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Broken Smile

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Castiel woke with a jerk. Blinking away sleep, he wriggled beneath Dean's heavy body and carefully sat up. In his sleep Dean grumbled, the Detective pulling Castiel closer and nuzzling his side affectionately. Castiel smiled in amusement down at him. It was days like this, he was shocked that Dean had ever wanted him. Never would he have thought he'd end up marrying him and bending awkwardly to kiss Dean's temple, Castiel's head shot up at the sound of movement downstairs.

His heart sped up.

It wasn't Gemini he was hearing. Not unless the cat had suddenly learnt how to open doors.

"Dean." A grunt answered him and reaching down Castiel gave him a shake. "Dean!"

"Nnn...What? Sorry baby, nightmare...?"

"No, someone's downstairs."

To his credit, Dean was awake and alert in a split second. Scrambling from bed he snatched up his pyjama pants and tossed Castiel his. Dean retrieved his firearms from the bedroom safe, handing one to Castiel and on silent feet, they made their way downstairs. Dean kept in front, they cleared the space as they went and Dean was surprised to find Gemini was deep asleep in the kitchen. How the cat hadn't woken, was worrisome. He still slept even now. They hadn't long to think on it, not when a noise from the living-room drew their attention. Moving to the door, pressed to the wall, Dean nodded toward Castiel and crouching, the younger man twisted the handle while Dean entered the room, gun raised.


The figure jerked up from where they sat. The room was dark; the light from the hall casting a glow over the room and Castiel frowned at the scattered remnants on the coffee table.

Thread, scissors, bloody gauze and the entire contents of their first aid kit.

He barely had enough time to register it, when the figure bolted. Leaping across the sofa, their intruder skidded across the wooden floor and through the door that lead, unfortunately for them, into Castiel's study.

Dean and Castiel were on them in a second, Dean reaching the intruder first. With a speed that still awed Castiel at times, the Detective got a grip on the concealed figure and with a thud they were slammed into the wall. "Don't move!"

"P-Please," The figure yelped making Dean go still in shock, "I meant no harm, honest!"

Lowering his gun, Dean kept a grip and handed off his glock to Castiel who quickly retrieved it. Cautiously, Dean turned the figure and reached down pulling away the hood that was concealing their face.

Coppery red curls, matted with dirt spilled free, stopping at mid waist. The face, skin gold from what Dean could see beneath grime and bruises, was pretty, sharply defined and entirely too gaunt. She, because it was most certainly a girl hidden beneath all the baggy clothing, couldn't have been any older than fourteen or fifteen. Her cheeks were red with fever, tremors rolling through her small body, but it was her eyes that were the most startling. Red irises and black sclera looked up at Dean, wide with fear. Pity swelled in Dean's heart. He could give three guesses as to what happened to the mutant teen. "I'm going to let you go kid, but I need you to understand, you're safe, okay? We won't hurt you."

Eyes darting to Castiel and back again, the girl trembled. After barely a minute she nodded. As promised, Dean let her go. She fixed her oversized hoodie and pulled her hair from her face with hands that trembled so badly. Castiel made his way to the safe in the corner and secured their guns, before turning to face the teenager and his husband.

"What's your name?" He asked, keeping his voice low and gentle.

"R-Remy," she replied softly, "M' name is Remy."

"Any particular reason you broke in, kid?" Dean asked.

He knew she was hurt. Knew by the way she was favouring her right leg over her left, but he wouldn't push her.

Tears frothed in her eyes. Cops, she had stupidly broken in to the house of cops! Stomach churning, Remy hoped they'd let her go once she answered. " was hurt. I didn't want t' go t' de free clinic, dey don't always take kindly t' mutants...Y'r house was de furthest from de city an' I just wanted t' get m' leg stitched up an' go." Remy trembled. Bravery be damned, she was so scared. "I'm sorry...Please...Just let me go!"

Dean was horrified. The terror on the girl's face was heartbreaking. He had no doubt it was his profession she was the most scared of. They couldn't let her go. If the feverish look was anything to go by, she was ill. Possibly from infection and with a gentle look, Dean tried placating her, the best he could. "Remy, listen to me, okay? We aren't gonna hurt you, kid. I swear. You are safe, but you're badly hurt." Dean gestured toward Castiel. "My husband, he's really good with this sort of thing. Can he take a look?"

Remy backed up, flattening herself to the wall and Dean tensed when he saw a flicker of pink energy dance over her fingers that were curled into fists against her belly. "De last connards who wanted t' help, were de ones who hurt me." Remy bit out.

The shake to her words disputed her attempt at bravery. Dean really didn't like how she was cradling herself and wandered just how badly they had hurt her. His mind was coming up with several possibilities and he was hard pressed not to hit something. One thing was clear; he was scaring the girl half to death. From years of understanding one another, Dean looked up to Castiel and a single look was all it took. Castiel scowled, but it was their only option. Making his way toward the girl, he smiled gently. Remy's red on black eyes were quick to find his face and that was all Castiel needed.

They locked eyes and Castiel said one word, "Sleep."

Remy was out in seconds, her body crumpling and moving forward, Dean caught her, before she could hit the ground. The girl weighed nothing, and scooping her up carefully, Dean looked down at her blackened face. Castiel joined his husband in the centre of the room and gazed down at the child in concern. Right at that moment, neither had known, exactly the trouble they had brought upon themselves.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Pain. Remy would never forget the pain as it ripped through her. It shredded her, from the inside and out. She had blacked out at some point. When she came too, it was to voices. Hard cold voices. Prodding fingers and needles. She tried to fight, but they had strapped her down.

More pain followed.

Always pain.

And him.

He was something her mind wouldn't soon forget. He had invaded everything. Right down, deep into her core. His voice a vicious taunt in her ear. It would never go away, never leave her be. It was there, always. Tearing at her, breaking her.

How long had it been? A year? Two? She couldn't remember. The pain never stopped long enough. Then it changed. He spoke of things. Of needing to make it work. There were more needles. There was more pain and then Remy ran. She had broken free. It had taken a fight. She had torn through every obstacle.

He couldn't have it.

He couldn't have her.

With every breath in her body. She would keep it safe.

No more pain.

The dream faded. Remy woke to voices. They were murky. Her brain wasn't quite taking them in. Blissfully, she realised she couldn't feel anything either. Her body felt heavy, weighed down. Sleep dragged, she only heard snippets.

"...needs a hospital, Dean!"

"...Crazy...Sammy?! The kid is clearly...mutant!"

"Stop it!"


"Sam. Just check her!"

It was fragments. She wasn't taking in much. The next time she came too, it was to a cold cloth and to find herself naked. She was terrified, but couldn't bring her lethargic body to respond. Someone was talking to her, touching her cheek trying to soothe her. Remy drifted, and fell to the abyss again.

On her third time to wake, she was fully alert. The fever had finally broken and sunshine filled the room. Stiffly, Remy sat up. She was alone. The room was a large one. The walls were a pale green, with a sunny yellow and it just screamed home and warmth. Someone had showered and dressed her, Remy realised. The very idea made her a tad squeamish, but from what she could tell, no one had done anything sinister. In fact, she felt better than she had in quite some time.

Climbing from the soft bed, Remy reached out and steadied herself. Her leg throbbed, but it was mild compared to what it had been. She was in a man's AC/DC t-shirt.

On her, it fitted like a dress, falling to her knees. Her leg had been re-bandaged. The job a lot less crude than her own pathetic attempt at medical treatment. Gingerly, she tested her weight and found she could bare it enough to walk. A mirror sat in the corner. It was floor length and Remy got a startling look at herself.

She had lost so much weight. Her cheeks were gaunt, the bones jutting out starkly. The mottled bruising had faded to green and yellow and God, when had her hair gotten so limp and matted? Tearing her gaze away, Remy limped to the door and slipped out into the hall. She jumped when she found a ball of fur curled up at her door. Bicoloured eyes of amber and green looked up at her. Out of the face of an ink black cat. A collar hung about his throat and the tags read Gemini.

Remy smiled. She had always liked cats. Stretching, Gemini got to his feet and trotted toward her. He wound about her legs, meowing in greeting.

"Hey, dere." Remy greeted. "Aren't y' a pretty t'ing?"

"You're up."

Startling, Remy's eyes snapped up and she found herself looking at the black haired man from before. Remy wondered what her chances were of getting by him. Her worry and fear was quite clear on her face.

