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Lightning flashed. Thunder rumbled. Rain poured heavily as Vergil coolly looked down at his unconscious and beaten younger twin. Arkham was already long gone. Rebellion pierced through Dante's chest and pinned him to the floor, rivulets of red blood streaming from his body. Vergil was impatient, wondering when his brother's devil would wake.

But...was it really a good idea not to do anything at all? Dante could be quite stubborn and he was no slouch in fighting either. It was too risky to just leave him alone. But he could tame Dante and his demon. So when he sees the red aura start to gather around Dante, he makes his move.

Quickly slamming Dante's arms above his head, Vergil pins his wrists down with Yamato. He looks down to see that his brother's eyes have turned demonic red, his teeth now fangs. Dante snarls as he fruitlessly struggles against both Rebellion in his chest and Yamato pinning his arms. Aha. His demon had awakened but it was still weak, only having just woken, not even able to hold a demonic form. It also looked like his human half was still unconscious. Vergil smirks.

"I'll be gentle if you behave."

Dante couldn't reply of course. In his stead, his demon growls weakly as it tries a few more futile attempts before his body went limp. It was easier for his demon to see and accept defeat, more than Dante ever could.

The demon whines softly, pleading. Vergil is the victor and now the demon needed to appease him to continue living. So, as he stays still, he bares his neck for Vergil. No more fighting. No more rebelling. Dante’s demon knew Vergil had him good and pinned.

Instinct dictated that he now offers himself to Vergil to do with as he pleases.

Vergil is pleased when he sees Dante’s demon go limp and bare his neck for him. He proceeds to undo Dante’s belt. Belt undone, he then yanks down his pants to expose his lower regions. He pushes his legs up to get easier access to his ass. He probes his hole with a finger to test his tightness. Dante’s hole is tight. He doesn’t have any lube on hand so he sticks his other hand’s fingers into Dante’s mouth and orders, “Get them wet or it’ll hurt more.”

The glazed look in Dante's eyes is the only sign that his demon is still in control and Dante asleep. He opens his mouth obediently when Vergil forces his fingers in. He closes his lips around them, sucking and licking at them.

He doesn’t complain from the manhandling, the rough probing. He just works on wetting Vergil's fingers as ordered. Dante's demon tries to move his arms but not for fighting. He wants to help, be good for Vergil. It doesn’t matter he was aggravating the wounds he has from the swords pinning him.

It was Vergil’s right — the victor, the strongest.

Vergil hums in a satisfied manner as he observes how obedient Dante’s demon is being. As Dante sucks and wet his fingers, his mouth feels hot and wet. He shivers at imagining how good it would feel on his cock. He decides that he will make him suck his cock next time.

His fingers are slick enough now. So he pulls them out. He then pushes his saliva-slick fingers into Dante’s hole and begins to briskly stretch him open, curling his fingers to find his prostate.

At the same time, he rewards Dante by pulling Rebellion out. He has no qualms about making his younger twin feel good because this will reinforce the lesson that Vergil will treat him well if he behaves. Like how dogs respond better to treats than punishments. However, he still leaves Yamato pinning his arms because he doesn’t want to take the risk.

He drawls, “So good for me, pet. Will you behave if I take out Yamato?”

Dante whines softly at the rough treatment after Vergil pulled his fingers out to prepare him. However, he does not pull away from his fingers. He lays there, letting Vergil work him open.

He gasps in relief as Rebellion is removed for his good behavior. He warbles softly, thankful Vergil was being generous. He even pushes back on his fingers despite the pain. He knows he needs to show his thanks.

And when asked if he'll be good, Dante croons softly, baring his neck again. He was limp, exposing his vulnerable spots for him. He would be good. He was Vergil's now...his pet.

Vergil understands Dante’s wordless response. He has surrendered. So he pulls out Yamato and orders him, “Hold your legs up.”

He continues to stretch and fuck Dante with his fingers, making sure his hole can take his cock. While he doesn’t mind stabbing Dante with Yamato, it feels unseemly to make him bleed down there when he is already defeated and his captive. Good behaviour must be rewarded after all.

Dante grabs his legs, holding them up as soon as the command came. He whines softly, legs twitching as he was stretched open. He starts panting lightly, but works at keeping quiet, focusing on Vergil.

Vergil finally deems Dante’s hole stretched enough. He pulls out his fingers and unzips his pants to take out his cock. He’s already hard and he pumps his cock to spread his slick pre-cum over it. Then he pushes Dante’s legs down to his chest, marveling at his flexibility as he presses his cock to his hole.

“You’re mine now, pet,” He growls as he thrusts his cock in.

Dante grunts when his legs was pressed to his chest. A bit uncomfortable, but manageable. He pants softly, watching as Vergil presses his cock up against him.

And then he screams at being filled. His eyes widen before he stills. It was still rough, stinging at the sudden large intrusion. He clenches around Vergil, gasping weakly as he lets his new master do as he pleased.

Vergil stills in Dante on the first thrust, feeling him clench around his cock. So hot and tight. His scream was music to his ears. When the clenching finally stops, he begins to fuck Dante roughly, deep and hard rolls of his hips that bury his cock deep in him.

It feels so good. Victory had never been this glorious. He feels his own demon roar, straining to come out and fuck his pet too. He pushes it down - not yet.

Dante grunts and mewls at the harsh pace Vergil set. Vergil pushed in, grinding in deep inside and claimed him as his. He fully submits, holding his legs to his chest for him.

Dante would be his master's pet. His toy. That means...he needed to change then. Give his master a place to truly claim him, fill him and brand him with his seed. Soon, soon he would have the strength to further please him.

