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A work of evil

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Izuku woke up in a cold white room, a headache that ached and hard as restraints against his legs and arms. No matter what he did to charge up one for all, he couldn't... He panicked

"DEKU!" A girl screamed. She's was tied up with a whole bunch of other kids and two teachers. "DEKU, YOU'RE AWAKE."

Izuku glared at the girl who was screaming his hero name. His smile came back to life, but throat scratchy. "Ochako, where am I?"

Ochako frowned and looked at the white shiny ground with black debris scattered around. Previously Bakugou had used his Explosions to get free, but alas it failed, as he was now unconscious with blood dripping from his nose. "Villians caught us. Don't ask how, but they did."

Izuku's smile faded as he realized he was possibly in trouble a he was on a chair and the rest of his friends and teachers were on the floor possibly thinking of a way out. "Crap" he mumbled as he struggled through the metal cuffs.

"Oh, my dear Izuku." Giggled a blood-hungry human girl who dressed up as a middle school student... This girl was really 17, but she didn't let anyone know that.

Fear rushed through Midoriya's body as he knew who this girl was! A face that looked like it was on the verge of a orgasm was not a face to forget. Izuku kept smiling though, hiding his fear and annoyance. "Toga-"

Toga screamed with excitement due to Deku remembering her name. She skipped to the tied up green haired teenage boy and stood tall, looking very close to kissing him. "You remembered me!!!" She jumped once more as she took out her knife. " No one could forget me though. My feelings are hard to forget! Love at first sight!!"

This girl was nuts, it made Izuku shiver inside because she was unpredictable. One minute she would be swooning over him, but the next she wanted blood. Unfortunately, today was going to be entirely different.

"Toga gets away from our prize," Dabi spoke monotoned. His scarred face not looking pleased with the noise.

Izuku was so confused... What did they mean by 'prize'? What was going to happen? He needed answers

"What will you be doing to me?" Asked the teenage boy, who gave up on trying to break free from his hell.

Dabi smiled as he stood still shooting evil stoic eyes to everyone from class 1-A. "I'm not sure, that's is only for Shigiraki to know. We're only following orders." He finally spoke.

Aizawa listened closely, others thought he was taking a nap at this very horrible time, but he wasn't. The sleep-deprived teacher was thinking, thinking way too hard. He just needed the right time, even if it meant someone was gonna get really hurt.

Everyone's powers were no match for this predicament, their powers were all temporarily erased. For how long is anyone's guess. Todoroki just liked Aizawa listened closely, while Mineta just cried silently

"Shut up, Mineta," Ashido growled between her teeth. "I can't hear through your tears." Mineta shut up, as Kirishima did his best to hug him. He was scared too, he was scared of what was to come

The room was now completely silent as the man with hands covering his body walked in. His face was behind covered with a single hand but you could tell he was smiling intently. "Midoriya, we meet again." He said with a scratch of his neck.

"Oh." Izuku only managed to say as he stared at the hand covered man. "Nice to see you again, I guess." He looked down at his blood-stained shoes. All those dangerous fights really did a number on those kicks.

"You guess?" He spoke, sounding somewhat hurt. "That's not nice." Shigiraki laughed a bit, electrocuting Midoriya slightly, as the greenest yelped in slight pain, he knew what he has to do...Midoriya let out an uncomfortable laugh. He now knew why he was here and it was not going to be good

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Shigaraki stood above the freckled face boy, red meeting jade green. Nothing happened just yet, but an uncomfortable silence roared through the room, Aizawa thought he'd actually get to sleep, but he had other plans

"I want to see your world crumble, I want to see the terror in your eyes, the tears running harshly down your face, I want your pride gone! The doubt in your veins! THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR SANITY!" Shigaraki's crazy thoughts flew out of his mouth so harshly, that Izuku looked down avoiding the daggers of Tumera's red insane determination to destroy izuku. The hand villain kneeled down and then whispered in Midoriya's ear. "I want to break you, All Might's lovely successor."

Izuku's eyes widened in shock. How did he know that? How did he find out? Was this the reason the crazy lunatic kidnapped everyone? Was he going to get Izuku to submit and hand his powers to the villain? Anxiety rushed through the high school student, fear was now visible to the world.

"Pathetic," Bakugou mumbled under his breath, looked like the ill-tempered teen was awake. "You villains don't even stay true to your words." He added not even looking up, he didn't have to to know he was going to get slapped or beaten. Unfortunately for Katsuki, it was the second option.

Bakugou was caught by surprise when the ropes that held his body was dragged across the ground with him. Twice pulled him once more then began to kick him in the stomach, not softly but roughly. Bakugou was in immense pain

"NO, STOP!" Screamed Izuku, as he watched his childhood friend be forcefully kicked in the stomach. "Stop hurting him...Please stop." He begged, tears coming out. He didn't want to see this, but Shigaraki forced the boys head to the traumatic event. No matter how hard the kid tried to face away from bakugou's ass-kicking he couldn't. This villains strength was hard, even with two thumbs away from izuku's head.

"DEKU SHUT-" Bakugou's words were interrupted by a hard kick to his stomach. "STOP-" Another kick. "FUCK"

"Twice, stop that. Bring Bakugou back to his area." Tomeura ordered, smiling at the crying Midoriya. To this man it was all going to ruin a teenager, break All might and cause panic and disgust to all heroes. He will be finally known, finally be feared! This was his fantasy, to destroy, to traumatize. This was where to start and for once he was going to stick to it

As he was taken back to his group of friends, Bakugou was bleeding from his mouth, his stomach hurt with intense pain and his back ached. He was now regretting speaking up. An angry glance at Midoriya was enough to know the green hair kid did enough

Kirishima sat in shock as he watched two friends basically be tortured; Izuku being forced to watch, and Katsuki for being beaten to the verge of tears. The redhead was in also on the verge of manly tears. He wanted to fight, he wanted to do something....but he couldn't. "Bakugou you okay?" He whispered to his friend, Bakugou nodded, eyes squinted.

"That will happen to another friend if they speak up against my words. Or if you fight back." Those words flew around Izuku's head, how was he going to be a hero if couldn't fight back? What was the point of heroism if you couldn't defeat evil? But if it was to have his friends not be physically assaulted, he might actually need to go through with Shigaraki Tamera's demands. If only it was that easy

Midoriya whimpered, nausea floating in his stomach. He wanted to throw up, he wanted to go home and hug his mom, he wanted to feel safe. Was this day his last? He didn't know. "I'm sorry."

Shigaraki smiled behind his hand, noticing that sad look in those bright green eyes. Was it that easy to break this kid?

"You're a fool if you think kicking my friend would break me." Izuku pushed away that guilt and sprung into hero mode. This annoyed the sick villain.

With pure rage, Shigaraki scratched his neck instantly, throwing a fit silently. He thought he was getting somewhere, he thought he was succeeding! If his master wasn't in prison, he would be very disappointed...again.

"We aren't planning on only kicking and hurting your friends to hear you scream," Kurogiri spoke up from a warp gate. "We have much worse planned for you." Kirogiri's deep intimidating voice added as he walked closer to Midoriya, and grabbing the frustrated Shigaraki. "Obviously your plan isn't going to work on the first try. There are many methods to get this kid to break." Kurogiri's yellows eyes swished violently as he turned the hand man around and put his arms around the annoyed villain

The warp gate villain's words were softer this time. There was no tone of chilling evil, but the tone of a caring friend. Even villains can have them to a heroes surprise

"Y-Yeah you're right." Shigaraki stopped intensely scratching his scratch filled neck and did a 360 turn back to Deku. Although his face was hidden, he couldn't stop feeling a statistic grin form right there. This familiar feeling didn't go unnoticed as what was about to happen, to what might be the worst night of 22 heroes tied up and glued to the ground.

"Why don't you start plan A," Dabi spoke from the corner. All the villains moved their heads at the scarred human, who didn't even say much the whole time they were there. They forgot about plan A, but it didn't mean they forgot what was written in the book of torture

Shigaraki looked up from his demanding glare. "Thanks for the idea." Toga knew what to do, so she skipped to the league of villains leader and handed him a gag. This gag was just a plain white face cloth with a Velcro strip woven into the fabric Shigaraki thanked the bloodthirsty teen and put it around Izuku. Toga's creepy smile was shown when she was thanked. The look she gave Izuku was sickening to the curly hair boy, he wish he didn't see it

As izuku sat there in confusion on why the gag was tightly in his mouth, he tried pulling it off, with all his strength there was no luck. Panic once against consumed the boy. He pulled again but alas that all fell south when huge amounts of electricity ran in his body. Midoriya's screamed were muffled, but not unheard. He lost control of his body, he lost control of his thoughts, he lost control of everything.

After a moment it stopped though, to Izuku's relief and to Shigaraki's disappointment. Izuku was trembling with a face full of tears. Not surprisingly though as this was enough to satisfy the man full of hands. Dabi just didn't really care on what was happening, this was his idea, it was just lucky to fall through, so the man with the hottest flames around just stood there, hiding the surprise. Toga on the other hand with full of giddy excitement as she watched blood rushing down poor Izuku's nose

Everyone else though...the ones huddled together on the floor were forced to watch their friend go through pain, just because the villain felt like it. Ochako was in tears, both staining her cheek and her t-shirt. Iida was lost for words, shocked and angry. All might struggle to listen, struggled to watch his successor be electrocuted into oblivion...the guilt rushed through the former #1 hero, the guilt was slowly consuming him

Shigaraki smirked and laid a finger under Midoriya's chin, lifting it up to make midoriya's pained green eyes stare at his sadist red orbs. "You're taking this like a champ-" He looked behind at the group of teens and back at Deku. "I'm impressed! So cool." Izuku couldn't say anything as he whimpered in immense pain, struggling to find the words to say 'fuck off' so when he tried to speak, the only thing that came out was a pain scratchy sound coming from his throat.

Shigaraki let go of the teen's chin, the smiling fading from his face. This villain wasn't done though as walked back to where he was standing when the first electrical show happened, he didn't look back at the kid sitting on the chair- with a flick of button Shigaraki started the electrifying experience again.

