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Working with young pokémon is always a treat. You get such a wide array of faces and personalities that it never brings a dull day to work. Sal had this kind of work. He worked in a little pokémon daycare that took in young pokémon that couldn’t be given to trainers. They were the pokémon that were still learning of their bodies and powers. They were starting to grasp what battling was and what it came with.

It was always so fun watching them learn new things.

The hardest part of it though was growing attached and seeing them leave. Every couple weeks, older faces would finally be sent off to the professor to be given to a trainer where new faces would be brought in. It sucked because a lot of the pokémon were such sweet hearts and he didn’t want them to leave but he knew he couldn’t keep them. They’d be going to great homes and that was best for them. Sal wasn’t really able to care for pokémon as he spent a lot of time at the daycare. It just wouldn’t have been fair to them.

Today was the day a couple of the older pokémon would be sent out. They had grown up a lot since they’d first arrived and he was proud of his work. He liked that he left a positive impact on them all. With some leaving meant new ones would be coming. Sal wished that someone came and personally picked up the pokémon but that wasn’t the case. Instead, he sat at the desk in his office and sent them through the little teleporter that was given to him by the professor.

After a few heartfelt goodbyes from him and the pokémon, he went back to watching the other pokémon who were still a bit too young to leave. After the others left, he only had five left to watch. They all sat eagerly in his office, waiting for him to give them things to do. Ironically enough, each of them were all the same gender. “Alright girls, come on. Let’s go play,” he told them. They all stood up excitedly and ran out of his office.

“What’re we gonna do?” one of them asked. She was a small blue and black feline pokemon. Her tail came to a star at the end that was colored bright yellow. Her name was Etti and she was a powerful shinx - much more than he’d ever seen before.

“Whatever you all want, of course. We have a new girl coming in a bit so maybe we should we for her,” Sal told her. He couldn’t believe he was getting another female.

“Do you know what pokémon she is?” another asked. Sal turned his attention to her. She was a bipedal pokémon colored orange. She had two tails that spun when she swam. Out of the group, she was the most calm but also one of the smartest. “What Type is she?” the buizel asked.

“I’m not sure yet, Lottie. You know they don’t like to tell me either,” he told her. She nodded, knowing that was the case. “One day they might though.”

“She won’t be as pretty as I am though,” a third said. She sat on her butt and licked at her paw, cleaning it while she waited. Sal sighed, already knowing where she was going. Out of the group, she was definitely the most stuck up but that was because she always got tons of attention when others were around. Vulpix were highly sought after pokémon, after all. “Nobody is as pretty as I am!”

“No, nobody is, Vivian,” Sal said, rolling his eyes. He’d tried to get her to break her little attitude problem but he never could. She always fought and tested him and his boundaries without a care in the world.

“Well whoever she is, I’m sure she’ll be tons of fun! She’s a new playmate and I can’t wait!” yet another said excitedly. Without having to even look, he knew that voice from anywhere. Fern, a tiny zorua, bounced in place at the idea of a new playmate. She loved making new friends. Her personality really gave you a new look on Dark-types.

“I just hope she’s not mean…” the last said quietly. Behind the zorua was an equally-small eevee. She was a bit more on the timid side but, once she opened up, she was the sweetest of the group. If anyone was sad, she was right there to try and help.

“I guess we’ll see, won’t we?” he told them. They all agreed and waited patiently for the news of the pokémon. So many different personalities in such young bodies. He loved how, even though they were different, they were so similar. The oldest of them, Lottie, was only eight months old but you’d think they were older. Even Vivian, though acted much more on the snooty side, did act mature when she wanted or needed to.

Like he expected, they eventually did get bored from waiting. This resulted in them all breaking out into a game of tag. Sal sat off in the corner and watched them get their energy out. A lot of people questioned why he let them play inside like this instead of taking them out. He did take them out but letting them do it inside taught them to be careful of their surroundings and to pay more attention. It taught them to focus on multiple things at once and, in the chance something ended up broken, it gave Sal a chance to explain what accidents are and to own up to them. Each of them took things like this to heart and made a huge impact.

For almost two hours, the game went on more and more. Around midday, Sal finally got the email on his phone about the new girl coming in. he sat up and called out to them, “Alright girls!” All of them stopped where they stood and turned to him. He couldn’t help but laugh at how suddenly they stopped. “New girl’s on her way. I’m gonna go get her now,” he said. Each of them lined up like they always did and sat down, waiting patiently. He patted them on their heads as he walked until he was back in his office.

After briefly reading over the notes of the pokémon, he got a good idea of how she’d be. She would be the youngest of all of them at only four months old. Lottie, who was the oldest and next to be sent out, was eight months. While it didn’t seem like the age difference was much, it definitely impacted how they acted. Apparently, she was a very, very curious pokémon and someone you had to keep your eyes on, lest you want to go find her in the weirdest of places. Adding on, she was also a bit on the rude side but it wasn’t intentional. She just made it known what she wanted, when she wanted it.

After another few minutes of waiting, the ball finally appeared in the teleporter. Like all the others, it was a standard white and red one. Grabbing it, he turned the teleported off, not expecting anymore new pokémon to come, and returned to the room. They all sat patiently just like before. He sat down in front of them on the floor and showed them the ball. They all eyed the ball curiously as he rolled it around. “So, her name’s Sahana. I don’t know what pokémon she is. Anyone want to guess?”

“She’s probably a Ground-type!” Lottie yelled out. The others seemed to agree immediately after. Over the past month or so, he began to see the younger girls looked up to her as she was the oldest so they thought she knew a lot. It was quite funny to him.

“We ready to find out?” he asked. They all nodded quickly. Sal pressed the button in the middle and enlarged the ball. He then tossed the ball where it popped open. What appeared was a pokémon around the size of Vivian the vulpix. However, it had a much longer face and slender body. As the light began to fade, the pokémon materialized more and more, her features becoming more noticable. The reptilian pokémon was mostly black with a red-orange pattern on her back.

“Woah… what is she?” Fern asked. Sal thought for a moment before turning to the zorua.

“She’s a salandit, Fern,” he told her. The small pokémon turned to him as he reached a hand out to her. She leaned in and curiously sniffed at it before turning to the group.

“Where am I?” she asked him.

“You’re at a place called a daycare. My name’s Sal and I’m here to watch you and help teach you about your powers,” he explained to her. “When you’re old enough and understand them a better level, you’ll be given back to the man who sent you so you may start your journey as someone’s first pokémon.”

“Who are all of you? Are all of you like me?” she asked curiously.

“This is Fern, Lottie, Etti, Vivian, and Autumn. They’re your new friends and yes, they are like you,” he said. Each of the pokémon smiled to her… except Vivian. She didn’t really seem too interested. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“My name’s Sahana,” she answered. Sal nodded, noting she wasn’t too much of a speaker. She walked up to the girls slowly and sniffed at them. They too sniffed, taking in the new scent from her. After a minute of that, she turned to Sal. “I’m hungry,” she said flatly. Well, the professor wasn’t wrong. She did make it known.

“I guess it is lunch time. Come on girls, let’s go get some lunch,” he said. The girls all perked up instantly and ran towards where he put food for them.

“Yay!” they all yelled. However, Sahana stayed behind. She looked up to Sal as he stood up then held her arms up to him.

“Pick me up,” she demanded.

“Come on, Sahana. Ask nicely and I will,” he told her. She stayed where she stood and sighed. She was still young so it’d be something to work on. Bending down, he grabbed her under her small arms and sat her on his shoulders. She then rested a paw on the top of his head as she sat down.

Walking into the room with them all, Sal turned to the group. “Okay! Who wants to help today?”

“Me,” Sahana spoke up. He turned to her then the group.

“Is that okay with you all?” he asked. “I think we should let her since she’s new.”

“Okay!” they all said, agreeing with the decision. He reached up and picked her up once more then sat her on the ground.

“Alright, I’m gonna fill their bowls one by one. I then want you to take it to them and set it in front of them. Remind me girls, what’s the one rule we have?” Sal asked them all. Lottie was the first to raise a paw so he called her to answer.

“Nobody eats until we’re all ready!”

“That’s right!” he said. She smiled brightly at being right. “Do you understand, Sahana? We like to make sure everyone is ready and can eat so nobody is left out.”

“Okay,” she nodded. Sal turned to the small counter and pulled out six bowls for them. One by one he filled them with their food. Once done, he turned to Sahana and handed her the first bowl. She grabbed it excitedly and rushed over before setting it down. She then returned and did it for the others, leaving only Sal to make his lunch. He brought his own sandwich which was enough for him to get through the day. He too sat at the table with the girls in a small chair that looked ten times too tiny for him. He sat his sandwich on the table in front of him just before Sahana came up to him once more.

“I want to sit in your lap,” she told him.

“You should ask permission, Sahana,” he told her, trying to get a head start on good habits. She looked down before looking back up to him.

“Can I sat in your lap?” she then asked. He smiled that she picked up already and nodded. He grabbed her bowl from her and sat it next to his food before setting her on his lap. She gave him a thankful smile before he gave everyone the okay to go ahead and eat, and they were all more than happy to.

Lunch was relatively uneventful in the beginning. He didn’t have much problem with them as they all talked quietly. However, as time went on, Sal began to feel… off. Something wasn’t right but he couldn’t place it - at least not in the beginning. The more he began to feel off, he figured out why. Almost out of seemingly nowhere, he began to feel his pants tightening with Sahana on them. Why, he didn’t know. Sal always had the girls sit in his lap and he never had this problem.