He smiled. "I'm Castiel. We didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves." He smiled. "The man who had a tight grip of you, is my husband, Dean."

"How long was I asleep?"

"Two days."

Two days?! She had been out for two days? Jesus, no wonder she felt so shaky. No food for two days. She was really running on empty. Her stomach clenched painfully. Growling a little. Remy flushed and Castiel chuckled.

"Come on, Dean just set out breakfast."

Breakfast. Yes, breakfast sounded good. Remy was wary. But she couldn't feel any malice off him and followed him. In fact, she couldn't feel anything off him at all. Against her empathy, he was completely shielded and there was only one way that was possible.

"You're a mutant." It wasn't a question.

Castiel smiled. "Yes."

Remy's eyes narrowed. "It doesn't make y' trustworthy."

"I wouldn't expect it to."

The conversation was left at that. In the kitchen, sensational smells were to be had. Dean had bacon and eggs made and was just setting down a stack of blueberry pancakes when they wandered in. He wasn't alone. Remy's red and black eyes immediately zeroed in on a very tall man sat at the head of the table. His head was bent over what looked to be paperwork, a mug cradled in one hand. Wavy brown curls fell about a sharply sculpted face and as if he had sensed her, he lifted his gaze, smiling warmly. "You're awake."

"Remy, this is Sam, Dean's brother. He's also a...well...veterinarian."

Remy blinked. A wry smile tilted her lips and she looked up at Castiel. "He stitch me up?"

"Yes, I cut out that mess you had and fixed you up proper." Sam said with an amused grin.

"Hey, I used what I had." Remy returned with a cheery grin.

She felt at ease with Sam. There was no threat. In fact, the only one who made her truly wary was Dean.

Dean stood by the table, so far withholding comment. He was a gruff sort. Remy realised he was just as wary of her as she was of him. Cops. Suspicious sorts, weren't they? Castiel coaxed her to sit and filled her up a plate.

"So, kid." Dean began, plonking down in a seat right next to her. "What's your story?"

"Y' not even gonna let a lady have breakfast before you question her?" Remy asked dryly.

Sympathetic he may be, but Dean wanted to know how she ended up in the condition she was in. "It's a simple question, kiddo."

"Non. It's an invasive question. Don't gotta tell y' not'in and if y' t'ink I do, I'll leave now." Remy moved to get up, stopping when Dean grabbed her wrist.

"Relax, kid. If you don't wanna tell me, that's fine." Dean told her. "I won't force you to tell us anything. Okay?"

Remy looked at him for a long moment before plopping back down and tucking into pancakes smothered in syrup.

That would have to do for now.

Breakfast was a quiet affair. Remy ate her fill. Castiel hated to see her shielding her food and wondered yet again what had happened to the poor girl. He didn't miss what his husband had copped. Track marks in her skinny arms, enough for them to be overlapping each other in a mess of scars. So far, there was no sign of withdrawals, but they would need to watch for it.

After seconds, Remy brought her dishes to the sink. Her limp wasn't as pronounced. In fact, she was healing remarkably fast.

"You have accelerated healing?" Castiel questioned.

Remy looked over from the sink and smiled. "Sort of, I got a spark. Can convert potential energy into kinetic energy, me. Make t'ings blow up with it. De bigger it is, de bigger de boom." Remy held up a spoon and a burst of pink sparks danced along the metal. "Energy is constantly flowing t'rough me and it speeds up m' healing. Not sure how, it just does."

"Handy." Dean grunted.

Castiel grinned up at his husband. "Jealous?"

"You kidding me? That would come in so handy out in the field."

Remy giggled and reached for the dish towel. "I also have empathy. Can feel and manipulate emotions." She pinked a little, suddenly afraid. "But I ain't using it now, honest!"

"We know, sweetheart." Castiel said gently. "I would know if you were. My mutation allows me to shield my mind. I can sense other mutants and their powers and I can manipulate a person simply by eye contact."

Remy frowned a moment, before her eyes widened. "Y' knocked me out! De night I was...Y' said sleep and den...not'in!"

Castiel smiled guiltily. "I'm very sorry, Remy. But we needed to check you were okay. I dislike using that part of my mutation unless I absolutely have too."

Remy scowled. She couldn't sense if he were telling the truth or not! Deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt, she left it alone. How much had they examined her? The idea of it had her wanting to flee. "What did y' do exactly?"

Sam was the one to answer. "Don't worry. I only redressed your leg. Checked your vitals and put a salve on your bruises. Nothing seriously invasive."

"We had to undress you at one point." Castiel said gently. "Your fever was sky high and we needed to get it down quickly."

Remy nodded. She understood that. Best just be grateful she was alive. "Merci. If it's alright with y', could I stay a couple more days? Den I'll be outta y'r hair."

All three men blinked. None of them were too keen on letting a fifteen year old teenager leave and most likely end up back on the streets.

Dean scowled and reached for the coffee pot. "And if we offered a permanent residence?"

Remy blinked, before laughing hysterically. "No offence, homme. But Y' don't want me around, trust me."

"In other words, kid, you're in trouble and running from it." Dean said casually, taking a long sip of his steaming java.

Remy's face said it all. Temper flashing in her red and black eyes, along with a deep seeded fear. Someone had hurt her and hurt her badly. She swallowed pass the bile clawing up her throat and tossed the dish towel onto the counter top. "I don't gotta tell y'."

"Never said you did, kid." Dean responded evenly. "But let's cut the bullshit. You're running from something?"

"If I am?"

"Then, let us help you!" Castiel immediately interjected. "The streets are no place for a teenage girl!"

Remy laughed bitterly at that. "Been on de streets most of m' life. I know de streets. Know de hierarchy an' how it all operates. It's people with smiling faces dat scare me more."

And wasn't that just horribly sad? That life had hurt her that much, she was more trustworthy of the shadows than she was the light?

Castiel had been fortunate enough to grow up in a loving home. His mother had died giving birth to him and his older twin brother Gabriel. Their father Lucifer had raised them alone. When the twins were thirteen, he realised both were mutants and it changed absolutely nothing.

Where Castiel's powers were mostly psychic, Gabriel had the ability to create something from nothing. One snap of his fingers and anything he could think of came into existence. Over the years he had quite a bit of fun with that one.

He also had the ability to manipulate light. From taking it away, to brightening up a room and even turning it destructive.

Castiel would never forget the time when they were both sixteen and Gabriel formed a pair of blades out of bright, piercing light. The mutant haters had never run so fast and after that, Gabriel made it his life's mission to train. Now, he was a lethal fighter. Could fight with every blade imaginable. Was a pro with firearms, and had a black belt in judo, was a fifth-degree black belt in taekwondo and a black belt Shihan.

He learnt how to fight with a Bō and was a damn good archer when the need arose.

Where Castiel became a teacher, Gabriel used his impressive skills to go into...well...not exactly a legal form of employment.

He got into the game of helping fellow mutants. Breaking them out of facilities. Moving them through underground networks to safety and had on occasion lent a hand to the infamous X-Men.

Truth be told, Gabriel would be able to find out who Remy was. He had contacts absolutely everywhere. But at the same time, if she didn't want their help, they couldn't force her.

"Our offer is there." Castiel said eventually, getting up with his breakfast dishes.

Remy nodded stiffly. "I'll t'ink about it."

The hell she would. These lovely people weren't about to suffer for her unfortunate crap. He would come for her. He always did and those who were foolish enough to stop him, died. Remy was not about to let that happen. No. In a couple of days she would vanish and they could back to their happy existence without her.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


His boots crushed against glass. Shards of it lay scattered all around and three of his guards were very much dead. She had cut their throats. How she had managed it—ah...clever girl. There, among the debris, a twisted piece of metal. It took him a second to realise it was a spoon. A spoon! She had somehow sharpened it to a lethal point! It would have taken weeks to do. But all she had was weeks.

She took her opportunity. Cut the throats of her guards and ran. His most precious creation, gone!

Though he was amused by her escape, he was blind with fury. They had finally succeeded! It was such a critical stage of his plans and now, he had no idea where she was!

Hearing footsteps, he turned.

"Arclight, Sabretooth...So kind of you to join me!"

Arclight scowled, folding her arms across her chest. "So, Sinister. She got away?"