This time the screams were louder, 19 students and 2 adults were forced to watch

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Izuku faced the ground unconscious from the pain that tormented his body, he couldn't take the pain.

he wasn't strong enough... What a hero he was.

Kaminari was an electrifying child, his energy was always floating around wherever he went, but the horrid event he was forced to witness, that energy sizzled and now this energetic child was frozen and sobbing.

Bakugou who usually forced himself to act tough in situations similar to this...he couldn't do it, he let that tear freely escape. He didn't sob or cry out he didn't throw a fit, he didn't scream at the tormentors...Bakugou just sat there in silence; obviously angry Sure he didn't like Deku that much, but the kid didn't deserve one did.

Ochako wasn't afraid to cry loudly into tsuyu's shoulder. The frog girl let it happen, not caring about her suit being wet with salty water from a pair of eyes. The gravity girl felt her stomach tightening with every second she was forced to be here, but she couldn't throw up, she couldn't do anything and she hated it.

Aizawa through the whole ride had shut his eyes and began to plan out an escape, a rescue for midoriya's sake, for everyone's sake. if it meant his life, so be it.

Tsuyu tried to use her tongue to do something about this mess, tried to stop the screams but she was tongue tired...literally. One of the villains had actually tied the girl's tongue in a knot.

Kirishima didn't look at anybody, didn't say anything. With a narrowed brow and a shaking body; it was clear he was shaking with rage. If he had his quirk right now, he would break free without a sweat. Damn villains.

Mineta's hands were tied to his legs so his Bottom was numb, he tried everything to get comfortable, he tried to block out the sounds of a good friend's screams, but the way he was tied made it impossible. These evildoers had planned everything! They knew what Mineta could do, they knew this tiny human could just rip out a ball and force the villains in a trap.

Ashido tried to use her acid, but the stupid drug that was currently inside her forced nothing to come out, forced to her frustratingly shout in curse words.

Hagakure was littered with clothes. She had a beanie, some sunglasses, gloves on her invisible hands, a scarf draped neatly around her neck, long sleeve shirt, tight jeans, and some black boots. She wasn't so invisible anymore.

Ojiro's tail was tied to Sero's Elbow, If any one of them moved, then it would probably cause a lot of trouble between the both of them and the circle of tied up teenagers. Ojiro and Sero were smart enough to not move too much.

Shoji a beast of a teen couldn't move all four of his arms, he couldn't regenerate limbs, he was as helpless as the rest of his friends. He just kept swearing at himself, wishing to this to all be over.

Momo tried desperately to create scissors, anything really to help them escape, but luck timed out and she eventually gave up straining her body to create something convenient. She sighed in defeat, eyes filled with frustration and sadness. Twice could only shoot a thumbs up at Momo's failure.

Jirō couldn't use her bases on her legs to vibrate and destroy the ground, her ear jack was glued to her neck, she couldn't rip them off due to her hands be tied to her back tightly. The villains really did think this through...

Aoyama's stomach grumbled a few times, but that wasn't indicating that his quirk that was not suited for his body was coming back out to shine...he wished, his stomach was craving cheese. Toga gladly fed him some after he wouldn't stop complaining. Thanks to the French guy's complaint, everyone got to eat.

Tokoyami's dark shadow refused to come out due to him being "locked inside an invisible door of the abdomen" so he was also out of the question to help rescue the 22 heroes.

Todoroki's quirks also vanished, and for this, he only showed concern for people who relied so much on their quirks, he was mostly concerned for a friend who was just electrocuted to where he was unconscious. Kaminari guesses that it was too much energy in his brain and body that his body went into protection mode and knocked him right out, but that was kaminari's thinking. Could be right though.

Iida sat staring at the ground thinking ways he could try and free himself to get help, but his legs were weak, his legs couldn't break free, these restraints were strong.

Kouda was just silent, he didn't say a single word, he didn't want to, he refused to in fear of being beaten.

Sato was cranky, upset, tired and mad. Tiredness due to the lack of sugar- Toga refused to give him any due to the fear of his quirk coming back. Sato was upset and mad due to the same reason with everyone else. When his sugar was low he just went for a nap, he wanted to sleep until he was rescued, he was hoping for it to happen.

Now for All Might, his anger was through the roof, his blood boiled, his blue orbs light faded slightly in his blacked-out eyes. He was beyond pissed, he was beyond saving at this state of anger. With his retirement, he was no longer a concern, no longer feared by evil, so they didn't bother to tremble when All Might's smile faded. Shucks.

Toga's wild smile showed fangs as she watched everyone give up on fighting to save their friend, no one could move, they did wonderfully! She basically orgasmed when she smelt the fear through the air, she almost fell to her knees when she smelt blood, she almost screamed in delight when she realized it was from Izuku. She stopped herself from actually going nuts at the scene she was facing as soon as she turned around to face the wall. 'You can go nuts another day.'

Dabi on the other hand just vanished into the night, meaning he got bored and went home to call it a night. He waved goodbye to Shigaraki, promising 'he will be here tomorrow to burn anyone alive if they attempt to escape.' This wasn't bluffing.

Twice was smoking and waiting silently for his thoughts to crack and make him talk to himself. At least he had a friend.

Shigaraki the sly dog he was shoving down his plan in everyone's throats. Sure Izuku wasn't dead, but he felt like he did something right too. He wanted Izuku to wake up and feel like he was dying, to beg for his suffering to end, but knowing the brat it wasn't going to happen. If it meant protecting his friends, he would willingly suffer again.

Kurogiri was making drinks for everyone. He was trying to stay useful by making sure everyone single one was alive by the end of this.

Everyone was thankful for the free food and drinks that they were given while they stayed here for who knows how long, but no one was thankful for numbness in their legs and lower backs.

"Hey, hand guy." Grumbled Bakugou with no fear in his eyes. "Why don't you just kill Deku?" Added the exploding blond, Ochako gave an angry glare.

" I like that idea....but it's not fun if I just kill him." He sighed as he walked closer to the teenager now the hand off his face. "Not now at least."

"What even is your plan?" Ojiro Spoke up this time around, feeling a little amused; Reasons unknown. " Like what kind of mental destruction do you want?"

Shigaraki put a hand to his cut lip, deep In thought. "Well, to the point where he is begging for death, I want him to see his beaming green eyes not beam with those annoying lights. I want him to stop being a hero. I'm not going to kill him, I'll get him to kill himself instead of me doing it." Shigaraki's smile widened, making Ojiro uncomfortable in his ropes. "Until then, I want to make sure he isn't living a stable life."

" Why him of all people?" Tokoyami turned his head, looking somewhat annoyed by the talking happening in the small room.

"He's the kindest kid here, he's so happy, he's so heroic! He'd do anything for anyone-" Ashido beamed as well, trying to distract herself from Mineta's gross amounts of sobbing. "Why do you want to destroy such a strong witted and lovable guy?"

To shigaraki that was a good question, he went back to thinking on questions. Yeah, why was he doing it? "He's in the way of my masters plan to rid this world of heroes. Hate to agree with stain here, but some of you guys don't deserve to be heroes."

" Yeah but that's just us, no Deku!" Ochako screamed. "How is he even in the way? He's not a fake wannabe hero, he told me Stain Said he was worthy to be one!" Ochako struggled to break free again, allowing rage to get to her.

"Yes, yes-" shigaraki chuckled softly. "He is worthy of being a 'hero' and that won't simply cut it, he'll get in my master's plan! I will not let the successor of All Might win!" Shigaraki didn't bother to stop himself from the last words he threw out. He was enjoying Bakugou and All Might panic as their secret was now out.

All Might felt all eyes on him, he was uncomfortable with Todoroki to have that 'i fucking knew it' look, but he didn't say anything. Ochako was so confused? A successor? What? But it seemed serious.

"THAT WASN'T MEANT TO BE TOLD TO THE WORLD!" Bakugou shouted as he ferociously struggled through the hard rope, he was ready to fight, and this time he'd be winning this time.

"YOU KNEW!?" Ochako screamed too, feeling kinda sad that Bakugou knew before she did. Izuku was her best friend...well at least she thought he was.

Bakugou actually broke free from his ropes, and launched himself into Shigaraki, punching with all his might into the pale hairs face. The blonde wasn't holding back. He wasn't going down without a fight.

"STAND DOWN, YOUNG BAKUGOU!" Shouted All Might, he didn't want another kid hurt, another kid tormented and be broken- not today; not ever.

"A fight?" Shigaraki questioned and dodged an incoming punch. "If punching is all you have, I think you'd lose my sweet summer child." He laughed now grabbing Bakugou's elbow and squeezing it with a tight iron grip- all fingers on the kid's arm.

Bakugou grunted through his teeth when his elbow began to crack, turn to ashes. He was in deep shit now. "Fucking hell." He mumbled trying to break free.

"You want to keep punching me?" Growled the hand guy, looking somewhat pleased by the pain he was witnessing. "I can keep hold of your cracked and bleeding elbow and you'll turn to dust. No more Bakugou, no more explosions- what a shame." He laughed now and letting go of the cracked, bruised and bleeding Bakugou. "This is what happens when you fight without quirks. Don't play hero today."

Bakugou fell to his knees holding his destroyed elbow. "Fuck you," Bakugou growled through his teeth like a rabid dog.

"I don't have time for this." Red eyes rolled and feet walked away from the pained teen who was still holding his elbow. "Toga clean his arm then put him to sleep."

Toga jumped up as she was once again useful. The excited girl rushed to Bakugou's aid and carefully cleaned the wound. She took her time though as she enjoyed the blood drip from the cracked elbow to the ground; fascination sparked the young girl, but that had to go away because she was cleaning the bloodied mess. "Awe, it's a shame it had to end this way honestly-" the lunatic pouted as she wrapped the male's arm in bandages. "I wanted way more blood."

Bakugou didn't even bother to gawk at the teen dressed up as a middle school student, he didn't bother to take in the sadistic smile each time she spoke. He clicked his tongue and refused to say anything... He was saving that for another time.

Toga whistled an unfamiliar tune as she grabbed a white cloth and chloroform. Bakugou began to fight back once again, but Toga at this moment was stronger.

Sleep took over Bakugou moments later and everyone relaxed a bit more; no more fear today: no one wanted a dead student.