Sal tried his best to ignore it but it got harder and harder, and he wasn’t talking about the erection that was forming. He couldn’t focus on lunch and was beginning to feel very turned on. From what, he had no idea. What he did know is that it was almost painful. He had no idea why he felt this way - he had been fine all day and now suddenly this.

He continued to try and ignore it but it wasn’t very easy to do. Sahana, being the curious pokémon she was, continued to jump from his lap, investigate something that caught her eye, then climb back up. Each time she did, she’d rub him in the right ways, only make his predicament worse. He then knew he just couldn’t stop the feeling any longer. He had to do something about it.

“Girls, I want you to stay here and keep eating,” he said. He picked up Sahana and quickly stood up while trying to hide the huge bulge in his pants. They all looked up at him curiously as he sat her in the chair.

“Where you going?” Etti asked him curiously.

“I really need to use the bathroom,” he lied. She nodded and he quickly turned away before almost running to the bathroom. Thankfully, it was almost on the opposite side of the building, meaning he had plenty of time to quickly rub a quick one out and get back to them like nothing had happened. When he got to the bathroom, he pushed the door so it was closed and, before he could even realize it, had himself sitting on the bathroom floor with his pants around his ankles. “What just happened…” he panted to himself as he began to quickly stroke himself. The feeling was better than ever before and he had absolutely no idea why.

Each tug was like it was the first time he jerked off. His senses were on overdrive for reasons he couldn’t understand. It was so bad that he was already leaking his own precum, showing just how turned on he was. His heart was beating a million miles an hour as he continued jerking. Even as turned on as he was, he just… couldn’t cum. No, something was preventing him from it. He cursed to himself about it. “Please… don’t make this one of those days…” he begged.

He tried so many different ways. Sal tried taking it slower, he tried faster and smaller. Every possible combination he tried. Not a single one was enough to get him over the edge. Sal was slowly giving up as he knew the girls would be done relatively soon. Just as he was about to, he heard the door slowly creaking open. His eyes shot open and he saw the salandit standing there, eyeing him curiously. “What are you doing?” she asked him curiously. He saw her sniffing the air as she stepped closer, leaving the door wide open.

“Y-you need to go back with the other girls,” he told her. She ignored him and continued stepping closer. Sal tried to cover himself but it was almost impossible. The closer she got, the more she sniffed. He wanted to keep her away but something was preventing him from it. It was like something on the outside was not letting him say no. Soon, she was standing next to him with her own little hands on his. She pushed herself up and sniffed at his hands and slowly pushed them down. Sal found himself unable to even stop her, his mind once more becoming enveloped with that feeling like when he got to the bathroom.

Sahana was now standing eye level with his fully erect member. She pushed herself closer until she was sniffing directly at him, taking in his scent. The salandit exhaled loudly before looking up at him curiously. “What… is that smell? It smells really… good…” she said. She used both her paws to grip his cock and pull it closer before taking an equally big sniff at it, the same thing coming from her as the first time. Her tiny, scaly hands made him shiver from the contact.

“W-what smell?” he asked her. She looked up at him once more.

“I don’t know. It smells really good and it comes from you. It’s making me feel weird…” she told him.

“What do you mean weird?” he asked her. She looked down and between her legs.

“It’s making me tingle between my legs. But I like it…” she told him. Sal, without thinking, slowly reached behind the salandit and trailed a hand down her back. He felt her shiver from the contact as he went lower and lower until he was between her legs. He felt her tiny slit where she immediately pushed into his touch.

“Right here?” asked Sal. She nodded quickly.

“Yes, right there. It felt good when you touched it. Were you feeling tingly too?” she asked him. Sal nodded.

“I was and I was helping that feeling,” he explained. He continued gently rubbing her slit, slowly coating his finger in her young juices.

“Will you help me with my tingling, too?” she asked him. Not only did she actually ask, she wanted him to do that with her? He felt it was wrong but something about it right now screamed for him to do it. Like, it was almost impossible to say no.

“...If you want me to,” he told her. She nodded frantically in response. So he picked her up and gently sat her in his lap so she was facing him. “I’m going to help both of us,” he told her. She nodded and looked down curiously. He used both hands to gently hold her so she was sitting in them. “I want you to stay as still as you can. You’ll feel good soon,” he told her. She nodded, waiting patiently for whatever he was going to do.

Sal then pulled her closer so her slit was resting against him. He then began to rub her lower half against him, using both of their natural lubricants to get Sal ready. She was very small but, with enough lube, he felt it’d work out. The feeling of her tiny body against his was phenomenal, so much so that it felt better than his hand did by miles. The more he rubbed her against him, the more turned on he got. And the more turned on he was, the more wet she became. It was like a never ending cycle. It didn’t take long until they were both ready.

“This might hurt,” Sal told her. Sahana said nothing and continued watching down lower, eager to see what was going on. He held her in place as he lined himself up with her awaiting hole. He gently grazed himself against it, giving her a little tease. He felt her gently shiver from the contact. With a deep breath, Sal began to push her down where she let out an audible hiss. She reached forward and put her tiny hands against his belly as he pushed further and further.

Sal had to give her credit. She may have looked small but she welcomed him on the inside better than he expected. He expected a lot of resistance and to be unable to fit but that was far from the case. No, she fit almost perfectly around him. She did whine the further he went but not much. Instead, he actually heard her gasping from the feeling of being stretched so much. “It… doesn’t hurt much,” she told him. “But I’m tingling a lot now…”

To say Sal felt amazing would have been an understatement. No, he felt so much better than that. Her virgin insides squeezed him tighter than anything ever had before. Her body shook hard against him from being taken for the first time ever. Sal was no virgin nor was he unfamiliar with sex. He’d had sex plenty of times before but this was new. Her insides were so different than any woman he’d ever been with. Adding onto it was the bit of heat coming from inside of her due to her being a part Fire-type. It only made it that much better.

“I feel… lots better,” Sahana said as she looked up to him. She had the biggest blush he’d ever seen a pokémon have before. He gave her a smile as he responded.

“We aren’t done yet…” he told her. She gave him a shocked expression and asked what he meant. However, he said nothing in response. Once he pushed her as far as she could go, he began to pull her up, hearing the tiny lizard pokémon inhale sharply from the sudden pleasure. Once he only had the head of his member left, he pushed her back down, sending a ripple of pleasure throughout both their bodies.

“O-oh… Okay, I like this…” she told him. “I want you to keep doing that…” she told him. Sal was more than happy to continue. He slowly picked up the pace and built up a rhythm the two enjoyed quite a lot. Each time she slid back down, a tiny bit more fit inside of her until he physically couldn’t fit anymore. He wished he could fit all of him inside but she was just too small. Maybe when she was older and bigger, that would be possible… Or maybe if they kept doing this…

As they went on, Sal began to notice she was a bit more vocal. She kept saying how she liked how he made her feel, “full inside her tummy,” and things like that. It was so cute to hear how she described things with her innocent, little mind. With each thrust came a tiny bit more of her natural juices that slowly trickled down his length and then down to the floor. The feeling of it running down his length then inner thigh only added to the pleasure.

The more he fucked the little pokémon, the more Sal began to realize that this was what was holding him back. For some reason, he just could not get off with his hand but he knew that, given enough time with Sahana, he would be able to. Something just told him it would be that way. Why, he didn’t know. He just knew it.

“God you’re so warm and tight,” he grunted. She didn’t know what that really meant but she did know that if he said it, it was probably something good. Sahana leaned forward into his stomach and let him do what he wanted, happily submitting to the feeling of being stuffed so much. She just got to this daycare and she already knew that she liked this human a lot. Something about him was different - and she liked that.

Sal slowly found himself losing control of himself more and more with each thrust. His body began involuntarily thrusting into her, bringing out more and more pleasure for the two of them. Though it wasn’t very noticable, Sal felt her beginning to drool slightly on his chest, showing just how lost in the pleasure she was. He was right there with her, though, barely able to control himself. If she was bigger, he would have been a lot rougher. However, since she as small as she was, he had to control himself just a little bit so he wouldn’t split her in half… just until she got big enough.

“I’m… so tingly…” she kept saying.

“Good… that’s… good. Let it take over…” he told her. The little salandit began whining not long after, but not out of pain. No, it was from her growing close. Because of Sal jerking off and getting so close and not being able to cum, he too was just as close as she was. He could feel himself throbbing threateningly inside of her as she squeezed him tighter by the second.

“I feel… like something is… gonna happen…” she continued whining. She tried to describe it but she found it hard to. All he could do is keep going and let her experience it. She had never felt such a feeling before but she knew it was good. It was like her instincts were taking over, even at such a young age. She knew she loved this feeling and would want more.

Sahana found herself unable to control it any longer. That nice tingling sensation had gotten the better of her. With a long, soft moan, she gripped tightly onto Sal’s arms around her midsection and held herself steady as her body began to spasm. Not long after, Sal felt her inner walls squeeze him tighter than when they started.

“O-oh my God…” Sal groaned as a wave of the salandit’s juices came rushing out from within. The floor quickly became slicked from the wetness. The tightness and feeling of his own mate cumming was enough to also send him over into the best orgasm he’d ever had. He filled her tiny body with his seed, coating the insides of her as much as possible. The two halted their motions, letting the feeling of euphoria take them both over. What didn’t fit inside spilled out below, mixing with the puddle already beneath them.

The two felt as if their orgasms lasted for an eternity. Throughout it all, Sal continued rubbing his hands up and down the small pokémon’s sides and back, showing how good she had done. He had to definitely give credit where credit was due. For someone so young and small, she did absolutely amazing. She hardly complained and seemed more into than anything.

After several minutes of catching their breaths, Sal and Sahana slowly came to. She looked up at him and had the biggest, brightest smile he’d ever seen. Bringing a hand up to her head, he gently rubbed the scaley pokémon where she then leaned into it. “How… are you feeling?” he asked her.