Sinister glared. "I do detest when you point out the obvious, my dear. But yes, she's gone and has taken my precious plans with her. It's probably pointless to ask, but can you track her Sabretooth?"

"No." The feral grunted. "She hid her scent somehow."

"Of course she did." Sinister snarled, eyes taking in everything, looking for mistakes. He growled a curse. "She didn't do this alone."

Arclight startled. "You think the kid had help from one of our own?"

"I have no doubt. Little Remy may have gotten the spoon and weaponised it herself. May have gotten out of her cell alone. But to disguise her smell and get out of the building, three floors underground...? No...She had help." Sinister stepped over a corpse and snarled. "The computers were shut down prior. No cameras to show a thing. Get Riptide and have him retrieve what he can. Sabretooth, have Prism and Chimera hunt out our traitor."

"And me?" Sinister grinned.

"You, my friend, have a teenager to track. She can't hide her smell forever." With a pleased growl, Sabretooth marched out, Arclight right behind him. Sinister took one last look at the chaos Remy had created and sneered. He wasn't worried. She would soon be his again and this time, he intended to break her.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


"Honey, I'm home!"

Remy had been sat in the living-room when the jubilant call filled the house. A wash of unhindered joy filled her to the brim, making her almost giddy from it. Curious, she set the book down she had been browsing through and wandered out into the hall.

Gemini trotted after her, the feline keeping close to her.

In the kitchen, Sam was lit up, arms around a smaller man with wavy brown hair, gold skin and the brightest of emotions. He was the embodiment of happy and Remy couldn't help but suck it up.

"Coffee, Gabriel?"

"Ooo Cassie, you know I'd love some! Where's Dean-o?"

"Work. He was supposed to be off, but was called in last minute. I'll get the first aid kit."

"For what?"

"I'm not blind, Gabe! I did notice the cut along your shoulder and neck! Has anyone seen that?"


"Samuel, talk to your husband."

Sam's rich laughter filled the kitchen. "He's your twin, why don't you talk to him?"

"Because Gabriel tends to do the exact opposite of what I say."

Gabriel grinned. "Tis true. Life's more fun that way."

Honey gold hues suddenly found Remy lurking in the kitchen doorway and Gabriel blinked in mild surprise. "You adopt, Cassie?"

Castiel blinked and looked. "Oh! No, that's Remy. She's, hmm...A long story."

Remy chewed her lip. "Sorry. I didn't mean t' intrude or not'in."

"Not at all, kiddo!" Gabriel said pulling away from Sam. He grinned in delight at her. "A mutant, obviously by those pretty eyes. Hurt too, from your leg. Get caught up in the wrong thing, sweetness?"

"Y' could say dat." Remy responded.

Gabriel laughed heartily, eyes sparkling. "Relax, kitten. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to."

Remy nodded, relaxing.

Castiel made up a pot of coffee—hot chocolate for Remy—and the four sat around the kitchen table. Castiel and Sam filled in Gabriel and other than offering her the right people to call if she ever needed help, Gabriel left the subject alone. He had been around enough mutants on the run to know when to push and when not too. They didn't need her getting scared and bolting. Eyes on Remy, Gabriel frowned suddenly, before rolling his eyes.

"I'm guessing since you're sat in my brother-in-laws clothes, you haven't much of your own?"

Remy flushed. "Non. I...What I had was ruined."

"Uh huh. Well, up you get. You're coming with your Uncle Gabriel since these chuckleheads obviously didn't think of it."

Remy blinked owlishly. "Where?"

"Pfft. Where do you think? Shopping. Grab your coat!"

Remy watched him swan out and her gaze snapped back to Sam and Castiel. "Is he serious?"

Sam grinned. "Very."

Remy groaned. "Mon dieu! Why do I feel like I'm gonna regret saying yes?"

"Ha! Like you actually have an option, sweet cheeks!" Gabriel chortled from the hall. "Come on!"

Currently, she sat in Dean's t-shirt and sweats. The sweats were just about sitting on her hips, staying up by sheer willpower and on her feet were her own mangled boots. She had no underwear to her name. Not even a toothbrush.

Remy chewed her lip and looked up when Gabriel appeared in the doorway. "I got no money."

"Never asked if you had money, kiddo." Gabriel said gently, holding out what was actually Castiel's coat. "Come on, now. You'll feel a tonne better in clothing that fits."

What did she have to lose? Timidly she took the coat and said goodbye to Sam and Castiel following Gabriel out. She trusted him almost immediately. Maybe because he all but wore his emotions out on display. The man had nothing to hide. Wasn't afraid to feel what he felt. He was a ray of sunshine. Safe and warm. Enough to chase away the dark.

Gabriel's vehicle was a truck the colour of a red cherry. It was beautiful and just suited him so perfectly; Remy found herself smiling as she climbed into the passenger side.

"This is Flora, my baby!" Gabriel crooned, petting the dashboard.

"She's stunning, f'r sure." Remy admired.

Gabriel grinned and ruffled her hair. "A kid with good taste! I think I'll keep you."

In spite of herself, Remy burst out laughing. Her cheeks dimpled, she lit up bright. It had been so long since she had had anything to be remotely happy about. With a smile, Gabriel pulled away from the curb and Remy let her worries fly away.

Remy was very aware of eyes. Eyes all on her and she wasn't sure whether to just turn and walk back out, or snarl at them. Everyone was gawking at her bedraggled state and odd eyes.

"You've as much right to be here as anyone else, kiddo." Gabriel whispered head bent down to her. "All of them have their own secrets. They have no right to judge you."

A great philosophy to be sure. It didn't help all that much though.

"Easy f'r y' t' say." She grumbled. "Y' don't have y'r mutation out f'r de world t' see."

Brow raised, Gabriel cleared his throat and lifted his hand. Several people near them gasped in terror when a sphere of coloured light burst to life in the middle of Gabriel's palm. Remy watched in shock as they walked along. Gabriel casually hummed, bouncing the coloured orb in his hand. Stopping outside a large clothing store, he made the ball of glimmering light poof and offered Remy his arm.

"Shall we, kitten?"

Stunned, Remy linked his arm and followed him inside. Had Gabriel really blatantly used his powers in front of a bunch of shoppers and not give a damn at all? God! Someday, Remy hoped to be that confident in herself.

On the whole drive over, Remy had insisted this wasn't necessary. But now, Gabriel grinned when he saw her face light up. Remy's head snapped this way and that. Wiggling away from Gabriel, she bounced about, admiring clothes with a cheery smile. Gabriel watched her. She checked prices, deflated and stood awkwardly.

Well, easy fix. Grabbing a basket, Gabriel hummed and snatched up several of the items he had noticed her admiring. Ignoring her protests, he grabbed shoes, underwear—much to her mortification—and socks. Pyjamas followed. Bunny slippers and a few knick knacks of nail polish, hair scrunchies and some bangles Remy had been looking at. Remy was impressed. He had guessed her size...well...her size for when her weight was correct. She had a few pounds to gain and having a pair of trainers that didn't have a gazillion holes was absolutely heavenly. Her eyes almost bugged out when she saw the total price at the till.

"Not a word." Gabriel said whipping out his wallet.

"But, Gabriel—"

"Nuh uh, baby cakes. Not a word." Gabriel smiled and handed over his credit card.

Remy shuffled on her feet. She had changed into one of the outfits and honestly did feel a tonne better in jeans, under things and a t-shirt that fit her. Gabriel had also bought her a beautiful leather jacket. She tried not to think on how much he had spent on her! She had barely owned more than five items of clothing at any one time over the years and too often, they were stolen from charity bins and even actual dumpsters.

Gathering up the bags, Gabriel headed out and Remy hurried after him.

"T'ank y'!" She blurted. "T'ank y' so much!"

Gabriel grinned. "Not at all, kiddo. Always wanted a sister to spoil. Yes, I've semi adopted you. Deal with it."

Laughing, Remy followed Gabriel to the food court. She wasn't getting as many looks now and strangely the looks she did get, she really didn't care about. She was honestly having a good time! They ordered burgers and fries. Gabriel felt a pang of disgust at the euphoric look of bliss on Remy's face when she took the first bite out of her burger and realised she had never had the pleasure of basic junk food, or probably any decent food. Afterwards he ordered the biggest ice cream they had. It was just a joy to see her being a kid.