The kid was tied back up, but tighter and with different material. Sleep tight Bakugou.



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Bakugou woke up moments later, or so he thought he did. The room was quiet and it sent uncomfortable sensations throughout his body. He was in a room by himself, Kacchan didn't like this one bit

"So you're awake." Said a voice through the glass. "That's unfortunate." The voice of evil added, sounded somewhat unpleased. Of course, they would be unpleased; Bakugou was thinking of ways to throw hands and win a fight

'Of course I'm awake, asshole.' Grumbled the same action-ready teen.

"BAKUGOU!" Sobbed Ashido through the other glass room. The pink girl looked scared, looked like she just saw a ghost; her hands pounded harshly against the reinforced glass that separated everyone. The sound of her voice made the hot-tempered teen uneasy. Did something happen?

"Shut up." Said the raspy voice. The owner of this voice was nowhere to be seen, and without a doubt, it annoyed the hell out of the explosion boy.

This was really starting to give Katsuki a pounding headache. 'Everyone is so damn noisy' Bakugou's thoughts shouted, wanting the silent halls to shut the fuck up.

He heard an unfortunate sound, a buzzing, ear soar sound coming from above, he really wished he didn't know what it was

Ashido cried out in pain as she was electrocuted without hesitation. Bakugou winced, looking away and desperately observing the area to find the rest of his classmates. Everyone was here, a bit bruised and a bit broken inside. Therapy was definitely needed as soon as they were freed

Mineta was in his own little glass box, huddled in the corner, terrified- he wouldn't stop sobbing in his legs, he didn't stop feeling so disgusted.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, ignoring the ball kid, and focusing on where the fuck he was, why the fuck was he in a cold room with a bed, a toilet and an outdated television placed on a small wooden table. This had to be a joke.

A chuckle left his mouth, amused by the set up in his prison cell. What a joke indeed

"Bakugou-" spoke Kirishima. The redhead looked sad, looked so distraught, looked so done. "Thank God you're awake." His mouth trembled, but at the same time he was calm and collected

"What's happening? How long was I out? Where is All Might? Why is everyone crying? Is anyone dead? " Bakugou felt like he missed a bunch of things. The blonde waited for a reply, but the look on Kirishima's face dropped even more, and then he let out a son. "Well?"

"It's been 5 days, Bakugou." Sobbed Kirishima, looking away. Katsuki's eyes widened, and it all made sense of why he felt like he was asleep for 20 odd years. "You've been out for 4 days... Midoriya has been beaten, bruised, scarred! He's been letting this happen to him because he doesn't want his friends to feel the same pain is currently enduring. Last night we were moved to another secure building. W-we don't know where we are." Eijiro gasped through his sobbing tears. "No one has died today, but-"

Bakugou didn't like the pause in his best friends voice what did he mean by today? Did Deku die? Why did Bakugou care? Why did his stomach turn? Why did he grab his heart like he was having a heart attack, why was he in tears? "Deku didn't die right?"

Kirishima looked down. " No, but he's getting tormented and tortured right now..."

"What!?" Bakugou cringed but feeling relieved. He didn't want that nerd to die, he didn't want to tell his mom that her only son died in the hands of villains. The question that banged in his head was who died? How many people? "So did anyone die?"

The glass caged went silent, the eerie silence tiptoed around the building, making Bakugou somewhat nervous.

No one said anything, no one wanted to, no one wanted to remember the scene they had to witness right in front of their eyes. Everyone apart from Bakugou was broken, shattered, their mind in shards.

Kaminari just glared his feet, his smile gone and destroyed, his electrifying spirit was washed away. "Midoryia tried his hardest to fight Shigiraki, but he was knocked down...When he was knocked down and beaten, Shigaraki went for All Might."

Red eyes began to shake, please don't tell me

"The Villain knew All Might is weak, he knew what to do, Shigaraki was stronger, much stronger." Momo sighed. " Midoryia begged and screamed for him to leave All Might be, but-"

"The hands of evil didn't care nor did he listen." Todoroki's monotoned voice chipped in. "All Might was grabbed and pushed to the ground. He was too weak to fight back... With a kick in his stomach, All Might let out one terrifying scream...You should have seen how destroyed Midoriya was. He was forced to watch with the rest of us."

Bakugou didn't like this one bit because as he listened to his classmates explain the unfortunate situation that they faced, his stomach gagged and he threw up.

Midoryia was thrown back in his cell, grunting in pain. "I heard y-you guys talking about what-" Izuku dry-heaved. " What happened to All Might." His broken voice cracked. " After he told me it'll be Alright...that I did what was for the best, that fighting b-Back was what a hero would do in the brink of the moment." Midoriya moved his eyes to the listening angry Bakugou, he began to speak again. "Even though it was all my fault, that i-" he let out a wail of guilt through his throat. "My stupidity got in the way, and-And."

Bakugou was losing interest, he was growing impatient with stuttering mess In the next room. He never saw his old former childhood this upset before; he was only now starting to get the idea on what was happening...he wasn't prepared for what was going to be said

"Bakugou... "Ochako butted in, from across the narrowed hall, her voice loud, serious and hurt, it snapped Bakugou out of his blacked-out thinking state. "All Might has-- H-He didn't make it... "

And this is where the world fell flat and cracked in the just woken up teen.

Chapter Text

"WHAT!?" screamed Bakugou who didn't take the news lightly. It hurt to hear it go through his head, it hurt to be awake.

"It's the truth..." Mr Aizawa finally spoke up, looking like he wasn't affected, but in the inside he really was. Sure the teacher didn't like All Might that much, but he couldn't deny that Toshinori was a hell of a good man who he respects. "Everyone saw it, there's no lie in it...Everyone is deeply heartbroken; especially his successor."

Bakugou's head turned to face the Nerd who didn't bother looking back up. Bakugou wanted to see those eyes, that smile; he wanted to see Deku's determined face, but there was none of that. Katsuki snapped out of his wondering trace and quietly shouted "Okay, I believe you... But do you guys have a way out? A plan at least?"

A long sigh escaped Mr Aizawa's mouth. It sounded like he'd given up, gave up on fighting, gave up on plans to be free. "We did.-"


"But our plan failed. Shigaraki caught us while we were trying to break for it-" Aizawa said as he put some eye drops in his eye. "Good thing is Iida managed to escape... But the bad news is that Shigaraki and his little gang took it out on Midoryia... For two days the poor kid has been forced to watch the video of All Might being killed."

Bakugou's gut turned once more as heard Aizawa speak with no expression. "If Iida escaped, does that mean he's getting help?" The use of Iida's name shook the whole building. Why wasn't he using offensive Nicknames?

" It's been two days, Bakugou," Momo added, looking somewhat displeased. "Iida escaped, and since he escaped we were moved to another hideout. There's no doubt that police and pro heroes are looking for us-"

" But it'll be incredibly hard," Tokoyami interrupted as he stood facing a dark wall. The bird-like teen looked focused on something, looked like he was going to go nuts, but as he spoke once more there was no reason to speculate Tokoyami's mumbling "shut up dark Shadow." The bird loudly said under his breath. No doubt that Midoriya heard

"Is-is Dark shadow talking to you in your head?" Midoriya stood up, still facing the cold ground below him; by the looks of it, Izuku's fanboy nature didn't fade away. "THAT'S SO COOL." Izuku's green messy hair was no longer in everyone's eyes, but instead, his beaten up, bruised and bleeding face was up and about, his eyes twinkled, his green eyes lit up again

The building felt lighter, the building felt brighter as Midoriya smiled, as Midoriya lit up with Glee, and with huge excitement. You could feel the smiles run around, radiate every room! If Izuku smiled, everyone smiled...

But for how long though?

"Yes, but he's really bothersome. He says he's hungry and wants a Scooby snack." Tokoyami left out a laugh, and so did everyone else. Laughter is what they wanted right now

After a few moments of laughter and exciting chatter, Momo groaned through her teeth, trying her hardest to make something. No one bothered to ask what she was doing because they knew, the rich girl was trying this for days; to see if she can get her quirk back, trying to create something. "Sorry I know I should give up, but I feel something." Aizawa rolled his eyes

There was more silence after another, the only thing that cracked the torturous silence was a sneeze, a couple of coughs and Aizawa. "Does anyone have their quirk back?" The homeroom teacher yawned. It made sense that he wasn't getting sleep, barely anyone did.

"No" Ochako silently reacted while she touched something, nothing floated. It was always going to be a no

Midoryia groaned, wiped his nose and stood, obviously annoyed. What he did next was stupid to everyone, but logical to him... He punched then kick a solid concrete wall. The pain was the last thing on his mind right now

"You fucking idiot." Bakugou's eyes widened again. 'What the fuck was that nerd thinking?' Bakugou's brain screamed

"Non." Aoyama stood up as he lightly put his back to his cell wall and thrust the air... No laser today

"Nada." Ashido remained seated and bored, throwing her arms in front of her to try and produce acid- not surprisingly nothing came out. Nothing was coming out for the whole time she was there.

"No, no tape." Sero's disappointed voice appeared as he was bending his arm and trying to get his tape out. "No luck..."

"No luck." Tokoyami was still facing the wall

"Unfortunately not." Momo groaned once more

Shoji raised his body up and tried to duplicate his arms, but failed so he sat back down. Through his mask, the muffled sounds of "nope, sorry" was heard

"Sorry." Ojiro apologized. " They sedated my tail, it hasn't moved yet."

"No." Mineta cried as he tried to throw his balls to the ground. "my balls are weak, they cannot move."

"You always make it sound so sexual," Tsusyu mumbled and put a finger to her mouth.

"It's your fault for thinking dirty in a situation like this." Mineta cried back, feeling somewhat hurt. Everyone rolled their eyes for what felt like the tenth time today

"Anyway...No, my quirk isn't working." Kirishima tried to harden his body, but with no luck, he gave up

Kaminari tried to produce lightning but failed. It was obviously no.

Sato had no sugar with him, so he just shrugged. "No clue." The big-lipped teen yawned and craved something sweet

"There are no animals here, so I'm not sure either." Koda's words were loud. His shyness was long gone as he was forced to speak up, due to his fear of everyone thinking he died along with All Might; those are the nightmares he always has and will always have.

