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Everyone always knew Izuku was special. He was kind, smart, physically fit, and above all? The cutest. Goddamn. Thing. The world has ever seen. One day, a few days before Izuku’s fourth birthday. Izuku was out playing with Kacchan, his quirk had come in a few days before and he was showing of, sparks and mini-explosions popping and crackling in his small, four year-old hands. Everyone was admiring him, saying what a cool quirk it was and how he’d become an amazing Hero.

“Wow Kacchan! Your quirk is so cool! I can’t wait for mine to come in!” Izuku crowed, his green, fluffy hair bouncing in the wind, ruby eyes glittering, and smile blinding them all. ‘Wait a sec’ Katsuki thought ‘Ruby eyes?! Izu-chan’s eyes were emerald green! Just like his hair!’ “Izu-chan!”

“What Kacchan?” Izuku replied, perplexed at why his friend sounded so confused, his head still felt a bit fuzzy too, and the aches on his forehead, shoulder blades and tailbone were getting worse, his teeth were starting to ache too, although the itchiness in his eyes had gone down. “Why the fuck do your eyes look like that!” Kacchan! You said a bad word!” Izuku yelled with a horrified look on his face, “Wait, what do you mean about my eyes?” “They’re ruby red and the pupils are slit like a cat! Holy crap! It must be part of your quirk!” Katsuki yelled out, ecstatic for his friend.

“Kacchan! Language!” Izuku cried out, clearly imitating his mother. “Like I care nerd! Come on! Let’s try to figure out what your quirk is!” Dragging Izuku behind him, he said, “let’s go over to aunties house to try and figure it out” “OK Kacchan!” Came from a tired seeming Izuku, although the aches were getting worse every step he took, by the time they got to Izuku’s home, Katsuki was half supporting his small, toddlers frame, looking at him with concern in his blood-colored eyes.

“Auntie Inko! I think Izu-chan’s quirk is coming in! His eyes changed color an’ his pupils are slit and he’s complaining about these weird aches! He can barely move!” Katsuki was trying to sound like his gruff (read: pouty puppy because he’s only four) self but his concern for his friend was slipping through. Inko appeared as if she had teleported, maybe she had, mom’s are mysterious, all-powerful things when it comes to their children, “ Oh my goodness are you sure!” Inko called out immediately rushing towards them.

Right as Izuku collapses to the ground, curled up, clutching at his head, they watched as long, slim black horns, fading to red at the tip, slowly grew from his forehead, sweeping upwards and back. They watched a long, black, delicate-looking tail, tipped with a heart where it faded to red, slowly curl from beneath his shirt as his mouth dropped open, gasping, revealing his canines lengthen and sharpen into small fangs, then they heard a tearing noise as black, feathery beautiful wings burst from his shoulder blades as big as he was, his wingspan once he extended them all the way was about two meters. Izuku finally stood back up on his feet, looking up, Inko and Katsuki saw that his ruby eyes had begun to glow with an internal fire, with shadows swirling in his slit pupils, Izuku held up his hands, they were itching strangely, he flexed his fingers and long, elegant, black, sharp, claws sprang from his fingertips, he flexed again and the claws slid smoothly away, he smiled as blindingly as ever

“My quirk is so cool! I can definitely be a hero with this!” His voice startled both Inko and Katsuki, it had changed from his high-pitched, girly voice, to a somewhat deeper, melodic cadence. Katsuki grinned “This is fu-uh-fricking awesome! We can be heroes together!” Katsuki shouted, withering slightly under Inko’s look. “Yes dears, but first, Izuku and I should go visit the quirk specialist” Inko spoke calmly “So why don’t you head on home and tell Mitsuki what happened while I take Izuku to the doctor ok Katsuki?”.

“Fine! I’ll go tell the old hag what happened” grumbling, Katsuki prepared to leave, “Bye! Kacchan!” Izuku chirps as he flings himself into the other boy to give him a hug. Once again, Katsuki and Inko STARED, gone were the bumbling movements of a clumsy toddler, now, every move seemed to have an inherent grace and elegance, giving off an aura that spoke of innate power. Katsuki mentally shook himself out of his stupor first, “Oi! Get off me stupid nerd” growling, he turned to leave again, “Sorry Kacchan” Izuku said, still smiling.

‘Oh dear god” Katsuki thought ‘The fangs make his smile brighter, I didn’t even think that was possible’ as he sweat-dropped internally “Shit! The nerds quirk makes him into a goddamn DEMON how does it make him somehow cuter????” He cursed under his breath. ‘Well’ Inko thought ‘Time to be blinded again’ already resigned to her fate


At the quirk specialist, they were called in quickly, “Hello, you are the Midoriya’s correct? I am Dr. Tsubasa and I am going to help young Izuku here learn more about his quirk” said the man in the doctors coat, “Now, let’s start with a few questions...” After many questions and tests, they discovered that Izuku’s quirk was rather... overpowered...


