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Fuck "buddies"

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        Evan's mother was working the overnight shift at the hospital. Which meant that he was all alone in their small house. He had heated up a can of spaghetti-o's and was now eating it at the kitchen table. The house was mostly silent, aside from the faint ticking from his grandparent's old grandfather clock in the hallway. Evan found it eerie. He slurped on his spaghetti-o's to add some additional noise. It didn't do much to ease him and soon he was tapping his foot to the rhythm of the grandfather clock. 

        Evan's phone buzzed loudly against the table, and his back went rigid in the shock of it. His hand shot out to snatch his phone up. Quickly unlocking it, he tried to regulate the heavy beating of his heart. 

        It was a text from Connor, he saw. 

        "'Can I come over?'' Evan read, out loud. Barely over a light whisper. He poised his thumbs to type back. First, he types a 'sure'. He thinks about it for a second. Does that make him sound indecisive? He erases it. He types a 'yes', instead. But is that too stiff? The 's' at the end makes it sound exasperated, he thinks. So he backspaces and types 'yeah' instead'. Then he sends it.

        Evan knew what Connor wanted to do, asking to come over this late at night. They had an agreement of sorts. He wasn't sure how to label it. 

        Jared would call them 'fuck buddies'. But they can't be fuck buddies if they aren't exactly buddies. Their meetings were exclusively of a sexual manner. They didn't talk about how their days went, or about their hopes and dreams, or anything of that nature. They just did it when one of them needed it. Or when Connor needed it, rather. He was always too nervous to ask him to come over of his own accord. So he just waited for Connor to need him. It, rather. Sex.

        Sometimes Evan felt sad about it. When he did he thought about what it might be like to date Connor. He never thought about anything nasty, like fights or things like that. He only thought about the good things. Going on dates to the cinema. Sitting in the back of the theater, holding hands. Being able to look at Connor's face being illuminated by the lights reflecting off of the big screen. Maybe going out for milkshakes and fries. Sharing drinks. He liked to think ahead to after high school ended. Picturing them going on a road trip to some amusement park or something. He liked to think about what it would be like if they lived together. Cuddling at night. Eating together. Spending a day together. Talking.

        It was utterly domestic and he desperately wanted it. It made him feel warm to think about it, but then he would remember the real situation he was in and his heart would sink a bit. 

        That's what he thought about, though, when he paced over by the front door for the next fifteen minutes. Every couple minutes he would look through the peep hole and look out for either Connor or his car. 

        Sometimes Connor would walk over. Evan didn't know why. He figured that maybe Zoe was using it. Maybe it was a shared car, so Connor couldn't always use it. Thinking back to his days where he crushed on Zoe, he had seen her drive Connor to school on multiple occasions, but for some reason, he couldn't remember the car she drove. He thinks it's the same one, though. Now that he's thinking on it, he doesn't think he's ever seen Connor driving Zoe to school. Maybe he doesn't even have a license. Is that plausible? Evan didn't know.

        He's so deep in his thoughts that he forgot to check the peephole the last couple minutes. So when there's a loud knock on the wood of the door, he nearly jumps.         

        He opened the door, standing back awkwardly to let Connor in. 

        As soon as Evan had the door locked again, Connor was pressing his lips against his neck, hands feeling up his sides. 

        "Oh," Evan let out, more out of surprise than anything else. He let himself grip onto the front of Connor's Jacket. His mouth hung slightly open, letting out breathy moans. 

        Connor pushed him up against the door, sucking now on his collar bone. Evan's head was cloudy. He found himself blinking rapidly. His hands still awkwardly held onto Connor's jacket. Connor moved his lips up to his ear. 

        "Touch me," he whispered, his own hands moving up under the fabric of Evan's shirt.

        Evan blinked again and his head was a bit clearer. He unclenched his fists, suddenly realizing just how tightly they were closed, and felt around Connor's body. They fell down to Connor's ass, squeezing slowly. Connor gasped against his neck and pressed his hips forward at the sensation. Evan shuddered. He wasn't hard yet, but Connor definitely was. The feeling of his erection rubbing against him sent a wave of heat through him. He let his hips roll up against Connor's.