"No vibrations, sorry." Jirō twisted her ear jacks in her fingers she then hummed, trying to ignore the fear of losing her quirk forever. Aizawa sighed once again, this time defeated. "What about you three?"

"Yes." Tsusyu's blocked nose voice chirped. Everyone's world was lighting back up once again, their heads turned faster than Sonic the hedgehog, their smiles and shocked eyes grew wider each minute. "Sorry I didn't say anything, I was just concentrating on my camouflage technique"

"Yes." Todoroki bored voice appeared. The ice and fire user had made a tiny fire on his right hand, giving light to his cell and to everyone's future.

"Yes." Grumbled Bakugou, make tiny Sparks in his tired hands. "Maybe the drugs don't last that long to some people." katsuki looked up at the 20 kids with hope in their eyes, Midoriya was basically full of Hope.

Tiny whispers radiated the building, their whispers no longer in fear, but with excitement and determination. They were finally going to be free.

Aizawa finally stood up, he put his hands on his cell door and gave Bakugou a serious look. "My quirk works too, it's been working for hours now... I just needed to see if anyone else has a working quirk." Aizawa tried to smile. "Bakugou can you make an Explosion?"

Chapter Text

Three days after Bakugou was knocked unconscious

Shigaraki evilly smirked at Izuku being grabbed at his arms by Dabi. Reason for grabbing the teen boy was currently unknown to the class, and to the kid who was grabbed so harshly. "Tonight will be something special. Toga will be hurting you know how much she likes you."

"You seem to really like hurting me." Izuku growled in a frustrated tone; he just wanted to sleep. Midoriya had enough of the torment so he decided to defend himself, so he kicked the man who grabbed him. The fire starter showed no emotion when he was kicked in in the shin, he showed no emotion when he threw the green-haired boy to the ground and squeezed his wrists in a tight grasp.

"You want to keep going?" Shigaraki hissed but amused. "You have no quirk-" he scratched his neck. "Don't forget what happened to Bakugou."

"I haven't forgotten." Interrupted the smaller male who's armed began to hurt. "My friend has been unconscious for more than a day. I haven't forgotten that and I haven't forgotten what you did to his arm." Huffed Midoriya. " Let go of my arms."

"No one is letting go of anything, child." Shigaraki was now starting to get irritated, he was now scratching his neck angerly. Fingertip against the skin. "Bakugou doesn't see you as a friend though."

Those words stung Izuku's heart, he knew... Every day he was faced with the truth, it wasn't something he forgot or something he refused to believe. Even though Bakugou didn't see Midoriya as his friend, Izuku thought Katsuki as his. Everyone was his friend

Still, though, Deku said nothing; ignoring the villain, and focusing on Dabi's tight grip.

"I can tell by that hurt look in your eyes that you know Bakugou doesn't like you that much." The villain sat down on a chair, facing it away from Midoriya and leaning against it.

"That- that is now how you sit on a seat." Iida basically screamed. instantly Iida was kicked in the face by Twice.

"I'm sorry!" Gasped the split personality guy. "I am not sorry."

"Tell me Izuku, why does Bakugou think you as some type of scum?" Izuku didn't answer, he refused to answer but the more he refused to, the more grip Dabi had on his arms. "C' mon little one, don't you want to talk?"

Dabi grew impatient and started to slowly burn the flesh of the younger male's arm, enjoying the sound of Midoriya's yelp as he was in pain and surprise. "You should tell him before I eventually melt your arm."

Izuku still refused, he looked away, and lifted a muscled leg and kicked the blue flame guy in the back. It surprised the scarred man, it got him off him though. Izuku stood up and grabbed his arm in pain. This kid wasn't going to go down without a fight

"I really wish you didn't hurt my colleagues."

"I really wish you didn't hurt my friends." Izuku snapped back. " Kicking Iida back there was a little unnecessary."

"It's a little unnecessary for you to kick someone during a conversation. Has anyone told you manners? "

"I could say the same thing to you, Shigaraki... Kidnapping people isn't polite. Your mom should have taught you that."

" My mom was burnt to a crisp by my quirk, so was my family! So I doubt my manners really matter if I'm a villain, now does it? " Scratched Tomura. " Dabi, you know what to do."

Dabi nodded and started a small fire. He wasn't aiming to kill the kid, but he was surely going to hurt him. He was getting pretty annoyed when the green hair teen dodged and left a surprisingly hard kick to the back

Every villain joined in on trying to get Izuku in their grasp, every wasting minute they spent their time chasing after the same kid... Soon enough they were tired, but Shigaraki and Kurogiri weren't, they had no clear signs of being exhausted. "You really are tough even without your stupid quirk."

Izuku was heaving for air as he stood three feet away from the two fighting hungry villains ready to fight. "Thanks, I train har-GAH" Izuku screamed in fright as he was smashed against the wooden floor, his head forced to the side and cheek against said floor. No matter how hard he tried to break free, he couldn't the strength above him felt like buffed All Might

A Nomu. Ah fuck

"Aren't you happy to see this creature again?" Shigaraki's hidden smiled beamed through his mask. "If you try to do anything then I have no choice but for this guy to injured you way more than you are now."

"I can't even do anything, now can I?" Izuku's irritation through his voice came unnoticed. He felt so paralyzed, he wanted to do something...

Twice had grabbed a person from the crowd and moved this unfortunate victim in front of the defeated child. To Midoriya's unfortunate surprise it was All Might

The former #1 hero didn't even think to fight back, didn't even bother; he knew he was no match, he knew he'd lose but he showed no fear. "Midoriya my boy that was rather idiotic of you." Said his mentor still tightly held

" I was fighting for my safety." Izuku's teeth came together as he continued to struggle. For three days he was in another room getting constantly beaten to a pulp, shown horrifying things and threatening to kill his loved ones. He knew they were probably bluffing, but it still hurt. "I-I had to do something, All Might."

"I know, I know; you did protect yourself for short- fuck why so harsh with those hands."

"I'm sorry." Midoriya felt guilty, he didn't know why he felt it when he didn't put anyone in harm's way... Well not right now at least.

"You don't need to be sorry, Midoriya. You were defending yourself. That's what makes you a hero."

"yeah, but you won't be seeing your successor be a real hero." Shigaraki's voice darkens behind them.

The room was silent, and Izuku's face was confused. "What?"

"All Might is going to die because of you, Izuku Midoriya."

All Might didn't seem phased by it, he knew he'd die eventually, either from his stomach being gone and it finally ended him, or a villain ended up actually succeeded in killing him. All Might never fear death; it was always a risk when it was including heroism... But Izuku feared it, Izuku didn't like this

"Young Midoriya, don't worry. I want you to stay strong and no matter what happens take this as an example to become stronger." All Might's words slammed into Izuku's head like a speeding truck; tears rushed down his cheek as he watched Toshinori take a punch to the gut, a knife to the shoulder, a few burns to his face and a disintegrated hand. Although he did put up a fight! He kicked Dabi in the groin, punched Twice in his face, dodged another stabbing by Toga, slapped Shigaraki's hands with force away from his face... but he didn't fight for long, because the fight was already over before it began. All might was quickly exhausted. His weaken state was no match anymore, his lack of quirk was gone, and so was he before he fell to the ground.

Izuku was forced to watch this, his vision blurred through the heartbreaking tears. He struggled beneath the green ugly Nomu, who's mouth stayed open, drool dripping out of his mouth and onto Izuku from below.

Midoriya was witnessing a murder right in front of his very eyes, he was witnessing something he never wanted or dreamt of.

The last thing he saw was Shigaraki's hand on All Might's face, eyes facing his successor. Those eyes didn't show fear, it barely showed pain; with a finger jittering he lifted it up a bit more and whispered a "it'll be alright." Those were the unfortunate last words Izuku heard before his mentor turned into dust.

No one could believe it... Izuku's world ran cold, his world no longer had warmth. His most favourite person in the whole world was gone, just like that. "Y-You monster."

The person who killed All Might said nothing as he wiped his dusty hands on his black jeans and walked away. "Bring him back to his friends. I don't want to see that brats face again."

That night, Izuku didn't sleep, Izuku didn't speak, Izuku didn't even smile. Izuku was broken

Chapter Text

A day before Bakugou woke up

Izuku hadn't slept at all... While the others slept, he struggled. He was living through All Might's death again and again. Even his dreams tormented him. So he stayed awake, didn't bother going back to dream world.

When it hit morning the room felt cold, quiet, uncomfortable. 21 human beings stayed silent. Midoriya kept blacking out, eyes with bags underneath. He didn't keep an eye on the time, he didn't need to, to know he was awake for hours. He didn't need to, to know that every time he blacked out was 10 minutes of his time.

"Midoriya-" Izuku didn't look up, didn't bother to break from his blacked-out world.

"Deku." Another voice tried to break him from his own world. Why bother? He didn't want to face reality. He liked the black void in his head, why should he come out? "Come on, snap out of it!"

"Izuku." Still nothing. " Goddamn it."

"Oi, wake up." Midoriya didn't bother.

He was awake though, his eyes just glued shut, refusing to open. His eyes felt so numb.

"For fuck's sake, Midoriya." Said a voice that he couldn't quite pick up, it sounded more emotional, it didn't sound like someone he knew, and with a hard slap to his cheek, he figured it out

The slap was hard, but not as hard it hurt in his heart, but at least he was no longer blacked out

Aizawa had slapped him

Aizawa's hand faded back into his pocket and looked down at the boy whose eyes were full of tears and guilt. It hurt to be awake, it hurt to keep his eyes open, it hurt to speak...every single thing hurt. "I know you're upset, but we need your help."

Izuku stared blankly at his teacher not really picking up what anyone was saying, what anyone actually said after that.

"Midoriya, I know what you saw was horrible, but we really need you right now," Ochako whispered and sat in front of her best friend

The question he faced inside his head was how were they free? What's for breakfast. He trailed off again, and then once again a slap reached his face.

Ochako this time slapped him. "Please, Deku." Her begging made no sense to the traumatized teenager though. Why did his world feel so unfamiliar? Why did Ochako look so... So blurry. Izuku blinked a few times, his mouth In an o shape.