Vergil notes that Dante is being too quiet and sees that he’s been trying to keep himself quiet by biting his lip. Sweet thing, he’d not been given permission to make noise, had he? So Vergil reaches down and pumps Dante’s cock as a reward, “Scream for me. I want to hear you.”

Then he lifts Dante’s ass, gripping his cheeks and pulling them apart so he can sink in deeper. It’s becoming easier to move faster as Dante’s battered hole loosens and his pre-cum slicks the way.

Finally given permission, Dante throws his head back, crying out at the touch alongside being fucked. He doesn't hold back, squealing and moaning. His noises only growing as Vergil grabs his ass and pushes in even deeper, it felt like.

He was going to come! He wanted to come! He mewls loudly, hoping Vergil realised this, that it was okay.

Vergil smirks as he feels Dante’s hole start to clench around him as his pet writhes and screams. His pet is enjoying this. It’s quite the ego boost and a sign that his pet is already accepting his place and ready to come. But too bad, Vergil is not yet ready to come so he squeezes Dante’s cock and says, “I did not give permission for you to come yet.” He slaps Dante’s ass as a punishment.

Dante winces at the punishment, the unacceptable behavior he displayed. He sobs softly, focusing on squeezing his muscles for Vergil. He tightens his inner muscles, gripping Vergil's cock like he was made to do it. He then croons softly, seeking forgiveness as he holds back his own release as best he can.

Vergil soothes the slap as he says, “There, there. You’re still learning. It was only the first mistake.” He’s enjoying this and he will show Dante that he is a good master.

He continues to fuck his pet, chasing his own pleasure. When he is ready to come, he’ll let him come. He tells Dante, “When I’m ready to come, you may come. Be patient and good.”

Dante sobs softly, sighing as Vergil gently rubs the area he hit. He nods his head with a whine, understanding. Vergil's pleasure came first. He could come once Vergil has.

With this new rule established, Dante shudders under his master, trying to pleasure him. He tries to keep himself tight for him, keeping his legs held out of his way as he cries out for him.

As much as Vergil would like to fuck his new pet Dante all night, he still has plans to complete. So he speeds up, feeling his own orgasm rising with the heat in his belly. Gripping his pet’s hip with bruising strength, he finally comes deep inside him, planting his seed inside him and staking his claim. Continuing to grind in him to make sure none of his seed escapes, he tells Dante, “Come now.”

Dante whimpers as Vergil comes inside. He could feel his hot seed filling him, reaching deep inside thanks to Vergil's grinding. His hips ache from the harsh grip, a brief reminder till his healing kicks in.

And then he gets permission. He gasps, nearly screaming in pleasure as he finally comes. He trembles as he comes, holding still while he waits for Vergil to finish.

Vergil is tempted to go for a second round as Dante’s hole clenches around him, milking his cock. He’d never imagined that it would feel this good. He nearly regrets not taking Dante earlier and making him into his pet.

But alas, his plans have to be completed without further delay. So he pulls out of Dante and wipes his cock clean with a spare handkerchief before tucking himself in. He leaves the stained handkerchief on top of Dante and tells him, “Come find me, pet.”

Then he leaves.



Dante doesn’t know what had happened after Vergil beat his ass. He remembers Rebellion being stabbed through his chest, then nothing. He does, however, knows that he awakens feeling stronger. His demonic form bursting forth to the surface and filling him with energy he never knew he had before!

He grins, hands closing into fists. He would get back at Vergil for this. He may have won this time, but Dante was stubborn if anything.

He pauses when he notices a dirty handkerchief that fell off him. His clothes were messy too. Weird, he thinks, pulling his pants up better and wondering how his clothes got into such a state before he groans, holding his stomach. That... wasn't normal, he realises, feeling an odd, deep ache inside.

Did Vergil hurt him more than he could see?



Vergil was getting frustrated with the seal when it refused to open with both amulets and his blood. He wondered what else he was missing. Did he need Dante’s blood as well?

He’s annoyed. He’s so close but yet he’s still stymied. Then he hears and feels Dante’s presence drawing closer. Oh good timing. He needs to vent.

"Vergil!" Dante calls out, seeing his brother around a large disk shape object on the floor. That was weird, and probably important. He can't let Vergil mess with that any more. "Well, you seem to be in a bad mood!"

He scoffs, keeping his distance. He was more wary this time, but also feeling strange. Ever since the top of the tower he had been feeling weird. He knew Vergil had something to do with it as well. Dante just didn't know how.

Vergil looks at Dante and smirks. He can still smell his seed on him. So his pet hadn’t cleaned it off? He replies, “Good timing, I was wondering whether I should go fetch you, pet.”

Dante blinks slowly, staring at Vergil as if he grew another head. He looks around, seeing no one else those words could be directed towards. Dante looks shocked, repulsed as he states, "You can't possibly mean me.”

Vergil raises a brow and attacks him with Yamato, “You’ll see soon enough. I’ll make you come to heel, Dante.”

Perhaps, he’ll need to wear his pet down again with another fight before fucking him. Once might not be enough to reinforce his position and claim after all.


"What the hell is wrong with—" Dante starts to yell, dodging before he hears the command. His eyes widen, glazing over as his knees buckle under him. He was left breathless, his stomach tightening in anticipation.

"W-What the fuck?" he whispers, lost.

Vergil is pleasantly surprised when Dante’s knees buckle unexpectedly, his pet’s face looking just as surprised and lost. He immediately presses Yamato to Dante’s neck and makes him look up at him, “You look so lovely on your knees. Good pet. You listen so well.”

