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A work of evil

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A day before Bakugou woke up

Izuku hadn't slept at all... While the others slept, he struggled. He was living through All Might's death again and again. Even his dreams tormented him. So he stayed awake, didn't bother going back to dream world.

When it hit morning the room felt cold, quiet, uncomfortable. 21 human beings stayed silent. Midoriya kept blacking out, eyes with bags underneath. He didn't keep an eye on the time, he didn't need to, to know he was awake for hours. He didn't need to, to know that every time he blacked out was 10 minutes of his time.

"Midoriya-" Izuku didn't look up, didn't bother to break from his blacked-out world.

"Deku." Another voice tried to break him from his own world. Why bother? He didn't want to face reality. He liked the black void in his head, why should he come out? "Come on, snap out of it!"

"Izuku." Still nothing. " Goddamn it."

"Oi, wake up." Midoriya didn't bother.

He was awake though, his eyes just glued shut, refusing to open. His eyes felt so numb.

"For fuck's sake, Midoriya." Said a voice that he couldn't quite pick up, it sounded more emotional, it didn't sound like someone he knew, and with a hard slap to his cheek, he figured it out

The slap was hard, but not as hard it hurt in his heart, but at least he was no longer blacked out

Aizawa had slapped him

Aizawa's hand faded back into his pocket and looked down at the boy whose eyes were full of tears and guilt. It hurt to be awake, it hurt to keep his eyes open, it hurt to speak...every single thing hurt. "I know you're upset, but we need your help."

Izuku stared blankly at his teacher not really picking up what anyone was saying, what anyone actually said after that.

"Midoriya, I know what you saw was horrible, but we really need you right now," Ochako whispered and sat in front of her best friend

The question he faced inside his head was how were they free? What's for breakfast. He trailed off again, and then once again a slap reached his face.

Ochako this time slapped him. "Please, Deku." Her begging made no sense to the traumatized teenager though. Why did his world feel so unfamiliar? Why did Ochako look so... So blurry. Izuku blinked a few times, his mouth In an o shape.

"Leave him be Ochako." Aizawa groaned, maybe he was being a bit hard on the boy, but they needed to Izuku's help. Ochako left Izuku's side and left Aizawa to it. Maybe someone will get to the depressed like teen "Midoriya, I'm really starting to beg."

"I-I can't." Izuku's split moment of his world was back, he was understanding the situation he and everyone around him were in; if it meant actually saving someone this time then he was in no matter what. "I can't let you guys die as well."

"Who said we were going to die?" Sero's voice rose, not caring about the scared classmate next to him, that didn't expect what just happened. "Why don't you be the lookout?"

Every classmate had their eyes on the tape boy. Every single being was now agreeing with what the teen had to say..." sure I'll stay behind, but just so you know, if you guys get caught and taken back inside I'll be the one getting tortured." Izuku looked pissed

"I'll stay behind, I can take them," Kirishima shouted. He tried to be manly

"No one is staying behind." Aizawa butted in. "we're all coming." Said the tired teacher now opening a window. Iida was the first one out, running normally through the Alleyway and into the street. There was no doubt that the kid was going to call for help

But before anyone else could run out, a hand grabbed the next person to try and jump out the window; Ashido.

The window was also shut in speeds no one could explain. Toga had closed it, as she fangirled looking at Izuku.

The boy didn't like where this was going.

The pink girl yelped as she was thrown to the ground; the throw was hard. "You idiots." Shigaraki spat. "A day after your hero died and you're already planning your escape...I can't say I'm not surprised."

"I refused to stay here." Mineta stood straight, forgetting about fear, forgetting about what might happen next. "I will not sit around and watch someone die again."

The whole class was shocked, weirded out and proud. Mineta who was no higher than 4 feet was there fighting back to the villains who didn't care who they hurt. "I'm sorry, but I'm sick of it."

Was this even Mineta?

