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The Sun and the Moon: Twilight Reimagined (Again)

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First, I would like to warn you that I'm terrible at telling stories. Like, I usually put people to sleep within the first few sentences. Swear. It's a talent. This one time, for example, I had to Google search and tell a short story for my speech class and I had the… Never mind. That’s a completely irrelevant tangent that I won't go off into. Just believe me when I say that I'm bad at telling stories.

My biggest problem is that I tend to leave important parts out, and after you wind up confused around the middle of the tale, I'll remember what I should've mentioned earlier and consequently have to back track and plug in the holes. Then I'll forget where I was and have to quickly reiterate the entire story to find myself. And this story is too long for me to do that. So I'll try not to make any mistakes. Key word: Try. 

With that being said, I want to start at the very beginning, so I don't unintentionally graze over something important. But I don't really know where the beginning is. Is it bad that I have an entire story to tell and I don't even know where to start? When I moved to the deplorably depressing town Forks? No, because then I'll have to explain why I moved, so I’ll have to start before that. When I landed in Port Angeles and saw my father after months apart? No, not far enough back. When I went to my mom and her new husband and told them that I wanted to move? No. That's too far back. My story is going to start out boring if I begin there and I simply detest a boring starting story. 

So maybe I should begin with them —or him I should say. Because, although I'll have a romp or two with a few other guys, he's the most interesting person I have to introduce. He's what this story is really about. Edward Cullen, the demigod walking among men. Well, he isn't really a demigod. In reality, he was something much more sinister, which I (and you) would find out later, but he sure looked like one when I met him—or saw him I should say, sitting in the cafeteria of my new high school.

He was so gorgeous . He had to be the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He looked like he belonged on the cover of a sports magazine. You know that guy I'm talking about. The sexy guy from that one movie who always takes his shirt off, exposing his chiseled abs to all who dares gaze upon the glory? That was Edward. As I sat there in the cafeteria, staring at his perfection for the first of many times to come, I found myself wondering if he had a sculpted body like that. Probably. A guy like him—

“That's Edward Cullen and those are his adoptive siblings, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice.” Jessica said, interrupting my thoughts. Then she peered at me curiously and tacked on, “Close your mouth… a bug might get in.”

Nope. Can't start there. I would be ahead of myself because you don't know who Jessica is. I never introduced her. I told you, I'm bad at telling stories. But this one simply has to be told. Maybe the cafeteria is a little too far in. As interesting (and sexy) as Edward is, I can’t begin the story with him. So I'll go back to the ride home from Port Angeles with Charlie. 

“I found a good car for you, really cheap,” Charlie said. 

“What kind of car?” I asked, suspicious of the—No…. I never introduced Charlie either. So I can’t start there. I'll have to go back to the air— no…. I am not going back to the airport. Because that's getting too close to a boring beginning, and I refuse to have a boring beginning. So I'm just gonna give you a quick run through of who everyone is. Strap yourself in, because a crash course is coming. 

Charlie Swan is my dad. He's the police chief of Forks, the depressingly gloomy, rainy, and boring town that I moved to. When I was still young, practically a baby, he divorced my mom, and she moved to Phoenix, where I lived previously until my mom found a new husband, Phil, a baseball player. Because he played ball, he moved around a lot, and I didn't want them to have to haul a kid around with them, so I packed up my gear and shipped myself off to Forks to live with Charlie, something I've never done before, though I've visited him several times over the years. I gave my mom time with her new love.

Speaking of my mom. 

I'm really close with my mother. Like, super close. She and I talk about everything. Once I had to stop her from telling me about a sexual encounter she'd had with Phil because… just no. I didn't want to hear about her sex life, though she poked her nose into mine frequently, despite the many times I'd told her it was non existent. I was a virgin. Anyway.

Back to Charlie. 