After food, they went to get toiletries of the feminine variety and on the way out, Remy stopped outside a huge book store.

Gabriel smiled. "Want to get some reading material?"

Remy flushed crimson. "No point." She thought back to the book she had been glossing through. What a waste that had been. "I can't read."

Gabriel blinked and pity flooded him. Remy felt it and turned away from him. Gabriel yanked his head from his ass, put on his cheeriest smile and skipped into the shop. He came back ten minutes later with a new bag.

"What's dat?" Remy asked curiously.

"Supplies. You can't read, so we're going to teach you." Gabriel said with a happy grin.

Remy blinked. The colour in her cheeks darkened even more, but a small smile graced her lips. It was all the thanks Gabriel needed. With a gentle nudge out, they headed back to the car. Remy felt positively fuzzy with warm feelings. She hoped she had a forever friend in Gabriel.

Even if she would never see him again.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E -X-x-X-x-X


Dean dragged his tired ass into his house and cursed the second he tripped over his cat. Gemini yowled and bolted. Grumbling, Dean dumped his stuff and followed the delicious aroma of dinner floating from the kitchen. Sam was in the process of removing a chicken from the oven, while Castiel mixed up gravy.

"Hey, babe." Dean greeted, kissing Castiel's cheek. He looked around. "Where's the kid?"

"Shopping." Sam chuckled at his brother's confusion. "Gabriel showed up, took her to get some bits."

Dean cursed. "Dude! Why didn't we think of that? Poor kid!" "

Poor kid?"

"She's gonna be Gabe-aumatised!"

Castiel barked out a laugh. "That's not a word!"

"It is in my dictionary."

Sam laughed and playfully shoved his brother. "Now, now...Leave my husband alone."

"Honeys, we're home!"

The front door shut, a happy female laugh filled the house and Gabriel waltzed in, arm tossed around Remy who was looking a lot more comfortable in clothes that actually fit.

"Ooo something smells really good!" Gabriel said cheerfully.

"Chicken, vegetables, biscuits and gravy, with mashed potatoes," Castiel told his twin. He smiled at Remy. "Have fun?"

"Oui!" She replied jubilantly. "Gabriel took me t' all sorts of places. We got clothes an' everyt'in I need and...and, Gabriel said y' could help me learn t' read Castiel."

Castiel blinked in surprise. She couldn't read? The poor thing. Smiling, he nodded. "Sure thing. I can teach you, Remy."

Remy lit with delight. Deep down, she knew it wouldn't last. But for now. She wanted to pretend.

During dinner, Remy realised something she hadn't noticed before. All four men lived together in the large house and Gemini had a sibling. She had the pleasure of meeting Sam's cat, Ruby and she was a spitfire. Blonde fur, with white and deep orange eyes.

She tolerated only Sam and hissed if anyone else got near her. And that included her brother. Sam had taken in both cats from his practice. They had been confiscated from their owner. Ruby had been almost two and her brother wasn't long born to their mother, who unfortunately had to be euthanized. Ruby automatically took to Sam and with Gemini needing to be bottle fed, Sam brought the two home.

Gemini stuck to Dean and Ruby stuck to Sam and that's how it had always been.

Remy decided to win the cat over at some point. She really did like cats.

They sat down to watch a movie after food.

Jurassic Park.

Gabriel said it was a must, since Remy had never seen it and according to the older mutant that was a sin. They were going to marathon!

Remy settled in between Gabriel and Sam and her eyes were wide in fascination as she watched Dinosaurs fill the screen. Sam grinned at his husband and Castiel watched it all with a tender look. Even Dean's face was soft. None of them wanted her to go. Dean tapped Castiel's arm, it was time to discuss something with him. His husband didn't need to ask. He knew Dean well enough to get up and follow. They slipped into the kitchen and Castiel blinked when a file was pressed into his hands. Frowning, he opened it and gaped.

"Her name is Remy LeBeau." Dean said gently. "She was adopted by Jean-Luc LeBeau when she was ten and disappeared a year later. He's been searching for her ever since. I came by this quite easily because of it."

Castiel shook his head. "She never said...Could she have run from him?"

"I don't know. I'm looking into it, but I don't think so, babe. Whatever she's running from, it's a lot bigger than her adoptive family." Dean sighed. "All I know about the LeBeaus, they're good people."

"Then why not go home? It says here she's from New Orleans, why not head that direction instead of ending up here?!"

"I don't know Cas...But I intend to find out."

So did Castiel. Remy was hiding something. Playing a part. Acting like a frightened homeless girl, who couldn't read and acted as if she had never had any comforts. But she had had a home at some point.

So why fake it?

What had her scared enough to lie?


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Remy was up first the next day and had made a huge breakfast for the household. Coffee bubbled in the pot and she had just finished setting the table when Dean walked in, scrubbing tiredly at his eyes.

"Morning," Remy greeted pleasantly, face completely devoid of bruising, "Y' hungry?"

Dean blinked at the spread and grinned, "Starving."

Making up a huge plate of food, she settled it down in front of him, with a mug of coffee. Dean watched her. Remy ate her own plate of food, drinking tea. She was nice company. Didn't say much and was thankfully coming to trust them. Hopefully they would get the truth out of her. Dean smiled to himself and reached, frowning. "Crap, salt."

"Oops. Sorry, cher..I'll get it f'r y'." Remy froze suddenly.

She spun, knocking her plate.

Dean yelped when a loud crash filled the room. "Remy! The hell!"

"Dey found me!" She whimpered a split second before the front door literally blasted off its hinges.

Dean exploded off his chair and spun around. A woman with long black hair tied back in a thick tail stalked in, along with a smaller girl with choppy black hair and behind them stood an absolute behemoth. He was huge, thickly muscled with long messy blonde hair and ink black eyes.

"Callisto." Remy gasped. Callisto sneered. "Hey there, Remy...Arclight, Sabretooth and me have been looking all over for you since you stole from Sinister. Time to go home."

Remy shook her head, sparks skittering along her fingers. Footsteps thundered and a second later Sam, Castiel and Gabriel filled the room. Gabriel took a split second to assess the situation, before his gold eyes burned with a brilliant blue light. Raising his hand, a wall of white luminance encircled the three intruders.

"Everyone, out!" Gabriel commanded.

No one needed to be told twice. Everyone ran. On the way out, Gabriel grabbed three huge duffels from the downstairs closet, two cats and rolled his eyes at the sight of Dean in his Impala. Heaven forbid the man went for the truck or SUV. Since his light shield wouldn't hold forever, Gabriel didn't bother arguing. He dumped the bags in the trunk, the cats on Sam's lap and was barely in the backseat, when Dean tore from the driveway and gunned it down the street. Dead silence filled the car. No one dared talk just yet. It was only when they were several miles away that Dean found his voice.

"Remy, what the hell was that?!"

"Bad people after m' ass." Remy bit out.

"I noticed! You stole from someone?"

"No! I didn't steal anyt'in!"

"Not according to crazy bitch!"

"Dean." Castiel said softly, voice laced with warning. He twisted in his seat. "Who were they, Remy?"

"Callisto, Arclight and Sabretooth." The answer didn't come from Remy and everyone looked in surprise at Gabriel. Gabriel's gaze was hard. "They work for a crazy son of a bitch who calls himself Sinister."

"How do you know that?" Sam asked twisting to look around Remy at his husband.

"My job, Sammich. I hear and see a lot of things. I've dealt with these clowns before." Gabriel's eyes fell on Remy. "You got involved with Sinister?"

Remy snarled a curse. "No!"

"Then they decided to chase your ass for kicks?"


"Then what is it, Remy?!"

"Dey don't want me!" Remy snapped.

"Tell that to our front door." Dean said dryly from the driver's seat. "Listen, kid. We can't help you if you don't tell us what's going on."

Remy kept her mouth shut. She was so not getting into this. The teenager had too much on the line. And they were included in that.

Gabriel wasn't quick to drop the matter. "Paint me a picture, Princess. You stole critical information?"

"I didn't steal anyt'in." Remy spat.

"I find that hard to believe. Sinister is known for his crazy experiments. Call me crazy, kid...But they seemed to want something you took rather than you." Gabriel spread his hands in a just saying gesture.

"Pull over." Remy snarked.

Dean looked at her briefly. "No."

"I'm not asking! Pull over!"

"We aren't about to turf you out in the middle of nowhere." Gabriel told her.