Vergil’s growing aroused again and seeing his pet kneeling on the floor so obediently reminds him of what he wants to do with Dante’s mouth. So he leans down and firmly grips his neck, “Open your mouth. I want to fuck your mouth, pet. Be good for me.”

Dante's eyes widen, trying to jerk away as he chokes out, "We're brothers! What the fuck Vergil!" he yells, trying to turn his head away in panic.

His body wouldn't listen however.

“You’re my pet now.” Vergil’s grip tightens ever so slightly on Dante’s neck as he growls. He lightly presses his boot down on Dante’s crotch, “I can still smell my seed on you, as fresh as ever. Did you come to be fucked again, pet?” He trails off with a purr as he brushes Dante’s pulse with his thumb.

Dante gags a bit at the pressure, hips jerking as Vergil's foot presses against his crotch. And those words... Dante cries out softly, "What do you mean!?" Dante wanted his words to be demanding, wondering what his brother was on about. Yet he could only gasp the words out, whining pitifully.

What seed? Fucking him again? "W-We're twins..." he argues like it meant anything.

Removing Yamato and in the same movement, Vergil lets go of his neck to slap him across his face, restraining his strength to such an extent that Dante will only feel a sharp sting. He doesn’t want to break his pet after all. He orders with a hint of a demonic growl, “Open your mouth. Do I have to discipline you, Dante?”

Dante's head jerks slightly. It was obvious with their strength that it wasn't anywhere near as strong as the hit could be. But he feels something wither inside of him at the blow. A whimper catches in his throat.

He slowly opens his mouth, ready to yell. And only stares in shock as he doesn't speak, doing as commanded as the demonic growl hits him hard. He sits there on his knees, looking floored as he waits, his mouth wide open.

Vergil’s voice deepens with a demonic growl as he pets Dante’s cheek, “Good, you listened without me having to tell you for the third time. Well done.”

Then his hand slides to grip Dante’s hair, holding him in place as Vergil takes out his cock and puts it into his mouth.


Dante was screaming in his head. Why was he taking this!? This was his brother, his twin. Something was fucked with Vergil. His brother just whipping out his cock - already hard, oh god - and put it in his mouth.

He looks up at his brother, panicked. But that deep growling tone. Something shudders in him, eyes glazing over as he slowly wraps his lips around him. He should bite down, push him off, something.

Instead, he nervously grabs at Vergil’s legs for support and pushes his head down.

Vergil growls as he feels Dante’s mouth envelop his cock. So hot, wet and soft. He puts his other hand in Dante’s hair, cradling his head. He uses his grip to hold Dante’s head still as he pushes his cock deeper into his mouth and down his throat.

He knows that Dante has no gag reflex. He exploits it now, fucking Dante’s mouth and throat, “Your mouth is just as good as your hole. So good for me.”

Dante feels Vergil hold his head tight, keeping him from moving. He wants to say he was choking on him, how large he was, because it was shameful how easily his throat opened up for him. He swallows around Vergil's cock, not sure what else he could do.

It wasn't like his body was listening anymore.

His eyes focus again, hearing the comparison. He feels something cold settle in his stomach at that. Thinking about when he woke up from their last fight. He had been strangely sore around his hips, his lower stomach. Those weird feelings and sensations... He gasps around Vergil's cock as he wonders if his brother fucked him while he was unconscious.

Vergil continues to fuck Dante’s mouth and throat, barely giving him opportunity to breathe. Confirming Dante’s suspicions and fears, he growls, “You’re mine. I fucked you and planted my seed in you. You just need time to recognise and accept your place.”

He’s almost tempted to pull out now, make Dante bend over and offer his ass once more for him to put in a second load. But this is good.

Dante whines around his cock, eyes rolling back at the rough treatment. He feels him pushing so deep. He was lucky he didn't have a gag reflex. The large cock scraping and battering at his throat. He had even started to drool around him, trying to swallow down his spit and sucking him off more.

He holds onto Vergil's legs, making muffled mewls and gasps at the rough fucking. He couldn't focus, mind fuzzy as he hears Vergil confirm what he did while he wasn't aware. It makes sense, all the strange aches and sensations down there suddenly reasonable.

And during all this, he was hard. He laps at the underside of Vergil's cock without noticing.

Vergil’s voice rumbles deep in his chest, his demon more than pleased by his pet’s submission. Dante has finally put his oral skills to good use on his cock. He gentles his grip on Dante’s hair and head and pets him, “Good pet, you are learning. Just a bit more and I’ll give you a reward for your hard work.”

He presses his boot between Dante’s knees, making his pet hump his leg. “Remember your first lesson?”

First lesson? Dante thinks hazily, trying to remember when Vergil taught him anything. It was hard to think as he feels Vergil's leg press against him, between his legs. And the petting...

Dante whines, clinging to Vergil as his groin presses against Vergil's leg, rubbing against him as he sucks harder. With Vergil's grip no longer iron tight, he starts bobbing his head. He tilts and angles his head, adding more to his technique as he pulls back all the way to the head of his cock before quickly pushing his head back down to the root.

He could only focus on blowing Vergil with all his skill and knowledge.



Lady makes her way to the seal room to find Arkham. As she approaches the door, she hears noises from inside. They sound...wet. And growling is heard. Wondering what the hell is going on, she busts open the door and almost drops her gun at the sight. She never would have imagined this!



In any other instance, Dante would have pulled back. He would have had dignity, been fighting Vergil with all his might. But in this moment, this instance, he continues to pleasure Vergil, eyes unfocused as he makes soft, pleased noises. His head bobbing eagerly.