"Oh please, what are you going to do? Fight me? You're the size of a rugby ball. I can easily kick you into the sun." Shigaraki bent down. " Without your little quirk you can't trap me, so I'd like to see you try."

Mineta at this point pissed himself. He tried to act tough, but with no surprises, he cowered in fear.

"That's what I thought." The Villain stood back up, looking at the others who stood in place. "You could have actually walked right out you know, but instead you are all frozen. Am I really that scary?"

Todoroki showed no fear. "bite me."

Midoriya sat back down, tired beyond exhaustion. He knew what was coming next. He knew he'd be grabbed and forced into a room he called hell, so he waited, waited for his doom

"I heard tape guy say that no one is going to die today." Dabi broke the silence looking amused, a smile slightly there. "You're right no deaths today, but your friend over there will want to die after we're through with him."

Sero wished he shut his mouth.

"Come with me." Twice ordered as he once again grabbed the teen. and there it was, the start of something Midoriya was waiting for. Izuku didn't struggle, he just went a long sigh it.

For some reason there wasn't much strength in the grip, there was no weight...just a second ago there was Though.

A confused Izuku turned around without thinking what he was going to see, or expect to see. He didn't expect to see Aizawa holding Twice in his scarf. Aizawa had no red eyes though, his quirk was not there. "Touch my student again and I'll make sure you want to die after this."

"Woah, why is it so strong?" Said the normal voice. "I love it." Twice struggled, while he looked like he was going to go insane. I mean he was already insane; but still.

Toga who was just standing around was now cleaning her knife and then Toga laughed. she was ready to stab someone, kill someone, stand in front of the dead person, covered in their blood. Aizawa was in her eyes, her target; but before she could stab a bitch she was in a tight grip in a grey scarf. Looks like there will be no stabbing today. "Anyway wanting to stab me will have to wait."

"Should we do something, Shigaraki Tomura?"

" I want to see where this goes, Kurogiri. Just grab the kids and warp to the other hideout, I'll fight this talented man myself." Shigaraki ordered and laughed a bit before he got up from his seat and ran straight at the pro hero. It was just like the u.s.j.

Shigaraki couldn't stop admiring the man in front of him ready to fight. Quirk or no quirk this man was still a force to be reckoned with.

As Kurogiri set up his warp gate, in split second he grabbed all 19 kids. Kurogiri swore to himself as he realized one was didn't matter anyway, they were moving house. Still didn't stop the fact that they were now a target.

Aizawa, on the other hand, had moved to the side to avoid any disintegration on any part of his body; the two villains he caught earlier crashed against the walls and was knocked unconscious. The wall was now cracked and destroyed.

There wasn't even a scream. Weird

"Kurogiri, warp him now."

The warp villain was quick to act as Aizawa ran to try and capture the villain who could turn people into dust in seconds. When Aizawa tried to tie Shigaraki with his scarf, it failed... He failed because he didn't notice that the villain was gone, he didn't notice the warp gate was there until the last minute and when he finally noticed it was too late to stop as he crashed and went through the purple portal, face-first into a metal door. He too was unconscious

"Heroes are really annoying." Said Shigaraki before he stepped through the warp gate.

The other room was abandoned soon after the warp gate closed.

The plan failed, and someone was going to suffer for it. The class was really a little overwhelmed with guilt, as they saw Midoriya willingly get dragged to a room. If they could shower him with apologies they would.

As soon as they were brought to this strange place, Midoriya knew what would happen, he accepted his fate. He claimed he was willing to go through pain for his friends so they wouldn't. Midoriya said he could handle it, but little did he know that is was going to be far worse than electricity. Nothing could be worse than losing all Might though

That night they wish they could shut off their ears. Shut off the mental image of their friend getting their arms cut, their scars reopened and beaten badly. This kid who had won against a fight between a villain ten times stronger than him to protect a kid who hated all things heroes was actually begging for the two villains awake to stop. And it broke everyone, knowing that the strongest kid here was begging.