"Leave him be Ochako." Aizawa groaned, maybe he was being a bit hard on the boy, but they needed to Izuku's help. Ochako left Izuku's side and left Aizawa to it. Maybe someone will get to the depressed like teen "Midoriya, I'm really starting to beg."

"I-I can't." Izuku's split moment of his world was back, he was understanding the situation he and everyone around him were in; if it meant actually saving someone this time then he was in no matter what. "I can't let you guys die as well."

"Who said we were going to die?" Sero's voice rose, not caring about the scared classmate next to him, that didn't expect what just happened. "Why don't you be the lookout?"

Every classmate had their eyes on the tape boy. Every single being was now agreeing with what the teen had to say..." sure I'll stay behind, but just so you know, if you guys get caught and taken back inside I'll be the one getting tortured." Izuku looked pissed

"I'll stay behind, I can take them," Kirishima shouted. He tried to be manly

"No one is staying behind." Aizawa butted in. "we're all coming." Said the tired teacher now opening a window. Iida was the first one out, running normally through the Alleyway and into the street. There was no doubt that the kid was going to call for help

But before anyone else could run out, a hand grabbed the next person to try and jump out the window; Ashido.

The window was also shut in speeds no one could explain. Toga had closed it, as she fangirled looking at Izuku.

The boy didn't like where this was going.

The pink girl yelped as she was thrown to the ground; the throw was hard. "You idiots." Shigaraki spat. "A day after your hero died and you're already planning your escape...I can't say I'm not surprised."

"I refused to stay here." Mineta stood straight, forgetting about fear, forgetting about what might happen next. "I will not sit around and watch someone die again."

The whole class was shocked, weirded out and proud. Mineta who was no higher than 4 feet was there fighting back to the villains who didn't care who they hurt. "I'm sorry, but I'm sick of it."

Was this even Mineta?

"Oh please, what are you going to do? Fight me? You're the size of a rugby ball. I can easily kick you into the sun." Shigaraki bent down. " Without your little quirk you can't trap me, so I'd like to see you try."

Mineta at this point pissed himself. He tried to act tough, but with no surprises, he cowered in fear.

"That's what I thought." The Villain stood back up, looking at the others who stood in place. "You could have actually walked right out you know, but instead you are all frozen. Am I really that scary?"

Todoroki showed no fear. "bite me."

Midoriya sat back down, tired beyond exhaustion. He knew what was coming next. He knew he'd be grabbed and forced into a room he called hell, so he waited, waited for his doom

"I heard tape guy say that no one is going to die today." Dabi broke the silence looking amused, a smile slightly there. "You're right no deaths today, but your friend over there will want to die after we're through with him."

Sero wished he shut his mouth.

"Come with me." Twice ordered as he once again grabbed the teen. and there it was, the start of something Midoriya was waiting for. Izuku didn't struggle, he just went a long sigh it.

For some reason there wasn't much strength in the grip, there was no weight...just a second ago there was Though.

A confused Izuku turned around without thinking what he was going to see, or expect to see. He didn't expect to see Aizawa holding Twice in his scarf. Aizawa had no red eyes though, his quirk was not there. "Touch my student again and I'll make sure you want to die after this."

"Woah, why is it so strong?" Said the normal voice. "I love it." Twice struggled, while he looked like he was going to go insane. I mean he was already insane; but still.

Toga who was just standing around was now cleaning her knife and then Toga laughed. she was ready to stab someone, kill someone, stand in front of the dead person, covered in their blood. Aizawa was in her eyes, her target; but before she could stab a bitch she was in a tight grip in a grey scarf. Looks like there will be no stabbing today. "Anyway wanting to stab me will have to wait."

"Should we do something, Shigaraki Tomura?"

" I want to see where this goes, Kurogiri. Just grab the kids and warp to the other hideout, I'll fight this talented man myself." Shigaraki ordered and laughed a bit before he got up from his seat and ran straight at the pro hero. It was just like the u.s.j.

Shigaraki couldn't stop admiring the man in front of him ready to fight. Quirk or no quirk this man was still a force to be reckoned with.

As Kurogiri set up his warp gate, in split second he grabbed all 19 kids. Kurogiri swore to himself as he realized one was didn't matter anyway, they were moving house. Still didn't stop the fact that they were now a target.

Aizawa, on the other hand, had moved to the side to avoid any disintegration on any part of his body; the two villains he caught earlier crashed against the walls and was knocked unconscious. The wall was now cracked and destroyed.

There wasn't even a scream. Weird

"Kurogiri, warp him now."

The warp villain was quick to act as Aizawa ran to try and capture the villain who could turn people into dust in seconds. When Aizawa tried to tie Shigaraki with his scarf, it failed... He failed because he didn't notice that the villain was gone, he didn't notice the warp gate was there until the last minute and when he finally noticed it was too late to stop as he crashed and went through the purple portal, face-first into a metal door. He too was unconscious

"Heroes are really annoying." Said Shigaraki before he stepped through the warp gate.

The other room was abandoned soon after the warp gate closed.

The plan failed, and someone was going to suffer for it. The class was really a little overwhelmed with guilt, as they saw Midoriya willingly get dragged to a room. If they could shower him with apologies they would.

As soon as they were brought to this strange place, Midoriya knew what would happen, he accepted his fate. He claimed he was willing to go through pain for his friends so they wouldn't. Midoriya said he could handle it, but little did he know that is was going to be far worse than electricity. Nothing could be worse than losing all Might though

That night they wish they could shut off their ears. Shut off the mental image of their friend getting their arms cut, their scars reopened and beaten badly. This kid who had won against a fight between a villain ten times stronger than him to protect a kid who hated all things heroes was actually begging for the two villains awake to stop. And it broke everyone, knowing that the strongest kid here was begging.

Chapter Text

The present 

"I can make an Explosion... But what's your plan before I set this fucking building on fire?" Bakugou wasted no time to reply to Aizawa's stupid question. He showed more sparks jumping around in his hands.

"Good to know you're actually asking for the plan," Kirishima smirked. "You're usually the one to just be a lone wolf."

Bakugou didn't bother to turn his annoyed face. The hot-headed teen knew that this situation was no joke, he knew he wasn't the one to make decisions that could get him killed. The things he did in the past didn't turn out good for him... In a way, he kinda learnt to not just rush in. "Shut up."

"Todoroki, can you make a little ice cone? And then melt it with your fire?" Aizawa decided that he'd let the two teens argue and went straight for the half n half kid

"Yeah probably." Todoroki's arms turned and he made a little piece of ice, now shoving it to his hot side of his body and the mini fire melted it with ease. "Looks like I can."

"Good. Tsusyu! Is your tongue still tied?"

"No... As a frog, I can do many things, and getting a knot off is pretty easy. It's something I learnt to perfect." Tsusyu wasn't the one to brag, but she felt like she needed to. This impressed the homeroom teacher.

"So you can turn invisible-"

"Camouflage." Corrected the frog girl

" Right. So you can camouflage. That's good." Aizawa walked away from his cell door and walked around thinking of something that might help them out. "Hagakure."


"Can you take your clothes off and be invisible entirely?" The tired man had an expressive tone. Others thought he was going insane

"I mean yeah, but what do you have planned, Sir?" The floating clothes moved forward to the cell door. "Because if it's kicking ass then I'm in."

Midoriya was interested this time, escaping his staring competition with the ground. He only listened, didn't really care to be apart of this.

"Okay, Bakugou..." Shota stopped tracing around his room. Bakugou looked away from Kirishima and at Aizawa. "Here's the plan, you and Todoroki at the right time break open your cells."

" When will this time be right, Mr Aizawa?" Said the interested Shoto.

"When they come and get Midoriya." The teen looked up again after hearing his name. He was now invested in this plan but still didn't say anything. "Yes, this plan involves Midoriya..."

"Yeah yeah, just get on with it man." Kaminari yawned. "I want to be free."

"Right... So when they come to grab Midoriya I want you Bakugou and Todoroki to break your cell doors. Todoroki you're in charge of freezing the person who is taking Izuku and make sure he stays frozen... Then it's your turn Bakugou to get everyone free from their cells." Aizawa took a break. Bakugou, on the other hand, looked intent, interested and had a smile. "Midoriya, I want you to run, take Hagakure with you, and find an exit, you go first so that you don't be the one getting the short end of the stick. Midoryia when you're out of harm's way, I want you to get help."

Midoriya smiled, the first time in a while he truly smiled, apart from his fanboy moment before, this was a genuine smile. "I like that, thank you, Mr Aizawa."

Aizawa could only smile at the thankful child. The kid already went through enough.

"Hagakure, you run back after you know Midoriya is safe and out of the building. You'll be handy when it comes with the others." Hagakure's beanie and sunglasses moved up and down. "There's no doubt that there will be fighting, but this is for Bakugou, Hagakure, Tsusyu, Todoroki, and I to deal with."

"Right." Said the Kids Involved. Its time to be heroes. "Let's do it!"

Nothing happened got quite some time, it didn't matter though because there was more time for Bakugou to think of how loud and big his explosions were going to be. He kept to himself.


A faint sound of an iron metal door being forcefully pried open was heard from everyone. 20 students and 1 pro hero were getting ready for battle.

Aizawa watched Toga open Midoriya's cell. "Hello Izuku, come with me!" Toga's sadistic smile rose, she was ready to pounce on him.

Izuku stood up without hesitation, Toga grabbed his hand, holding it like some married couple. "NOW!" screamed Izuku as he stomped on Toga's foot with force. She yelped and grabbed her foot in a painful surprise.

Before she could stand up though, Bakugou had blown away his cell door and Todoroki had slammed his foot the ground, letting ice form around the blood-hungry villain. Izuku was away from the fire and the ice, shocked that this actually succeeded until he was shaken out of his trance by Hagakure. "Let's go."

The two ran away from the scene, hearing more cells open and feet rushing out without a doubt. These kids were ready to fight. No matter the lack of quirk, they were going to win.

As Hagakure and Midoriya ran freely down the halls, the sounds of cheering faded, now it was the sounds of roaring red sirens blasting painfully in their minds.

Freedom here it comes.

Chapter Text

Hagakure and Midoriya zoomed past multiple wooden doors, the hallway was long and wide, perfect for two teens to run in.