"I don't need y'r help! I'm not risking y' getting killed f'r me!" Remy all but screamed, tears gathering in her pretty crimson eyes. "So cut y'r losses, let me out!"

"Not happening, Remy." Sam said gently. "We want you safe."

With a string of French curses, Remy flopped back against the seat and silently fumed. Stubborn idiots! She hadn't the energy to argue.

Quiet fell for a little while, until Dean looked back at Gabriel. "So mutant safety expert, where to?"

Gabriel grinned. "One of the safest mutant places I know...The Xavier Institute."


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Remy had never felt so cramped. Six hours in a car from North Dakota was a pain in the ass and if she didn't get a chance to stretch her legs soon, she was actually about to lose her mind. Gemini had curled up in her lap at some point. The cat snoozing away and all around, emotions were caressing at her senses. It only added to her sour mood, because any friendship she had developed was now gone, shattered, kaput!

Gabriel was furious with her; she could feel it like a lightning storm in her head. She hated it. She fell deeper and deeper into a pit of depression, dozing at one point against Sam, only to jerk awake when the Impala came to an abrupt stop.

Remy blinked grit from her eyes and frowned. They were in a salvage yard, the evening sun casting a dusty glow over rusty old cars and house.

"Out we get troops." Dean told them, cursing and grunting as he climbed out and stretched his stiff body.

Remy followed them. Gemini and Ruby immediately took off, but neither Dean or Sam appeared worried. Remy looked about. The place was quiet. Just outside Sioux Falls and nearby a sign read


She wondered who Bobby was. It didn't take long for her to find out. A door was thrown open and a gruff looking man walked out. His eyes took in the group and he had only one thing to say.

"Balls. What did ya idjits do now?"

Gabriel chuckled. "Hey to you too, Singer."

"What the hell are ya doing here? Seriously Sam, ya know I can't stand him."

Remy blinked. She wasn't sure if he was being serious or not. Since the emotions in the car had pretty much overloaded her, she wasn't bothered with probing his.

Bobby's eyes found her quickly enough, one brow raised. "Anotha stray, I see."

"A long story." Gabriel told him. "Bobby, this is Remy. Remy, this is Bobby."

"Please t' meet y', sir." Remy said politely, somewhat dully and it didn't go unnoticed.

Castiel reached for her and was stunned when she flinched violently. "Remy, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She said softly. "Just really tired."

Castiel nodded. "Okay, well, I'm sure Bobby wouldn't mind if you lay down."

Bobby's gaze was soft and he nodded. "Pop up stairs, sweetheart. Pick any room you like."

Nodding, Remy made her way inside.

The second the door shut, Bobby turned, folding his arms across his broad chest. "Explain, now."

So they did. Filling him in on Remy breaking in, to the mutants showing up at the house. Dean and Castiel brought up the file, which only made Gabriel even angrier with her. What was going on with this kid?! How the hell did she get involved with the likes of Sinister in the first place? There was no malice in her. She didn't strike any of them as dangerous. So what does she have, that he wanted?

"Her DNA." Gabriel said abruptly.

"What, baby?" Sam asked gently.

"Sinister. Word is he's obsessed with mutant DNA. What if Remy wasn't working with him? Maybe what she has stolen, is herself?"

Castiel nodded. "Mutant experimentation isn't unheard of and most require a little more than blood. If she got away before Sinister had what he wanted, that would certainly drive him to locate her."

"Certainly explains why she swears she stole nothing." Gabriel said. "You can't really steal yourself, now, can you?"

Dean dragged a hand through his hair. "Any way to find any of this out?"

Gabriel nodded. "With the right lines of communication, I could find out what she was being held for. But it would take a few days. Unless Remy wants to fess up herself, which I doubt is going to happen. She's just too scared."

A fact they were all in agreement on. The fury Gabriel had been feeling had finally begun to fade. He felt bad. He had a feeling Remy's quietness was partly his fault. Inside Bobby's kitchen they drank coffee and talked. For dinner they ordered pizza and the smell of food coaxed Remy downstairs. The teenager ate quietly. She looked as if she had a lot on her mind. Castiel sat down next to her.

"How are you feeling?"

"Worn out, but okay." Remy said, discarding her slice of pizza. "I considered climbing out de window, but figured...where de hell would I go?"

"Home." Dean said from where he sat, wolfing down a fifth slice. "You know, to Jean-Luc LeBeau...Your father?"

Remy's eyes blew wide. "How do y' know dat?!"

"I'm a cop kid. There's very little I don't know. So. The whole street kid crap, was faked?"

"No." Remy snapped. "I was on de streets till I was ten. Den Jean-Luc snatched me up after I tried stealing from him. I was terrified. T'ought he'd hand m' ass t' de cops, but he didn't. Non. He took me in, gave me a home. Taught me how t' read an' write. I was happy!"

"You pretended you couldn't read?" Gabriel spluttered.

"I pretended oui. Didn't need y' looking f'r m' family." Remy stood, arms wrapped about her waist. "Needed y' t' t'ink I was just a street kid an' not'in else!"

"But why, Remy?" Castiel prodded gently. "Why not go home?"

"Were y' not paying attention a few hours ago? I was not riskin' m' papa or brother getting killed!" Remy sniffled, tears spilling free no matter how much she fought them. "It's m' problem! Can take care of it m'self."

"You're a teenage girl! A child!" Gabriel protested. "You shouldn't have to take care of it yourself. We can protect you from him."

"It's not me he wants." Remy said defeated.

"Oh for heaven sake, Remy! This again?"

"Yes!" Remy snapped glaring at Gabriel. "He doesn't want me. He'll keep me temporarily until he gets what I really took from him. Sinister wants m' baby."

The looks on all their faces were comical. Jaws dropped, Sam choked on a soda and it was Dean who managed to finally form words.

"You're pregnant?!"

"I'm almost t'irteen weeks." Remy said softly. "I guess, I better explain."

"Yes!" They all chorused.

Mon dieu! Yup, she best get it over with. "A year after Jean-Luc took me in, I snuck out. Still an impish little t'ing and I just wasn't fully used t' being told t' stay put. So I defied m' papa. Biggest mistake I ever made. I ran into Sinister. He took an interest in me. Usually I could smell danger a mile off, but dere was somet'in about him dat put me at ease. Next I know I was waking up in a cage. From dere, it was hell. I escaped a couple of times, but he always managed t' find me an' when I turned t'irteen, my mutation manifested." Remy shuddered. "He was so delighted. I'm extremely powerful an' he told me he had great plans. F'r the next two years I lost t'ree pregnancies. One came to term, but he...he was extremely messed up. Dis was the fourth attempt. I couldn't take it anymore...I did what I had t' and I ran."

White faced, Gabriel gestured. "The baby?"

"A mix of several different mutants." Remy said. "Genetically engineered."

"Oh, God...Oh, Remy!" Castiel could barely form words. What had they done to her?!

"Do ya know who's DNA they used?" Bobby asked gently.

Remy nodded. "I don't know dem, but I saw de file once. He's tried a few combinations, but dis time he used DNA from mutants named Logan, Jean Grey and Rogue. Mixed in with my DNA, de baby will be extremely—Gabriel? Y' okay?"

Gabriel blustered. "He used DNA from three of the X-Men!"

Remy blinked. Even she knew of the team who did what they could to protect mutants. How had Sinister even gotten his hands on their DNA? A dark cloud loomed. The baby was going to be the ultimate of mutants. Sinister would never stop trying to take the child.

She was trapped.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Sinister stepped over the cold corpse of one of his guards. He had enjoyed killing her. The traitorous bitch was responsible for his greatest creation getting away. He was positive the baby would survive and this time without complications, but now, he would have to tear the country apart to find the mother.

The doors swung open, Sinister turned and immediately howled in fury. "Where is she?!"

"Gone." Callisto said irritated. "She had help. Two mutants and two civilians. We were trapped and by the time we got free the scent had gone cold."

"You are fools!" Sinister seethed. "The plans won't work without her! She is the only one powerful enough to sustain such a pregnancy!"

Sabretooth growled. "I'll find her."

"You had better." Sinister warned. "You will regret it if you fail!"

Sabretooth hissed in annoyance, turning on his feet and stalking out. Callisto and Arclight waited a heartbeat more before joining him.

