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sleep is for the weak

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Bakugou Katsuki hasn't been sleeping well.

It's not that he hasn't been trying to get some well-needed rest, but every time he closes his eyes nightmares sneak into his mind. And he can't stop them.

So he opts to sit awake and think, instead. Think about everything he's done to work up to where he is now, and how wonderful his life has turned out so far. He has his amazing boyfriends, Izuku and Eijirou, right by his side.

He glances at said idiots. They're curled against each other and Eijirou is snoring gently. Izuku's, of course, murmuring in his sleep. Katsuki lets a rare smile grace his features as he gets up and slips down into the common room. He's halfway done making a simple sandwich when a voice breaks through the peaceful silence of the dark building.

"Can't sleep?"

The explosive hero-to-be jumps. Izuku's staring at him blankly, a dull look in his usually bright eyes. A look that unsettles Katsuki.

"Why are you still fucking up?" Katsuki hisses, careful to manage his volume.

Izuku locks eyes with him, tilting his head. "I could ask you the same thing."

The two stare each other down before Izuku grabs his drink - when did that get there? - and carefully slinks away. Katsuki lets himself breathe again before he finishes his sandwich and retreats back upstairs.

Izuku is asleep on top of Eijirou when Katsuki returns to his dorm, and the boy finally settles down, ready to try to sleep again. The moment he plops onto the mattress, Izuku and Eijirou gravitate his way until they're just a mass of tangled limps.

But even his lovable idiots can't chase away the nightmares.


Midoriya Izuku is suspicious.

He's suspicious because when he wakes up in the middle of the night, Kacchan's awake as well. He's suspicious because he can't remember the last time he's seen Kacchan asleep was - well, he can't remember when. It just fuels his spectulation.

"Eijirou," Izuku mutters queitly as they're sitting at the table in the kitchen. Kacchan's making some breakfast, but knowing his cooking skills, it'll be amazing.

"Yeah?" Eijirou glances up from where he'd been scrolling through his phone.

The green-haired boy pauses, wondering how to phrase what he's about to say.

"Have you noticed Kacchan never seems to sleep?"

"What'd'you mean?" Eijirou asks.

Izuku fumbles with his hands. "I wake up randomly sometimes. He's always awake. It worries me."

Eijirou pauses, thoughtful. "Hmm. I haven't noticed, maybe because I'm probably the one out of us three who isn't an insomniac," he smiles as Izuku grows flustered. "Kidding, kidding."

Izuku lets his mind (and mouth, as he begins to mutter quietly) wander before he hears Kacchan approach. He manages to stem his murmurs, but his mind still races as he thinks up a plan to get his stubborn boyfriend to get some rest.

And after class, Izuku approaches Eijirou with an extra glint in his emerald eyes.

"Ei, I have a plan."


Eijirou is grinning.

Katsuki has an annoyed expression on his face as Izuku bounces in front of him excitedly.

"C'mon, Kacchan, it'll be fun! A movie night!" he squeaks.

"Why." Katsuki snarls, though it was more a statement than a question.

Izuku pauses. "Well, because it'll be fun?" he suggests.

Eijirou flashes his boyfriends an excited smile, grabbing Katsuki's wrist as Izuku takes the other. "Yeah, 'Tsuki!" he exclaims.

Katsuki sighs as his idiots tug at his arms.

"Kacchan!" Izuku pouts. Kastuki bites back a smile. He's too cute.

"Can't stop us, man," Eijirou adds. "We got a bunch of movies to pick from!"

"Tch," Katsuki growls, but he lets himself be dragged onto the couch. Izuku instantly appears with a few DVD's, a blinding expression on his freckled face.

They turn on the first movie after a bit of arguing, and Izuku drapes himself over his boyfriends' laps. Eijirou beams and leans against Katsuki, who just groans and ruffles Izuku's messy curls in exasperation.

Eijirou bounced up and danced to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from Mulan and Izuku sung (wonderfully, but Katsuki'd never admit it. Out loud, anyway). Katsuki only smiled to himself at his boyfriends' antics.

A few other students stop by for a bit as the trio continue their movie night, even bringing more movies to watch. Surprisingly, Todoroki even brought Frozen and stuck around for just that movie before leaving again. Aizawa hovered at the doorway as he stared at the sight before him - Momo and Jirou were laying on the floor, grinning. Katsuki, Izuku, and Eijirou were curled together on the couch, wearing various facial expressions of joy and annoyance. Denki, Mina, and Sero were scattered around the room, all singing horribly, but that seemed to be on purpose.

Todoroki was on the other end of the couch, looking overwhelmed as Uraraka and Tsu stared at him with gentle determination until he finally sighed and stood up.

"Let it go," he monotoned, letting a piece of ice branch out of the ground. Everyone started cackling and he sat down after melting the ice, looking only slightly annoyed, now, as the class had a great time watching the movie.

And that's how they're found, at one AM, by one of the resident insomniac. Shinsou sighs as he slings some blanket over his stupid classmates, dozing peacefully. He laughs a little when he realizes how a few students clung to Todoroki's left side, and how Eijirou and Izuku were clinging to Katsuki for dear life. The lilac-haired boy shakes his head and slips away, but not after switching off the TV and taking a few pictures of each student. Because blackmail.

He allows himself to whisper, "idiots," and leaves.

Maybe Izuku and Eijirou can't chase away the nightmares forever. But at least, sometimes, the combined idiocy of all of Katsuki's stupid classmates can keep them at bay long enough for Katsuki to get a night full of sleep.


Only to annoy him again the moment he wakes up.