Neither of them really knew where they were going. The plan was simple, find a window or a door that had a certain type of light seeping through the cracks then it's a door to freedom. Look for it and run.

The lights flickered as they do in horror movies, but it didn't bother the two kids trying to break just made the scene more dramatic.

Hagakure pushed Izuku in an empty room as soon as she heard angry-sounding footsteps. A hand in front of the male's mouth, knowing that he would be confused and ask questions.

He knew when he heard a distant door open; Izuku knew that they were probably going to be in danger; he could feel the made his heart run faster.

The sounds of the moving footsteps on the other side of the door didn't stop, but they went faster, speeding sloppily down the hall.

Once they knew the sound of running was gone, they opened the door and quickly headed back down the hallway... That was until Twice spotted them. "So that's where you went."


Midoriya stumbled backwards, he couldn't find anything to say, all he did was raise a fist. "And so what?" Izuku growled as he made a silent gesture to Hagakure to hide. The invisible girl noticed and ran quickly and quietly through the hall and stood around the corner, still and tall.

"Glad to see your fighting spirit hasn't changed nice." Chuckled the crazy guy. "No not nice."

Izuku smiled, although he was scared, he smiled. All Might's words were now stuck in his head. The words he said some time ago, the words that struck the kids heart and took it as advice.

"I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me." Although Izuku left out a tear, he smiled, smiled through his fear. He was not going to let fear stop him from protecting the people he cared and loved, even if it meant he'd die.

Twice unknowingly charged for the teenage kid, his other personality taking charge. He hated it but he couldn't do much.

Izuku dodged a punch to the face but returned the favour with one himself. Izuku returned the abuse he went through, the pain he had to feel. He was so out of it, he was no longer smiling and he was now on top of the masked Villain, punching the guy till Izuku himself had gallons of tears rush down his face, tears he refused let out for almost a week.

Izuku didn't remember even pushing the crazy villain to the ground, he didn't even remember punching and slamming the same guys face into the ground because moments before he was dodging assaults.

Hagakure had pushed him off before Izuku could knock the guy unconscious; Izuku had now broken down in a fit of tears plonked his butt on the ground in shock and adrenaline, now remembering his mistake...but why did it feel so good? Why did he feel so guilty at the same time?

Midoriya wrapped his arms around his head and pushed his legs against his stomach, hiding from the world, he couldn't face it just yet.

He continued to cry. Hot tears that were starved, forcefully ran down his face

Tears that he needed to free for so long, for so so so long were now being released to the wild. He needed this

At least he had defended himself properly this time.

Izuku's meltdown was a new one to Hagakure's eyes, but she was expecting it; many people were. She expected Midoriya to crash as soon as he got the chance. By the looks of it, it seemed he let out his emotions by punching someone till they couldn't move. She knew the guy deserved to be beaten, she knew the split personality human being had it coming... But she didn't know the extent of how hurt her friend was during the times they tortured him.

Midoriya was the type of person to flick it off their shoulders and say it's okay for everyone's sake, but when it built inside, there was bound to be some leaks.

He never really cared about his body or how hurt he got; if it meant protecting his friends then he would do it, no questions asked.

Which was horrible, problematic... Izuku doesn't care

A kid so strong can also break. A kid so strong can also feel fear. Being a strong kid doesn't mean they couldn't cry and breakdown. It doesn't mean they couldn't feel so lost inside.

No matter how strong, a human is a human...and at this moment, Hagakure could see that

Izuku was now hyperventilating, crying, gasping for air. This was a full-on emotional breakdown, but right now they really couldn't deal with it, right now they had to escape, they needed to get moving..somehow.

Hagakure stood their still in awe, she didn't know what to do, how to help, how to be there as a friend. She never went through the things her classmate was/went through. She didn't face the same people every day, didn't go through pain and torment for someone sick could she be any good?

The girl looked down both ends of the hallway and sighed; sat down next to her crying friend and put an invisible hand on Izuku's shoulder, and he flinched... If she couldn't understand how bad everything Izuku went through then as a friend she could at least try to understand. "Breathe, Midoriya, breathe."

He tried his best to breathe, he tried his best to even see clearly; he tried his best to smile and laugh but his broken spirit failed him.

He did glance over to his battle though breaking apart from his arms and squinting through the watery Vision. He didn't need a clear vision to know twice's body wasn't moving anymore.

The only thing that made him know that Twice was alive, was the faint sounds of wheezing air.

Tooru grabbed Izuku's shoulders and made his head rest on her shoulders, giving the boy some comfort; some type of awkward hug. She felt it was enough, she thought it was enough to let Izuku know she had his back

The emotional breakdown lasted quite some time...Well 3 minutes, but still. Deku's eyes were stinging through every stream of tears. "You good?" Tooru could only say as she removed her arms from the sniffing teenage boy. Midoriya nodded, rubbing his eyes and using his dirty sleeve to get rid of more upcoming tears ready to swim away.

Hagakure got herself up, removing the dust from her unknown skin. She let out an invisible hand and grabbed Izuku's shoulder, forcing him up. There was no force to it, it was a soft lift.

Izuku's legs wobbled, his legs felt weak but the willingness to breath nature was running through his blood, he also wanted to see his mother again, to feel her loving embrace; wanted to let her know that he was safe. His mom must be worried sick.

"Alright let's go." Izuku's cracked voice spoke. Hagakure nodded and cracked a smile, although Midoryia couldn't see he could feel it. 

They began to walk down the creepy hallway, ignoring the scene before... Ignoring Twice's beaten and unconscious body behind, another villain would find him, who cares.

The only thing that really mattered to the two teens was finding the damn exit. And they will find it, no matter what gets in the way.

Chapter Text

Back with the class

Toga's body was still frozen, multiple times she tried to break free, multiple times she failed. "Izuku played me." She pouted and shivered

"No one played you, you crazy lunatic," Todoroki shouted and dodged an incoming attack from Mr Compress who just suddenly showed up. The quick villain barely missed the hot fire that Todoroki threw out of his hands, but he missed no less.

The loud clanks of two cranky, annoyed villains barged through the door. The good side didn't bother to turn around, they knew what was coming. Shigaraki, on the other hand, froze in place next to the already opened door witnessing an unfortunate scene in front of his very eyes. Multiple swear words ran through his mind. The boiling rage was not enough on how he felt. "Kurogiri..." Shigaraki growled

Kurogiri didn't need to be told twice to fight 17 students and 1 teacher, four of which had their quirks back

"DIE." Shouted an enraged Bakugou flipping through the air, his explosions lighting up the cold dark room and trying to aim at any villain who got in his way.

The villains were outmatched by the looks of it, Tsusyu had managed to use her tongue to capture Kurogiri and slammed him harder than she thought against a light coloured blue wall. Tsusyu really didn't care that the warp Villain had been knocked unconscious.

"What a shitty villain." Laughed Bakugou. "Good job frog girl." Complimented Katsuki as he made a much larger Explosion in the air and actually blowing Shigaraki away and into the hard ground.

"This wasn't how I planned this!" Shigaraki yelled. His frustrated antics caused more scratching to his already self-harmed neck.

"Yeah, I guess planning to mentally damage my student and keeping us here till we died was all you had planned-" Aizawa threw a punch to the already sitting down Tomura. "You bet you didn't even know about the time limit in your little drug." Aizawa's hair raised up, activating his quirk.

"Damn it." Sighed the annoyed downed villain. "What are you going to do about?" Shigaraki laughed, grabbed his mask and threw it off his face. This dude was ready to fight.

"You're the only one standing, all your 'friends' are frozen and unconscious. You don't have any left. This is a lose-win situation, Shigaraki..." Aizawa's eyes turned red. "All my students have been training every day to become heroes, learnt to fight villains...the reasons are because of you deciding to attack for your sick reasons. Midoriya fought someone so much stronger than you to save a girl, Midoriya is strong, Midoriya isn't some kid you can treat like dog shit because of his connections to All Might." Aizawa shoved Shigaraki to the ground with force and continued to stare at him. "Compared to him you're weak."

"You say he's strong, Eraserhead; but the weakness he's shown doesn't say he is. You say I'm weak, but I'm the one who's basically been destroying him, he's been letting me, he's been letting me see him cry his heart out, he's been letting me see him beg. I don't see how that's strong to you." Tomura's creepy wide smile slowly gave chills to everyone standing in the room.

"He's been letting you because he doesn't want anyone else to go through what he went through. The absolute pain you and your idiotic colleagues put him through. Reasons, why he cried and begged, is because you tortured a teenager. He was scared. No teenager should go through that. Hero in training or not." Shota's anger was boiling through his body with each second, each second he was shoving Shigaraki's face to the ground. "He's just a kid."

Aizawa's little speech made Shigaraki frown. It didn't make him sad, didn't make him mad, it just made him frown. Not a single word made him feel sorry though. "A kid who needs to die." Shigaraki finally spoke. His eyes were now full of hatred, full of so much hate that it caught Aizawa off guard. Eraserhead blinked for just one second, but that one second was enough- enough for the evil human being to use his quirk and grab Aizawa's face with his full hand

The teacher began to struggle he tried to grab the Shigaraki's hand, arm anything! His eyes couldn't open, he couldn't stop the wrongdoer, but he couldn't give up, he refused to.

He felt his face begin to crack, he begins to smell flesh and blood. He thought he was going to die until someone came to his rescue.

Ojiro had come to his teacher's rescue by grabbing Aizawa's shoulder and softly throwing his teacher to the ground and off Shigaraki. "You okay?"

"I should be, thank you Ojiro."

"Good, because we ain't losing another role model." Ojiro gave a friendly nod and jumped back to his friends who were trying to tie up their victims. I guess a scarf could work? On another note, Ojiro's tale was no longer asleep

Both good and evil sat on the shared ground glaring at each other angry red eyes meeting black pained eyes. The cracks in Aizawa's face were bleeding... Great more scars.

Next was predictable, Tomura shot up and quickly dashed for the exit... Well until Todoroki and Bakugou blocked his way out.

Where were they a few seconds ago?