My dad got me this super old red pickup Chevy from his wheelchair bound, Native American friend Billy Black who lives on the reservation a few miles west of Forks with his Native American son Jacob Black, a guy that I apparently used to make mud pies with. Charlie still lives in the same two bedroom, one bathroom house he’s lived in as long as I can remember and my room is the same room that has been mine since forever.

Fast forward.

The first person I met at the school was a round woman with glasses in the main office. I don’t recall her giving me her name. Oh well—it’s irrelevant to the story. On my first day, she gave me a slip to carry around with me and have all of my teachers sign.

Jessica Stanley is this relatively pretty chick who was totally into me at first. If I was that kind of guy, we definitely wouldn’t date because the girl talks too much, but I would probably try to sneak her off to the locker room or something and get between her legs whenever I had the chance, but alas… I’m not that kind of guy. She sat next to me in two of my classes and she walked with me to the cafeteria where she sat me at a table with a group of her friends.

There. You're all caught up. 

Now I can start this story where I actually want to start it. With the unadulterated perfection that is Edward Cullen. And don't get me wrong. The other four students he sat with were also inhumanly gorgeous in their own perspectives, even though they all starred in different directions like they were bored to be there. From the blonde goddess, to the burly woodsman and probably captain of the football team next to her. And from the pretty fairy who looked like she belonged in Pixie Hollow to the wavy haired, sandy blonde biker dude across from her. They were all impossibly beautiful. He simply stood out to me. I could probably pick his face out of a crowd, like Where's Waldo. They all had very dark eyes. They appeared black from a distance.

“That's Edward Cullen and those are his adoptive siblings, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice,” Jessica said, interrupting my thoughts. Then she peered at me curiously and tacked on, “Close your mouth… a bug might get in.”

He looked up and turned his head when Jessica said that, as if he'd heard his name called. It was then that his dark eyes locked with mine and he stared at me curiously as well. I guess I was the new specimen in town. My breath mysteriously vanished from chest because holy hell the demigod was staring at me. I dropped my gaze, my face probably turning an embarrassing shade of red.

“Oh my God, he's frickin staring at me,” I mumbled, clutching onto her hand for something to ground myself. 

“He kinda is,” she said, surreptitiously glancing over her shoulder. “I wonder why. The Cullens usually keep to themselves, so don’t worry. Their dad's a doctor so they've got a lot of money. He’s not gonna… wait… Are you blushing ? It’s usually Rosalie that all the guys drool over.”

I glanced over at their table again. The gorgeous blonde, with hair that could make a waterfall jealous, the one with a jawbone that appeared to have been sculpted by Aphrodite.... Hell, she looked like she could be Aphrodite. Jessica had to be referencing her. So that meant that the pixie-like female must be Alice. Of course all the guys would swoon over that supermodel blonde. All of the normal guys would.

But I wasn't normal. And that prying question, Are you blushing? , brought up the one thing that I hadn’t necessarily been avoiding but I didn’t want to dive right into it either. Because the truth could break me around here. I could be ostracized, made an outcast. I could be picked on and bullied. No, scratch that, I would definitely be picked without a doubt but probably not bullied because Charlie was my dad. Emphasis on ‘probably’ because who knew how stupid the guys around here were? That big burly guy sitting next to the supermodel looked a little suspicious. 

I also had Charlie to think about. He had built relationships around here. He had friends, associates and deputies. He had a life in this irrelevant town. I could ruin it with two one syllable words. What kind of inconsiderate son would that make me? What would people say about him if they knew he had one of those sons? But then again, he and my mother both knew already. They were the first two people I’d told. My mom had taken it in stride. “I already knew, sweety. I’m your mother. Figured it out about 2 years ago. I’ve been waiting on you to tell me since then. Where do you want to go for dinner?” 

It had stumbled Charlie up for split second. “Really? Are you sure?” he’d asked over one of our boring fishing trips almost six months ago.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure, Dad,” had been my brilliant response.

“Okay. Well then. I guess that’s that.” And he’d cast his pole and lapsed into his usual comfortable silence. 

