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No Use Crying Over A Couple of Laid Eggs

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“Hmph, you’re scrawny but you’ll do. I don’t have the time to wait for anyone else.”

Before Izuku could even squeak out so much as a startled yelp, his eyes widening in shock at the massive man suddenly appearing out of nowhere behind him, dozens of massive, thick pink tentacles erupted from the man’s back, shooting forward to wrap tightly around his arms, legs and midsection, easily hoisting him up into the air. Warm wetness seep through his clothing. The tentacles began to move over his body, stroking his legs, arms, chest and back with an alarming tenderness. Each one was easily three times the size of his arm. Crying out, he frantically struggled against their hold but it proved fruitless. His strength was nothing in comparison to these strange things. Terror roared through his veins. Despite the forest being unbearably hot, he suddenly felt ice cold. What…what was this?! He had heard of strange beasts residing in the forest but had heard nothing of a man who was capable of wielding tentacles!

Turning his frightened gaze back down to the man, who was watching him with a calm, guarded expression, Izuku wailed, “What are you doing? Let me go!”

“My apologizes, little one.” The man replied, his voice a deep rasp. Shifting his weight from one foot to another, he rubbed idly at the scar dominating the left side of his face, “I cannot delay oviposition any longer. Rest assured, it will not be unpleasant.”

“What are you-?!” Izuku began to sputter, only for his words to be swallowed up when the tentacles, inexplicably, began to tear away at his clothes. Squealing loudly, a brilliant flush of sickening heat flooding into his face, he picked up the struggle once more, uselessly fighting against the tentacle’s unbreakable hold. What was this?! What was this man planning on doing?! Nothing was making sense! Within moments, all of his clothes had been ripped off, leaving him completely exposed, vulnerable. The tentacles slid over his naked flesh. It was a bizarre sensation – their skin was smooth and slightly damp. Everywhere they touched left an intense tingling. Whimpering, he tried to curl in on himself, burning with embarrassment, very much aware of how intently the man was staring at him. His heart was about to beat straight out of his body. The terror and humiliation mixed together into a suffocating mass lodged in the center of his chest.

“Please stop!” He whimpered, tears welling up in the corners of his eyes.

“My apologizes.” The man said again, not sounding at all sorry. “Do your best to bear with it.”

A hard, vicious jolt wracked his body. The tentacles wrapped around his thighs abruptly pulled his legs apart, fully exposing his butt and crotch. Every muscle in his body tensed up. When he felt the smooth, rounded head of one of the multiple tentacles press insistently against his tight, virgin hole, all the breath vanished from his lungs. The realization of what was about to happen to him didn’t so much as dawn on him as slam down onto his shoulders with enough force to bruise. No…not this, this couldn’t be happening, this couldn’t be happening to him! Staring up at the forest canopy, a loud howl of dismay ringing inside his head, he was given just enough time to send a prayer to the Gods to send someone to save him from this then, without warning, the massive tentacle slammed forward, forcing its immense girth into him. A strangled wail rippled out of his throat. The tentacle pushed in deep, stretching his ass to its breaking point. It gave him no time to adjust, to get used to the intense sensation of being stuffed so insanely full before it started to cruelly pound into him, fucking him with such viciously intensity, it shoved him forward with every thrust.

Despite the combination of the tentacle’s immense size and his virgin ass being completely unprepared to take such a monstrous length, there was no pain, no discomfort. The tentacle was covered in some kind of substance that allowed it to easily slide in and out of his hole. In the absence of misery came a relentless onslaught of pleasure. His butt…his butt felt amazing! The tentacle was pushing in so deep, he could feel it in his belly, and it felt so incredibly good! It didn’t make any sense, he shouldn’t be feeling good from this but…but-! Panting rapidly, his mouth hanging open, Izuku hung limply in the tentacles hold. The tentacle stirred him up deep inside, assaulting every inch of the interior of his ass, quickly finding all of the sweet spots that sent electric currents racing through his nerves. His mind was going completely blank. A tiny voice of horror managed to keep the chant that he was supposed to be fighting this up in the back of his mind but as the pleasure continued to grow, it became quieter and quieter until he couldn’t hear it at all.

