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the day when the stars came falling

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Sometimes, when he wakes up, he finds himself crying for no reason. Remnants of a dream he can barely even remember play through his mind, flashes and glimpses that don’t make any sense. But the feeling is always there - something is missing. Something, or someone, he is never sure which, but there’s a gaping emptiness in his life, something that he’d had before but that’s gone now. 

There’s a bracelet around his wrist, a red ribbon wrapped multiple times over with a small silver dolphin pendant that glints in the sun. He doesn’t remember where he got it, but something about it feels like a lucky charm. 

Fate is a fickle thing, sometimes. People are tied together across time, across space, and no one can discern the reason why. Soulmates exist all the time with no one being the wiser, and maybe a simple brush of hands feels like something more and maybe it doesn’t, but most people keep walking, not thinking anything else of it. It’s hard for us, you know. Hard to believe that something is bringing two people together, something stronger than attraction, something binding people together over more than a simple crush, something closer to love. 

Even if the two have never met. 

It goes without saying that dreams aren’t always just dreams. Dreams can be memories, too, reflections of a life you lived before, even when the memories are hazy and hard to find again. But you shouldn’t discount your dreams; you never know what they’re going to bring you to, whether that be a feeling or a person or an experience. And dreams fade, as you grow older. As children, as teenagers, our capacity for creativity is never-ending, our ability to believe wider than it will ever be. 

It’s your job to not let that fade - to keep having dreams, to keep seeking that special feeling that your dreams bring to you. 

Dreams and fate… they’re intertwined, you know. Sometimes, a dream is just a dream, and sometimes a dream is more. It’s important to pay attention to these sorts of dreams, because you have no idea where it will bring you. 

Do you ever wake up after a dream and feel lost? As though there should be something there that isn’t? It’s a feeling that lingers in most of us, the idea that a dream was actually real, that you had something, and then when you wake up and your hands are empty and there’s… there’s nothing there, when something should be there, and you know it should be. Maybe the dream was a memory, or maybe it just felt real enough to you that the sense of loss stretches, makes your chest feel pale and concave.

Do you ever wake up with tears on your face and can’t remember why? Maybe the dream is showing you something you forgot, something that was so important to you once, enough that your heart is screaming for you to remember, because you were in love, or maybe it was just that this… this thing or this person was so important to you, and you can’t remember. 

It’s sad, isn’t it? Well, it’s only sad if you can’t find it. And sometimes, it stretches off across time and space, and looking for it is harder than you want it to be. So you give up, and you continue waking up with tears on your face, and ignoring the emptiness in your chest, and move on with your day and think that one day, someday, you’ll forget altogether and the sense of loss will go away too.

Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you desperately cling to every scrap you get, every small, barely interconnected memory, until you can remember and you go looking for it, wanting to seek it out because it was something or someone you loved, and you deserve a happy ending too. 

Which kind of story is this?

Hamid, don’t you remember? My name is -