And he’d still allowed me to live with him after I’d expressed a desire to do so. He knew what he was getting himself into. He knew about the gossip that would inevitably follow me to this town. I would simply have to dive in head first and hope for the best.

“Ummm… yeah,” I mumbled. “She’s gorgeous. Anyone can see that. But I’m not gonna swoon over her or anything… I’m not really interested in girls.” I glanced back over at the Cullen table, only to see that he was still staring at me, this time with eyes as startled as Jessica’s. The embarrassingly girly blush his gaze enticed out of me only solidified my statement, making it more believable.

Jessica’s jaw dropped. Yup. She was definitely into me. And I had stomped on her budding crush. “What?” she asked stupidly.

After questioning myself for two months and then proceeding to keep the information pinned up for over a year after accepting it, I still wasn’t quite comfortable saying it out loud. Of course this ditzy broad would make me voice those two insufferable words that I’d only had to say twice before in my life. Fortunately, she had been nice to me all today, (that was susceptible to change) so I could be nice to her.

“I’m not interested in girls. I’m… I’m gay.”

“Wait—what?” One of the girls whose name I’d already forgotten said incredulously. And loudly I might add. Where Jessica’s and my conversation had been in hushed tones, this girl’s voice had drew the attention of the entire table. Especially after stopping her conversation with the guy next to her (Ben?) and turning to me to ask, “Did you I just hear you correctly?”

My breath froze as I stared into each set of curious eyes at the table. I fucking hated that chick and I didn’t even really know her. Why would she dump me under the spotlight unprepared like that? I couldn’t resist another glance over at the Cullen table where I found them all watching me now, as if they were waiting for my response as well. And if that didn’t make turn even redder. Fuck…

“Ummm… yeah,” I said peering around the table again, and shrugging innocently, as if what I had just said, was no big deal, though it clearly was. I shot a quick glance over at the Cullen table again, where only Edward was still watching me, almost as if he were frustrated. The others were looking just as bored as before, whispering to each other now. “I’m gay.” I said it a little more firmly that time, with confidence, even though my heart was attempting to beat its way out of my chest. 

The table was silent for a second, all eyes on me. Hell, the entire cafeteria seemed silent, though I could hear the chatter of the students around me. It still felt like every ear was on my words, like the weight of the world was crashing on my shoulders until Jessica finally spoke and broke the tense atmosphere.

“Cool! There’s no gay guys in this school,” she said chipperly. “I don’t even think in this town. That’s very encouraging, I thought. “If there is, they’re not open about it. You totally have to be my gay best friend!”

I wasn’t that kind of gay guy, but whatevs. Anything to push this conversation in a positive direction. “Sure,” I responded with what I hoped was a genuine smile.

She squealed cheerfully. “We can have sleepovers and stay up all night talking about boys!” 

That sounded like the worst thing ever . “Sounds awesome!” She leaned in closer to me, grinning broadly, gesturing that I do the same. I forced myself to not roll my eyes as I leaned in as well.

“You might actually have a shot with Edward,” she whispered. “Honestly I thought he just didn’t date because no one here was pretty enough for him, but I never considered that the school might not have his type. I’ve never seen him with a girl.” she finished suggestively.

He never dated? Just because he’d never been seen with a girl didn’t mean he wasn’t interested in them. Right? I completely failed to not glance his direction. He was no longer staring at me but was now talking softly along with his family, a small smirk on the corner of his lips. After a few more seconds, the five of them left the table together. They were all seriously graceful—even the big brawny one. It was strange to watch them in motion together. Edward, didn’t look at me again.

I sat with Jessica and her friends longer than I would have had I been sitting alone. One of my new acquaintances, who politely reminded me that her name was Angela, had Biology II with me the next hour. We walked to class together in silence. She was probably shy like me.

When we entered the classroom, Angela went to sit at a black-topped lab table exactly like the ones I was used to at home. She already had a neighbor. In fact, all of the tables were filled but one. In the middle of the room, I recognized Edward Cullen by his insanely graceful posture, sitting next to that single open seat. My heart instantly sped up in my chest. 

