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Swans Revenge

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You are Bella sister who had been forgotten. you are a witch you found out the truth that Edward and Bella caused and killed the love of your life Riley Biers.

It had been six months since the Cullen stood against the Volturi. I am sure your sister thought you had forgotten about your vow for revenge when you found out Edward killed Riley to protect her. Felix and Demetri came with you. since you had been using the Volturi library to figure out your next move. Caius was so excited about your plan that he insisted you take two guards with you.

The Cullen house was clam as always it reminded you of a Church and disgusted you how they could paint them selves so innocent.

“you know I think you should really think about college Bella.” Edward said Renemsee was playing the piano. As you appeared Alice gasped with Felix and Demetri behind me. “I don’t think so. She is not smart enough.” You told him grabbed Carlisle by his arm he gasped then fell over Esme rushed over she grabbed my arm then gasped and feel over. “(y/n)!” Bella screamed then Edward rushed over with out thinking he grabbed my arm then I grabbed his neck he gasped as I sucked the immortality out of him. You vanished then appeared behind Rosalie and Emmett I grabbed there hands as they both feel over. Alice was blocking Jasper from jumping over “(y/n) come on this isn’t you.” Jasper begged I looked at him as my eyes turned purple. Jasper and you were once close which is why you would spare him today.“It is is now.” You said and walked over Bella rushed over you waved my hand she flew across the room she was stuck in the chair couldn’t move. Jacob rushed over Felix then tossed him out the window. You grinned then walked over and knelt down Renesmee looked scared. “Do you want to be human sweetie?” you asked Demetri and Felix grinned as everyone else was coughing having to re learn how to breath. Bella realized “No no no please no!” Bella screamed. “All you have to do is touch my hand you will be a normal little girl.” You promised Renesmee looked at me big eyes. “You promise Aunty?” she asked you should have seem how broken look on Bella face it was priceless. Knowing her daughter didn’t want to be immortal. “I promise you won’t even lose your powers.” you said she smiled then touched my hand she gasped I caught her then set her down she was human. Standing up you looked at your beloved sister she screamed breaking the sides of the chair but still could not move. “Awe isn’t this what you wanted Bella to be immortal and Edward gets what he wants too to be human to grow old and die. Rosalie will be happy its what she always wanted just like Carlisle and Esme but oh your not happy cause its not how you pictured your perfect little life. ” you grinned knowing you had won she looked up at you with hate and pain in her eyes. “I hate you. what do you want i will give you anything.” Bella growled I smiled “To see you suffer. i have everything i want.My work is done have fun. you took everything from me now i am going to make you learn to appreciate humanity” You grinned and waved bye you looked over at Alice and Jasper you waved bye they both breathed looking at you as you walked away.

“Olympic coven got taken out by a Titan.” Felix laughed Demetri laughed as they fallowed you out.