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Father dearest

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Father dearest

Chapter 1

Growing up as a child was difficult, Izuku would later come to decide.

In his world, there was such a thing known as quirks; powers that mankind developed over many years.

No one really knew what caused them and where they came from.

All they knew, is that the rise of heroes and villains alike appeared.

Every person would gain their powers at around age 4, and from there, they could decide their career path.

Some were gifted with powerful quirks fit for heroes, some gained small powers that they chose to use domestically.

Of course, there were some people who never developed these powers.

These individuals were labeled as quirkless.

A small percentage of these people existed and it wasn't confirmed why some were born without a power.

However, research over time showed the signs of being quirkless were made evident from a bone in the foot not being quite right.

Several schools surfaced right around the same time those powers became known, and would nurture those young minds to set them on the path of justice.

His childhood friend, Bakugou Katsuki, had wanted develop a powerful quirk and wouldn't be against intimidating future villains with it. He had to be the top after all.

When they met, the two children were still wearing diapers and were brought up together; their mothers being best friends.

The two would often watch movies and television shows about the greatest hero alive; All Might.

He was an unbending figure of peace and victory.

Many people around the world idolized him, and these two small boys were no different.

With pure admiration in their eyes, they would talk about wanting to become a hero just like All Might.

Katsuki confidently declared he would be the number one hero, and no one would be stronger than him once his quirk came in.

Izuku, ever the shy child, said he also wanted to be just like All Might. He wanted nothing more than to be able to save people and live his dream of being a hero others also came to love.

The two boys made a vow they would be the two greatest heroes the world would come to know.

One day, Katsuki was showing off his recently developed quirk, small sparks coming from the palms of his hands.

His quirk featured a combination of his parents; his sweat is what generated the small explosions, giving off the smell of nitroglycerin, which he inherited from his mother, and his father already had a explosion quirk, but less powerful than his.

The explosions coming from him was regarded as a strong hero quirk.

His peers and teachers couldn't wait for the day he would debut as a hero; they would surely be cheering him on.

Izuku watched from the front of the small crowd of children, admiration clear as day on his face, as his best friend showed off his quirk.

Green eyes looked down at his own hands, and the small boy couldn't wait until he developed his own power.

With the arrival of his fourth birthday, Izuku was excited to see which quirk he would wake up with in the morning.

As the days turned into weeks, Inko was worried when her son didn't show any signs of having a quirk.

So, she scheduled an appointment with a doctor.

"Hmm, he shows signs of developing a quirk." The doctor stroked his mustache as he observed the x-rays they took of Izuku Midoriya.

He pointed to the boys foot, "His feet don't look like other quirkless patients. Maybe he might be a late bloomer is all. Bring him back in six months and we'll see from there."

Thanking the doctor, Inko took her small son's hand, the other holding his All Might figure.

Hearing the doctor say Izuku would likely be a late bloomer was a breath of fresh air to the single mother.

Her son so badly wanted a power and live his dream of being a hero with Katuski, who she began to suspiciously see a lack of in their apartment.

Nevertheless, her son still had that determination to him.

Izuku had a promise to keep after all.

Katuski was his best friend.

That much Midoriya was certain of.

It had been almost eight months since his mother took him to his first doctor's appointment, and two months since his second visit.

The doctor once again said Izuku would develop his quirk late, and to not worry. This is not the first nor the last case of powers coming in later than normal.

He had stated exactly what his doctor had said, and the other children took it as an excuse for him really being quirkless.


It was a nickname that Kacchan, that's Katuski's pet name Midoriya came up with when they were two, had taken a simple mistake in reading and turned it into an insult.

"Deku means useless because you can't do anything right! You can't even develop a quirk right!"

The one boy who had been there for him since as long as he could remember would often be the ring leader of taunts he was subjected to.

Izuku tried to not let their taunts get the best of him.

After all, once he got his quirk, they would stop right?

In the beginning it was simply not inviting him on adventures after school.

Maybe Kacchan forgot to invite him? Or maybe it would be too straining for the smaller boy and he didn't want his best friend getting hurt?

Yeah, that had to be it.

Next, it was him being excluded from games during recess at school.

Groups would be selected and the fun would start, and Izuku?