As I walked down the aisle to get my slip signed, I was watching him, trying to make it covert. Just as I passed, he suddenly went rigid in his seat. His face jerked up toward mine so fast it surprised me, staring with the strangest expression—it was more than angry, it was furious, hostile. I looked away, stunned, going red again. I stumbled over a book in the walkway and had to catch myself on the edge of a table. The boy sitting there chuckled.

I’d been right about the eyes. They were black—coal black.

Mr. Banner signed my slip and handed me a book. Of course, he had no choice but to send me to the one open seat in the middle of the room. Still, my eyes inadvertently swept around for another vacant seat that I already knew didn’t exist. There was nothing else for it. I would have to sit next to him. I kept my eyes down as I went to sit by him, confused and awkward, wondering what I could have done to earn the antagonistic glare he’d given me.

I didn’t look up as I set my book on the table and took my seat, but I saw his posture change from the corner of my eye. He stiffened and leaned away from me, sitting on the extreme edge of his chair, averting his face like he smelled something bad. I inconspicuously sniffed. My shirt smelled like laundry detergent. That was innocent enough. Right? I scooted my chair to the right, giving him as much space a possible and tried to pay attention to the teacher.

Try as hard as I may, I couldn’t ignore him. What was wrong with him? I failed not to peer over at him out of the corner of my eye. And I found him glaring back at me with eyes the color of coal and a face twisted into murder. I instantly looked away, forcing myself to not flee. His tense posture never let up throughout the entire lecture. He never relaxed. His hand was balled into a tight fist where it stayed. He was frozen like an ice sculpture, sitting so still it looked as if he wasn’t even breathing. He stayed that way, leaving me feeling awkward and uncomfortable, until the bell rang, and Edward was on his feet.

Fluidly he rose. He was an extremely tall guy—just as tall as me. But unlike me, his height didn’t damper him. He moved deftly and was out the door before anyone else was out of their seat. 

I sat there frozen, staring blankly after him. He was so harsh. I began gathering up my things slowly, attempting to block out the confusion and guilt that consumed me. Why should I feel guilty? I hadn’t done anything wrong. How could I have? I hadn’t actually even met him.

“Are you Beaufort Swan?” a male voice asked. 

I looked up to see a cute baby-faced boy, his pale blonde hair carefully gelled into orderly spikes, shorter than me by several inches. He smiled at me in a friendly way. He obviously didn’t think I smelled bad. 

“Beau,” I corrected him, smiling back. 

“I’m Mike.”

“Hi Mike.”

“Do you need some help finding your next class?”

“I’m headed to gym actually. I think I can find it.”

“That’s my next class too.” He seemed thrilled, though it wasn’t that big of a coincidence in a school this small. 

We walked to class together with him providing most of the conversation, making it easy for me. He’d lived in California until he was ten, so he understood how I felt about the sun. It turned out he’d been in my English class too. He was the nicest person I’d met all day.

But as we were entering the gym he abruptly asked, “So is it true? Are you gay? There’s a rumor going around that you announced it to an entire table at lunch this morning.”

I winced. Of course the entirety of this tiny school would know about that already—probably the whole town. “That's not a rumor. It's the truth,” I said, just as confidently as I had in the lunchroom. “What of it?”

“Oh, no rude intentions man,” he said, raising his hands in a defensive manner at my clearly offensive tone. “I was just curious. Honestly, I admire your bravery.” He smiled his warm friendly smile, making backpedal and slump my shoulders in shame. He wasn't attacking me—he was complimenting me.

“Sorry. This guy at my old school got a lot of strife about it and the thought of being treated like he did make me a little tense.” He followed me into the locker room. 

“I’m not surprised,” he said, showing me through to the gymnasium floor. “You probably won't get the same thing here being the police chief’s son and all.”