“I feel so much better. That tingly is all gone!” she exclaimed. He was happy for her but… it wasn’t for him. For some reason, he still felt incredibly, incredibly turned on. While what he just felt did help, it only fueled him for more. Why?

“...Mr. Sal? Are you okay?” a voice spoke up. Once more, his attention turned to the door where he saw the group of girls standing there as if they’d been watching the whole time. “You’ve been gone for a long time and… we umm…” Lottie trailed off as she sniffed at the air.

“We… we um… we wanted to see if you were okay,” Fern said. Like Lottie and Sahana had been, she also began sniffing at the air. In fact, they all were. His mind instantly went places it really shouldn’t have.

“I’m okay, girls…” he told them. He wrapped his arms around Sahana once more and gently lifted her up and pulled her from him. She gave a tiny grunt from the feeling but quickly collapsed on the ground once she was set down. “Sahana was just helping me with something,” he told them.

“What umm… what was she helping with?” Lottie asked him. This time, he didn’t bother hiding himself. No, he showed himself off to them.

“Are you okay, girls?” he asked them. They continued sniffing, showing they could smell what had just happened.

“Something smells… funny,” Lottie said. “Do you smell it?” she asked the others who all nodded.

“Does it make you feel weird?” he asked them. She instantly nodded.

“It does… lots…” Lottie told him. He motioned for them to come in and they slowly did. He couldn’t believe what was happening and he had total control of it. At any second, he could stop it but he didn’t want to. No, he wanted to keep going. Something compelled him to.

“Do you feel tingly down here?” he asked the buizel when she was close enough. He gently touched her slit just as he did with the salandit. She nodded frantically, confirming what he thought. “I take it that touch felt good?” he asked again.

“Um… yeah… um… Did she feel that way?” asked the buizel. He nodded.

“She did and I helped her feel better. Right, Sahana?” he asked her. The salandit nodded slowly.

“Yes… I feel lots, lots better,” she said with a sigh. “My tummy is all full!”

“Do you all feel that way?” he asked the other girls. Each of them nodded to him.

“Let Mr. Sal help you feel better. You’ll like it lots, I promise!” Sahana told them. They looked down at her then back to him.

“...How?” asked the zorua.

“Do you want to see?” he asked her. She slowly approached and nodded. Sal picked up the small pokémon and sat her in his lap so she was pushing up against his erection. She blushed the second she felt something poking at her privates.

“Are… Are you putting that in me?” she asked him. He was shocked she knew what was going to happen.

“Yes. It’ll feel very, very good,” he told her. She looked down then back to him. She had been with him for over two months and trusted him every time he said something. Fern knew he would never try and hurt her or make her do something she wouldn’t like.

“...What do I have to do?” she asked.

“Mr. Sal?” Lottie spoke up again. Before answering Fern, he turned to Lottie who gently gripped his hand. “Can you touch me there again? I want a turn but I’ll wait until it’s mine but… it does kind of hurt…” she told him. Something came over him and he just wanted more and more. However, he could only do so much at a time. So instead of doing what she asked, he decided to make this a fun lesson for them all.

“No, but I’ll teach you how to make yourself feel good. All of you, come here,” he said. The group slowly approached and watched as he sat Lottie against the wall just as he was. He used one hand to spread her legs open and show her privates to them all. “Lottie, take your paw and gently rub like this,” he said. He gently rubbed against her sensitive flesh, eliciting a content sigh from her.

“O-okay…” she nodded. She did as told and found she enjoyed the feeling. She continued doing so and soon found herself leaning against him as she began to pleasure herself. “This feels… nice…” she told them.

“You all can do this. Now let’s do something else. Lottie, move your paw,” he told her. She looked up at him and hesitantly did as told. He looked at the group then pointed to Autumn. “Autumn, come here,” he told her. She slowly stepped forward closer to them. “Do you trust me?” he asked her. She looked up and nodded to him.

“Yes… I do…” she said quietly. He used another hand and gently pushed her head between the buizel’s legs. “I want you to help Lottie feel good. I want you to show the class that you can help each other feel good. Lick where she was just rubbing,” he told her.

“Y-you want me to-.”

“Yes. I promise it’s not bad. She’ll really like it if you do. I bet she’ll even show you what it’s like after…” he told her. The eevee looked down nervously then looked Lottie in the eyes. The buizel nodded to her, agreeing she would do what Sal said.

“...Promise, Lottie?” asked Autumn.

“Yep. I do. I’ve always kept my promises to you!” she told her. The eevee nodded and leaned in closer before taking a small lick at the buizel’s slit. She inhaled sharply from the feeling of her flesh being touched in such a way. “D-do it again!” Lottie told her friend. Autumn nodded and did it again, just as she asked. It didn’t take long before he got them both “playing” with each other.

“There’s lots and lots of ways you can feel good. Get creative with it and you may find something you like,” he told them. “You can use your tails, paws, mouths, everything you could think of. All it takes is curiosity and a bit of braveness and you’ll find you really enjoy yourself. I want to see each of you trying to find something you like. Most creative will win the competition.”

Every single one of them perked up at the mention of a competition. They all loved competing against each other. It was always a game to them. However, Etti spoke up. “W-what about if we partner up?”

“Then you both win. I want to see you trying your hardest!” he told them. She nodded and gave a confident smile. Next to speak up was Fern.

“W-what about me and you?” she asked. He looked down at her and smiled.

“Don’t worry. You and I are going to do something else. When we’re done, you can join in,” he said. She seemed upset not to be included but then instantly perked up when he said that. Sal kicked off his pants and boxers then stood up. He carried her over to the counter and placed her so her lower half was hanging off the counter. She then looked back at him.

“Um… Mr. Sal?” she spoke up. “I’m um… I’m nervous. Will this hurt?” she asked him.

“It might. It might not. If it does, you tell me. I’ll go slow, okay?” he told her. She nodded and took a deep breath. He wanted to calm her as it’d make it so much easier for him if she relaxed so he gently rubbed up and down her back, running his fingers through her fur. He felt her shaking from nervousness but the more he did it, the more she relaxed. As he gently pet her, he looked down lower and saw her slit was leaking down onto the floor, showing she too was excited.

“It will feel good, right?” she asked next. Just after a few pets, she seemed to get that same eagerness back she was known for.

“Yep. It will feel very good. Are you ready?” he asked her. She took another deep breath.

“Do you think you could hold my paw while you help me? I’m… I’m very nervous and it’ll make me feel better. Please?” she asked. Sal was much more than happy to do that for her. He leaned forward and towered over the pokémon before gently gripping her tiny paw in his hand.

“Okay… here we go…” He said quietly. She gave him a confident nod and closed her eyes, unsure of what to expect. He grabbed himself lower and gently rubbed his head against her slit teasingly. She gave a surprised noise when she felt it but didn’t move. Sal felt her paw tense up from the initial contact but soon came to enjoy it, evident by how she relaxed almost immediately.

After a few more gentle, teasing seconds, he began to slowly push himself in. he started with just the head and waited for her reaction. Much to his shock, she pushed back against him, not even letting her own body adjust. She pulled her paw from his hand and stretched out further with her back arching slightly. “I-it’s not so bad…” she said as more and more slid in. However, her size only allowed so much to fit. She was the second youngest, meaning she was also the second smallest. Even though there wasn’t much room, they made it work.

Once he had in as much as he could, he sat still. Reaching under Fern, Sal rubbed her belly and felt himself pushing against her belly. She didn’t have much protection but the thought of her being just barely big enough to hold him turned him in quite a lot. Even more, she liked the feeling of being quite literally stuffed. “Tell me when you’re okay to go,” Sal told her.

“Just do it,” she told him. She turned around and looked up to him with a big blush on her face. He wasn’t one to deny a girl her pleasure so he brought his hands to her back and held her in place against the counter. Once he was about to break free from her, he pushed back in with a bit more force, making the small zorua groan from pleasure. Her incredibly tiny body held onto him like a tight grip with each thrust, refusing to loosen up for him.

Due to her size, it was hard to feel each individual ripple inside of her. However, it made up for it in how tight she was. Sal slowly picked up his speed but Fern vocalized other things. Speed wasn’t something that mattered to her. “P-please go… harder…” she begged him. He was taken aback by her asking that out of everything but wasn’t one to say no to that. So instead of focusing on how fast he was going, he began to push her into her, now bringing louder moans from her.

Sal had to admit that the sounds coming from her only made him want her even more. She wasn’t the loudest but she definitely made it known she wanted more with how much she begged. She continued saying she wanted it harder and harder and it got to the point he was worried he’d actually hurt her so he had to stop. Even then, she loved the feeling of the big human using her like a little cock sleeve. She continued extending and retracting her claws, unable to control herself as he slammed into her furry backside.

With each thrust came a wet slap from behind. From atop the counter dripped her juices, making the floor a slight hazard for slipping. However, Sal cared none about that. He was too lost in the feeling of Fern’s young, tight body trying to milk him for his seed, even at such a young age. The thought of it amazed him - how someone at only five months old still demanded a males seed. Life was weird, but he loved it. He loved how someone as young as her begged someone like him to make her feel good. Nothing could have made this better.

Sal continued pushing himself in and out of her tight pussy. With each thrust came the ever impending orgasm. Due to her age and inexperience, Fern was closing in on her orgasm much quicker than he was. She didn’t quite know what an orgasm felt like but, after seeing how tired her new friend Sahana was, she knew it would be good. Her body felt super tingly and shook hard against him, desperate to let that wave of goodness take over.

