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lost in a sea of wonders

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"We arrived late", said Seokjin.


"There's nothing to do here".

"What's up? Out of the way, let me see", Namjoon put a hand on his shoulder and looked at him sadly.

"I'm sorry, Taehyung-ah"

"Sorry? What... why?!", exclaimed Taehyung.

The other pirates of the crew moved, letting Taehyung see what they were hiding.

The light of the sun hit what Taehyung thought was a pile of scales of colored fishes. Curios, he came closer.

They weren't fish scales.

It was a mermaid.

Well, a merman.


His features were young and he had soft pink hair.
His emerald green tail glowed with all the rainbow's colours.

He seemed asleep, but a deep cut in his right hip, from which blood had poured and was now staining the rock the body was on, was telling another story.

Nobody moved. 

Everyone knew what that meant. A creature of the sea, murdered by someone for who knows what kind of reason, was a creature taken away from its motherly arms. The sea itself was wounded. It meant a price to pay.

A looming misfortune.


Seokjin broke the tense silence.

"Let's get away from this place".

Taehyung stayed, and looked at the creature laying on the rock. He hadn't expected his first encounter with a mermaid to be like this. He was angry. It was unfair that a being so very pure had been murdered.


He came closer and bent down, near the merman's face, and looked at his heavenly features in awe. He took note of his sets of gills at both sides of his neck and of his scales, scattered upon his shoulders. He saw his little freckles that adorned his cheekbones, and wondered what color his eyes would be if they were open. He couldn't help himself and his hand carded through his soft pink hair.

"Tae, we have to go!", Jungkook called from the shore, where he was carrying with Hoseok a barrel of mild water took on the island.

"Coming", he answered.


Taehyung removed his necklace, the one with the rainbow shell that his granny had gifted him years before. 

"I had promised to my granny that I would have gifted this to the first mermaid I would have met", he murmured, with a broken voice, "I think you should have it. I'm so sorry for what they did to you".

He kissed the pendant and put it in the palm of the creature, gently closing his webbed fingers around it.


He looked at him one last time, then got up and left the beach, holding back the tears. 







Jimin was drowning. 

For the first time in his long existence, he was in the depths of the abyss but he couldn't breathe.

Suddenly, a force started to pull him out of the water, towards the sun and the sky that he was sure it was waiting for him on the surface. 


He tightened his hand.

He coughed violently and felt his body trembling, shook by spasms. He finally opened his eyes.

The first thing he noticed was that he was squeezing something in his hand. He opened it, grimacing when he saw the little cuts his nails left on his palm, and he couldn't believe his eyes.

A rainbow shell. He thought they were extinct, but he had the proof they weren't, just under his eyes.


Jimin checked his hip, even though he knew already: the cut had healed. 

Someone had saved him from certain death.

His tail and gills were dry and his body too, which stayed under the sun and his rays for days, on that cursed beach. He wore the necklace with the shell and pushed himself up to the seaside, and dove in with enthusiasm.

He had no idea of who had saved him. But he would do anything to find his savior and return the favor.