Tongue hanging out of his mouth, drooling coursing down his throat, Izuku came with a squealing shrieking, his head falling forward as his body violently shuddered. For the first time, he was given a look at just what the monstrous tentacle was doing his body. The damn thing was so huge, every time it thrust in, it deformed his belly, causing it to bulge out in a large, rounded curve. Instead of inspiring a fresh wave of disgust, something that could’ve gotten him right back to struggling, the sight sent him careening over the edge – he came again, just moments after having already orgasm. Thick strings of stark white jizz splattered onto the forest floor underneath him. Howling, throwing his head back, his back arching, Izuku pushed back against the tentacle with what little leverage he had. Good-! Good-! It felt so good-! Having his belly messed up felt so good-! Why…why did it feel so good?! He was being raped, violated by some weird tentacles but he…he wanted more! Something…something had to be wrong with him! He couldn’t want this! He..he didn’t want it! So why…why was he aching for so much more?!

Suddenly, the tentacles lowered him down several inches, rearranging him so his knees were bent, pressed close to his chest. He was now at eye level with the strange man, who stepped forward, reaching out to gently brush the backs of his fingers along the curve of Izuku’s cheek. Shuddering at the pleasant sensation, he found himself leaning into the touch, moaning loudly when the man slid his hand over to push his thick, calloused fingers into his mouth, squeezing his tongue between the strong digits. A strong taste of bitter salt spread throughout his mouth, quickly overwhelming him. What little ability he had to think was washed away by the intense blast of pleasure. The tentacles must be affected by the man’s moods because they became even more excited, stroking him, caressing him, playing with his cock and nipples as the one in his ass picked the pace up, changing over to short, shallow pumps to remain buried deep inside as much as possible. Sucking hungrily on them, Izuku came again, splattering his stomach and chest with a collage of white. A small smile tugged at the corners of the man’s mouth. Leaning down, he dragged his tongue across Izuku’s chest, gathering up a mouthful of his jizz.

“Delicious.” He murmured, his voice laced with lust, dark eyes blazing with naked want, a stark red flushing his scruffy cheeks, “Looks as though my assumption was wrong. You are quite the find. I was planning on doing only what I must but if you’re enjoying it this much, I see nothing wrong with enjoying myself as well.”

Straightening back up, licking the remnants of Izuku’s orgasm from his lips, the man stroked a hand over his trembling thigh, “Here comes the first. Do your best not to break, little one.”

The tentacle inside his ass suddenly pushed in even deeper, its head bumping hard against the underside of his belly. Izuku cried out sharply, his mouth stretched open wide. It swelled up even bigger, forcing his spasming ass to accommodate the girth, a screeching bolt of erratic pleasure hurtling up his spine to slam into his mind with enough force to make him see stars, the tentacle shivered, shuddered then violently spasmed. A gurgling wail ripped its way out of his throat. Something-! Something was coming out of the tentacle-! It…it was lying eggs inside of his belly. Dozens upon dozens of large orbs poured into him, filling him up, making his stomach swell and swell until he looked heavily pregnant. His eyes rolled back into his head. His tongue hung lewdly out of his mouth. His belly-! His belly was stuffed so full-! His belly was going to break-! No more, he couldn’t take anymore but more and more kept flooding into him, stretching him, deforming him. Shockwaves of pleasure roared through him. Having his belly filled up with eggs felt so good! He was going crazy! The ecstasy was making his mind melt! He…he couldn’t take anymore! Izuku came twice more before the tentacle finally pulled out, leaving him with a crushingly heavy belly, swollen full with eggs.

“What a beautiful face.” The man cooed, running the pad of his thumb over Izuku’s lips. His other large hand landed on his stomach, smoothing over the swollen curve, “I wouldn’t usually interfere with this process but allow me to be the one to impregnate you.”

“Huh-?” Izuku gasped weakly, hardly able to make sense of anything anymore. The eggs…the eggs were shifting inside of him. Every time one of the moved, it sent a reverberation of pleasure racing through him. It was…terrifying…this pleasure, it was overwhelming him, ingraining itself in his mind, rewiring the synapses and processes. It…it was breaking him…he was being broken-!

The man chuckled, reaching down to his trousers. Without taking his eyes off Izuku’s face, he pulled apart the folds, allowing a thick, fat cock to bounce free. Izuku’s eyes widened at the sight of it. His mouth began to water. A shriek of excitement exploded out from the center of his chest. Wanted…he wanted it…he wanted it inside of him! Why…why did he want it so much? Didn’t matter…it didn’t matter, inside, he wanted him inside, he wanted him to fuck his sloppy pussy, he wanted the man to impregnate him! Breathing rapidly, Izuku shuddered, a needy whine pushing out from between his wet lips when the man pressed the head of his monstrous cock to his drenched, gaping entrance. The tentacles trembled around him, clearly conveying an equal sense of excitement.

Dipping down to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth, the man breathed, “You are adorable. Here, I’ll give you exactly what you want. Take my seed and give birth to many healthy eggs.”