For Sal, it was taking much longer to get to that sweet, sweet release. Not because she didn’t feel good, because she most definitely did, but because tightness can only do so much. Too tight could even make it harder to get off. Sadly, he felt this was the case. If she was a little older and a little bigger, Sal felt that she could have been a great one. But, since she was so small and so tight, it was a bit harder to get off. He’d be lucky if he was even able to.

“M-Mr… Sal… My body i-is…” she panted and squeaked excitedly. He knew what she was trying to say and told her to let it happen. Let that feeling come, and boy did she. Her moans gradually got louder and louder, to the point it was as if she was screaming from the pleasure. However, that wasn’t very long as he felt her body clench down even harder, now quite literally preventing him from even pulling out of her. What came next was the best feeling the little pokémon had ever experienced.

A large rush of pleasure sent the pokémon into a shaking and shivering heap. Her voice shook as she moaned out much quieter now. Finally, Sal felt that familiar wetness come splashing onto him and the counter, signalling she had came. The feeling of her coating him and the noises she made did help with how he felt. In fact, he too was close but she was just too tight. He needed another way to get off… and he knew just how.

Sal waited her orgasm out. It was a long one but it was a good one. For a long while, she laid there and shook, her body very slowly letting her regain control. When it did, Sal immediately pulled himself free, a pained whine coming from the zorua. “A-are we done?” she huffed.

“Almost…” he told her quietly. “Roll over,” he said. She immediately did and he looked her in the eyes. Her eyes were sparkling bright as the two stared each other down. Sal reached lower and grabbed himself before resting his cock on her belly. The feeling of her soaked fur tickling him immediately made him think that this would get him off. “Close your legs and squeeze them together. Squeeze as hard as you can,” he told her. With his help, she did just as instructed and created a new type of tightness around him, this time with her furred thighs. “There you go…” he said.

Gripping her back paws, Sal held her legs shut as he began thrusting against her, the feeling of her fur and toned legs being just what he needed. He continued brushing against her tiny slit, the fleshy skin showing just what he did. Because of her juices, he had no problem with pushing in and out. Fern seemed to react positively to what he was doing as she stretched out backwards, letting him rub against her belly and slit as much as he wanted.

With every thrust, Sal felt a tiny bit more of her juices trickle down her and onto the counter. He wasn’t sure if it was from her orgasm or not, but he didn’t care. He did care about how close he was getting, though. He couldn’t believe how the fur was making him feel as it brushed along his entire length. It was such a unique feeling of tightness from her muscles mixing with the incredible softness of her fur from being washed and brushed every day. “D-does… that feel good, M-Mr. Sal?” she asked him.

The way she asked really made him think she knew what was going on - as if she’d done this kind of thing before. Of course, she hadn’t but how could someone so young ask such a thing like that? Asking if something felt good was one thing but… like that was entirely different. “It does… a lot…” he grunted, slowly losing himself.

“I-I like it on… my belly. It feels… nice being rubbed…” she said with a sigh. “I l-like you lots, Mr. Sal…” she continued saying. Sal was slowly being overcome with that all-too familiar feeling. The way she talked was sending him over the edge. He tried fighting it off but she kept saying how she liked when he made her tummy feel full and how she wanted to feel that way again. It was all too much for him.

He wasn’t able to fight it any longer. His orgasm came rushing out as he continued thrusting. Through squinted eyes he saw his seed come shooting from between Fern’s legs, slowly coating her belly and chest. He swore on everything there was that he even heard her moaning in a slutty way, only making it that much better. “It’s… so warm!” she told him. Sal never stopped thrusting throughout his orgasm, letting the fur and muscle milk him of everything he had.

Even after his orgasm did die down, he didn’t stop thrusting… not entirely at least. He slowed down but only a little bit. Sal found himself panting heavily as he let go of her legs. He looked down lower and saw her fur was even more drenched than before - she must have had a smaller orgasm when he did. He then saw how much cum covered her lower half and not even her belly or chest. “That was… so good…” he panted as he looked at her in the eyes. Her eyes were half-lidded, as if trying to lure him into doing it again.

“You don’t have to s-stop… If you liked it, y-you can keep doing it…” she told him. He knew it. He knew that was coming. That look was too familiar. She was going to grow up something that was not a battler - at least not only a battler. Whoever she was going to get as a trainer was going to be very, very lucky and it even made him a tiny bit jealous.

“I… I need to sit down…” he said truthfully. Sal took a few steps back before heading towards the wall where he originally was. He saw Fern slowly crawl herself to the edge before poking her head off to the side. The two smiled to one-another before she looked down at her chest. She then looked back up at him as she took a lick at the seed on her, sending new ideas in Sal’s head. “G-God I love today…” he said.

Sal took a few minutes to look at the group of pokémon. They had essentially broken into groups just as he said they could. Etti and Autumn were together, both laying with their heads in each others crotch. Both Lottie and Sahana were sitting side by side, both rubbing their own slits like he showed them. Sahana was slowly rubbing and even probing her fingers in where Lottie was frantically rubbing, no doubt desperate for her release. Like the two pokémon rubbing themselves, Fern sat atop the counter as she licked the cum off her while rubbing her own slit. She looked up and at the salandit and buizel before jumping down and running to them. The second she was with them, she rolled over onto her back in front of Sahana, telling her exactly what she wanted.

The only one left was Vivian.

“Finally, it’s my turn,” she said. She stepped towards him before laying on her back, legs spread wide open. “Make me feel good,” she demanded of him. While he was more than happy to, that was not how it was going to happen - not with that attitude.

“How about you ask,” he said to her. She said nothing and just laid there. “Well? Are you going to ask me if I will help you feel good?” he asked her. She shook her head no. “And why not?”

“Because they didn’t! If they don’t then I don’t,” she told him. He grumbled in disbelief. She was always a bit on the bratty and demanding side but this was ridiculous. “Besides, you call me the prettiest! Pretty people don’t ask. Well tell and we get!”

Now where she got that idea from was beyond him. He never said anything like that, aside from agreeing she was pretty just to keep her quiet. “If you want me to do anything, you can ask. I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to…” he told her. She rolled over and glared at him.

“Yes you do! You made them feel good so now make me feel good!” she demanded from him.

“No,” he said bluntly. He couldn’t believe it but she began stomping her feet in place. Though it was a bit much, he did find it kind of funny. He couldn’t believe she was acting like this.

“Yes! It’s my turn and I waited! Why don’t I get a turn?” she yelled at him.

“Because you didn’t-.”

“I don’t have to ask! You didn’t make Fern or the new girl so I don’t have to!” she continued yelling. What Sal thought was funny in the beginning was already beginning to irritate him. He looked to the side and saw Lottie was watching, having stopped her masturbating. She too looked like she was shocked her classmate was acting like this kind of brat. “It’s not fair! I want a turn and I-.”

“Fine!” he yelled at her. She was shocked at how quickly he agreed but then gave him a cocky smirk. She knew he’d do it if she whined enough like that. Like before, she laid down and rolled onto her back with her legs spread. However, he had other plans for her. He scooped her up in his arms and sat her in his lap with her back against his belly. He immediately snaked a hand between her legs, confusing her. “H-hey! You said-.”

“And I’m going to. I’m doing it different,” he told her. She grumbled but was going to take what she could get. She wanted to feel good and he’d make sure she would so she’d stop talking. There was no way he was going to let her bratty attitude ruin his fun. He trailed his finger over her slit, getting a positive buck from her hips when he did. He wasn’t going to be slow with her - not at all. Instead, he quickly sunk two of his fingers deep inside her slit, making her moan loudly.

“T-that kind of hurts…” she told him.

“Then you better sit still and quite whining like you were,” he told her flatly. She looked up at him worriedly and tried her best to stay still. Sal had never really talked to her in such a way and she couldn’t figure out why he did. She did nothing wrong - she wanted to feel good like the others. She had every right to demand such a thing!

In Sal’s mind though, that wasn’t the case. She was more than allowed to feel good from him but she had to ask. That was all it took. A simple, “Will you please?” was more than enough for him but she was a brat. Now she was going to get it differently. He wasted no time in dragging his fingers along the inside of her pussy, making her squirm from the feeling of being stretched and explored inside. His fingers were quickly warming up from her inner flame, making him want to continue.

“I-it really hurts…” she said, continuing to squirm in his hands. However, he heard her firmly in place. “P-please… I want to feel good like they did…” she said. He heard the tone and it did sound apologetic. He wanted it to be a little lesson that being a brat ended in punishments but she did seem remorseful so he decided he could let up just a little bit.

“Are you done talking like that?” he asked her. He stopped moving his hand around and slowly pulled one of the fingers out from her. She slowly nodded to him. “Good. Talking like that gets you nowhere. Now sit still,” he said. She whined again, not liking being in trouble. Sal slowly began his fingering once more, this time in a much gentler way. She seemed to react in a bit more of a positive way, letting out tiny whines and grunts every time he moved his hand in the right ways. However, that’s not what she wanted.

“I-I want you to make me feel like them…” she told him. He leaned his head down and rested it on top of her. “Make me feel like them…” she said in a slightly demanding tone.

“Does this not feel good?” he asked her.

“K-kind of… but they made it like… it was great. Do that to me!” she told him as she looked up at him. He raised a brow at her, as if shocked she was already demanding once again.

“Sorry, what was that?” he asked her.

“I said make me feel as good as them…”

“I don’t think that’s how you ask,” he told her. Even though this was sex, he was still going to teach her how to behave and how to speak. She knew better than this - he had no idea why she was acting this way.

