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I had to kill you

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That’s how it all ended. A quick shot. Unexpected. At least for one of the parties involved. One that made the whole ancient forum reverberate and then go into the deepest silence.

Eve laid on the floor. Her blood slowly covering it in a vibrant red colour. It looked like a scene extracted from a greek tragedy. Two passionate gladiators who had just enroll in the biggest battle, one where there could only be one survivor.
Eve had always liked tragic endings. Niko used to say they were predictable, but she found them fascinating: the inevitable knowing that things won’t turn out for the best. No way things would work out for the main characters at the end. No happily ever after. After all, happy endings were boring, she used to think.

That’s why Eve would have probably liked the scene, if she could have been able to witness it. But she couldn’t. She had lost consciousness the moment she had hit the floor. And also for this reason she didn’t see what followed, either. She didn’t hear the high-heeled steps, rushing towards her. The red silhouette that kneeled next to her, the colour matching her own blood on the floor, the hand that got tangled in her curls, holding onto them with desperation, and the cat-like eyes that stared at her for a bit too long.
“Oh, Eve” whispered Villanelle, before carrying her out of the forum.