        "Bedroom," he whispered out, lightly hitting Connor's ass twice. 


        Connor was already halfway to the hallway, dragging Evan along by his wrist. 

        Stepping into the room, Connor quickly turned, pulling Evan up against his chest. He looked down at him and they swayed in place for a second.

        Evan blinked. This was new. And intimate in a different way. 

        After a moment Connor smiled and leaned down to press a kiss to his lips. 

        Evan's eyes screwed shut. He kissed back, letting himself get lost in it. It was very rare that Connor would kiss him on the lips. He tried to commit the feeling to memory. 

        When Connor's lips left his, there was a lingering feeling. Evan wanted to feel it forever. It made him happy. 

        Connor backed Evan up against the bed, pushing him down so he was sitting on the edge of the mattress. 

        Evan leaned back on his hands, focusing on how Connor's hands felt running down his chest. 

        "Shirt off," Connor demanded, already tugging off his jacket, his shirt along with it. 

        Evan was quick to pull of his shirt, a shiver making its way up his spine. 

        As soon as his skin was visible, Connor latched his lips back onto his collarbone, hands massaging his pecs. Evan leaned back again, letting his head fall to the side a bit. Soft moans fell from his lips. Connor lowered his hands, pressing against the hardness of Evan's erection through his jeans. 

        "Oh," Evan gasped out. "Con". He whimpered quietly, hips bucking up into Connor's palm. 

        "Fuck, Ev," Connor groaned against his neck. 

        It was a thing he had. He really liked it when Evan made noises. The first time they had ever done anything, Evan had muffled any noises he made by biting down on the sleeve of the jacket he had been wearing. Connor had ended up whispering in his ear: "noises turn me on", and had gently pulled the cloth out of his mouth. Ever since then Evan had stopped stifling his sounds. 

        Connor trailed his lips down Evan's torso, stopping just above the waist band of his jeans. He turned his eyes up at him for a second and then then looked back down as he undid the button and zipper of his jeans. Evan bit on his bottom lip. The image in front of him was insanely hot to him and he found himself unable to stop watching as Connor pulled out Evan's erection. He looked back up at Evan again, not breaking eye contact as he slowly licked a stripe up his dick.

        Evan shuddered. He arched his back, his eyes still locked with Connor's. Connor sucked lightly on a more prominent vein. He moaned loudly, feeling his blood pulse down in his erection. He leaned back onto his elbows just as Connor wrapped his lips around his head and took his length into his mouth. Evan's mind went hazy with lust. All he could focus on was what Connor was making him feel. He breathed heavily, chest rising and falling quickly. 

        Connor bobbed slowly. He deliberately moved his lips us Evan's shaft, then moved back down. 

        Evan shifted his weight to one arm, lifting the other to stroke Connor's face. He let his fingertips trace over Connor's cheeks. His eyelids. He entangled his fingers in Connor's long hair, combing through it gently for a moment before gripping the hair at the nape of his neck and tugging. Connor moaned, the sound vibrating against his cock. Evan whimpered. 

        Evan supposed this spurred Connor to speed up, because that was exactly what Connor was doing. His lips tightened around his shaft. He bobbed his head quickly, not giving Evan time for recovery. Evan's body shook at the sensation. He was barely able to keep himself from writhing against the mattress. It didn't take long for him to feel like he was getting close. 

        "Mm-Con! I'm gonna. . . mm." 

        Connor ran his tongue up his dick once more before releasing him with a soft pop. 

        Evan panted, easing off of the edge he was just on. He moved up on the bed, letting Connor pull off his pants and underwear as he went. Once he was lying there properly, he watched Connor undo his own jeans. Evan noticed that most times he didn't wear underwear when he came over. He didn't know if it was different when he went other places, but Evan couldn't understand how he could go commando when he was wearing denim pants. He pulled them off and then dug out a condom from one of the pockets. He opened the package and then rolled the condom on to Evan's dick. 