I sighed. “I’m banking on that. Hopefully just a bit of griping at worst.”

He held the gym door open for me, his kind smile never lifting. “Well, just know that you’ve got a friend in me, even if all the other guys are jerks to you. I’ve got your back.” I gave him another warm smile as he turned back into the locker room. That guy was really nice.

My torture for P.E. was volleyball which I was fortunately allowed to skip because I didn't have any clothes yet. As I sat watching the others play, my mind inadvertently filled with all the injuries I had acquired—and inflicted—attempting to play the sport. I knew that things would be no different here.

Trigonometry was my last class of the day, another class shared with both Mike and Jessica. It was an uneventful lesson. The students stared at me, I tried not to blush. Mike sat on one side of me, Jessica on the other and they were both very helpful throughout the lesson until the final bell rang at last. I walked slowly to the office to return my paperwork, knowing that if I moved too quickly I would stumble. The rain had faded away, but the wind was strong, and colder. I zipped my jacket up and shoved my free hand into a pocket.

When I walked into the warm office, I almost turned around and walked right back out.

Edward Cullen stood at the desk in front of me. Impossible not to recognize his unruly bronze hair. He didn’t seem to notice the sound of my entrance. I stood pressed against the back wall, waiting for the bespectacled receptionist to be free.

He was arguing with her in a low, musical voice. I quickly picked up the gist of the argument. He was trying to trade from sixth-hour Biology to another time—any other time.

This could not be about me. It had to be something else, something that happened before I got to the Biology room. The look on his face must have been about some other problem. It was impossible that a stranger could take such a sudden, intense disliking to me. I wasn’t interesting enough to be worth that strong of a reaction.

The door opened again, and the cold wind suddenly sent a gust through the room, rustling the papers on the desk. The boy who came in merely stepped to the desk, placed a note in the wire basket, and walked out again. But Edward Cullen’s back stiffened, and he turned slowly to glare at me—his face was impossibly perfect, not even one tiny flaw to make him seem human—with piercing, hate-filled eyes. For an instant, I felt the oddest thrill of genuine fear, raising the hair on my arms. As if he were going to pull a gun out and shoot me. The look only lasted a second, but it was colder than the freezing wind. He turned back to the receptionist.

“Never mind, then,” he said quickly, his voice like silk. “I can see that it’s impossible. Thank you so much for your help.” And he turned deftly on his heel without another look at me, and vanished out the door.

What the fuck?

“So is it true? Are you gay? There's a rumor going around that you announced it to an entire table at lunch this morning.”

“Yeah, I am,” I answered the blond boy confidently. “What's it to you?”

“I just… how did you know? Like, have you ever kissed a dude?”

“No,” I answered honestly, casually leaning into the lockers, frowning at the thought. “I just knew. It's the only explanation for a dude who thinks about naked guys all the time.”

“I guess that would be a telltale sign, huh?” Mike chuckled. “But don't you think you should try it? Kissing a guy?” He leaned into the lockers as well, peering into my eyes. “You'll definitely know you’re gay of you like kissing a guy.”

I shrugged. “I’m pretty sure. Thinking about kissing a guy is enough.”

“Really? Because I’d be willing to be your test subject.”

“Seriously?” I asked dubiously with a lifted brow.

“Totally,” Mike said fervently, sliding closer to me against the lockers. His blue orbs flicked down to my lips and back up to my eyes. “I think you should feel confident and I want to help.” 

I was fairly confident already, confident enough to tell the entire school. But he leaned in closer anyway. My breath caught in my chest. Our lips touched. Holy hell…. I was kissing Mike Newton. It was soft and gentle. He pecked at my lips, leaning in closer until our chests touched, making me feel a tingly something in my pants. Then, somehow my hands found the back of his head and I pulled into it. 

“Woah,” Mike chuckled, pulling back. “I think you’re gay, man.” 

I chuckled as well, certain that I was probably blushing. “I told you, that.”