Dante pulls his head back with a sigh, pausing to lick and tease the head of Vergil's cock. He gives him ample attention before taking it back in his mouth and pushing his head back down to the base, so close to his brother's hips. His face was deep red from exertion, mind no longer fighting this as his demon encourages him on. What to do. What not to do. Pleasure his master.

He mewls around Vergil’s cock, grinding against his leg as he looked up at him, sweetly sucking him off.

Vergil sees Lady and throws summoned blades at her, trapping her in a cage of blue swords. More swords hover, pressed to Lady’s vitals. A silent threat not to move. He turns his attention back to Dante sucking him so diligently and sweetly.

He strokes Dante’s face and neck, feeling his muscles work around his cock. He shudders, feeling his orgasm rising to hit him soon. He praises his pet, “Very good. You make me feel so good. Make me come and swallow my seed.”

He stares at Lady and smirks.

Dante just moans, hips twitching as he humps Vergil's leg while he presses his face against Vergil's crotch. His face nestled against his groin, taking Vergil as deep as he physically could for his orgasm. He swallows frantically, drinking down his seed, milking him.

The face Dante now had was so different from when he first started. He looks blissed out, swallowing all of his seed without leaking a drop. And he doesn't pull back either. He just holds onto Vergil's legs, keeping his cock buried in his throat. Vergil would pull out when he wanted after all.

"What did you do to him...?" Lady finds herself whispering, horrified at the sight.

Vergil ignores her as he focuses on giving Dante his reward. He presses his leg harder against him and tells him, “You may come now.”

All the while, he continues to pet Dante’s head, luxuriating in the wet warmth of Dante’s throat around his cock. Lady is a weak human pest that can be easily dealt with at his leisure.

Dante mewls softly, softly lapping at his cock as he comes against his leg. He shudders, looking fucked out already. He trembles slightly, enjoying his reward as he continues to keep Vergil warm till instructed otherwise.

He had been good. He was a good pet for Vergil. He got to come because he did a good job.

Vergil pets Dante’s head one last time as he pulls his cock out of his mouth. He wipes away the smear of his seed from Dante’s lips as he tucks himself in. He tells Dante to stay where he is. He will now deal with the human girl.

“I only took what is my right as the victor by demonic custom. He is my pet now,” He coolly answers.

Dante just sits there, dazed. It felt so good, his throat aching from being roughly fucked by Vergil. He groans softly, staring off as Vergil walked away.

"You... You're insane," she hisses through her teeth, slowly realizing this would be her end. She wouldn't get her revenge....

"Dante! Dante wake up!" she tries calling out. If she was going to fail, at least she could try to wake the person who could make a difference.

Vergil scoffs as he approaches her in the cage. “Foolish girl. What do you hope to achieve by calling him? He will only listen to my orders now.”

He extends Yamato and points it at her, “If you get in the way of my plans, you’re dead.”

"Dante! Remember what we've talked about! About family!" Lady yells, gritting her teeth and staring Vergil down. If she was going to die she would meet it head on. This monster didn't deserve her fear.

And as she stares Vergil down, Dante blinks. That voice, it was that human woman that had been climbing to tower as well. They were both here for family... that's right.

"Lady?" he croaks in confusion. And then he jerks, "Lady!"

Dante stands, his discomfort at coming in his pants a non-factor as he pulls out his guns and shoots at Vergil. Rebellion had been dropped somewhere out of reach, too far to save Lady. Guns it was then.

Vergil blocks the bullets and flicks the summon swords through Lady. Without sparing a moment’s thought for her, he turns to face Dante, his eyes glowing red. Displeased, he growls, “Kneel! You broke my order.”

Dante barely had a chance to process her death. They only knew each other for a day, not even knowing her name. He would have still felt something if Vergil didn't snarl at him in that tone. His mind just blanks out on him. He collapses once again on his knees, staring at Vergil with wide eyes. Dante faintly noticed he was shaking, something in him terrified.

He had disappointed him. Disobeyed him. At the thoughts Dante whimpers, something building in his body twists inside, curling unpleasantly. Why was he folding to this? Why was he curling so low?

“You.. you killed her," he says weakly, trying to fight this.

Vergil slaps him, still restraining his strength so he won’t severely hurt Dante despite his rage. But it’s still hard enough to make it really sting. He snarls, “You listened to someone else instead of me. She’s dead now because you forced my hand when you disobeyed. “

He forces himself to calm and he quietly says, “You have disappointed me, pet.”

"I..." Why were words so hard? He had been slapped again. Vergil was angry, something that shouldn't be surprising. He had seen Vergil upset before, angry. Even directed at him at times. But this time, it made him whimper. He felt... he felt compelled to fix this.

Lowering himself more, Dante realised he had pressed his head to the ground, hips raised. It was a demeaning position. However, his shame was eclipsed by the fearful whimpers and whines he could hear in his head. This position was somehow going to help, he could feel it.

Though Vergil is calm, he is finding it hard to control his demon. His rage having roused it and his rage is still there, lurking in the depths of his mind. He sees Dante lower himself into position. His instincts tell him he is surrendering. Begging for forgiveness. His rage slowly dissipates.

Ah well. This was only the second day since he’d made Dante his pet. He was partially at fault for assuming that Dante would be completely docile. It was still too early. He puts his hand on Dante’s lower back and flips his red coat up. He pulls down Dante’s cargo pants and stops short when he sees something different. He purrs, “Ah, so that’s why you still have my seed in you.” He is now quite pleased.

Dante wants to lift up his head. He wants to look back and see what Vergil was purring about. The change from rage to pleased purring was too fast. Something had happened that Dante couldn't see.