He would still be leaning against the wall waiting to be picked.

The teachers would take pity on him and try to comfort him at first.

Four months later, they stood off to the side and had the audacity to laugh at his pain.

Izuku learned very quickly some teachers were simply bad people.

It had been one year since the first doctor's appointment to find out why Izuku's quirk wasn't coming in, and next week his mother would be taking him again.

The night before, his mother had called his father and informed him of everything that had been going on since he last them, also a year ago.

Izuku had learned that his father was a pro hero, and that he should never tell anyone who he was because it would put him and his mother in harm's way.

While he had never seen his dad in person, the boy still loved him very much.

His dad's name was Yagi Toshinori.

The man would sometimes tell him stories in the letters he would send along with a figurine of a hero that recently debuted.

On his birthdays and holidays is when Midoriya would receive letters like this in the mail.

His dad would always apologize for not being there to celebrate with them in person; stating that the work of a hero was never really done.

Izuku, while young for his age, understood perfectly.

Inko Midoriya on the other hand. . .

"What do you mean you can't come and finally see your son, Yagi?"

The young woman stood by the phone and listened intently, making sure to keep her voice quiet and not wake up her son, whom was already secretly listening in through his closed bedroom door.

"It's always the same!" She exclaimed in a hushed voice, "How many times are you going to use this excuse? It's always Mirio this and Mirio that. When is it finally going to be about Izuku?"


Was he some new hero to debut that his father was helping?

That might be it really. His dad was a hero after all, he wouldn't turn down those in need.

"I don't care what you have to tell her, just come and finally meet Izuku! This isn't something we can keep arguing about forever, Yagi." His mother slammed the phone back on the receiver, exasperated.

Izuku quietly crawled back into his bed and pretended to not listen to his mother crying as he tried to fall back asleep.


His mother smiled down at her son as she placed a plate of pancakes in front of him. "Yes, Zuku?"

The small boy watched his mother as she down across from him, her green eyes warm, "Why doesn't daddy live with us?"

Inko stopped in mid sip from her coffee, her blood running cold from the question.

Her son's curious eyes made pins and needles run up her arms.

Just what could she say?

That his father was a hero and was always busy saving the world from bad people?

No, Izuku always heard that one.

That his father already had a son with his wife and cared about them more?

That Yagi had suggested an abortion upon finding out his affair with Inko had resulted in a child?

Because Izuku being quirkless meant he wouldn't have any value to him as a future hero?

"It's because daddy is always away on hero work that he can't stay in one place for too long. He says he's sorry and that he'll send you some gifts for your birthday next week."

And with that, Izuku never asked her that question again.

On his fifth birthday, his mother invited the Bakugou's for a small cookout she was hosting.

To which auntie Mitsuki insisted be held at their house since they had a backyard.

Kacchan wasn't too happy that some quirkless loser would be coming to his house.

But a slap to the head from his mother made him keep his mouth shut.

It happened when he and Kacchan were playing hide and seek.

The blonde, never one to play by the rules, chased after the frightened boy once he found him, palms smoking and hurtful intent clear in the mad smile on his face.

His mom, auntie and uncle were inside getting some more things to toss onto the grill, and Izuku didn't want to bother them by calling out for help.

Unfortunately, the boy tripped and went tumbling to the ground, his knees getting slightly scraped in the process.

Kacchan stood above him, threatening pops coming from his hands as he yelled out, "Stupid Deku! Just learn you'll never be useful!"

His scream must have been heard from inside the kitchen and alerted their parents as they came running out.

Auntie Mitsuki's red eyes were wide as she watched her son bring his hands down, explosions ready to scorch their victim, "Katsuki!"

For some reason, Izuku held his hands out in front of him, hoping that would stop the burns from getting any major parts of his body.

It startled him when the familiar explosions were heard three feet away from him.

The boy must have closed his eyes at some point in fear, and upon opening them, he found Kacchan staring to the left.

His own green eyes turned in the same direction and saw a patch of grass completely black and smoking; almost as if something had burned it.

But what?

"Tch, stupid Deku! How did you do that?!" With a snarl, Katsuki raised his hand and more explosions came from them.

In the few brief seconds before the familiar burns graced his body, Izuku wanted to try something.