Sinister paced. All his work, his plans, his beautiful creation! He would have them back. If he had to kill every idiot in his path, he would have Remy again.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Remy sat curled up in a chair just outside, one hand rubbing absently at her middle. Since her confession, it was remarkable how fussy the men around her had become. Gabriel had left to get healthy groceries, while Sam wanted a doctor to check her over. Remy was very wary, but Sam promised the doctor he had in mind was nothing to worry about. While Gabriel cooked, Sam went to retrieve her and Dean asked about a gazillion times did she need anything. Remy merely smiled at their antics. Near seven, Sam returned and with not what Remy had expected in the doctor sense.

"S'up, bitches!"

A pretty red head greeted walking into the living-room. Remy sat in the corner. Sam walked over to her and smiled. "Remy, this is Charlie. She's a really good friend and skilled Doctor."

"And hacker!"

Sam chuckled. "And hacker. She runs a clinic for mutants."

Remy blinked in surprise, looking up at Charlie. "Y' a mutant?"

"Nope. Just someone who gives a crap." Charlie grinned. "So. Sammy boy wants me to give you a medical exam because you're preggers. Well up you get, so we can do this thingy!"

Remy was nervous. But if they trusted her, then she would.

Charlie brought her upstairs and took everything from urine to blood and used a handheld Doppler to check the baby's heartbeat. "There." Charlie grinned when a healthy thump filled the room. "Hear it?"

Tears filled Remy's eyes and she nodded. Oh God, it was wonderful! The sound of her baby's heart. Healthy, perfect and for now at least, she was safe—they were safe. Remy fixed her clothing and sat up. Charlie got her things back into her bag and Remy waited to hear her verdict.

"Well, you are definitely pregnant...and at least fifteen pounds underweight, which isn't healthy for either you or the sprog, so I'm going to write you up a diet plan. I also want you on folic acid and we may need to put you on iron supplements, but we'll wait for the bloods for that." Charlie turned to face her. "Any questions?"

Remy smiled. "Non. Merci. De baby is okay and dat’s all I care about."

Charlie reached out and tapped one of the track marks in her arm. "Your bloods gonna bring up something icky?"

Ah. Sam hadn't told her everything then. Remy shook her head. "No. Dere's a story behind de marks, but it ain't t' do with drugs."

"I believe you." Charlie said. "You honestly don't seem the type to get mixed up with that shit. If you were, I'd wait for the kid to leave your pretty self, then kick seven shades of shit out of you."

Remy couldn't help but laugh. No doubt Charlie would and for that, she liked her.

"All right sweet cheeks! This calls for a celebration! Beer and a hot chocolate for your lovely self."

Smiling, Remy shook her head, eyes filled with mirth and followed the craziest woman she had ever met downstairs.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


/Born with the mark of a mutant, Remy was left to the streets. Her mother was a stray too and one day when she woke up, in their flea infested home, she was nowhere to be found. The russet red haired girl howled, and cried for her, but she never answered her calls. Once her stomach became empty enough, the two year old child had no choice but to leave the hovel and hope for the best.

From there, she grew to be quite the skilled little thief.

By five years old, she knew every inch of New Orleans and had several spots where she managed to get food.

If not, she sadly hunted rats.

But despite her best efforts, she was rarely ever full. Competing with other strays upon the streets didn't help. But the young runt managed.

At ten years old, she was a scrawny little thing; with matted curls all different shades of red, with brilliant red and black eyes. Had she been well looked after, she would have been quite a stunning child. Of course, her rougher life was about to change.

Remy sprang over rooftops and through streets. Scurrying over fences, the child caught sight of Louis lounging on a fire escape and gave him a wide birth. She wasn't in the mood to be clashing claws with him.

It was Mardi Gras and the streets were packed.

Remy dodged around several people, yelping only once when one fool managed to stand on her foot. It was probably stupid to try and move through the crowds on such a day, snatching purses as she went, but Remy had places to be and—


Remy squirmed and hissed, but the man had quite a grip on her.

"Well looky what we 'ave ere. A mutant bitch."

A tourist, the child realised. With a growl, she twisted, hands swatting and tried to get at the hand gripping her. This only resulted in her getting violently shaken. Laughter filled her ears. They gawked at her and with another hiss and angry twist; Remy sank her teeth into meaty flesh.


Remy yowled when she was suddenly launched. She hit the ground with a solid thump. It was enough to stun her and she would've been crushed if hands didn't wrap around her bony middle and snatch her up. Remy wriggled and screeched loudly. Pressed against a hard broad chest she tried to get free, but the man holding her wasn't about to let go. He chuckled warmly and produced a blanket, covering the squirming child.

"Easy, easy petit. Ain't gonna hurt y'. And I believe dis be mine, oui?"

Remy watched him hold up one of the wallets she had snatched and only screamed louder and tried to get free, but this man wasn't getting with the program. In fact, next Remy knew, she was inside a car and on her way to a damn doctor! The smell of bleach tickled at her nose. There were several people about and the man kept a tight grip on her.

"Jean-Luc! Wasn't expecting t' see y'. Hmm, dat ain't Henri."

Jean-Luc chuckled. "Non. Henri be at home and perfectly fine. Found dis poor t'ing. Can y' check her over, Andrei?"

"Sure t'ing. Plop her up on de table...hey, hey...easy. Not gonna hurt y'."

Remy whined and twisted, but the doctor kept a good grip and suddenly it was poking and prodding and a whole lot of tisking. Remy yipped and hissed when a needle bit into her skin. Another set of hands gripped her and blood was taken. Another needle followed and Remy tried biting at the hand holding her. Andrei simply chuckled and reached for something to treat her for lice. Once everything was done, much to Remy's annoyance another needle was slid between her shoulder blades.


"Sorry, pet. Just a dose of antibiotics." Andrei took the girl and gently popped her on his hip. "I doubt letting y' loose would be a good idea."

"Well?" Jean-Luc asked.

"She's pretty healthy, all t'ings considered. A few pounds underweight which is easily fixed and I've treated her f'r a mild infection and lice, dough y' might wanna get a shampoo just in case. I've also taken blood just t' check." Andrei shook his head. "She's a mutant f'r sure. Not sure if she was abandoned or a runaway, but she certainly deserves better. Y'r taking her in?"

"Oui. It'll be good f'r Henri t' have a sibling, and' no way in good conscious could I just leave her back t' de streets."

Andrei barked a laugh. "Y'r boy might not take t' her, but no harm in trying, huh?"

Jean-Luc nodded with a smile.

It took some coaxing, but Jean-Luc managed to get the name of the child and on gathered up some bits for her. "Alright Remy, time t' go home."

Home. Sure, as if that would last. Remy was already plotting her escape. The journey home was nerve-wracking. Remy bitched loud as she could, clawing at the seatbelt she was in. She jerked back when the car stopped. Jean-Luc was humming and a second later the child was lifted. Remy howled in annoyance, but she went unheeded. She was carried inside, where a tonne of new aromas filled her sensitive nose.

A woman waited for them. "What y' got dere, Jean-Luc?”

“Dis, Mattie, is de newest addition t' de household. Her name's Remy."

"Not sure how Henri gonna take t' her. Look at de po' t'ing, street kid?"


"Y'll have t' keep her indoors so. She don't look like she wants t' be here."

Jean-Luc nodded. It certainly was going to be interesting, taming the little spitfire wiggling in his arms.

Remy screeched through a bath, grumped through a brushing and was finally plopped into a large conservatory, slash playroom of sorts, in clean clothing. There were books and games all around and she was quick to realise she wasn't alone. Remy went stiff, eyes narrowing. The teenager lay sprawled on a chair, green eyes watching the newcomer, nose buried in a book. His father had already given him a heads up. They were hoping the fifteen year old would put the child at ease.

"I'm Henri. Y' got a name?"

"Remy." Remy grunted in reply, voice hoarse from lack of use. She wasn't prone to socialization.

Henri moved into a sitting position, head tilted. "Y'r only an enfant."

Remy hissed at that, but said nothing more. She trotted about, looking at everything. Everything had its own scent. It smelled odd to Remy. She wasn't used to everything being so clean. She was too used to outdoor smells. Darting toward the door, she scrabbled tiny fingers at the glass miserably.

Henri chuckled. "Y'r not getting out dat way."

"Den how do I get out?"