“Well I-I want to feel good! Y-you said when it was my turn… n-now it’s my turn and you’re still n-not!” she told him. She then threw on a pouty face he knew was fake but he wasn’t going to have it. “You’re a liar…” she said quietly. Now that he was not going to have.

“Fine, you want to feel good?” he asked her. He was done with being nice. Sometimes, a punishment was needed and he knew just how to do it. He had something he wanted to try and she was going to be his way of trying it.

“Y-yes! Do it!” she told him. He pulled his hand from her crotch and couldn’t help but look at the slight trace of juices on it. Curiously, he took a lick and thought on the taste. There wasn’t much but it made up for it by the temperature. Maybe another time he’d have to experience it first hand. For now…

“Who wants to go after Vivian?” Sal asked the remaining three. Lottie was the first to say anything. Autumn and Etti were too busy with their heads still in the others crotch, something he couldn’t help but keep watching.

“M-me, please,” Lottie told him.

“I want you to prove you do,” he told her. She looked at him curiously and nodded.


“Go get a few clean rags,” he told her. She seemed confused why but nodded. He watched as she ran to the counter and grabbed a few of them then brought them to him. He grabbed one and began rolling it up into a thing roll.

“What are you doing?” both Lottie and Vivian asked him.

“Face forward and open your mouth,” he told the vulpix. She seemed hesitant until he threatened her. “Do it or you won’t get to feel good.” She seemed to jump in place and immediately did as told. He reached around her and slid the rag into her mouth before tying it behind her head, now gagging her. “If you’re not going to talk nice, you won’t get to talk at all.”

Vivian looked up at him and saw he was serious. She knew she was in trouble and knew that Sal was serious about it. She looked down sadly and awaited whatever he had planned. However, he wasn’t done with her. He had plans. “Now, I’ll ask you one more time. Do you want to feel good?” he asked her. She let out a muffled yes but nothing more. “What was that?” he asked.

“Yes please, Mr. Sal,” she said through the rag. It was hard to hear but he picked up on it. He nodded.

“Good. Now, Lottie, you’re not done yet,” he told her. She looked at him curiously as he picked up the vulpix. “Spread her legs for me and, no matter how much she struggles, you keep them as wide as you can. Do you understand?” he told her. She slowly nodded and did as asked.

“Is… this good?” she asked him. The buizel couldn’t help but look between her classmates legs and feel the urge to touch the wet fur down there.

“That’s great. Now hold them open,” he said. She nodded and did as told. Sal took a deep breath and lined himself up - but not with her slit. Instead, he aimed himself further back, confusing the vulpix. His already lubed member poked threateningly at her tailhole, ready to be pushed in. Vivian had no idea what he was doing as he never put it there with Fern or Sahana… so why her? “Okay, here we go,” he told the two of them.

Sal very slowly pushed Vivian down his length, stopping the second his head slipped in. She let out a long, drawn out groan mixed with pain. He heard her whimpering as he penetrated her backside, something he’d been wanting to try for a long time. He knew it would hurt but if you could work it slowly, it would be something one could love. While this was a sort of punishment for talking how she was, it was also a treat to him. He’d never purposefully hurt any of the girls - never in his life. This pain was only temporary.

He was greeted by the same warmth his fingers were. He could tell her backside was much, much tighter than her pussy was. It tried desperately to push him out but he was not leaving. Even though he wanted to go further, Sal held her still, letting her body get used to the feeling of being pushed into. He brought a reassuring hand to head, gently petting the tuft of fur up top. “You’re doing good,” he whispered to her.

“D-does that hurt her?” Lottie asked worriedly as she watched her friend wincing. Sal nodded slowly truthfully.

“It probably does but that’s why you’re here,” he told her. She was confused and wanted to know more. “Don’t worry, you’ll see,” he told her. Again, she nodded and waited. After another minute of waiting, Sal asked if she was ready to push on. Both Lottie and Vivian nodded, though Vivian much more scared and worriedly. They repeated the process, only sliding a tiny bit more in before stopping. Each time he did, he would pet her and try to make it as easy for her as possible while whispering how good she was doing.

The vulpix looked up at him and he saw tears threatening to push out. It made him sad and even worried him. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked her. Much to his shock, she quickly shook her head no. Even with the tears welling up on the outside, she did had a smile that was hard to see because of the rag. He took that as she was feeling some kind of good feeling through the pain, just as Sal was.

Just like he expected, her backside was convulsing around the foreign object inside of her, desperately trying to push it out. The way it squeezed him sent a new kind of pleasure inside him. The heat relaxed him tremendously, making this easier for him as he went. Soon enough, he had her pushed down to the base of his shaft, her backside fully engulfing his cock.

“Are you okay, Vivi?” asked the buizel nervously. Vivian nodded quickly, showing that she was okay and could tolerate the pain. “O-okay…”

“Do you think she doesn’t feel good?” asked Sal. Lottie slowly nodded, not thinking she felt good because of the whimpering and whining. However, Sal knew those weren’t pained ones - at least not entirely. “Look at her,” he said, motioning down lower. Sal brought a hand between her legs once more and dragged a finger across her slit and showed her just how wet she was. “She’s really enjoying it. If you’re worried about her not feeling good, you could help her,” he told her.

“Help her… how?” she asked. To make it clear, Sal leaned forward a tiny bit and rested a hand on the back of her head. He gently pushed her forward to show how. She picked up on it rather quickly and nodded.

“Before you start,” Sal spoke up. She was centimeters from her friends dripping wet slit with her tongue hanging out. “Make sure you keep her legs open. Get rough if you have to so she knows that this is a punishment and being a bad girl does come with consequences. Don’t go slow. Lick her fast,” he said. He then brought his finger down once more and directed the buizel to a special nub on her friends body. “If you want her to feel extra good, try licking or gently sucking here. She’ll really like it. If she moves too much, tell her you’ll stop.”

Lottie slowly nodded and leaned in closer before taking a lick. He felt Vivian fidget from the feeling, making his job easy from here on out. He could sit back and relax while Lottie and Vivian did the work for him. Every time the buizel licked her friend, she would buck her hips, inadvertently jerking Sal in a new way. Taking his advice, Lottie began to quickly lap at her friends folds, not wasting any time in making her feel good.

Sal reached another hand forward and used it to spread her lips open, giving Lottie better access to her insides. The feeling of multiple people and things touching her in such a special and unique way made Vivian slowly lose her mind. She tried to squirm free out of impulse which only brought Sal more pleasure. She’d push up with her back legs which started to pull her free before losing her footing and send herself sliding down, sending ripples of pleasure up both their bodies.

Vivian started to reach forward to Lottie’s head to hold her but Sal wasn’t having it. He wanted to show her she was as far from control as could be - this was something for both Lottie and him. She just happened to get pleasure from it as well. He held both her paws in one hand, making it hard for her to push against him. He heard Lottie growling from beneath her. “Sit still…” she told Vivian. Sal was happy she was picking up on what to do.

“That’s good, Lottie,” he sighed as he closed his eyes. Sal leaned his head against the wall, letting Vivian’s small, warm body slowly squeeze him. “Keep telling her what to do. If she doesn’t stop, push your tongue further. Maybe that’ll help…” he told her. She growled louder when he told her what could help. She was determined to get her friend to listen for Sal - and that he liked.

Lottie pushed her tongue further inside her friend. It felt weird but she was met with the vulpix bucking against her face. She whimpered loudly from how good she felt. From the rag came muffled moans and begs to keep going. It was like music to Sal’s ears. The feeling of her bouncing in his lap was only an added bonus. Her backside was so much different than both Fern and Sahana’s tiny bodies.

Sal thought about what was going on and how he was not even close to tired yet. It was like he could just keep going and going for some reason. He couldn’t figure out what was happening, excluding the fact that Vivian was riding him in her back hole. That much he knew - but why it was happening was unknown. He didn’t wake up today and plan this. It just… happened.

As time went on, Sal thought Vivian was actually beginning to enjoy the feeling of him in her backside. Her once fidgeting movements became much more steady and meaningful. She’d pull herself up and towards Lottie’s small tongue before sliding back down backwards onto Sal’s cock. She had a rhythm she liked and it was very evident. “D-do you f-feel good now?” he asked her.

From beneath the rag came muffled groans of pleasure. Sal smiled brightly at her before speaking up once more. “Lottie… I’m gonna let her paws go. She’s going to put them on your head. I think she’s been good enough to let her do what she wants,” he told her. Lottie gave a soft moan in response, understanding. The second he did, Vivian put her paws on top of the buizel’s head and held her still where she picked up her pace. She guided Vivian to where she wanted and bucked her hips harder than before. “W-wow…” he groaned.

Sal wanted to help her because he was growing closer for a third time. Each time she pulled away from him, he’d do the same. When she slid down, he thrusted up. She reacted very positively by letting out a much, much louder moan. He was shocked the rag had yet to catch on fire, truthfully.

He was shocked to feel the vulpix’s head resting on his bare chest. He opened his eyes to see hers shut tight with a huge blush on her already-red cheeks. She was riding cloud nine as she bounced in his lap and humped her friends face. Once more Sal rested his head against the wall, slowly losing his cool. For some reason, he was approaching orgasm much quicker than normal. Perhaps it was because anal was something he wanted to try for a while and actually doing it was exciting him much more than normal.

Whatever it was, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Each bounce in his lap brought him closer and closer to his orgasm. The squeaks were so much better muffled than he wanted to admit. Something about the whole combination of things brought the absolute best kind of pleasure he’d ever experienced. Something about it was just… perfect.

Closer and closer his orgasm approached. He didn’t know if he should pull out or not. Should he do it inside of her like he wanted or no? He had to make a decision because it was coming closer and closer. He could feel his heart racing as it inched closer and closer. His other orgasms were nice but the way this one made its presence known made it very clear he was going to cum hard - harder than ever before. Never before had he shook from feeling so good - this was a first for him.