Yet when he physically tried to move, he couldn't. Fear grips his core as his legs just shift further apart for him, tilting his hips up for a better angle. Dante shivers, clawing at the ground as he waits for something... a sign? Forgiveness, he feels in his mind.

Vergil trails his hands up Dante’s bare legs to his core. Unknown to Dante, he’s got a new vagina, his demon having changed his lower body and kept Vergil’s seed in him. The devil armour plates have now opened, showing Vergil his wet hole still full of his seed.

Vergil purrs as he inserts his fingers into Dante’s vagina to stretch him as he distracts him by pumping his cock, “What a lovely surprise, my pet. All’s forgiven now.”

But he still has to be consistent. So taking his hand off Dante’s cock, he disciplines Dante with a slap to his ass, “Second lesson, you only take orders from me and no one else. Is that clear?” He soothes the slap as he fingerfucks Dante.

Dante jerks, eyes wide as his mouth opens in shock. Where was that!? That didn't feel right! But it was so good too, if a bit painful from the stretch, followed by wet noises as Vergil's fingers sink deeper into him. It makes him shiver, moaning when Vergil rubs his cock in distraction.

He was forgiven! Those words make him croon softly, pleased. But then he was spanked, making him squeak in surprise. The slap was followed by a new 'lesson'. Why was Vergil doing this? Giving him apparent lessons that he was supposed to follow. He would...

He groans lowly, grinding his hips back as Vergil rubs the spot he slapped, soothing the stinging area. The place Vergil was stretching making loud, wet noises, something dripping between his legs and leaving Dante confused.

Vergil is soon satisfied that Dante’s vagina is prepped enough, this hole needing much less preparation than his ass. It was after all made for fucking. His pet’s body had changed for him and it pleased him greatly. He would enjoy this present.

So he takes out his cock and puts his hands on Dante’s hips to steady him as he thrusts home into his new hole. He savours the sensation, this new hole even wetter and tighter than his ass but taking him so much easier. As he fucks Dante’s cunt, he reminds him, “Remember the first lesson. My pleasure comes first before yours.”

Dante shrieks as Vergil thrusts in completely with one push. He arches, hips jerking and squirming in Vergil's hands. He claws at the ground, gritting his teeth.

It felt so good! Dante can't think, mind whiting out as pleasure burns through his core. His muscles clench around him, spasming as Vergil starts to fuck him. He grunts and squeaks with each rough thrust.

It should hurt, but it doesn't. He tries to spread his legs as his clothing gets in the way. He felt so good, so close. He just needed —

He blanks out. The first lesson. He bites his lip hard, teeth starting to fang and easily prick the skin and make it bleed. He tenses up, muffled moans from biting his lip as he tries to press his hips back. His pleasure first....

He opens his mouth, panting heavily as he whispers, "Your pleasure..."

Vergil hisses “Yes” as he pulls Dante’s hips back and fucks into his dripping hole with earnest. He wants to come again in him, claim his new hole and scent Dante so thoroughly that everyone will know who his pet belongs to.

“You’re mine. I will treat you well if you behave and follow the rules. That’s all I ask, my sweet pet.”

Vergil rolls his hips and pumps his cock, “As a reward for your lovely surprise, you may come first this time.” He wants to feel Dante’s new hole clench around his cock when he comes.

Dante shudders, a dazed look on his face as he's claimed thoroughly. He was growing pleasantly sore, used so roughly by Vergil. It was hard to be logical about this when all he can think is that he wants more. It felt so good after all.

And then he gets permission to come first. His eyes widen as he gasps loudly. Vergil keeps pumping into him vigorously as he grins, loopy and blissed out, as he screams during his release.

It feels different from his normal orgasms before. Something internal tightens, clenching as tight as he could get it, while hearing obscene, wet slaps as Vergil keeps fucking him. More slick dripping between his legs from somewhere.

Vergil growls as Dante’s new hole squeezes his cock as he comes screaming, Dante’s cock spurting come over his hand. He lets himself come, enjoying the sensation of his pet’s hole milking his cock. It’s wet, hot and filthy. He grinds in deep in Dante’s hole.

Dante’s no longer supporting himself, only held up by his hands. So he holds his nape and lifts him up. He bites down on the spot between Dante’s shoulder and neck, to reinforce his claim on his pet.

“Never forget you are mine, Dante.”

Dante mewls as he feels Vergil grind deep into his sensitive hole. Vergil still wasn't finished. He's completely limp at this point outside of twitches and spasms of pleasure, completely at Vergil's mercy.

He whines when his neck is grabbed, lifting him up without effort. His frazzled mind wonders why this all feels so good before he is bitten. The sharp sting of pain complements the pleasure as he screams again. Vergil hammers it home that he belongs to him, his pet.

It sure felt like it at this point.

Vergil lets Dante’s neck go and he lowers him to the floor, his cock still buried in him. He gently pulls out of Dante, enjoying the sight of his seed dripping from his hole and the devil armour plates closing up over it, keeping it in.

Tucking himself in, Vergil then glances over to the portal and sees it’s open. Wondering why it finally opened, he sees the blood trailing into it from the human girl’s body. Ah. So that had been the final key. Arkham had lied by omission. He was lying despicable scum who’d dare to kill his own wife and daughter. Vergil would kill him when he next saw him for daring to trick him. The vermin did not deserve to live.

He returns to Dante and pulls up his pants over his ass so he’s decent. He’s not sure if he’s still conscious but he tells him anyway, “I’m going to get our father’s sword. Come find me at the top.”

He bends down to caress Dante’s cheek and his bitemark, “I will wait for you, sweet pet.”

