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Rightside Up

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It was a late night in Hawkins, Indiana. The date was November 6th, 1983. The town was peaceful. No issues to be seen in the quaint town. The only noises being the gentle hums of the wind or the soft buzz of the fireflies. 


That is, unless you were at the Wheelers’ residence this starry night.


Four young boys sat in the basement of the house, locked in an intense game of Dungeons and Dragons, all them practically on the edge of their seats.


“Something is coming. Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here.” Mike spoke, looking at each member of his party.


Will seemed most anxious, “What is it?”.


His fear festered onto Dustin, the hat wearing boy looking around, “what if it’s a Demogorgon?”. Will leaned back in his chair with a sigh. “Oh, Jesus, we’re so screwed if it’s a Demogorgon.” Dustin stated, resting his head in his hand.


“It’s not the Demogorgon.” Lucas responded.


Mike waited for the bickering to end, before casting down a figurine, “an army of troglodytes charge into the chamber!”. Lucas did a victory pose while Dustin smiled in relief, “Troglodytes?”. “Told ya.” Lucas quipped.


All the boys relaxed, giggling in relief. Mike smirked to himself, he knew he couldn’t let them enjoy this for too long. Waiting for the peak of their joy, Mike continued. 


Just above a whisper, Mike continued, “Wait a minute. Did you hear that? That...that sound. Boom...boom...BOOM!” with the last one he slapped the table, startling the other three.


“That didn’t come from the troglodytes.” The other three were tense now, “No, that...that came from something else. The demogorgon!:


All of them groaned as they watched Mike slap down the figurine,


“We’re in deep shit.”


“Will, your action!” Mike exclaimed.


“I don’t know!’ Will took after his mother’s anxious behavior, starting to panic.


“Fireball him!” Lucas shouted. “I’d have to roll a 13 or higher!” Will countered.


Dustin turned to their cleric, “Too risky. Cast a protection spell.”. “Don’t be a pussy. Fireball him!” “Cast protection.”

Mike slammed his fist on the table, snapping the two out of their argument. “The demogorgon is tired of your silly human bickering! It stomps towards you. Boom!”.


“Fireball him!”


“Another stomp, boom!”


“Cast protection.”


“He roars in anger!” Eventually the three boys were shouting over each other, forcing WIll to roll a fireball without thinking. In his panic, the boy tossed the dice to hard, making it fall off the table. All four stood up quickly, searching for the die. “Where’d it go?” Lucas asked as they all searched the basement, “Where is it?”.


“I don’t know!” Will repeated anxiously, helping search for the die best he could. “Is it a 13?” Dustin asked. “I don’t know!” Will shouted again. Dustin began pacing in panic, whilst Karen began shouting for her son from upstairs.


After he didn’t respond for several moments, Karen opened the basement door, finding her son at the bottom of the staircase searching for the die, “Mike!” she shouted, making her only son look up. “Mom, we’re in the middle of a campaign!” Mike exclaimed, holding his arms up. “You mean the end? Fifteen after.” Karen responded, tapping her wrist as she headed upstairs. Mike swore under his breath, running upstairs while his friends continued to argue over the die.


“Mom, wait, just 20 more minutes!’ Mike pleaded, walking over to his mother.


Karen hardly batted an eye, “It’s a school night, Micheal. I just put Holly to bed. You can finish next weekend.”.


“But that’ll ruin the flow!”, “Micheal-” I’m serious, Mom. The campaign took two weeks to plan. How was I supposed to know it was gonna take ten hours?. His mother lifted her head up, looking at her son shocked, “You’ve been playing for ten hours?”.


Mike was about to speak, but shut his mouth, turning around to talk to his father. “Dad, don’t you think that 20 more-”


“I think you should listen to your mother.” Ted interrupted, messing around with the TV, grunting as he hit the side of it, “Dang dumb piece of junk.”.


Meanwhile, downstairs, Will finally found the die, sighing in relief. “I found it!” So that’s what the dream about the die underneath the table was. He picked it up, walking over to Lucas, “Does a seven count?”.


“It was a seven?” His friend asked, “Did Mike see it? Then it doesn’t count.”. The three of them began packing up their things, getting their jackets on.


Dustin picked up the pizza box, opening it. “Yo, hey, guys.” the two looked over, “Does anyone want this?”. To which both responded, “No.” before continuing upstairs. Dustin sighed, heading upstairs, maybe he’d have better luck with Nancy.


Of course he didn’t though.


All of the boys eventually went to the garage, getting ready to leave. Boys being boys argued about how Nancy used to be fun, while Mike denied it every single time. There was no way his sister was ‘fun’, even if she did dress up as an elf once for their campaign. Nancy was a girl, and girls were boring!


Mike headed back inside, about to turn off the lights downstairs when he spotted something. “Oh shit.” Mike gasped, rushing over, finding Will’s science homework had fallen out of his backpack, “Goddamnit it Will, you had to forget your damn homework again.”.


Karen was making sure everything was ready for tomorrow, when Mike rushed out of the basement. “Mike?! What are you doing, you’re supposed to be getting ready for bed!” Karen shouted.


“Will forgot his homework! I’ll be back in an hour!” Mike shouted back, hurrying outside to get his bike. 


“Mike!” Karen exhaled in anger, folding her arms as he was already riding off. The woman turned, hoping for some help, “Mike! Ted do something!”


“He’s a boy Karen, boys will be boys!” Ted called lazily from the couch, laughing at the movie he watched. Karen let out a huff, heading upstairs. That boy was going to be in so much trouble when he got home.


Little did she know that her son wasn’t going to be coming home.