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A work of evil

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Two months after

November 8th
"Hey, All Might. I'm writing you a letter even though you will never really get to read it. I just wanted you to know it's been hard without you. It's been really really hard." Izuku paused and continued to write, a tear forming in the corner of his eyes. "Japan was pretty shocked to hear about your death... Gran Torino actually cried when I had to break the news to him, and frankly I did too.." he paused again. "I've been blaming myself for your death- Bakugou made a joke that we both ruined you... It was pretty funny."

A week after All Might's death Izuku had decided to go for a walk. The kid didn't notice that he had stopped in front of his former teacher's house. Midoriya thought that maybe the time is the right time to tell him. It took Izuku a few moments of hesitation to lift a fist up and then he knocked at the large wooden door. A smile rose in Gran Torino's face when he eventually opened the door. But something felt off.

Gran Torino's feelings were right, something was off. Gran Torino was sitting on his couch, hands on his head not believing the news his problematic former student just broke to him. He couldn't process it, but when he did he just cried

It's been a while.

Izuku walked down the halls as the other him was still writing the letter. "First day back at school was different. No one is really the same anymore. I'm not the same Midoriya anymore... I don't really miss the old me though." The same Izuku was sitting in his classroom chair listening to Aizawa's little speech as his face was covered with newly formed scars.

"Your funeral was held at U.A, on a Monday...thousands showed up, All Might." All Might's funeral was thrown right in the heaping pile of Izuku's mini flashbacks. But it was there, formal and everything. Thousands showed thousands cried, Izuku especially. Midoriya's mom and dad were there with Izuku. The funeral felt like it dragged on forever. "I really wanted to leave it, All Might but I didn't." Class 1-A was just standing around, feeling just distant. "I stayed because I owe you. I owe you a thank you.
"Izuku Midoriya"

November 9th

"Hey All Might, I guess I'm making this my mission to write to you every day... I'm doing alright, therapy is somewhat helping me." Another flashback formed to where Izuku stepped inside a building that was full of people needing help just like him. He sat there for a few minutes, ignoring the kids who all seemed damaged... Just like him. Everywhere he looked, he felt like he wasn't the only one.

Everywhere he observed was a new experience to him, he kept observing until his therapist was asking for him. Izuku got up and walked in right there. "They've just been asking many questions about me, I've been giving them what they need, I guess. I got to know a few traumatized kids in the waiting room. It's pretty horrible on what some of those kids went through. It makes me feel so sick, All Might."

Midoriya stopped writing and used a sleeve to rub his eyes. He was going to write every single thing...well everything he can before he can pass out

"I guess I should tell you about when the police found the classmates and I. It was nothing really, my mom was the one to call the police after I gave her my whereabouts. It didn't really take long to find me because I was sitting in front of a burger king with a messed up face... I told the police where to go and they found the others, just like that" another flashback came rushing in, as it showed Izuku hanging up his phone and walking around to only sit in front of a funky looking Burger King.

The police stopped right in front of him, they asked many questions like 'what happened to your face kid?' 'are you alright?' Midoriya had to take a few minutes to process the outside world to even answer any questions. Quite frankly he was exhausted. He did answer a few though until a police officer asked to bring Izuku to his friends. He happily complied and jumped in the police car.

Lucky for Midoriya is that he had a good sense on his steps, he easily led the way to his former torture chamber.

When the police car that contained Izuku Midoriya continued driving the horror movie driveway; they saw it. A run-down looking white building. It looked like it was never used, it looked like it was just forgotten.

It looked like a true place to torture and traumatise a bunch of high school kids.

The police officer saw it, saw the worn out civilians. He had no chance to keep staring, he made quick action to jump right out of his car. Those words he said just made everyone feel safe. "Sir. we found them."

There were more police cars pulling up taking two students at a time. It was a long trip to the police station, but it didn't take long for them to wait for their parents. Aizawa, Midoriya and Bakugou were sent to a hospital due to their injuries.

It felt like a scene in the movie with all the student's parents came rushing in like a flock of birds. Jirōs mom tightly squeezed her daughter, her dad a complete mess

Mineta's Mom was happy, but there were no tears. Mineta was picked up and was put on his dad's shoulder.

Ojiro's mom and dad weren't there, but his grandparents were though. It was enough for him though; he wasn't expecting anyone actually. It came to a surprise that his grandparents showed

Hagakure was invisible so was her parents so no one knew what they were doing. Hugging they all guessed

Uraraka's Mom only showed up, her dad claimed he was really busy, being held up and all that; he wished to come, he really did but he couldn't. Ochako didn't really care though; her mom was killing her with hugs and kisses

Sero's mom couldn't hug him, she couldn't even look at him due to her just so mad so so mad. Not at Sero, no she couldn't be mad at her tape son. She was just so mad at how the villains could just take away her son.

Momo's Mom and Dad arrived in a limo and slowly walked in the police station, thanking the policemen and women for finding their daughter. There wasn't much to this honestly; they liked showing off their riches.

Ashido's dad only showed up, her mom was too distraught to stand so dad it was. The older Ashido sat down with his daughter and both breathed in, taking in the moment. His daughter was back

Todoroki's dad showed up all right. Endeavour didn't look pleased that his son was so easily captured. He trained him harder than this goddamn it. Todoroki swore in his head... Why couldn't it be his sister? Because Todoroki knew he'd be training extra hard tonight. No dorms tonight... He didn't really have a choice.