Then he leaves again.



Dante only groans softly at the touch as his clothes were fixed. He lays there, mind reeling. Vergil had fucked him. His brother crossed a line he never dreamed he could cross. And the worst part was Dante found he wasn't angry.

No, thinking about Vergil, what he did to him, only made something between his legs throb.

Grunting, Dante eventually starts to stand. He has to pause as his hips ache again, similar to the first time. He breathes slowly, forcing himself on his feet. And all he can see is Lady, dead.

It was his fault, again. Dante stares at her for a moment, just existing. He stumbles over to her before reaching down and closing her eyes. She deserved better.

And then he turns away, fetching his weapons and slowly making his way to Vergil. For what reason, Dante didn't know anymore.

Vergil makes his way to the top unhindered and at great speed. He knows that he must get to Force Edge first before Arkham realises that the portal is open and tries to steal the sword.

When he’s at the top once more, he sees Arkham staring up at the portal that’s only just opening. Good timing. Without giving him any warning, he pierces him through with his summoned swords and cuts off his head with Yamato.

Arkham’s body topples in two and Vergil kicks his corpse off the tower top. Good riddance. He then enters the portal.

And there it is. Force Edge right in front of him. It was easier than expected. Mission completed, he takes the sword and returns from the other dimension. He leans against one of the pillars and waits for his pet to come to him.

Dante cursed at how slow he was to catch up. He stumbles at first, still recovering from how thoroughly fucked he was. It did get better as he moved onward. But he could still feel it, knowing Vergil had just dominated him, filled him with his seed. It makes him shudder, holding his stomach as his mind lingers on the fact.

"Fuck... what is he doing to me?" he mumbles, no longer able to deny the fear he had over this. He was becoming submissive to him, his desires. Vergil wanted him to follow, go to him. Dante just wanted to turn around and leave, spit in his face and say no.

Too bad Vergil's word was as good as law to his frazzled mind.

Dante finds the way going back up easier than expected with little to no enemies waiting to ambush. Vergil must have cleared the path, trademark clean gashes in the surroundings evidence of his presence.

As he ascends, his mind clears ever so slowly and he finds himself wanting to turn back. Run away again. But his body disobeys him, moving forward. He is oddly more afraid of Vergil’s displeasure than whatever Vergil has in mind for him. The area between his legs and the bitemark on his neck throb insistently, reminders of Vergil’s...claim on him.

He shudders, wishing that he had never come to the tower. But he could never deny Vergil. He continues to climb.

He feels so quieted as he reaches the top, torn between urges. His need to listen and please Vergil winning in the end. He feels a horrible mix of dread and joy at seeing Vergil waiting from him, leaning against a pillar. And then he sees the sword, the item Vergil raised literal Hell for.

He pauses a wide distance from his brother, nervous and wary. The claims on his body throb at the sight, but his mind balks.

"Vergil.” He whispers.

Dante feels like he couldn't escape at this point. His legs wouldn't move anywhere but forward. It took all he had to stand still, far away from his brother. But, at this rate, they weren't really brothers anymore. It didn't feel like it at least.

Vergil had caught Dante’s scent along with his own long before he came into sight. When he finally appears over the edge of the tower from the stairs, Vergil smiles in satisfaction. His pet has come to him.

Keeping a hand on Force Edge, he stretches out his hand and beckons him to come closer as he greets him, “Come here, Dante.”

His complete victory is at hand. He only needs Dante to come to him.

Dante sees his hand and hesitates. He doesn’t want to go to him. But he remembers Vergil's reaction to his disobedience. He remembers his own reaction to it, how unpleasant it was. Averting his gaze, Dante slowly starts walking toward him.

"Don't think this means you win," he mumbles when he gets close enough, the throbbing getting worse. But Dante was stubborn if anything. He could force his way through this. He could at least speak his mind if his body wouldn't listen.

Vergil lets Dante’s rebellious comment slide. His pet always was a bit of a mouthy brat and that was part of his charm. It was fun to see that mouthiness turn into moans. Instead he cups the back of Dante’s neck, his thumb rubbing circles into his pulse, near where he had bitten his pet.

He pulls him close to scent him and smells his pet’s sweet alluring scent. He drawls, “You smell delicious.”

Dante grits his teeth, trying to growl at Vergil. The sound only comes out a warbled mess as he relents to Vergil's scenting. His head tilts out of the way, shame flooding him.

"I smell like sex and sweat," he argues, hands itching to draw his guns and shoot him.

Vergil chuckles as he loops his finger in Dante’s ridiculous chest strap and yanks, sweeping him off his feet with a leg sweep. He ends up supporting Dante over his arm as he leans over him with a fanged grin.

Vergil is in a good mood so he lets his demon out to play. His voice rumbles as he reaches down to roughly palm Dante’s crotch, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing, pet?”

Dante gasps as Vergil literally sweeps him off his feet. He grunts while he's held up by Vergil's arm before his hips shake as his dick is palmed through his pants.

His eyes dilate when Vergil speaks in that damned tone. It makes his insides clench, throbbing in need as his legs turn to jelly. His face flushes, feeling hot as his breathing picks up.

"Bastard..." Dante hates how he sounds so forced, like he didn't mean the word he said. What was his brother doing to him? He was changing. Dante could feel it deep inside.

When Vergil’s this close, he can see, hear, feel and smell every aspect of his pet’s response to him. He is learning how to be a good pet for him even as he offers token protests.

And of course, as a good master, he must see to his pet’s needs. His arousal is plainly obvious. He rumbles, “Kneel. You need my cock again, don’t you? I can smell your need dripping from you.”