Sal’s body had made its decision for him. He couldn’t hold back anymore. With a groan louder than either of his previous orgasms, Sal grabbed onto the vulpix’s hips and slammed her hard into his lap. He let loose a torrent of his warm seed inside of her backside, sending her into a shaking frenzy. Sal’s teeth gritted together from how powerful it was. He swore he could see stars just from the pleasure alone.

As he continued filling her butt up with cum, Vivian’s own orgasm hit. She held Lottie still as she sprayed her juices into the buizel’s awaiting maw. Even though muffled, Sal heard her call out her species name in the loudest but cutest moan he’d ever heard. He rubbed his hands up and down her thighs, helping draw out her orgasm. Her head hung low, drool slowly coming through the edge of her maw.

Sal felt her body shaking violently as she came. Her orgasm seemed to last substantially longer than Fern and Sahana. Why - he didn’t know. He just knew that her backside, even though incredibly stretched at this point, was still tight enough to keep going. He really wanted to but he couldn’t. As both their orgasms died down, Sal took a deep breath and let go of her hips. He gently rubbed her belly as she looked up at him. “How... do you feel?” he asked her.

“Pix…” she told him. He couldn’t help but laugh at how she couldn’t even use full words - instead she had to use her native tongue.

“Good job, Lottie. I think she feels really, really good,” he said. The buizel pulled her head away slowly, showing just how soaked her face was. Water-types naturally had wetter looking bodies but that was entirely different. She even had her tongue still held out, a trail of the vulpix’s cum connecting the two as she looked up slightly.

“D-do you?” she asked as the bit of juices fell to the ground beneath them. Sal slowly reached up and undid the rag around Vivian’s mouth, giving her permission to speak once more.

“Did Lottie do good?” he asked her.

“Y-yes! I want more! Do it a-again!” she yelled loudly. Sal felt her tails wagging quickly against his belly, showing how excited and happy she was. “Now!”

“Still demanding, huh?” he asked with a sigh. She looked up to him with a huge smile.

“M-maybe you s-should punish me for being bad again…” she said. Sal very quickly picked up on what she meant and knew she was now playing around. She did good during so he thought he’d give her what she wanted.

“Fine. Since you’re still being bossy, this isn’t coming off,” he said. He told her to face forward once more where he put the gag back in. However, he wasn’t done. He slowly pulled her off his still-hard cock and sat her on the ground. “Head down, butt up,” he told her. She quickly did as told. Reaching over, he grabbed the remaining rags and began tying them around her paws with her front paws tied to her back paws. It was a difficult process but he eventually got it nice and secure. She was not going to move at all. “There. Now you can’t talk or move. Maybe if someone wants to, they can do more with you but you better start begging with those eyes,” he told her. Like he suspected, she smiled brighter than ever before, even with that rag in. She liked being like that and this only confirmed it. Thankfully for her, Sahana was quick to jump the gun.

“S-so umm… is… is it my turn now?” Lottie asked him. Sal took a deep breath and nodded.

“It is. Do you mind giving me a minute, though? That last one really took a lot out of me,” he told her.

“Y-yes sir. Um… I have a question though…” she said. He looked down to her curiously. “Do you think maybe… like… I could do it? Like you let me make you feel good? I’ve been doing a lot of watching and think I know what to do and want to see if I can do good enough to make you feel good,” the buizel told him. Sal raised a brow at her.

“You… want to be the one to take charge?” he asked her. She nodded slowly.

“I-if that’s okay with you. Maybe I shouldn’t have-.”

“That’s entirely fine, Lottie,” he told her. She looked up at him where he saw her smiling a tiny bit. “You’re a big girl and asking questions is always good. You tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it,” he said. She nodded and thought for a moment.

“U-umm… Please lay down flat on your back…” she said. Sal looked around and found his shirt not too far from him. He grabbed it and made it into a ball before laying down with his head on it like a pillow. The buizel slowly climbed into his lap soon after. She straddled his lap with her legs slightly hanging over the edge. She was much bigger than the others meaning he’d be able to fit inside of her a lot easier, which made her job easier. “Okay… Um… are you ready?” she asked him nervously.

“When you are,” he told her. She nodded and put her back paws on his legs before standing up. She grabbed his member and held it straight up towards her slit. He couldn’t help but watch as she stood there anxiously. From her slit dripped a hefty amount of her juices. Being a Water-type, it only made sense she was more wet than the others. He saw her take another deep breath before slowly sliding him inside of her. Her short fur gently touched his sensitive skin as he slid more and more in, adding tiny bits of pleasure.

“W-wow, Mr. S-Sal… You’re… so big…” she sighed. It wasn’t long before he was hilted inside of the buizel with room still left for more. She sighed once more and rested her front paws on his belly before leaning forward. She gently rocked her hips to get the feeling of him inside of her. “This feels… good,” she told him. Sal reached forward and gently rubbed the fin on top of her head.

“Yes it does,” he told her. She smiled as she leaned her head on his belly, basking in the feeling of being taken for the first time. “If you want me to do something to make this better, you tell me,” he told the buizel. She thought for a moment before nodding.

“Okay… Can I start?” she asked him. Sal nodded, giving her the okay. Slowly, Lottie sat up with her front paws holding her steady. She then lifted her butt in the air and slowly pulled Sal from her before sliding back down in a quick motion, the two of them moaning softly to the other. She did this a few more times, trying to find the best way for her. As she did, she built a nice and slow rhythm, showing she wanted to be one of the slower ones.

That was fine with Sal. Her going slow and steady was a very nice change of pace. That meant that they would feel better for longer. From Sal’s experience, taking things steady also meant better orgasms as the pleasure built up overtime and was not sudden. It showed a sign of a bond there that meant something more than just sex - a sign of trust between two people.

And that’s what the two had between each other.

By letting Lottie take the lead, Sal showed he trusted her. That meant the absolute world to the small pokémon. She liked to know the one human who she’d been with for more than half her life trusted her with something like this that she could mess up. Lottie really didn’t want to do that to him - she wanted this to be something good for him. Thankfully for her, that’s just how he took it.

Each time her insides slid around his cock, he let out a sigh or moan. It filled her with joy that her body made him feel so positive. If she could make him feel good, maybe she could make others feel good, too! If she could do that, then she would be super, super happy. Not only that, but she got to feel just as good. She got to make new friends and that was something she wanted more than anything in the world.

“You… feel so good…” Lottie said quietly. After each thrust, her head began to hang lower and lower. He had to admit, she looked so cute with how desperate she was to feel good like the others.

“S-so do you…” he told her. She smiled and blushed at him. “Lottie… have… you felt good like the o-others, yet?” he asked her. She picked up on him meaning if she’s had an orgasm yet and she shook her head no.

“I… didn’t want to… until I was… w-with you. I wanted… to e-experience it w-with you,” she told him with a smile. Hearing those words was probably the sweetest thing anyone could have ever heard. She made her feel so close but never once came. She edged herself who knows how many times just so she could do it with him… that warmed his heart more than Vivian warmed other places of his. “I-I won’t do it u-until you do, either… Please, d-don’t try and wait…” she told him.

Once more, Sal’s heart warmed up from her. She refused to cum until he did. He knew she was already close because of her actions and the way she spoke but she was still waiting until he did. She really wanted to do it with him. He had never felt so special before. “I… won’t be too long…” he told her.

“C-can I do s-something to m-make it quicker?” she asked, desperation beginning to show in her voice. He tried to think but only one thing came to mind.

“You trust me… right?” he asked. She nodded to him. “I’m going to put you on bottom. Is that okay? I want you to let me do the rest,” he told her. She hesitated because she wanted to be the one to do it but she ended up nodding to him. It was getting harder for her to do it anyways. In one motion, he flipped her over onto her back with him on top. Once he was, he plunged himself deeper into her, hitting new spots within her she had not yet reached.

Thankfully, she reacted positively to it. “O-oh… I-I like this…” she said quietly. Sal couldn’t help but smile as he kept up the slow tempo.

“You’re so cute, Lottie…” he told her quietly. She looked up at him and blushed where she then covered her face with her paws out of embarrassment. Each thrust brought him closer and closer. Lower than his crotch, Sal felt the small pokémon’s tails wrap around each of his legs protectively. It was a small gesture but it meant a lot to him that, even in a moment like this, she wanted to make sure he knew he was protected from anyone and everyone. That, to him, made it so much better.

“P-please, M-Mr. Sal… I can’t wait m-much longer…” she told him. Sal really began to focus on how he felt. He focused on each ridge and bump inside the small pokémon’s pussy. The more he focused on it, the better he felt. He knew she really wanted to experience it and was desperate to get her off. He hated keeping her waiting and didn’t find that very fair. Thankfully, thinking on how good he actually felt made him reach that peak quicker.

“I d-don’t want you to w-wait, Lottie. Let yourself feel good…” he told her. She squirmed beneath him, trying to fight it as long as she could. The squirming mixing with the thrusts made it harder for him to fight it himself. He couldn’t figure out why but his own orgasm was fast approaching. Maybe it was the desperate moans coming from the pokémon beneath him.

“P-please!” she yelled out to him. “I-I want to experience it w-with you!” she continued to yell. The way she begged was enough to send him over. He couldn’t believe how quickly it hit him. Maybe it was because of just how many times he had came already and he was super sensitive. That made the most sense to him.

“A-are you r-ready?” he asked her.

