mama's body. Soon, it had reached Terra's neck, soft as silk; slowly wrapping around the entranced boy's face. The mossy cocoon had ensnared and sealed the vines into the young boy. Within moments, a cocoon the size of the former boy, laid before Skylar.

Vines curled around the cocoon, before roots sprouted from the moss; sinking into the ground. Skylar was pleased, and sighed as his love wrapped around him. "Our family," He said softly. "I wonder what they'll be like." His love chuckled, nuzzling him lovingly; leaving behind hot trails.

Only Mama knows love.