Dante tries to snap at him. He wasn't... wasn't dripping! He wasn't some cock hungry slut for his entertainment. But his body seemed to have missed the memo.

He kneels. The action coming easier now despite the act he tried to put up. The ache inside him growing, his cock painfully hard. Dante couldn't ignore the facts. He was aroused for Vergil.

Still, he had to try, denial strong, "I'm not wet! It's... I need to clean still." he claims, ashamed when he remembers he still had his brother's seed in him.

Vergil chuckles again as Dante falls to his knees so obediently despite his protests. He cups Dante’s chin and makes him look up at him, caressing his red cheeks, “Whether you’re wet or need to clean, it matters not. As long as you are good for me, I will reward you with what you need, sweet pet.”

Vergil can feel his demon straining to break free. He is impatient, wanting a taste of their pet. He lets a little more through, his fingers becoming claws, forcing him to gentle his grip on Dante’s chin.

“What do you need?”

Need? Now Vergil was asking him. He tries to glare, head held by his hand. Dante had no doubt that if he upset him, Vergil would smack him again. It never hurt when he did, but something inside him always curls up pitifully when he did.

"You never asked before..." he points out, unimpressed. His body may be going nuts, but Dante was as stubborn as ever.

Vergil lets his demon come out fully. He Devil Triggers in a blaze of blue. Both he and his demon purr, “You were not yet ours. But now you are. We want to be good to you but only if you are good for us. Sweet thing, what do you need?”

In his demon form, Vergil towers over Dante, a blue flamed horned devil. Though his fingers have become claws, they never pierce his delicate human skin, pricking slightly for a slight sting as Dante breathes in his grip.

Dante wants to say he's upset, angry, afraid. Anything but what he truly feels. He ends up staring at Vergil's demonic form, up close and personal. The gentle grip on his chin with the added sensation of claws just hinting at the pain they could cause.

And all while he feels something leaking between his legs, breathless, as he finds he can't speak. His pants are soaked. Dante doesn’t know how he was producing this much... whatever this fluid was.

Vergil’s nose flares as he catches the scent of Dante’s slick. He can practically taste it on his tongue, like salt brine and sugar. He licks his fangs as he brings his claws down to trace Dante’s hipbones, “Your body tells us what you need. Strip or we cut your clothes off you.”

Vergil and his demon are in agreement. They want their pet naked, free of human clothes that hide him. And those clothes weren’t even doing their job well.

Dante sits there as a claw traces downward. No, he needs to fight this! He needs to run! However, he only squirms. His pants are growing uncomfortable, wet and sticking to him. He nervously reaches down, unbuttoning his pants and working to relieve himself of them.

Vergil patiently waits as Dante works to remove his pants. As Dante’s still kneeling, it’s a bit of a struggle for him to get it all off. So he grasps his shoulder and tilts him over onto his back and pulls Dante’s pants off.

Dante’s scent of arousal is so obvious now, his cock hard. And beneath the armour plates have opened again, releasing a flood of slick and his seed. Vergil rumbles, “You said you needed to be clean? Very well.”

With that, he places his claws on Dante’s hips and lifts them high so he can insert his long forked devil tongue into Dante’s vagina and lick him clean, savouring the taste.

“Sweet pet, you are delicious.”

Any fight Dante had dies in that instant. He wanted his pants off to get rid of the wet, uncomfortable sensation. But when they were off, Vergil just picked him up, shoving his tongue inside. It makes him cry out in surprised pleasure.

Vergil was eating him out. His tongue was probing and cleaning up where he had fucked him not too long ago. He couldn't even comment on the freaky compliment that he tasted sweet.

No, Dante was writhing, squirming and nearly thrashing in his hold. His tongue was longer than a human’s, differently textured. It rubbed and flicked and made him sob. And yet he could feel more fluid dripping between his legs. Where was it all coming from!?

Vergil devours his pet with relish, tightening his hold on Dante’s hips to prevent him from moving too much. His tongue curled in and out, both cleaning him out and fucking him. Dante’s hole quivers around his tongue and he digs his claws in warning. He pulls his tongue out and raises his head, “I did not give you permission to come before me this time, pet.”

Dante lays there, gasping for air and confused. He tilts his head, looking at his dick. He hadn't come though? He whines, trying to get his words out. "But... but I didn't. I'm still hard?"

He doesn’t understand.

Vergil sees his confusion and realises that Dante still does not know about his new anatomy. He chuckles.

“You’ll learn soon enough.” Vergil dives back in, eating him out once more and to make sure that he’s good and ready to take his demon cock. He’s much larger in this current form after all. He would be a poor master if he does not treat his pet well.

"Learn?" Dante questions, before moaning as Vergil returns to licking him. His toes curl in pleasure as he's eaten out well and good by Vergil.

Dante still wanted to know what he meant. He hadn't come. He was sure! There had been a strange spasming feeling inside, muscles contracting similarly to one, but his cock never released his seed, so it couldn't be...

He arches sharply, muscles tensing again. Dante whimpers, just wanting a moment to think. It was so hard with Vergil finding all his weak spots, abusing them with that demonic tongue of his.

Vergil pulls away again when he feels Dante’s hole start to clench around his tongue once more. His sweet pet wasn’t aware of his new hole so he could not control himself. Very well, it was time to fuck him now. His pet was nice and ready to take his cock after he thoroughly ate him out and stretched him with his tongue. Pity his claws prevented him from fingerfucking him like before.

His cock unsheathes from his protective plates and he puts Dante’s legs over his shoulders as he leans over him, rocking his cock against his hole, letting him feel every inch stretching and filling him up as he slowly pushes in.