Kouda's mom broke down in a fit of tears, soaking her son with her salty tears. Kouda just let it happened. Kouda hugged his mother back, and he too cried like a waterfall.

Santo's mother came In with cake... That's basically it on how his parents took it. Yeah.

Aoyama's mother or in his words "Mon Mére." Was crying in every word in French, she lost her baby for almost a week, she lost her 'little baguette.' For the whole week, her little old french heart felt broken.

Tsusyu's whole family showed up, her little sister pulling Asui's clothes, her brother didn't know what was going on, so he just walked around talking to all his sister's friend...cute.

Iida's parents and brother were there...they didn't see Tenya. The police didn't even know where he

Oh god

The moment just didn't feel so real to all students and parents.

Feeling safe was something they'd have to get used to again.

For Iida though class 1-A was worried sick. Their class rep was missing?

"All Might...everyone was safe, everyone but Iida. We don't know where he is but there's been no trace of him after he left to find help. People are continuing their search but nothing looks good. The news during my stay in the hospital was very clear about it. It's been months, All Might and I'm starting to believe that Iida is no longer with us...I can't lose another one, All Might." Izuku stopped writing, he couldn't continue his heart just ached.

November 10th

"Hey, All Might. I should tell you my stay in the hospital...guess you should know what went down. It was nothing too bad, but I guess the news about me having PTSD...I mean yeah that's pretty understandable! That's the whole point why I'm even going to therapy. I guess it's good, but it'll never stop me from believing the death of you was my fault. That will never fade; that guilt is forever with me."

A hospital flashback was the thing for today.

Izuku was In hospital for a week, his injuries were slowly been taken care of by recovery girl, but she couldn't heal mental scars.

His arms were fine though, more scaring but it'll be alright.

Bakugou was in the same room as his former enemy. The blonde didn't like the atmosphere, he didn't like the depressing feeling Izuku was even sending out...he wanted to do something, at least something

"Hey, nerd," Bakugou spoke from his bed. "Remember that time your mom and my mom accidentally broke your all might action figure."

Izuku said nothing, but he stared at Bakugou with dull eyes. Of course, he remembered it, but to little Midoriya, it was the worst day of his life. "Yeah..."

"Remember that time we fought during curfew? I broke down in front of you and everything." Izuku nodded. "And you knew exactly how I felt? Well, you can tell me anything; even if I seem threatening."

Midoriya sobbed at those words, he couldn't take the niceness that was coming out of Bakugou.

"You don't seem so bad, nerd."

"Thanks, Kacchan."

Midoriya that day made another friend. Even if it was a childhood friend.

November 11th

"Hey, All Might. I forgot to tell you that my dad is no longer working in the states, he's getting a job here. It's pretty amazing really considering I never actually got to see him much. It's good that he's trying."

"My dad is pretty amazing. I used to just talk to him on the phone on occasions. But since he's been here, he's been a really good dad. I thank you All Might for being my temporary father figure."

" You'll always be my temporary dad, friend, teacher, my hero."

Izuku put his pen down and stayed sitting down In his dorm room. He turned his lamp off and yawned ready to head to bed.

The letter was short today. There wasn't anything to talk about really. Today was supposed to be about his dad.

November 12th

"Hey, All Might...I'm at your grave right now. It's peaceful here, and I guess it should since you were the symbol of peace... I guess I should also mention the league of villains. Shigaraki is on death row, and the other Villains are locked deep inside the prison. You should have seen the news; you should have seen how angry my mum was when Shigaraki pleaded no guilty for kidnapping, torturing and assaulting a minor... Yeah

There was another flashback of Izuku and his family sitting on the couch paying full attention to the TV.

"Tomura Shigaraki, how do you plead?" A judge said looking at her papers.

"Not guilty, your honour."

Inko basically flipped a table at the thing she was hearing. She wanted to kill him, she wanted to end him...but she couldn't.

For two hours she sat there, yelling at the TV; her heart was still broken. Her baby was gone for a week being beaten, harassed, assaulted, tortured a whole week. She wished she didn't know how far the torture went. It just made her more guilty

"Tomura Shigaraki. You have pleaded not guilty of three different crimes?" Said the judge flipping over her paper in disgust.

"Yes, your honour."

"Tomura Shigaraki, in the favour of the law you are found guilty of kidnapping, assault, and child abuse."

Shigaraki was taken by handcuffs with force and he screamed and shouted that he was doing the right thing, that the kid deserved it.

Inko and Izuku sat on their couch in tears. Izuku was watching justice be made. But that didn't mean he was free from the torture, he had a long time to go.

A long time before he could finally heal

This was something Inko couldn't even heal.

November 13th

"Hey, All Might... I hope you're enjoying whatever you're doing. Endeavour is a horrible teacher."

November 14th

"Hey, All Might thank you for encouraging me to be the best future hero I can be. Without you, I would probably have given up by now...without you, I would be so lost in life."

"I thank you all might."

10 years later

"Hey, All Might. I made it. I'm a hero you thought I'd be. I'm the new symbol of peace, All Might...Are you proud of me?"

Hey, All Might.
Hey, All Might.
It's been a long time All Might.

Hey, All Might.
I hope you're enjoying your time in the afterlife.

Hey, All Might.
I miss you

H-hey All Might. Can I be a hero too?