"Y' won't an' y' shouldn't try." Henri stretched his long body, leaping off the chair. "Dis is y'r home now, why would y' wanna leave?"

Remy scrambled away from him. Skittish, like a cat she hissed and sprang up onto a cabinet. She curled up her tiny body, red and black eyes locked on Henri. "Dis isn't home. Trapped inside with dem, with y'."

Henri laughed. "Give dem a chance. Y' might find y'r wrong. Besides...I always wanted a sibling."

Yeah right. She seriously doubted that anything was going to be okay. Ordinary people never meant anything good. Remy didn't respond. Curling up, she began to doze and drifted to sleep upon the cabinet, the evening sun keeping her warm./

Remy woke from the dream with tears in her eyes. God. That had been so long ago. She had enjoyed the best year of her life after Jean-Luc had found her, only to have Sinister ruin it all. After a good mope, she eventually dragged herself from bed and showered.

They left early the next morning.

They had over a day's journey ahead of them and Dean intended to be in Chicago by nightfall. Remy was more at ease since telling them the truth. She had real allies now. She was safe. Gemini and Ruby were left with Bobby, much to Ruby's annoyance. Nuzzled in between Sam and Gabriel, Remy dozed. Thinking on her life before everything went to hell. A small smile touched her lips as she drifted.

/"Come on, Remy! Y' can do it!”

"Neva said I couldn't. I just don't want t'." Remy grumped sat beside the pool and looking at Mattie, Jean-Luc and Henri lounging in the water.

Henri grinned and swam to the edge. "Y' can't swim?"

"Can t’!" The child said thoroughly insulted.

"Den in y' get, squirt."

Jean-Luc grunted when Mattie nudged him and with a nod, he swam toward the scrawny child. Remy had officially been a LeBeau two months now and though she had come to understand no one wanted to hurt her. She didn't all out trust them. Remy's eyes snapped toward the elder LeBeau. Jean-Luc rested his forearms on the edge of the pool and smiled up at her.

"Wanna get on papa's shoulders? Y' can splash y'r toes in de water and y' won't have t' get fully in de pool."

Remy chewed her lip. She ignored the papa term. She didn't have a papa, didn't bloody well need one. After a second, the child got up and timidly wandered toward him. Mattie had put her in a pink bathing suit. The child carefully clambered onto Jean-Luc's shoulders and like he promised, she could splash her toes, but he kept the rest of her out of the water.

"Dere now, Remy!" Henri said with a grin. "Not so bad, huh?"

She hated the water, but she wasn't telling him that. As the day progressed, Remy began to relax. She was laughing and having fun. All around Henri, Jean-Luc and Mattie smiled. It would take some time, but eventually the child would come to think of it as home./


Jolting awake, Remy looked up at Gabriel. She blinked grit from her eyes and yawned sleepily. "Oui? We dere yet?"

Gabriel chuckled. "No, not yet. Dean wants to know if you're hungry."

"Gotta keep mini you fed!" Dean hollered from the front seat making everyone laugh.

Remy smiled. "I am a little."

"Good. There's a cafe and garage not far. We'll fill the tank and stop for some grub."

"Hey, um...Gabriel?"

"Yes, Princess?"

Remy chewed her lip. "When we get t' New York, t' de safe place...Would y'...Could y' call m' papa?"

The four men exchanged looks and four soft gazes were tossed in her direction.

Gabriel smiled gently. "Of course, kiddo."

Remy smiled happily. God, she would have a lot to explain and part of her was terrified her family wouldn't want to know. What if Jean-Luc just told her to take her problems elsewhere? A little gloomy, Remy didn't say much. She ate her food quietly and after an hour break and stretching their legs, the group were back on the road. Remy was in the front seat next to Dean this time. She protested, but they wanted her comfortable. Arm curled protectively around her middle, the teenager gazed out at other cars and towns and places as they whizzed by. They weren't far from Chicago. Once again exhaustion crept in and Remy gave into it.

Best to sleep when her body needed it.

That night's terror was a fierce one. It ripped into Remy's young mind, with horrid laugher and cruel hands. Visions, memories, pain.

/The child tried to make it fade, tried to think of anything else. Beneath her covers she wriggled and whimpered. Down deeper into the darkness her dreams took her. Where Wendigos howled, witches cackled and fire licked over her tiny body. Nowhere was safe. Nowhere! And when those taunts began, Remy woke with a rasped cry.

Tiny heart pounding, the child looked about. Outside a storm roared and the clock upon her mantel seemed so loud. Sniffling, tears wiggling free, the child scrambled from bed. She couldn't go to Henri. He was away at a friend's and Mattie was all the way on the second floor. The idea of trudging that far in the dark, only made her tremble more. She realised she had only one option.

Turning, Remy dragged the stuffed bunny Henri had given her off the bed and left her bedroom. A flash of thunder left her whimpering and clutching the bunny in her arms, she made her way as quickly as possible to Jean-Luc's room.

The door was opened just a crack, a fire roaring in the hearth. There was a lump in the bed and scuttling across the floor, Remy scrambled her tiny butt up onto the king sized, dragging her bunny with her.

"Sir? Sir?" She called, but Jean-Luc didn't answer. Another flash of lightning and with a yelp, Remy dove under the blankets. "PAPA!"

Jean-Luc woke and sat up, eyes darting around. His eyes fell on the quivering lump in his bed and pulling the covers down, he smiled gently.


"Papa, papa!" Remy sobbed scrambling into his lap.

His chest swelled with love and pride. He cradled the child. "Hush, Remy...Papa has y', papa will always have y'."/

Dean stopped outside a motel just on the outskirts of Chicago. Remy was out cold. With a gentle smile, Sam gathered up the teenage girl and Gabriel grabbed what they needed, while Castiel and Dean sorted rooms for the night. Remy didn't wake, simply grunted in her sleep and wiggled closer. A content smile upon her face.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Sabretooth's boots crunched on gravel, black eyes looking out over the night covered city of Chicago. A pleased growl rumbled through his chest. Remy wasn't far. He could smell her unique scent. He would know it anywhere. And underlining it was the healthy smell of pregnancy. Getting her away from her new friends would present a challenge of course. But there was always ways.

A car sped by. Sabretooth could hear owls in the trees, a dog three blocks away and then, there it was, just on the outskirts. It was a quaint little motel. Well put together, with a bubbly little woman managing it. Skulking through the dark, moving like the predator he was, Sabretooth followed Remy's smell and sneered when he found her.

The men were here, but in their own room. She had this one to herself. Their sense of chivalry was about to bite them in the ass.

"Gotcha." Like a ghost, Sabretooth broke into the motel room.

Remy was curled up sound asleep beneath her covers. Russet red hair surrounding her head like a fiery halo. She was peaceful looking, clutching a deck of cards in her hands. Remy had managed to conceal one thing from Sinister. Her empathy. She had hidden it from the second it had developed and damn if it didn't pay off now.

Years of Sinister had left Remy the type to wake at the slightest sound.

Or in this case, at the slightest touch to her empathy.

Remy was awake, she just kept her eyes closed and once she knew Sabretooth had moved to the other side of the bed, she struck. Sabretooth bellowed in rage when a glowing card struck him dead centre in the chest. The feral was sent sprawling, hitting the ground with a bellow. Remy was out of the bed and rushing for the door.

"Help! HELP!" She had barely gotten outside when Castiel, Dean, Gabriel and Sam were all around her.

Gabriel cursed. "Dean-o, get the kid in the Impala."

"On it!"

Gabriel spun to face Sabretooth. His eyes blazed with blue light and suddenly Sabretooth was surrounded by a huge jungle. The ferals bellows grew louder, but it was enough to keep him busy. Gabriel ran for the Impala and dove into the back. The door barely closed when Dean gunned it.

"Fuck!" Dean swerved, the Impala's tires taking serious abuse, just missing a mutant girl.

Arclight sneered and spread her arms wide. Her hands slammed together and it was a boom. The seismic shock wave ripped across the parking lot, levelling everything. The Impala was lifted and tossed. The occupants tossed about like sardines in a can. Reconnecting with pavement, by a miracle the right side up, the car skidded several feet. It jerked to a stop.

Dean was breathing fast, blood on his temple. "Shit! Sound off, who's not dead?"

"We're good." Gabriel grimaced. "Damn am I seeing stars. Remy, Rem...Shit! She's out."