“Yes!” she yelled out to him. With one final, deep thrust, Sal came for a fourth time. He felt himself emptying inside of the buizel’s small body, filling her womb with his seed. If they were compatible, he didn’t doubt she would be pregnant with his children with how much he filled her. He was even more shocked to see and feel that none of his seed spilled out from her, showing she had actually accepted what he offered graciously.

However, she wasn’t done. No, the second she felt that warm feeling in her belly, her own orgasm slammed into her like a brick wall. Sal felt her back arch as a huge splash of her juices crashed into his pelvis. So much came that he actually had trouble holding himself above her because of it being so slippery. He didn’t think about it but being a Water-type meant more came. It made sense, especially since she was naturally more wet in general…

Sal felt the small aquatic pokémon shivering beneath him. Her voice shook heavily as she let loose a long groan. He used his arms to hold himself up above her. The two stayed close together for a long time, remaining silent save for the other girls moans. If it was just them, you’d hear nothing but heavily pants and the occasional moan or grunt. After several minutes of basking in the afterglow, Sal was the first to speak.

“How… was it?” he asked her.

“It was… exactly how I expected it to be. S-Sahana… was right. T-thank you, Mr. Sal. C-can we… do this again sometime?” she asked him hopefully. Sal pulled himself up and free from the buizel who squeaked from the feeling. When he did, he rolled over to his side and sat up. Lottie just laid there, unable to move.

“I would love to,” he told her. She looked over and smiled at him. Sal took the moment to relax and catch his breath. He was growing incredibly tired from all the sex. It was nice but it was definitely taking a toll on him. Now that he had a moment to relax, he definitely took it. He looked over at the girls and saw what they were doing.

Somehow, Fern and Sahana had rolled Vivian onto her side. Sahana then pushed her legs between the binds with her slit resting against Vivian’s, the reptilian pokémon rubbing their slits together. Sahana laid on her back where Fern had her butt over the salandit’s mouth, letting her lick wherever she pleased. It was a cute sight to see. He then saw Lottie was still laying down, trying to gain her bearings.

That left Autumn and Etti.

Sal looked over at them and saw them both staring back. The two of them had their tails either raised or off to the side as they both laid on their sides, showing off just how much they’d been “playing” together. Their furs were completely matted and soaked with each others juices. Autumn had a paw slightly covering her face out of embarrassment while Etti had a playful grin. “I guess it’s one of us next. Who do you want to make feel good, Mr. Sal?” Autumn asked him quietly.

Truthfully, they both looked just as good as the other. Autumn slowly raised a leg, showing off her soft looking folds to him. Etti, on the other hand gently stroked her own with a paw, trying to keep herself in the mood. Granted, it probably wouldn’t have been hard to get her in the mood if she wasn’t. In the end, he was happy to help either of them.

“I have an idea!” Etti yelled. Sal looked to her curiously, raising a brow as he did.

“What is it?” he asked her. The shinx quickly stood up and stepped closer to Autumn who immediately rolled onto her back like the two had already discussed it. Then again… they probably did. When the eevee was on her back, Etti stepped over her and rested her slit against Autumn’s before playfully wiggling her butt. Sal knew right then and there what was going to happen.

“Instead of one, you help us both!” she said, gently raising her butt. His eyes were drawn to both of their tiny slits. They were both begging to be stuffed and filled, but the way both of the pokémon looked at him playfully and expectantly… there was no way he’d give up this opportunity. “I saw you do something like this to Fern so I thought maybe… we could do it better for you, Mr. Sal…” she told him.

Sal didn’t need to be told twice. He was entirely for the idea and pose. In a speed faster than ever before, Sal got to his knees and crawled over to the two. He saw Etti gently rocking her hips against the eevee, their two pussies rubbing together. She would gently bring her butt up before slamming back down with a small, wet slap. If Sal had all the time in the world, he’d sit where he was and just watch them go at it because this was, by far, one of the hottest things he’d ever seen.

“Come on!” Etti yelled at him as she looked back expectantly. She had a slight blush on her face as she stopped her movements. Her butt was raised just high enough for him to slide between the two of them.

“Please Mr. Sal, w-we’re really hurting. We w-waited lots. Can we play, t-too?” Autumn spoke up quietly. Sal couldn’t keep it waiting any longer. Leaning down over the two, he guided himself to slide between the two small pokémon. His bare skin gently grazed their small slits, answering Autumn’s question. She sighed quietly while Etti made it known how much she liked the contact. “T-thank you, M-Mr… Sal…”

“Hush, Autumn. You lay still and let me help. I’ll make you feel all better,” he told her. Hearing that she was actually hurting made him a little sad. He knew how it felt to be so turned on that it hurt - that was him just not too long ago. Then all this… magical stuff happened.

He was still shocked it happened.

Sal wasted no time in rocking his hips against Ettis’ movements. He didn’t want to go slow - not even a little. Feeling himself being squished between their incredibly soft fur and flesh made it way too good for him. Their folds separated between their legs ever-so-slightly, giving him a preview of the warmth within. It was incredibly warm and inviting and took all of his strength not to slam into one of them, even if that was what they wanted.

Each time Etti bucked her hips against his hard member, a tiny shock would come from within her. It heightened both Autumn and Sal’s pleasures in unique ways. It made their skin super sensitive to the touch - something that he just loved. Their juices mixed together, easily conducting the electricity to even more places. “This is… so good…” Etti told him. “I c-can feel you… making me feel good…” she said.

It was funny she was saying that because he wasn’t actually inside of her. No, he was just touching her folds. He wanted to put it inside of her, but she made it clear she didn’t. At least in his eyes, that’s how it was. “T-this is… nothing,” he told her. He looked down lower at the two. Autumn had her eyes shut and stayed relatively motionless. She was blushing pretty big as she held her paws to her mouth - probably trying to keep herself quiet. The whole thing was probably embarrassing to her.

“N-no! It’s s-something! I feel super tingly!” Etti continued yelling. “Everytime I-I move, I f-feel you move down there!” she giggled excitedly. It was amazing how fast she was grinding her hips against him. Perhaps when she got a trainer, she’d be one of those speedy attackers. She definitely had speed, and for that he gave her credit.

“H-how do you feel, A-Autumn?” he asked the eevee. She opened one eye slightly and looked up at him. He leaned in closer to her though it was difficult just because of how far down they were. She stretched a paw out and gently touched his cheek, a tiny smile poking through. The smile, cheek touch, and the way she rocked on the floor was the absolute cutest thing ever.

“I-I feel good…” she said quietly. Sal smiled and leaned into her paw. Each thrust made her squeak quietly, making her seem cuter and cuter by the second.

“I-I think I feel… that t-thing about to happen…” Etti told him. He was kind of surprised how quickly she was about to cum. Maybe it was because this was a new feeling and new things always excited her? It fit her personality, he had to admit. “D-do you, Autumn?” she then asked her friend.

“K-kind of…”

Sal was like Autumn. He wasn’t too close but he felt it on the horizon. He told Etti to just keep going and, when it happened, it did. She truthfully didn’t even need to be told that because there was no way she was going to stop. Even then, he didn’t want her to. He really, really liked how her fur continued to stroke his cock. Those tiny jolts of electricity weren’t painful but they were oddly arousing.

As Etti continued thrusting, Sal heard her begin to grunt and whimper. Her sounds quickly overtook Autumn’s, making it known how close she was. Sal, though it was difficult, used a hand to hold her butt against him so she stayed in place and stopped rocking. She didn’t complain as he climbed to his knees and began thrusting harder and quicker, teasing her folds even more than before. He only got a few thrusts in before she finally let loose.

What came from her was a mixture of loud moans, her juices, and electricity - and lots of it. The tiny shinx shook hard against his cock, sending new feelings of pleasure across his body. Even though he was holding her down, she tried desperately to raise her butt for him. At least, he thought she was. Throughout her orgasm, he never stopped thrusting, hoping to keep it going for as long as he could.

However, no matter how hard he tried, her orgasm wasn’t very long. She stopped shaking after just a few moments before turning to look at him. He slowed down his thrusts to keep gently rubbing them both. “I-I… feel so m-much better…” she said. “Thank you, Mr. Sal!” she told him. He raised the hand on her butt where she promptly rolled off of them both.

“Uh… that wasn’t…”

“It was g-good enough for me!” she told him.

“Are… you done then?” he asked in a kind of sad voice. She nodded quickly to him before laying her head down. He sighed at her answer. He was actually pretty close and, judging from the way Autumn looked, she was too. “What about you, Autumn? Are you done?” he asked her. She quickly shook her head.

“N-no… well… almost. C-can we keep going but… do what the others did?” she asked him hopefully. That was all Sal needed to hear. Before she could say anything else, Sal stopped his grinding and lined himself up with her slit. In one quick thrust, he pushed himself in, the eevee letting it known how much she liked it. He gave her no time to adjust before he was thrusting as quick as he could. He was so incredibly close and, according to her, she was too. He could only take so much teasing before it became too much.

Thankfully, it wouldn’t take too long. Eevee were known to be breeding pokémon because of how popular they were so, with that knowledge alone, one could make the assumption they would have some of the best sex imaginable. Sal never thought of it for obvious reasons but he sure wished he did before. Her rigid walls squeezed him perfectly, stretching to just the right amount to not let him go.

Autumn was not too, too wet either. Sure, she was pretty up there but it was only because of her time with Etti. if they were at it the entire time, then he knew for certain that that would make her this way. But even then, she still was just right for him. Her insides squeezed and quivered around him nicely, as if trying to milk him of his seed and to be bred like her species were known for.