He growls, “Sweet thing, you were made for this.”

Dante stared upwards, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath. After the pause became noticeable, Dante almost hoped it was over. It was naive to hope as much however.

He grunts when his legs were lifted over Vergil's shoulders. Dante's eyes widen when Vergil presses against once again. "Wait-" he tries to talk, stop this madness, but then Vergil presses his cock back inside him.

Dante screeches. He was large, so much more in this form. The shape was different, grinding and forcing its way inside. It was deep, too deep, forcing him open in ways he couldn't understand. His head falls back, eyes rolling back as he trembles.

He hadn't even noticed the demonic energy building and snapping inside him as he slips into his own demonic form.

As Dante Devil Triggers, turning into a red devil, his hole clenches around Vergil’s cock as if wanting to pull him in deeper. He fucks Dante with deep, powerful thrusts, unrestrained now that Dante has Devil Triggered. His claws dig into Dante’s red scaled hide as he pulls him back onto his large cock.

He tells his pet, “You are beautiful in this form, pet. So perfectly made for me.”

Dante can't speak, moaning and mewling for him. He was loud, feeling Vergil so much more in this form now. His inner muscles clenched and clung to his cock, making him tremble at the drag of Vergil's cock pulling out before it slams back in.

He was so rough too, thrusting harder than before. It rocks him to his core. Each thrust leaves him breathless, as he cries out. He was so thick... deep inside. He wanted it. The thought heavy in his mind, unsure where it came from.

It only grows worse as Vergil speaks. The praises leaving Dante disgusted, or at least they should. Because right now he could feel it, how well he took his cock with just his tongue as prep. His body greedily took him in, squeezed him tight as if he didn't want him to leave.

Why was he like this?

Heedless of his pet’s turmoil, Vergil continues to fuck him at the same steady pace, dragging out his pleasure and slaking his desires in Dante’s pliant body.

Vergil purrs, “Your body changed so eagerly for us. Your demon is such a sweet thing, pet. We will keep you by our side and give you what you need. Be good for us.”

He reaches down and rubs the spot where Dante’s cock used to be as he thrusts hard, “Do not come before I do.”

Dante hears Vergil continuing to speak, calling him pet, telling him to be good. Be good. It echoes in his head, muffling his questions over his body changing. Because he had to. Be good. Vergil was fucking him, using him for pleasure and letting him feel good because he listened. Because he was being good.

And then he feels Vergil touch something. It makes him shriek, arching up in sudden pleasure. He feels something gush as he grinds his hips down. It was too much. Too perfect. Good. He was good. Too much, he thought. He was, he couldn't.

"Stop! I'll go insane!" he squeals, feeling himself unravel. He couldn't handle it. He was coming. He can't hold back for him. He was being naughty and coming without permission, but Dante couldn't focus, legs tightening around Vergil's shoulders.

He sobs when it kicks in, whimpering and shaking, his words slurring, "Sorry..." It felt too good.

Vergil hears his sweet pet’s apology and he’s moved. How sweet his pet is and he’s trying to be so good for him although he hasn’t come yet. He’ll let it pass. His pet is so unused to his new body after all.

He pets Dante and says, “My sweet pet, you’re forgiven. You’re still so good for me. Can you try again?”

Vergil slowly rolls his hips, thrusting into Dante’s hole, mindful of his sensitivity.

Dante trembles, moaning as Vergil rolls his hips, asking him to try again. He nods his head eagerly. "Yes! Yes, please, I'll be good!" He promises, mewling at the slow, grinding thrusts.

It felt like one fucked dream for Dante. He was going crazy from the pleasure and he couldn't even be upset anymore as he begs and promises to try again, better this time.

Vergil slowly fucks into his pet, pleased at how Dante eagerly responds to him, arching into his thrusts. He rakes his claws lightly down Dante’s sides, “Even if you fail, do not fear as long as you did your very best. I am a fair master.”

He thrusts a little faster now, the wet sounds of his cock fucking Dante’s hole resounding loudly. Then he finally comes into him, grinding deep into his soft, wet hole. He holds Dante tight and rumbles in his ear, “You have been good.”

Dante was so sensitive and wet down there. If he was rational, he would have been panicking over such a feeling. But he wasn't. He just grinds back, clenching around Vergil and trying to make him feel good in an apology.

Dante couldn't tell if he was coming again as Vergil holds him, coming inside and growling about how good he's been. It makes his toes curl, wings quivering as he tries to milk all he could from Vergil.

"Thank you," he mumbles, tongue heavy in his mouth as he lays under him, shivering still from how good it felt. Master still wanted him after his failures. The thought easing in and making Dante whine happily, understanding the importance of the thanks in his dazed state.

Vergil rumbles in a pleased tone as Dante thanks him, milking his cock. He stays in him until the aftershocks of their orgasms pass. He slowly pulls out of his pet and lets his Devil Trigger drop, his satisfied demon receding easily.

He tells Dante, “Rest now, sweet pet.”

Dante could worry about this later. It was easier to just give in and listen for now. He shudders as Vergil’s seed stays inside him again - another thing to question later - before he starts to feel everything blur and fade into sleep. He ends up passed out, legs still spread as he slips back into human form except for his crotch.

To his demon, as Vergil’s pet, this form for his genitals was important for pleasing their master after all.

Vergil smiles as he watches Dante’s body keep his seed in. Even unconscious, his pet’s body knew what to do. Retrieving their belongings, he creates a portal with Yamato and lifts Dante up in his arms in a bridal carry and steps through the portal to destinations unknown.

He has won.