Throwing his hands out in front of him, he cried out, "Stop it, Kacchan!"

Both children and adults watched as Izuku's hands redirected the explosions again to the right, and flames of his own burst out through his mouth and his hands.

Katsuki stumbled back and fell on his behind to prevent himself from being hit by the sudden flames.

Everyone watched memorized as Izuku brought his hands close to himself and more flames appeared, then began using the other power that showed earlier.

His flames were twirling in whatever direction the small boy wanted them to once he moved them with his other hand.

Inko cupped her hands over her mouth to stifle her sobs as she watched her only son play with his quirk.

A hand on her shoulder made her look up, Masaru gestured towards her son and she nodded.

Making her way to him, a giant beaming smile was thrown her direction, "Mommy! I got it! I got my quirk!"

Scooping her son up in her arms, she pressed kisses to his freckled cheeks and cried, "You did my little Zuku! You did it!"

On his fifth birthday, Izuku Midoriya finally got his quirk.

"Ah, so quirk finally showed up. You sure were a late bloomer there, kiddo."

Their doctor looked mildly surprised when the Midoriya's announced that Izuku finally had his quirk manifest.

"It seems he had telekinesis and some sort of fire quirk. It might be a mutation of one of his parent's quirks. Miss Midoriya, do you happen to know someone in your family who had the power of flames? Or was it perhaps someone in his father's side?"

Inko absentmindedly twirled her thumbs, "I recall my grandfather had a fire quirk. And Izuku's father had a strength augmentation one."

The doctor stroked his mustache, glasses reflected the light of his small clinic room, "Interesting. Well, nevertheless, congratulations. I suggest going to the quirk registration department and changing your son's status from quirkless. I believe the proper term for his power is pyrokinesis."

"Thank you so much doctor for everything you've done for us."

"Think nothing of it, Miss Midoriya. I'm simply looking out for the world future number one hero."

At being called that, Izuku gave the doctor a big smile.

They waved goodbye to the doctor and made their way back home.

School was something Izuku had been very anxious about.

With his quirk manifesting over their break, he would still be subjected to everyone's taunts and being ignored by the teachers.

His grip tightened around his yellow backpack's straps.

Inko glanced down at her son, and placed a gentle hand on his head, running her fingers through green curly hair.

The touch offered him little comfort, but a small smile he gave his mother seemed to appease her.

When they arrived at the gate's, his mother crouched down and hugged him, pressing kisses to his cheeks, making him giggle before she got back up and waved him goodbye, heading towards her job.

Taking a deep breath, he walked to his classroom and upon his arrival, all his classmates and his teachers eyes were on him.

"Hey, Deku! Katsuki says you got your quirk on your birthday, show us!"

Nervously shuffling, he placed his bag in his small cubby, and stood in the middle of the group that now huddled around him.

Green eyes instead focused on his palms instead of the prying eyes of those staring at him.

Small flames came to life and with the telekinesis he made them swirl around the room, making everyone let out amazed noises.

He caught Kacchan's impressed grin from the crowd, and the blonde shoved his way towards him.

The small child pointed at him, his red eyes looking at their fellow classmates, "See that? My best friend has a really cool quirk! And we're gonna be the best heroes in the world! Remember that!"

Izuku's flames swirled at the surge of emotion he felt towards Kacchan's words.

See? He always knew the other boy was always his best friend.

Midoriya's school life immediately changed once everyone was informed of his, not one, but two quirks.

The kids were nicer to him and would sometimes ask to see his pretty flames.

Teachers also paid more attention to him, and punished anyone who made fun of him.

Kacchan also played with him a lot during their free time and their after school adventures would often be just the two of them. The other children that used to be by his best friend suddenly disappeared.

Only one thing happened that was bad.

Per tradition, his father sent him a letter for his birthday, but this time, he finally announced which hero he was, and holy, Izuku was ecstatic to find out his father was the All Might.

Under the condition that he never say who his father was, he had to keep them safe after all.

Not one to disappoint his father and favorite hero, Izuku never said a word about it.

But the last letter he got was two years ago.

Now at the age of seven, Izuku was patiently waiting for what stories would be contained in the next letter.

