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A work of evil

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The present 

"I can make an Explosion... But what's your plan before I set this fucking building on fire?" Bakugou wasted no time to reply to Aizawa's stupid question. He showed more sparks jumping around in his hands.

"Good to know you're actually asking for the plan," Kirishima smirked. "You're usually the one to just be a lone wolf."

Bakugou didn't bother to turn his annoyed face. The hot-headed teen knew that this situation was no joke, he knew he wasn't the one to make decisions that could get him killed. The things he did in the past didn't turn out good for him... In a way, he kinda learnt to not just rush in. "Shut up."

"Todoroki, can you make a little ice cone? And then melt it with your fire?" Aizawa decided that he'd let the two teens argue and went straight for the half n half kid

"Yeah probably." Todoroki's arms turned and he made a little piece of ice, now shoving it to his hot side of his body and the mini fire melted it with ease. "Looks like I can."

"Good. Tsusyu! Is your tongue still tied?"

"No... As a frog, I can do many things, and getting a knot off is pretty easy. It's something I learnt to perfect." Tsusyu wasn't the one to brag, but she felt like she needed to. This impressed the homeroom teacher.

"So you can turn invisible-"

"Camouflage." Corrected the frog girl

" Right. So you can camouflage. That's good." Aizawa walked away from his cell door and walked around thinking of something that might help them out. "Hagakure."


"Can you take your clothes off and be invisible entirely?" The tired man had an expressive tone. Others thought he was going insane

"I mean yeah, but what do you have planned, Sir?" The floating clothes moved forward to the cell door. "Because if it's kicking ass then I'm in."

Midoriya was interested this time, escaping his staring competition with the ground. He only listened, didn't really care to be apart of this.

"Okay, Bakugou..." Shota stopped tracing around his room. Bakugou looked away from Kirishima and at Aizawa. "Here's the plan, you and Todoroki at the right time break open your cells."

" When will this time be right, Mr Aizawa?" Said the interested Shoto.

"When they come and get Midoriya." The teen looked up again after hearing his name. He was now invested in this plan but still didn't say anything. "Yes, this plan involves Midoriya..."

"Yeah yeah, just get on with it man." Kaminari yawned. "I want to be free."

"Right... So when they come to grab Midoriya I want you Bakugou and Todoroki to break your cell doors. Todoroki you're in charge of freezing the person who is taking Izuku and make sure he stays frozen... Then it's your turn Bakugou to get everyone free from their cells." Aizawa took a break. Bakugou, on the other hand, looked intent, interested and had a smile. "Midoriya, I want you to run, take Hagakure with you, and find an exit, you go first so that you don't be the one getting the short end of the stick. Midoryia when you're out of harm's way, I want you to get help."

Midoriya smiled, the first time in a while he truly smiled, apart from his fanboy moment before, this was a genuine smile. "I like that, thank you, Mr Aizawa."

Aizawa could only smile at the thankful child. The kid already went through enough.

"Hagakure, you run back after you know Midoriya is safe and out of the building. You'll be handy when it comes with the others." Hagakure's beanie and sunglasses moved up and down. "There's no doubt that there will be fighting, but this is for Bakugou, Hagakure, Tsusyu, Todoroki, and I to deal with."

"Right." Said the Kids Involved. Its time to be heroes. "Let's do it!"

Nothing happened got quite some time, it didn't matter though because there was more time for Bakugou to think of how loud and big his explosions were going to be. He kept to himself.


A faint sound of an iron metal door being forcefully pried open was heard from everyone. 20 students and 1 pro hero were getting ready for battle.

Aizawa watched Toga open Midoriya's cell. "Hello Izuku, come with me!" Toga's sadistic smile rose, she was ready to pounce on him.

Izuku stood up without hesitation, Toga grabbed his hand, holding it like some married couple. "NOW!" screamed Izuku as he stomped on Toga's foot with force. She yelped and grabbed her foot in a painful surprise.

Before she could stand up though, Bakugou had blown away his cell door and Todoroki had slammed his foot the ground, letting ice form around the blood-hungry villain. Izuku was away from the fire and the ice, shocked that this actually succeeded until he was shaken out of his trance by Hagakure. "Let's go."

The two ran away from the scene, hearing more cells open and feet rushing out without a doubt. These kids were ready to fight. No matter the lack of quirk, they were going to win.

As Hagakure and Midoriya ran freely down the halls, the sounds of cheering faded, now it was the sounds of roaring red sirens blasting painfully in their minds.

Freedom here it comes.