        Connor sent his a look before straddling his hips and bracing his hands on the mattress next to Evan's head. He stared down at him for a second, eyes scanning his face for a moment before his brows furrowed and he leaned down and pecked his lips. 

        Evan blinked, surprised, as Connor leaned over to Evan's nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He reached a hand up and placed his fingertips to his lips. 

        Connor poured the lube generously over his fingers, then reached his hand behind him. He let the bottle lay on the bed then moved back to press his lips against Evan's again. 

        At this point, Evan was positively confused at the amount of kisses Connor had given him. He wasn't complaining, and he hoped that this would happen more often. 

        He let himself get lost in the moment, cupping Connor's cheeks in his hands as he stretched himself out.

        Connor dragged Evan's bottom lip between his teeth, then leaned back, once again picking up the lube. He poured some onto Evan's length and then tossed it to the side. 

        Connor backed up, positioning himself over Evan's hips, holding onto Evan's shaft. He took a deep, shuddering breath, before lowering himself onto his erection. 

        Evan groaned at the feeling. 

        Connor's chest heaved. He braced his hands on Evan's chest, pausing a moment before rolling his hips up, then down. Evan bucked his hips up. 

        "Fuck, Evan," Connor groaned. 

        Evan ran his hands along Connor's torso, tweaking his right nipple between his forefinger and middle finger. Connor pressed his chest forward into Evan's hand, hips still moving up and down. 

        Evan brought his hand up to his mouth, sloppily dragging his tongue along his palm. He wrapped his hand around Connor's dick, pumping his fist. 

        Connor bounced up and down. His hands were now clenched into fists, still resting on Evan's pecs. 

        He slowed after a moment, looking down at Evan. He tucked a strand of hair behind his ear.

        Evan gripped onto Connor's hips, taking breath before flipping them. He bent Connor's knees, who then wrapped his legs around Evan's waist, pulling him closer. 

        Evan bucked his hips, moving in and out of Connor's ass. He was moving fast and Connor looked absolutely devastated. His head was thrown back against Evan's pillow, his neck stretched out, adam's apple prominently jutting out. 

        Whiny moans were falling out of Connor's lips, the sound going directly into fueling Evan's thrusts. Evan gripped onto Connor's erection again, the twists of his wrist making Connor writhe shamelessly against the mattress. 

        "Con, I'm close," Evan whined. Connor's legs tightened around Evan's waist as his hips sputtered. Evan leaned down, sucking on Connor's neck as he came, his mind hazy with lust. 

        Evan slowed, composing himself before he pulled out, taking and tying off the condom and tossing it into the trash bin by his desk.

        When he turned back to Connor, he was stroking his dick, hips bucking up into his own hand. Evan swatted his hand away, instantly replacing it with his mouth. He sucked lightly on his head before engulfing his erection. He hollowed his cheeks and ran his tongue along Connor's length. Connor shuddered after a moment and he came. 

        Evan pulled back when Connor was easing down from his high. He stumbled over to the trash can and spit out the contents in his mouth. Grabbing the water bottle on his desk, he took a swig. He swished it around in his mouth for a moment before spitting it into the trash can. 

        He turned around, awkwardly wringing his hands together. Connor was still as he laid on the bed. He had moved over a bit, leaving room for Evan on the mattress. He shifted awkwardly on his feet. 

        "Lay down, Evan." Connor patted the mattress next to him. 

        The words spurred him on. Evan laid down next to Connor, his body stiff. His heart pounded. He softened when Connor pulled the quilt over them both, fitting his head against Evan's shoulder and spreading an arm across his torso. 

        It was weird. It wasn't something Evan was used to. Usually, Connor would clean up almost right after their activities and head home. He had never wanted to . . . cuddle before. He wasn't about to complain, though, so he wrapped his arms around Connor's shoulders and held him tightly.