One summer night, the small boy couldn't sleep, and quietly snuck into the living room as to not wake his mother and turned on their television.

He nearly jumped in excitement when an interview with his dad was airing.

It was being hosted in America, but there were subtitles for him to be able to understand what they were saying.

The host laughed and said something in English to his dad, which he was able to read from the translated subtitles, "So, All Might, how have you been fairing here in America?"

All Might let out his signature laugh and gave the camera and crowd a thumbs up, "Quite well, thank you!"

"Recently a picture surfaced on the web of you with your wife and child. Might I say, they both look beautiful! Your son looks like a spitting image of yourself, truly the son of a great hero like yourself All Might!"

"Thank you! They are the light of my life!"

Izuku's world screeched to a halt.

His dad already had someone he loved? And a son? Izuku had an older brother?

"Do you plan on having anymore children?"

"No, I feel like one son is enough for me."

"Ah, well, I wish you the best of luck in raising a potential future hero!"

The boy's vision became blurry as tears gathered in his green eyes.

Why didn't his dad correct him and tell the host he had two son's?

Was Izuku just not that important to him anymore? Was that the reason why hadn't sent him a letter in two years?

His heart was beating rapidly and painfully in his chest at the thought of his father not loving him and caring about his supposed older brother more.

With his emotions running so high, Izuku shut off the television and sat in the dark as he hugged his knees to his chest, muffling his sobs into his pajama bottoms.

The poor boy never noticed red streaks were running up his left arm, and a surge of something suddenly exploded.

Immediate pain shot up his entire arm, and a pained yell escaped him, jolting his mother awake and making her run into the living room.

There, she found her son cradling his now suddenly broken left arm, which had turned an alarming purple color.

Picking up her son, Inko called Mitsuki, who thankfully was awake at this ungodly hour, on emergency and informed her of what had happened and the woman promised to be there in fifteen minutes.

Grabbing a jacket for herself and a blanket to wrap around her sobbing son, she waited by their apartment door, until the tell tale sign of Mitsuki's car honked from the outside.

Making sure to lock the door behind her, she rushed down the steps and into her best friend's car, driving towards the hospital closest in their area.

It was at five thirty in the morning that Inko had admitted her son into the hospital for his left arm that had mysteriously broken.

Almost an entire hour later, the two women were approached by a doctor.

"Good morning, ladies, I am doctor Shiina Rin. I would have liked to have met under better circumstances, but I do have some news regarding little Izuku's broken arm."

Inko's grip tightened on the crumpled up tissue in her hand, Mitsuki's arm also tightening around her shoulders, "Doctor, what caused this to happen?"

"It seems your son developed his third quirk under a high emotional episode. It appears to be a strength augmented one that caused his arm to break. We'd like to run some testing if that's alright with your strict permission, Miss Midoriya?"

"Yes, yes, anything to make sure my baby boy is safe."

The doctor excused himself and promised to be back within the hour to let them see Izuku.

Both women sat down and let the information really soak in.

Izuku had a third quirk.

Just where did he get it from?

And what caused him to have an emotional episode so big that is forced his quirk to appear and injure him to this degree?

The doctor came back as promised and with some more information.

Inko and Mitsuki sat down beside Izuku, the normally bright child looking very small in his hospital bed, with his arm in a cast and looking exhausted.

"Just as we suspected earlier, it is indeed a strength augmentation quirk and apparently too powerful for his small body at the moment. Perhaps he'll have better control the more he works on it over the years, but he'll have to viewed over by a pro hero. As we were looking, it looks like the use of his new quirk will unfortunately cause injuries to his body, so I suggest limiting use of it, or going and seeking some medical insurance for quirks like these types."

Doctor Shiina pulled out a notepad and wrote something down, before tearing out the page and handing it to Inko, "For now, Izuku needs to have his cast on for the bare minimum of six to eight weeks. I'll write up a note to notify his school and your work for two days absence."

Inko thanked the doctor for looking after her son and writing up the note, the medical professional smiling at her as he excused himself.

Mitsuki stayed until seven o'clock in the morning until she had to leave to take Katsuki to school and make sure Masaru and herself made it to work on time.

She promised to come back with her little gremlin in the afternoon, leaving the mother and son alone in the too big hospital room.