"Not so fast, fucker." Bakugou spat out his words, giving nasty looks up and down to his captor. Katsuki looked tired, his bandaged arm looked like it had given up on him, but that didn't mean he was giving up; he had more fight left

"Step any closer and you will be in a body of ice, or you'll be a burnt chicken nugget... You pick." Todoroki was angry, the sound of his voice and the shape of his eye gave it away.

"Woah, what scary kids you have Eraserhead." Shigaraki Tomura had nowhere to go, all exits blocked, all escape roots surrounded by fighting hungry teens. "Shame they'll be turned to dust."

The cremation villain began to laugh hysterically, lifting up his hand and slowly walking closer to the unintimidated Todoroki. The insane guy wasn't thinking, he wasn't planning any more. Everything he did to get this far failed before him anyway. Shigaraki had actually given up and decided to wing it. He couldn't take it anymore, he couldn't stand the thought of the heroes winning, he couldn't stand the thought of failing. He was going to do whatever he could do to win; even if it meant killing every single one in this room

Todoroki's quick sense stomped his foot on the ground and froze Shigaraki right there in one spot. The movements on the ice were so quick Shigaraki didn't even have time to dodge, he was too focused on being angry to see clearly...but now he couldn't move, he couldn't even feel his body, all he could feel was his anger.

There wasn't much of a fight, but the students didn't care; they just wanted to go home. The quicker the better

Villains always lose.

With a cool pause, Shouto let out some cold air escape his mouth. "Next time don't aim at me." Todoroki walked away. "I'm going to wait till you shiver and too weak, then I'll unfreeze you."

Shigaraki was defeated, Shigaraki had officially given up


Now they just needed the pro heroes and police to show up. They were all too tired to even stand, let alone leave.

Chapter Text

There was the door, there was the glimmer of hope Hagakure and Midoriya felt throughout their bodies. Izuku would no longer be suffering in this hell hole.

Hagakure looked at the door, intimidating her eyes, making her nervous at every step she took towards the light, every step she took to open a door for freedom, so Izuku could get that chance of freedom, to feel free, to breathe the freedom, to touch the freedom.

Just a few more steps and there it was.

The door to freedom was surprisingly unlocked and was forced open by Hagakure herself. She paused for a short moment and placed a hand on her friend. "Midoriya please go out and get help. The others and I got it handled from here." Midoriya nodded and ran out to the outside world with Hagakure waving far behind.

The boy kept running and running until he was near an unfamiliar road with little to no people, where the hell was he? Where are the footpaths with more people than 20?

His black eye, his bruised face kept looking around, observing the old looking buildings. The atmosphere didn't feel good- he was starting to not like this place...he knew he wasn't in Tokyo, that's for sure

Midoriya felt so lost and so fucking confused.

Izuku's phone buzzed breaking him out of his confused observing. Izuku forgot he even had it, but it was there full of life. There must be a signal. The boy took it out of his pocket without hesitation and looked at the caller ID with shock, he picked it up. "Dad?"


Aizawa stood up after he caught his breath after his life flashed before his eyes. He struggled to concentrate but focus on Shigaraki's body, he failed to even remember what time it was.

After he gave himself two more minutes he got himself together "Anyone injured?"

"A few burns." Ochako looked around for more scrapes and burns. "Bakugou could've been more careful."

Bakugou's temper went from 0 to 100 so quickly "What!? I was fighting an enemy, how can I be 'more' careful?"

"No fighting." Shota's tired voice butted in. Honestly, he really didn't need any arguments, he really didn't care for it. "Is anyone else injured?"

"I've got a sore ankle," Sero added, sitting down. The tape guy kept rubbing his poor ankle. In the fight, he kept dodging Spinner's angry knife throwing, his huge sharp sword that he apparently could fit from behind his back. It didn't really matter because Sero was trying to live, to question how he carried the sword

"Nothing bad." Ojiro shrugged it off and leaned on Sato, his tail wagging happily from behind him

"My wrist hurts, but I can walk it off." Shouto turned his wrist around, observing his iced hand and then looking back up

Tokoyami stood just stood there, as he for some reason had his backside facing his teacher and friends. "I can live."

Ashido's head perked up. "I twisted my wrist." With a battle between Mr. compress, her quirk came back, she was pretty shocked when it did though, she was ecstatic when she remembered she could burn things, and that's what she did...she threw acid at Mr Compress' leg causing pain no less to the enemies said leg. She must have done something to her wrist while she almost killed the villain.

"I'm fine" Kirishima yawned. Kirishima was also the few to get his quirk back and the one to knock Mr Compress out with his hardening.

High-fives all around.

Kaminari was asleep, so he couldn't answer... Well, he was knocked unconscious. Wasn't any villains fault, he just used too much electricity on Spinner and went to his stupid self; Momo was the one to knock him out for his sake.

Spinner, on the other hand, was electrocuted to the point where he just couldn't move, his body was temporarily paralyzed, and of course out cold.

"I'm good," Sato shouted from his cell, laying down on his uncomfortable metal bed.

"I'm exhausted." Mineta jumped up from the ground and walked into a random cell to also lay down. His quirk came back just as soon as the fight ended. He was mad that it took that long, he was mad that he was being a coward in his assigned bedroom.

"Good, I'm a bit happy my quirk is working now." Jiro's ears moved with her enthusiastic attitude

Bakugou let out a PFT and leaned against a door frame. "I'm good, apart from my almost disintegrated elbow, so I could say I'm fine... I guess."

Aoyama was in an uncomfortable fetal position, hugging his stomach. "Non, I'm not alright! My tummy hurts." No one was sparkling today.

"Like everyone else, I'm utterly exhausted." Momo was also another onto to get her quirk back in the battle. Her use of making a long war stick. She had no use for it anyway, all villains were on the ground, not moving.

Hagakure walked in in the last minute. "I heard, and yes Midoriya has escaped and getting help."

"That's good."

That was everybody. By the end of this, everyone was alive, no serious injuries, no more life-threatening situations. Everyone was safe.

That's what a teacher tries to do. Keep their kids safe.


"Yes dad, I'm fine..." Midoriya cried through the phone call, cried happy tears that his father called, that someone had called at least to make sure he was alright.


But it was his dad, the guy on the business trip, the guy who can't see his kid because of work; the one who can't even show up to Midoriya's birthday was calling him- was making sure that Izuku was okay

"Izuku..." His dad paused. "Your mom has been trying to call you for a week. After the news broke out that your class got kidnapped your mom- she got so bad that I requested work leave and had to come to Japan to keep your mom company... Where are you Izuku?" Hisashi's shaken voice was heard from the other side of the phone

Midoriya looked back up, he didn't exactly know where he was. "Dad... I-I don't know."

"What? Doesn't your phone have a GPS?" The older Midoriya's voice no longer was shaking, but now very worried. "Check it, please. Your mom can't take the stress anymore."

"PUT IZUKU ON SPEAKER," Inko shouted from the background, and Hisashi did, the sound of a beep was heard from Izuku's line

"Dad it says- it says I'm in Kyoto?" Izuku was even more confused. Kyoto was five hours away when driven by car and two hours by train? Why was he in a place so far away?

"What??" Both parents screamed. "Izuku what happened?"


"Todoroki I think Shigaraki and Toga are unconscious now." Sero looked up at the two frozen villains in a sheet of ice

" Right." Todoroki stood up from his circle of friends and walked slowly over to Toga, used his right side to melt the ice that captured the blood-sucking girl. "Do you guys have any rope?"

"Just use my scarf." Aizawa took off his capture weapon and threw it to the half n half teen

It didn't take long for four villains to be tied up with each other back to back, it didn't take long for 18 humans to find an unconscious Twice, it once again didn't take long to add the enemy to the tied up pile of other enemies, and it sure as hell didn't take long to find the open door to freedom.

It didn't take long for all the heroes to just sit there in exhaustion. Ready to fall asleep.

That was until a couple of police cars drove towards the class. A tall handsome man jumped out his car, and slowly putting a shaking hand to his walkie talkie. "Sir, we found them."

Chapter Text

Two months after

November 8th
"Hey, All Might. I'm writing you a letter even though you will never really get to read it. I just wanted you to know it's been hard without you. It's been really really hard." Izuku paused and continued to write, a tear forming in the corner of his eyes. "Japan was pretty shocked to hear about your death... Gran Torino actually cried when I had to break the news to him, and frankly I did too.." he paused again. "I've been blaming myself for your death- Bakugou made a joke that we both ruined you... It was pretty funny."

A week after All Might's death Izuku had decided to go for a walk. The kid didn't notice that he had stopped in front of his former teacher's house. Midoriya thought that maybe the time is the right time to tell him. It took Izuku a few moments of hesitation to lift a fist up and then he knocked at the large wooden door. A smile rose in Gran Torino's face when he eventually opened the door. But something felt off.

Gran Torino's feelings were right, something was off. Gran Torino was sitting on his couch, hands on his head not believing the news his problematic former student just broke to him. He couldn't process it, but when he did he just cried

It's been a while.

Izuku walked down the halls as the other him was still writing the letter. "First day back at school was different. No one is really the same anymore. I'm not the same Midoriya anymore... I don't really miss the old me though." The same Izuku was sitting in his classroom chair listening to Aizawa's little speech as his face was covered with newly formed scars.

"Your funeral was held at U.A, on a Monday...thousands showed up, All Might." All Might's funeral was thrown right in the heaping pile of Izuku's mini flashbacks. But it was there, formal and everything. Thousands showed thousands cried, Izuku especially. Midoriya's mom and dad were there with Izuku. The funeral felt like it dragged on forever. "I really wanted to leave it, All Might but I didn't." Class 1-A was just standing around, feeling just distant. "I stayed because I owe you. I owe you a thank you.
"Izuku Midoriya"

November 9th

"Hey All Might, I guess I'm making this my mission to write to you every day... I'm doing alright, therapy is somewhat helping me." Another flashback formed to where Izuku stepped inside a building that was full of people needing help just like him. He sat there for a few minutes, ignoring the kids who all seemed damaged... Just like him. Everywhere he looked, he felt like he wasn't the only one.

