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Thunderstorms and Little Boys

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Spencer was sitting in bed, reading a few books. Derek, being little at the time, was already in bed, but likely not asleep. It was pouring and thunder loudly crashed outside. Little Derek doesn't handle thunder well. Thunder terrifies him but he doesn't like to admit when he was scared, and he doesn't want Spencer to think that he isn't a big boy.

After around ten minutes after the thunder had started, Derek was standing in Spencer's door way. His face was partially covered by his stuffed puppy, Bunny. Why he named the toy Bunny, Spencer didn't know. Derek rocked back onto his heels and bit his lip, flinching each time he heard the thunder. Spencer had seen Derek, he'd heard the door open, but he knew in this instance it's best to wait for Derek to speak first.

"Papa?" Derek finally spoke.

Spencer closed his book and looked up at his boy, "What's wrong Buddy?" He asked, already knowing what was really wrong.

"B-Bunny got scared and wants to sleep with you." Derek lied, not wanting to sound like he was scared. Spencer could see the tears in Derek's eyes, "She says the thunder scary a-and loud."

"I don't see any reason why you and Bunny can't sleep with me." Spencer smiled and lifted the covers for Derek to crawl in.

Derek didn't hesitate climbing onto the bed. He cuddled up to Spencer, Bunny still in his arms. Spencer kissed the top of Derek's head and turned off the bedside lamp. At another clap of thunder Derek whimpered and buried his face into Spencer.

"Are you sure it's Bunny who's afraid of the thunder?" Spencer asked, chuckling a bit at Derek's actions.

"Mhm. Bunny scared, not me." Derek mumbled.

Spencer sighed, "Derek, it's okay to be scared Buddy. Everybody gets scared sometimes."

"I'm big boy, not scared." Derek stated.

"You're still a big boy if you're scared. If you repress your fears they won't get any easier to deal with." Spencer explained.

Derek played with Bunny's ears, "I know Papa."

"Alright. Try to get some sleep, okay. Nothing's going to happen to you, I promise." Spencer smiled softly.

"Kay. G'night Papa." Derek yawned.

"Goodnight Derek."

It wasn't easy for Derek to fall asleep, but he did eventually. He was safe, Spencer would keep him safe. The thunder couldn't hurt him with his Papa protecting him.