Her son's unusually small voice stood out in the silent white room. "Yes, Zuku?"

"Can I ask a favor?"

"Of course, love. What is it?"

The boy looked so uncertain for some seconds, perhaps even a little scared, and Inko wanted nothing more than to wipe the look off her son's face.

He should be smiling and laughing like he always is.

"Can...c-can you call d-dad and tell h-him...u-um..." Izuku hesitated once again, his green eyes looking out the window instead of focusing on his mother.

"Yes, babe?"

"T-Tell him...I-I...I don't n-need him to s-send letters a-anymore."

Tears threatened to spill from her son's eyes, his shoulders trembling with barely suppressed sobs.

Inko leaned down and pressed a kiss to her son's forehead, stroking his freckled cheeks in the process as tears finally started coming down, "Anything for you, Zuku."

Because if there was one thing that made Inko and Toshinori different; it was the fact that only one of them would do anything for Izuku.

As Izuku finally began crying, the single mother cradled her son in her arms, and made a mental note to call Toshinori once Izuku fell asleep.

Two hours had passed and Izuku finally fell asleep.

A nurse had come in thirty minutes ago, and a re-run of an interview with All Might in America was playing.

He publicly announced that he had a wife and only son whom he loved very much, and didn't plan to have more children.

No wonder her son had such a strong negative emotional reaction, he practically idolized the very floor his father walked. Hearing him ignore Izuku's own existence must have pushed him over the edge.

Inko gently shut the door and made her way towards the pay phones, and punched in a familiar number once she inserted her yen coin.

The phone rang for some seconds before a familiar man's voice spoke, "Hello?"


"Ah, Inko, is there something you need?"

"Actually, I have a request from Izuku."

She heard the man let out a heavy sigh, making her tighten her grip on the payphone, how dare this bastard act like Izuku was such an inconvenience all the time?

"What is it now? The new All Might merch? Some other heroes figures? He knows he only gets those on certain occasions."

"You haven't sent anything in two years, quit acting like such an ass."

A surprised noise escaped the pro hero at hearing the normally gentle woman let out a swear word. \

"Well then, what is it?"

"He doesn't want you sending letters anymore. And I'm requesting that you leave us alone permanently. I'll be sending you some papers for primary custody of him later within the month."

The other line was quiet for a moment, "All right."

Hearing the casual response made her snap, "I'm glad you weren't in Izuku's life! He would have to see the sham his father is, and the sorry excuse of a man he is for not owning up to his own child's existence. I feel sorry for Mirio-kun for having such a pathetic father."

"Listen here, Inko-"

She cut him off, "No, you listen. I was the only one of us who gave their all towards our son. You thought some letters and hero merch would make up for the hole you left and decided to never fill? Izuku will be a spectacular hero, and someday a father, one better than you ever will be. Goodbye, Toshinori."

Before the blonde man could get another word in, she slammed the phone into the receiver, ending the call.

Blinking away any tears in her eyes, Inko walked back to her son's room.

When Izuku was discharged from the hospital, Katsuki was incredibly protective of his best friend.

Making sure other children didn't push him or play too roughly, otherwise, the already explosive blonde, would yell at them to be more careful.

His classmates would draw things on his cast, wishing him well, and leaving delighted when Izuku smiled.

In the weeks following her son's request to cut off connection with his father, Izuku asked if they could put his All Might merch away somewhere. He didn't particularly feel like looking at it anymore.

Now, Izuku's room was still filled with all things hero, but there was no trace of All Might anywhere.

He would still watch cartoons with his favorite heroes, except All Might was strictly off limits.

Kacchan would ask why, and his Mitsuki told him to respect Izuku's decision, and that he might share the reason when they got older.

The blonde surprisingly didn't ask about his sudden dislike of the number one hero anymore, instead choosing to find alternative cartoons and games with other heroes.

Feeling fortunate about the caring people in his life, Izuku allowed time to come in and help him move on.

Izuku has never known what it's like to have a good father figure in his life, and was hoping that someday he would know.

At eight years old, he finally got his wish.

Enter Aizawa Shouta and his adoptive son Aizawa Hitoshi.

End of chapter 1