Slamming his hips forward, the man buried the entirety of his length inside of Izuku’s spasming ass. Screaming at the top of his lungs, his hips straining upwards, a blast of excruciating, terrifying pleasure dominating his entire body, he came again, spraying jizz everywhere. Laughing low in his throat, the man grabbed hold of his trembling hips, holding him steady as he pounded into him. Howling, wailing and mewing shamelessly, Izuku writhed in the tentacles hold, gasping sharply when the smooth lengths brushed across his nipples, cock and balls. The man’s penis felt even better than the tentacle! It wasn’t as big and couldn’t push in as deep but he was so hot, so strong, each thrust was a taste of nirvana. The prominent veins scraped along the sensitive insides. His swollen stomach bounced as he was fucked, the eggs shifting inside of him, forcing the already devastating pleasure up higher and higher until he could feel his mind cracking from the pressure.

“You feel so good, little one!” The man grunted, his blunt nails digging into Izuku’s skin, “It has been so long since anyone has been able to excite me this much. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to hold on!”

“More!” Izuku screamed shrilly in response, “More! More! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

The man laughed, a low rasp that made Izuku’s heart miss a couple beats, “You truly are so adorable. I will give you all you could ever want but first,” the man wrenched him down hard, forcing in the last bit of his cock inside of his hole, wrenching a gasping wail out of Izuku, “take my seed!”

Bending down to claim his mouth in a rough, possessive kiss, a tongue tasting of bitter coffee and peppermint shoved between his lips, the man’s cock swelled up even bigger than a torrent of scalding hot cum flooded into his ass. Toes curling, the world bleeding out to be replaced with a sheer, thick curtain of white, Izuku howled into the man’s mouth, cumming once more from the sensation of the thick fluid pouring into him. So much-! There was so much of it-! His belly…his belly felt so warm! It felt so good! More-! He wanted more-! He could feel his stomach swelling up even more as the flood of semen streamed into him. The eggs…the eggs were getting bigger! He…he was being impregnated! A thrill of giddiness crashed over his already overstimulated body. Gasping sharply, the man broke the kiss, pausing just long enough to lick the seam of Izuku’s lips before stepping away, allowing his still rock hard cock to slip out of his sloppy hole. Whimpering in despair, feeling so despicably empty, he could weep, Izuku opened his mouth to beg for him to fuck him even more, only to freeze, his eyes widening.

There was a weird pressure building up in the base of his belly. The eggs…the eggs-! Panting rapidly, his vision wildly flickering, Izuku threw his hand back, sweat soaked hair flying everywhere. Staring upwards with bulging eyes, his mouth hanging open, a violent tremble wracked his body. There was the briefest moment of calm then a scream poured out of his mouth. His ass stretched open. A stream of jizz spurted out, followed by the crowning curve of the egg. The muscles in the lower half of his belly clamped down, pushing it out from the tight ring of muscles. He came with an explosion of rapturous ecstasy. Birth-! He was giving birth-! It felt so good to give birth-! The eggs rubbed along the interior of his ass as they slipped free of his stomach, gliding down to his hole. It was like instincts had taken over, pushing the eggs out for him, leaving him nothing to do but be subjected to the devastating pleasure of giving birth. He never stopped cumming. Even with nothing coming out of his cock, the pleasure of orgasm never ceased, only growing bigger and bigger until he was left a slobbering, gibbering mess.

The last egg slipped free, doing with a soft thud onto the forest floor. Hanging limply in the tentacles hold, Izuku shivered when the man slipped a broad finger underneath his chin, tilting his head back. Leaning down, he pressed a soft, sweet kiss to his lips. Izuku moaned happily, clumsily returning the kiss. Sleep was closing in. Giving birth to the eggs had taken so much out of him. It was becoming harder to keep his eyes open. Still, his body was crying out for more. His belly, his ass, both felt so abysmally empty. He wanted to be stuffed full of eggs again, he wanted the man’s cock back inside him! Thick, calloused fingers pushed through his sweaty hair. Muscular arms gathered him up into an embrace as the tentacles slipped away. Sighing contentedly, Izuku snuggled close to the man’s beefy chest. It was enough to stave off the hunger, for now.

“Be patient, little one.” The man murmured into his ear, “I will give you everything you want and more but we must return to my home first. The eggs must be kept warm for the first 24 hours or they’ll be worthless.”

Izuku hummed to let him know he understood. Resting his cheek on the man’s broad shoulder, he let his eyes flutter closed. As long as there would be more sometime in the near future, he would wait.