He could fly, obviously, what was not obvious was the ridiculously high speed he could go at or that he could telekinetically control each individual feather similar to the Pro Hero: Hawks, Izuku also has very clear night vision. He can also create and control flames which are different colors depending on their temperature 

Average wildfire temperature: 800 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Red Flames:700 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Green Flames: 810 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Blue Flames:900 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Black Flames:1,500 degrees Celsius [quite enough to melt through stone easily]

Most of this does not have much of a drawback but if Izuku uses his black Flames for too long then he will overheat and there is a possibility of self-immolation if he isn’t careful.

He can also manipulate, manifest, and travel through shadows, although he appears to suffer from a small amount of nausea when he overused this, especially traveling through them.

He can summon either a sword or a whip made of shadows and flames, they have a very demonic appearance, fitting with his own appearance.

He can also summon a Hellhound, whom he has named Umbra, to his command, it is about the size of a small horse, and is pure black with flaming eyes, it seems to have a weaker form of the same umbrakinesis Izuku has and it is extremely powerful in combat.

Izuku can also seemingly regenerate from almost any wound ridiculously quickly.

He can also heal others of injury and illness, when this happens, he is surrounded by green light, his wings turn pure white and a halo appears above his head, hence the name “angelic healing”.

He also has a minor hypnosis ability where if someone looks him in the eyes and he activated it, they are put into a trance-like daze for a certain amount of time, his max is five minutes but it could increase with training.

He is also capable of using his fangs to drink human blood to regenerate energy although it is by no means necessary.

He has superhuman flexibility, agility, reactions, and senses, he can run and fly at just under Mach 1. We gave up on finding a limit to his stamina after we had had him sprinting for three hours straight and he didn’t break a sweat. We also gave up on finding the limit of his strenght after he easily bench-presses 30,004.5 kg [the equivalent of five African bush elephants plus one large house cat]

He also appears to have a strong sixth sense, his premonitions are usually correct and he can sense hostility towards himself and others.

We also did an IQ test, and since he hasn’t mentioned any difference in his mind, we’re not sure if this is his quirk or if the boy’s just a genius, but his IQ is higher than most adults, in fact if you were to place his IQ on a scale between the highest IQ of the pre-quirk era and Nedzu’s IQ? His is scarily close to Nedzu’s.


The transformative part of young Izuku’s quirk is that he can cause long, sharp, powerful claws to appear and disappear from his fingertips as well as lengthen and sharpen his fangs and cause his eyes to glow.


His mutations are as follows;

he has large, feathered black wings with a wingspan of roughly two meters, these will most likely grow with him, putting them at roughly five meters at age fifteen, and seven meters at adulthood.

He has long black horns sweeping upwards and back from his forehead fading to red at the tips.

He has a long, thin, prehensile black tail with a heart at the tip where it fades to red, it is long enough to drag on the ground unless he holds it up or wraps it around his leg or waist, it helps him change direction and balance while flying.

His eyes also changed color from vibrant green to a ruby red that seems to burn from within with slitted black pupils.

He now has small fangs in place of his upper and lower canines, although the lower fangs are much smaller.

A streak of his green hair also turned to same shade as his eyes the first time he used the emitter part of his quirk and he has shown that he cannot turn it back so it is listed as a mutation instead of a transformation.


His quirk is classified as a mutation/transformative/emitter three way hybrid, Izuku has named his quirk “Fallen Angel”


Dr. Tsubasa and Inko were quiet after the explanation, processing how ridiculously powerful this little child’s quirk was while Izuku was practically bouncing up and down with excitement and happiness. Doctor Tsubasa walked them out, Izuku shooting ahead as he saw Kacchan waiting for him outside yelling “KACCHAN! My quirk is so COOL!”

Dr. Tsubasa turned to Inko saying “Oh, I almost forgot, you mentioned his voice, movements and aura changing after the transformation right? That most likely means that the quirk will affect his charisma, so to speak” “What are you saying?” Inko asked “I’m saying” Dr. Tsubasa grinned, “ That you’re son is probably going to be QUITE the ladykiller” Inko laughed “Oh, my! That’s going to be an interesting conversation!” She chuckled, face filled with mirth. “Well anyway, you should catch up to your son,  if there are any new quirk developments, call my office” Inko nods, then turns to follow her over-excited son and his grumpy friend.

‘Katsuki’s probably pouting because he wanted Izuku’s quirk to be weaker than his’ Inko thought, Izuku turns, seeing his mom smiling at him brightly, and gives one of his blinding smiles. It’s the last thing Inko see’s before a massive explosion fills her ears and the world is fire