Remy was pale, blood on her lip, wrist bent an awkward angle and arm wrapped protectively about her middle. The group were all banged up, but their main concern was the pregnant teenager.

Arclight marched toward them, eyes bright. Sabretooth wasn't too far away and next to him was Callisto.

Dean cursed. "Gabriel, can you blind them?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Then light'em up!"

Gabriel's eyes blazed and tapping into all the surrounding lights, Gabriel created an inferno. Bright white light engulfed their attackers, taking away their ability to see. Sabretooth howled in pain, the girls cursing colourfully and with them distracted, Dean revved the engine and got the hell out of there. The Impala had taken a beating, but she could still move. For the hour, no one was about and Dean didn't intend to stop.

"As of now, we ain't stopping until we reach the Xavier institute."

"Agreed." Castiel said with a brisk nod. "Gabriel, Sam...How's Remy?"

"Breathing." Gabriel said, carefully moving the teenager. "She has quite the bump on her noggin. Princess will have a hell of a concussion. What about everyone else?"

"A few scrapes and bruises." Castiel said, looking back at his twin. "But we best count our blessings. It's a miracle we're still alive." Damn straight it was. The way Arclight had tossed the car. Gabriel shook his head. Sinister wouldn't be happy. She could have killed Remy. Obviously the woman hadn't been thinking that at the time.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Arclight screeched, hitting the ground with a sharp thud. Her lip was bleeding and she saw stars.

"You fool!" Sinister howled. "I asked you to bring her back alive and what do you do? Attempt to kill her!"

"That was never my intention!"

"She could be dead!" Sinister paced like a caged animal. He was beyond furious. He didn't know if his greatest creation was alive and even if Remy survived, such a collision could have forced her to lose the child! And after all it took to make this baby viable! Enraged was an understatement. "Where are they now?"

"We don't know. They have a gifted mutant. He blinded us and when we could coordinate ourselves...They were gone."

Of course they were! Fools! He was dealing with fools! If Remy died or if the baby died...He would tear apart every single one of them. He could always replace them. "Get out."

Arclight blinked, "Sir?"


Arclight fled. She was glad for the opportunity to get the hell out of there. Sinister stopped by the large bay windows. His gaze hard and cold. There wasn't a single crevice Remy could hide in. He would find her and once the baby was born, if both had survived, she would spend several months knowing exactly what he was capable of in pure fury.


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


Remy came to with a groggy whimper. The dreams at her again. Why would they not leave her be? She knew in her heart, it was because she so desperately wanted her papa. She really did hope to see him again.

Her head was pounding, her arm throbbed and she wasn't exactly sure what had happened. Forcing her eyes open, the teenager blinked. Harsh lights sat overhead and she wasn't alone. Head twisting, Remy startled. A man, broadly built stood looking at a chart. He had a kind air about him. His emotions felt gentle and warm, but it was his appearance that was a little shocking.

He was covered head to foot in blue fur and on closer inspection, Remy noticed his feet were bare and Gorilla like.

She moved, blankets rustling and he was looking at her with bright yellow eyes. His smile was friendly, even if his canines were deadly looking.

"Welcome back, young lady."

Remy swallowed, throat dry. "H-How long was I out?"

"Almost two days. You've given your friends quite the scare."

Oh, she bet she had. Sitting up with a grunt, Remy cursed. Her arm was in a cast. "What did I break?"

"Your wrist. You also had a concussion and a laceration on your hip that required stitches."

Remy paled suddenly, eyes wide, her hand flew to her middle. "De baby?"

"Perfectly fine, Remy." The friendly physician smiled. "Oh! How rude of me. I'm Hank McCoy, or as I am sometimes called me...Beast."

Remy blinked. "Where am I?" Hank smiled. "Welcome, my dear, to the Xavier institute."


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X


For hours the crap with Sabretooth wiggled around in Remy's head. God. Her life was beyond complicated. Against Hank's pleas, she got up from bed and made her way upstairs from the infirmary and found the Xavier institute wasn't what she expected.

It ordinary school. Kids ran about, books in hand. They smiled in passing. None seemed to find Remy odd. But why would they?

So far she had met Hank, a man covered in blue fur. Saw a girl with green skin and a tail and a boy with eyes that were all black, from the pupil, to the sclera, to the iris. The sun was shining in through huge windows and hearing laughter, Remy had never been so delighted. That was Gabriel!

Taking the last few feet at a run, Remy darted into a study and came to a sharp stop. The room was full. Gabriel stood with Sam, Castiel and Dean. But there were others, a man in a wheelchair, a red headed woman, and a man with odd red sunglasses.

"Princess," Gabriel gushed cheerfully. "About time you woke up."

Remy smiled, "Um, hi."

"Welcome, Remy...I'm Charles Xavier," Introduced the man in the wheelchair, "And this is my school for mutants. This is Jean Grey and her husband Scott Summers."

"We've told them everything, Kiddo." Dean told her, so there were no surprises sprung. "They want to help."

Remy blinked. She hadn't honestly expected it to be that easy. "Y'r gonna keep me safe?"

Jean smiled and nodded. "No one is going to hurt you. Not while you are in our care."

Remy flooded with relief. She was safe, she was finally safe! Gabriel brought her down to the kitchen. She was hungry and the man was positively radiating joy. "I got a surprise for you, Princess." He sang joyfully.

Remy chuckled. "Oh yeah, an' what might dat be?"

Anything else she had to say died in her throat. There, stood talking with a woman with white hair was Tante Mattie, Jean-Luc and Henri. Tears gathered, pooling in her crimson orbs and Remy could only manage a strangled whimper. Jean-Luc's head snapped around, eyes landing on her. With a French exclamation, he sprang toward her and just like that, she was in her father's arms. Breaking down sobbing, Remy cuddled into him as close as she could get. Jean-Luc was crying and laughing, kissing her damp cheeks. Henri scooped her up and spun her around. The boy had...well...become a man, he was huge!

All thick muscle, but with the same happy grin and finally it was Mattie's turn. Her happiness spilled away to shock and Remy grunted when a hand was pressed to her belly.

Mattie felt it all and cried a tear for every pain. "Oh m' sweet little Remy, what did dey do t' y'? Dey...Y'r friends neva said."

"What is it?" Henri asked, concerned now.

"Y'r sister be pregnant, Henri, but it certainly wasn't her choice." Mattie said; temper lacing some of her words. "Have y' eaten yet?"

"Non, Tante Mattie. Only awake, me and I'm starving."

Mattie chuckled. "A bébé will do dat. Sit, I'll make y' something if dese kind folks don't mind me taking over de kitchen."

The white haired woman smiled. "Not at all and hello Remy, I am Ororo Monroe. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Remy smiled. "Merci, it is a pleasure t' meet y' t'." Remy turned to face her brother and father. Both looked a little shell shocked. "I suppose, y' got a lot of questions."

"A few." Jean-Luc said with a nod. "Why don't y' start from de beginning, hmm? Best place, mon fille."

Remy nodded, swallowing heavily. "Well, it all started when..." For the next hour, Remy told them everything. All about Sinister, everything he had done. She went into detail about the testing and the experiments. She told them how Sinister had messed with her head at times, making her see things that weren't there and unlocked old memories to scare her with. She told them of the pregnancies and the loss of her son who had been born badly deformed and had only survived an hour. She told them of this pregnancy and what Sinister had gone through to make it viable. What the monstrous bastard had put her through just to achieve that.

She told them of breaking out. Using what she could, killing those men guarding her. Remy told them about getting injured in the process, of stumbling upon Dean's and Castiel's home and finally finding their salvation. She told them every one of her fears. Told them how very sorry she was for ever leaving the property.

"No! Oh, no...Don't y' ever be sorry, Remy." Jean-Luc urged her, grasping her small hand. "Y' was not t' blame f'r what dose connards did."

Remy sniffled. "I've missed y' so much, papa."

"Oh, cher. I've missed y' t'."


X-x-X-x-X-B-R-O-K-E-N S-M-I-L-E-X-x-X-x-X 


After a long day, Remy had never been so happy to see a bed. The room was stunning and she could scarcely believe it was all hers. After a long shower, some hot chocolate and a movie, Remy climbed into bed. She was comfy and safe, warm and cocooned by good feeling, only for it all to splinter apart when pain ripped through her middle.

Arching off the bed, she screamed.