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Hello my readers ((or passerby that likes this story enough to get here. Seriously thank you.)) so real talk.

I hate having all this in separate story arcs. At the time I was simply wanting to make more works feel more accomplished. But I had someone close to me tell me it started to get choppy. Me being me can't just leave it. I don't know if it's Ocd or what, but there's going to be one final "works" made. This will hold both Checkmate you lose and I want a rematch in it. However, there will be a lot of new mixed in with old. A lot of edits things I'm revising again. some "canon things" will go away. Someone whos a Dark elf now could be a mermaid in the new one. I get it. This stuff is annoying, I'm committed to this. this world I made, This Fanfic makes my life worth something. Days became more and more bearable. I graduated high school because of this. Maybe one-day ill step out of this and let it end, but I doubt that.

Anyway thanks for reading.



As stated in the last chapter of "I want a rematch." I have pushed to go back into one mend all together. there are more loopholes than before and I refuse to leave them there.  I have rebuilt the world and started the new and improved timeline while at the same time keeping what I already have. 

Welcome to 

                       It's Wizards Chess IWC for short :D