Each thrust brought Sal and Autumn closer and closer together. With each hump came a grunt from Sal and a squeak from Autumn. He found it harder and harder to keep himself up as he grew closer and closer to his orgasm - so much so he had to lean back over her. The second he did, Autumn brought her paws up and gently rubbed her chest with them, showing a type of affection only she could from how she was. She was such a cute and sweet pokémon - Autumn would make some trainer out there incredibly happy.

The thrusts came quicker and harder out of desperation for the two to cum. Sal was losing himself as he grew closer and closer. He felt so good from the way that Etti continued to zap him when she was with him. His cock was so incredibly sensitive and, for that, he thanked her. Or at least, he would whenever he got time. Right now, he was focused on Autumn and how close he was. “M-Mr… Sal…” she whined.

For some unbeknownst reason to him, the way she said that had enough of an impact to send him overboard. In one last hard thrust, Sal pushed himself inside of the eevee as he physically could before letting loose more cum than he had in any of the other girls. The second Autumn felt herself being filled up with Sal’s warm seed, her body went into a spazzing frenzy where her first real orgasm hit. It hit her so hard that all she could let out was a loud, “Eevee!”

Autumn didn’t take much of his seed, most of it seeping through her folds and down her butt. Her inner walls clamped down harder than before, literally keeping him from pulling out of her as her own juices began to spray against his bare crotch. “Good girl…” Sal continued whispering. She whined loudly, but only from the pleasure. Her whole mind went blank as her tongue lolled from her mouth, showing just how lost she was.

Down lower, Sal felt one of Autumn’s back legs twitch from how good she was. Though it was incredibly, incredibly powerful, Sal’s orgasm died down much quicker than Autumn’s. He remained in hilted inside of her as long as her body held him there. Whenever she loosened up a bit, he began to pull out, the eevee groaning a tiny bit more. When he finally pulled free, he scooted back a few feet and leaned tiredly against the wall, finally done with each of the girls.

Sal was in disbelief. He could last one or two rounds before needing a break… but that many? That was insane. How did he do that? He looked around the room at all of them, the tiny pokémon each smiling contently as they laid there. They were all so tired and happy from how good he did. Even though young, it filled him with a sense of accomplishment. He did that.

Leaning his head against the wall, Sal took a deep breath. He was finally done. He thought about what came over him and nothing made sense. Why did he do that? Like… what came over him? He was fine all day then just… out of nowhere, he had the urge and it did not stop. He couldn’t get off on his own… he couldn’t get off in general until… “Wait…”

Sal turned his attention to the little lizard as she crawled in his lap. She turned and faced him before smiling and hugging him around the neck. Whatever happened did when she got here. He’d never once even thought of touching the girls in such a way. Yet… when she got here… the first day, the first couple minutes, he was already fucking her. Why? Maybe it was just because she kept touching him… yes, that had to be why. That could explain why he couldn’t get off until she came in. Then one thing led to another and they all joined… Well, at least he was done now.

Or at least, he wished he was.

He couldn’t believe it but he was still pretty hard. Not entirely but he still was a little bit. He was tired and worn out. There was no way he could keep this up any longer. “Why am I still fucking turned on…” he grumbled quietly. Sahana looked up to him before she realized what he said. She turned around and thought for a moment. Then it clicked in her mind what he meant.

“Mr. Sal wants help! You’re still tingly, aren’t you?” she asked him. He nodded slowly as she looked at him. She stood proud and confident before nodding back. Before he could react, she had him in her paws and lined herself up once more. He physically could not go another round.

“W-wait, Sahana…” he told her. She looked up curiously and stopped. “I’m too tired. Pl-.”

“I want to help you, Mr. Sal,” another one of the girls spoke up. He turned and saw it was Fern. The zorua slowly approached and sat down by his thigh.

“M-me too…” Lottie told him as she finally slowly got up. One by one, they each got up and told him the same thing. Why did they?

“I appreciate it girls. I just can’t do anymore of it. I’m sorry-.”

“We’ll help you!” Etti told him. He turned his head sideways curiously. “You helped all of us. Now it’s our turn to help you feel better. Can we do that for you, Mr. Sal?”

“Oh gosh, girls, I really appreciate it but-.”

“Pleaaassseee?” they all said in unison. It was the cutest thing he’d ever heard. One by one they all put their paws on his belly or legs to hold themselves up.

“You told us to let you do the work. Can you let us show what we learned and try it on you? Just one more time… please?” Lottie asked him. “I think I know what we can do and you’ll like it!” she told him. He thought for a moment but eventually sighed and gave in.

“Okay… one more time…” he told them. They all smiled happily before Lottie spoke up again.

“Okay. Mr. Sal said that sometimes we can lick each other to feel good…” she began. Sal knew right where she was going and it blew his mind. There was no way she was going to say what he thought. “Maybe we can do it to him so he’ll feel good?” she suggested.

“Let’s try it!” Etti told her.

“You sit back, Mr. Sal. We’ll make you all better!” Fern smiled confidently. Somehow, Vivian had gotten free from her binds and pushed Sahana off of his belly and took her spot. She turned and look back at him with the biggest, most confident smile he’d ever seen.

“I bet you I’ll do better than all of them!”

“No you won’t!” Sahana told her. The salandit and vulpix locked eyes in a challenging way.

“Do it then!” Sahana yelled at her. With a loud “hmph” from the vulpix, she leaned in and began licking his shaft, sending shivers up his spine. She had only gotten a few licks in before Sahana snuck in between two of the girls and too began to lick. The two battled for who was better but, not long after, it became which of the six could do best.

It has been said many times already, but this was the best thing ever.

Each of the girls licked in different ways, hoping to make their favorite human feel better. They knew how it felt to hurt and didn’t want him that way - not after he just helped them. He felt their tongues battling for licking space, constantly licking where one just did. Some of them took smaller licks while others took longer ones trailing from the base of his shaft to the head. “O-oh my God…” he said, his voice shaking lightly.

The sight before him was absolutely beautiful. Having this many girls all over his cock was something he could only have dreamt of and never imagined he’d experience. After each lick came the tiniest grunts from them. “I can taste all of you!” Etti said as she pulled away. She then looked up from between his legs and up to him. “But I taste you most. You taste super, super yummy…” she told him before giving him a long lick while looking him in the eyes.

Sal was at a loss of words. Nothing could describe how all of their tongues battled for dominance. The same tiny shocks came from Etti while Vivian’s warmth came from within. Lottie had tons of spit from where she licked, making sure each of the girls had it easier. Sahana’s long, serpentine tongue occasionally curled around the base of his shaft, giving him a different type of feeling after she’d give it a slight jerk. Lastly, Autumn would give him a gentle, loving kiss where her tongue stopped licking.

“H-holy shit…” he said, slowly begin to shake. On their own, they felt great. Together? It was almost overwhelming. He was so incredibly sensitive and feeling their tongues drag against his bare skin was simply amazing. As he watched, he saw Lottie place a paw on Fern’s then on Vivian’s. The two looked at her before they did the same with the others around them, the group effectively now holding paws. But that wasn’t the best part.

Slowly, the group began to synchronize their licks. They all closed their eyes as if some sort of mutual agreement happened. They didn’t want to see who did better just for bragging rights. No - they wanted him to be happy. They wanted him to feel good just like they felt good. Nothing more mattered to them. This was their moment.

“G-girls…” he began to pant, slowly losing himself to the licks. His breathing picked up as moans came louder and louder from him. For the first time, he found himself squirming beneath them. However, they all used their weight to hold him still, just like he’d taught them to do. “I… I can’t hold it any longer…” he said, truly unable to hold back his last orgasm.

Sal threw his head backwards against the wall as his hips began to buck against them. As his final orgasm hit, he felt a paw wrap around him and gently tug in all sorts of directions. He didn’t know who it was but he didn’t care. A loud, drawn out moan came from Sal as he shook hard. He couldn’t believe he had just gotten a six-way blowjob from these young pokémon and they were better than any girl he’d ever been with.

Throughout the orgasm, the jerking never stopped. He heard one of them talking but he was so lost he didn’t know who it was or what they were saying. What felt like an eternity passed as he rode out his final orgasm. His bucking slowly died down and he began to catch his breath. Finally, after however many orgasms, he felt himself growing soft. He was finally done.

Sal felt Vivian crawl off his lap. Slowly, he opened his eyes and saw each of the pokémon smiling at him. He gave the tiniest of smiles back. But he noticed something. Their smiles were… weird. Why? Sahana got his attention before pointing to Vivian at the very end. He turned his attention to her where she opened her mouth. Resting on her tongue was a hefty amount of his seed. She then turned to Fern next to her who had the same thing. One by one, they showed him they all took his load. Now that meant more to him than it should. Once he saw they all did, they closed their mouths and gulped audibly, swallowing his cum.

“Girls…” he said quietly at a loss for words.

“Thank you for helping us, Mr. Sal. How do you feel?” Lottie asked him.

“You’re not big anymore! You feel better, right?” asked Etti. Sal took a deep breath and nodded.

“I do. I feel a lot better. Thank you girls… that helped me a lot,” he told them with the biggest smile. Before any could react, he scooped them all up and brought them to his chest in the biggest hug he could. They all snuggled into his arms, happy to be held by their favorite human. “Come on, we need to clean you all and this room up. Nobody knows what we did, okay? Let’s keep it a secret. If you do that, we can do that any time I’m around,” he told them. They all nodded quickly and excitedly.

“Mr. Sal?” Sahana spoke up. He looked over to her curiously. She ran up and jumped into his lap and looked up to him. “Can I stay with you? I like you lots and don’t want another human. I want you to be my human forever!” she told him. With the biggest smile, Sal picked her up and hugged the salandit. For some reason, he felt she was the reason this happened. He felt… connected to her.

“I’d love for you to.”