Everywhere he observed was a new experience to him, he kept observing until his therapist was asking for him. Izuku got up and walked in right there. "They've just been asking many questions about me, I've been giving them what they need, I guess. I got to know a few traumatized kids in the waiting room. It's pretty horrible on what some of those kids went through. It makes me feel so sick, All Might."

Midoriya stopped writing and used a sleeve to rub his eyes. He was going to write every single thing...well everything he can before he can pass out

"I guess I should tell you about when the police found the classmates and I. It was nothing really, my mom was the one to call the police after I gave her my whereabouts. It didn't really take long to find me because I was sitting in front of a burger king with a messed up face... I told the police where to go and they found the others, just like that" another flashback came rushing in, as it showed Izuku hanging up his phone and walking around to only sit in front of a funky looking Burger King.

The police stopped right in front of him, they asked many questions like 'what happened to your face kid?' 'are you alright?' Midoriya had to take a few minutes to process the outside world to even answer any questions. Quite frankly he was exhausted. He did answer a few though until a police officer asked to bring Izuku to his friends. He happily complied and jumped in the police car.

Lucky for Midoriya is that he had a good sense on his steps, he easily led the way to his former torture chamber.

When the police car that contained Izuku Midoriya continued driving the horror movie driveway; they saw it. A run-down looking white building. It looked like it was never used, it looked like it was just forgotten.

It looked like a true place to torture and traumatise a bunch of high school kids.

The police officer saw it, saw the worn out civilians. He had no chance to keep staring, he made quick action to jump right out of his car. Those words he said just made everyone feel safe. "Sir. we found them."

There were more police cars pulling up taking two students at a time. It was a long trip to the police station, but it didn't take long for them to wait for their parents. Aizawa, Midoriya and Bakugou were sent to a hospital due to their injuries.

It felt like a scene in the movie with all the student's parents came rushing in like a flock of birds. Jirōs mom tightly squeezed her daughter, her dad a complete mess

Mineta's Mom was happy, but there were no tears. Mineta was picked up and was put on his dad's shoulder.

Ojiro's mom and dad weren't there, but his grandparents were though. It was enough for him though; he wasn't expecting anyone actually. It came to a surprise that his grandparents showed

Hagakure was invisible so was her parents so no one knew what they were doing. Hugging they all guessed

Uraraka's Mom only showed up, her dad claimed he was really busy, being held up and all that; he wished to come, he really did but he couldn't. Ochako didn't really care though; her mom was killing her with hugs and kisses

Sero's mom couldn't hug him, she couldn't even look at him due to her just so mad so so mad. Not at Sero, no she couldn't be mad at her tape son. She was just so mad at how the villains could just take away her son.

Momo's Mom and Dad arrived in a limo and slowly walked in the police station, thanking the policemen and women for finding their daughter. There wasn't much to this honestly; they liked showing off their riches.

Ashido's dad only showed up, her mom was too distraught to stand so dad it was. The older Ashido sat down with his daughter and both breathed in, taking in the moment. His daughter was back

Todoroki's dad showed up all right. Endeavour didn't look pleased that his son was so easily captured. He trained him harder than this goddamn it. Todoroki swore in his head... Why couldn't it be his sister? Because Todoroki knew he'd be training extra hard tonight. No dorms tonight... He didn't really have a choice.

Kouda's mom broke down in a fit of tears, soaking her son with her salty tears. Kouda just let it happened. Kouda hugged his mother back, and he too cried like a waterfall.

Santo's mother came In with cake... That's basically it on how his parents took it. Yeah.

Aoyama's mother or in his words "Mon Mére." Was crying in every word in French, she lost her baby for almost a week, she lost her 'little baguette.' For the whole week, her little old french heart felt broken.

Tsusyu's whole family showed up, her little sister pulling Asui's clothes, her brother didn't know what was going on, so he just walked around talking to all his sister's friend...cute.

Iida's parents and brother were there...they didn't see Tenya. The police didn't even know where he

Oh god

The moment just didn't feel so real to all students and parents.

Feeling safe was something they'd have to get used to again.

For Iida though class 1-A was worried sick. Their class rep was missing?

"All Might...everyone was safe, everyone but Iida. We don't know where he is but there's been no trace of him after he left to find help. People are continuing their search but nothing looks good. The news during my stay in the hospital was very clear about it. It's been months, All Might and I'm starting to believe that Iida is no longer with us...I can't lose another one, All Might." Izuku stopped writing, he couldn't continue his heart just ached.

November 10th

"Hey, All Might. I should tell you my stay in the hospital...guess you should know what went down. It was nothing too bad, but I guess the news about me having PTSD...I mean yeah that's pretty understandable! That's the whole point why I'm even going to therapy. I guess it's good, but it'll never stop me from believing the death of you was my fault. That will never fade; that guilt is forever with me."

A hospital flashback was the thing for today.

Izuku was In hospital for a week, his injuries were slowly been taken care of by recovery girl, but she couldn't heal mental scars.

His arms were fine though, more scaring but it'll be alright.

Bakugou was in the same room as his former enemy. The blonde didn't like the atmosphere, he didn't like the depressing feeling Izuku was even sending out...he wanted to do something, at least something

"Hey, nerd," Bakugou spoke from his bed. "Remember that time your mom and my mom accidentally broke your all might action figure."

Izuku said nothing, but he stared at Bakugou with dull eyes. Of course, he remembered it, but to little Midoriya, it was the worst day of his life. "Yeah..."

"Remember that time we fought during curfew? I broke down in front of you and everything." Izuku nodded. "And you knew exactly how I felt? Well, you can tell me anything; even if I seem threatening."

Midoriya sobbed at those words, he couldn't take the niceness that was coming out of Bakugou.

"You don't seem so bad, nerd."

"Thanks, Kacchan."

Midoriya that day made another friend. Even if it was a childhood friend.

November 11th

"Hey, All Might. I forgot to tell you that my dad is no longer working in the states, he's getting a job here. It's pretty amazing really considering I never actually got to see him much. It's good that he's trying."

"My dad is pretty amazing. I used to just talk to him on the phone on occasions. But since he's been here, he's been a really good dad. I thank you All Might for being my temporary father figure."

" You'll always be my temporary dad, friend, teacher, my hero."

Izuku put his pen down and stayed sitting down In his dorm room. He turned his lamp off and yawned ready to head to bed.

The letter was short today. There wasn't anything to talk about really. Today was supposed to be about his dad.

November 12th

"Hey, All Might...I'm at your grave right now. It's peaceful here, and I guess it should since you were the symbol of peace... I guess I should also mention the league of villains. Shigaraki is on death row, and the other Villains are locked deep inside the prison. You should have seen the news; you should have seen how angry my mum was when Shigaraki pleaded no guilty for kidnapping, torturing and assaulting a minor... Yeah

There was another flashback of Izuku and his family sitting on the couch paying full attention to the TV.

"Tomura Shigaraki, how do you plead?" A judge said looking at her papers.

"Not guilty, your honour."

Inko basically flipped a table at the thing she was hearing. She wanted to kill him, she wanted to end him...but she couldn't.

For two hours she sat there, yelling at the TV; her heart was still broken. Her baby was gone for a week being beaten, harassed, assaulted, tortured a whole week. She wished she didn't know how far the torture went. It just made her more guilty

"Tomura Shigaraki. You have pleaded not guilty of three different crimes?" Said the judge flipping over her paper in disgust.

"Yes, your honour."

"Tomura Shigaraki, in the favour of the law you are found guilty of kidnapping, assault, and child abuse."

Shigaraki was taken by handcuffs with force and he screamed and shouted that he was doing the right thing, that the kid deserved it.

Inko and Izuku sat on their couch in tears. Izuku was watching justice be made. But that didn't mean he was free from the torture, he had a long time to go.

A long time before he could finally heal

This was something Inko couldn't even heal.

November 13th

"Hey, All Might... I hope you're enjoying whatever you're doing. Endeavour is a horrible teacher."

November 14th

"Hey, All Might thank you for encouraging me to be the best future hero I can be. Without you, I would probably have given up by now...without you, I would be so lost in life."

"I thank you all might."

10 years later

"Hey, All Might. I made it. I'm a hero you thought I'd be. I'm the new symbol of peace, All Might...Are you proud of me?"

Hey, All Might.
Hey, All Might.
It's been a long time All Might.

Hey, All Might.
I hope you're enjoying your time in the afterlife.

Hey, All Might.
I miss you

H-hey All Might. Can I be a hero too?

Chapter Text

What happened to Iida was a complete mystery. Days, weeks, months even were spent looking for the class rep. There was no sign of him... People were starting to give up on finding him.

His phone was disconnected as well. So people assumed the worse

Class 1-A made Momo the class rep and Sero the vice president. U.A were forced to give up. There was nothing to suggest he was even alive.

The school made a little memorial for him though, a little garden full of Tenya's favourite things. Izuku would sometimes visit his little setup and eat there; tell Iida how he was, what he was doing. To Midoriya Iida was alive in his heart

When they did find him though, he was barely alive. Tenya was in an unlively town, barely anyone went outside or even go near the beach... That was where they found him

Iida was just laying there. Just laying there so beaten up, tired and looked like a Skeleton. It made paramedics and police sick to their stomach.

He was nowhere near Tokyo or his Town. He was in Osaka. Hours away from where he originally was. Many people wondered so many things and it surly made people come up with the bizarre conspiracy theories

Such as

Tenya Iida isn't actually real, the police just wanted to make the news today.

Tenya Iida is actually a teleporter

He's from the future

A North Korean spy

None of these was true though; no one never wanted the truth, and it was a good thing they aren't ever going to find out the truth. Because as far as they knew Tenya Iida was a missing person.

A dead missing person...

Iida never made it to the hospital, he died in the ambulance. If they got to him later he would've already been dead... Why did it matter though? He was dead either way.

News broke out quickly, U. A was informed, iida's family was informed, Iida's friends were informed...

Class 1-A was informed. 1-A stood up for 1 minute in silence and silently cried tears for their friend and class rep.

Aizawa for the first time in years had cried. Aizawa believes it or not was really getting attached to his class. So when one was sad, he'd be sad, so when one was happy he was.

When he lost a student and saw everyone crying... Minus Bakugo. He cried; Because not only did he lose a student, he lost a future hero

Rest easy Tenya Iida