“Yeah, you did,” Mike smiled. “But do you know what the real test is?” His hands slipped down to rest on his groin as he bit his lower lip lasciviously. “The real test is sucking dick.” He gently palmed his crotch. “Have you ever done that?”

“Ummm…. no…” I mumbled nervously, my eyes flicking down to where his hands slowly undid the button on his pants. I’d never done anything sexual with anyone. But—holy hell... watching him pop his dick out like that was making me want to. My breath caught in my chest. It was plump and peach colored, hanging semi erect under a little patch of dark blond fuzz. I was looking at Mike Newton’s dick.

“I'll be your experiment,” he said softly, watching me ogle his cock. 

“Ummm… okay.” I tentatively knelt before him, where the pink flesh hung directly in front of my face. With a pounding heart, I watched it slowly grow to full mast without him or me ever touching it until it stood straight out, almost touching my lip. The thought of what I was about to do was enough to get Mike rock solid.

“Suck my dick, Beau,” he whispered, making it jump a few times. I watched a thick bead of precum dribble from the tip. “You know you want to. This cock got your mouth watering?” He peered down at me with hooded eyes. Then they fluttered closed and he sighed a content sigh when I sucked the appendage into my mouth.

I won't lie and say it didn't feel good. Fuck, it felt so good. I wanted more. I wanted to suck him until he burst down my throat. I didn't know when it had happened, but I was as stiff as a board in my pants. My hard cock was pressing into my zipper painfully. But I put all of my attention on Mike’s thick dick. I sucked him in until I could feel his head pressing into the back of my mouth.

“Oh my God,” he mumbled, his head falling back on the lockers with a loud thunk, the pleasure making him chuckle. “That feels so fucking good….” His fingers laced into the hair at the back of my head, applying pressure. “Oh fuck…” He let me suck him, using his hand to guide my head down his shaft until my nose was buried in his little blond fuzz each time, while whispering lewd comments all the while. “You're such a good cock sucker. You got a greedy mouth. And greedy mouths get fucking fed. Swallow my dick, just like that. Mngh… you look so pretty with your lips around my cock. So fucking good...” Then, after a few minutes of that,

“Ready for the ultimate test? The big decider?” he asked.

I peered back up at him, my lips still wrapped around his cock. “Mmhmm,” I moaned on his dick, making him tremble and tighten his fingers, pulling my hair in an almost painful way. He started pumping his hips forward, gently fucking into my mouth. I relaxed, letting him slide his stiff cock across my tongue and down my throat. 

“I'm gonna put this dick up your ass.” He smirked a crooked smile while continuing his tender face fucking. “If you can take it, you’re totally gay.”

“Mhmm,” I moaned again, making his fingers tightened even more as he sucked a sharp breath through his teeth. 

“Stand up, Beau,” he said abruptly, pulling me free of his dick with an obscenely wet pop and tugging me to my feet by my shirt. “Stand up and turn around.” I did as I was told, turning and revealing my boxer cladden ass to him—wait… boxers? When had I taken my pants off? Mike didn't give me time to think about that. He promptly gripped two firm hands full of my ass through the thin fabric of my underwear, making me gasp from the contact, from how good his hands felt squeezing my cheeks. I was so close to coming and my cock hadn't even been touched.

“I'm gonna fuck you so good,” Mike mumbled, pulling my underwear down, exposing the bare skin of my ass to the cool room. “Fuck…” He lasciviously ran a finger along the crack of my ass. I gasped, startled when I felt the finger pressed into my hole. 

It was then that I saw a shadow flit across a far corner of the locker room. It was quick, a blur of dark colors. Almost as if it wasn't even there. I frowned quizzically as Mike continued to probe my entrance with his finger.

“Did you see that?” I asked curiously, staring into the corner. Had it been a trick of the light?

“See what?” Mike mumbled inattentively from behind me, his mind clearly focused on my ass. I froze when I felt his plump cockhead touch my hole. 

“Holy fuck,” I mumbled, my eyes the size of quarters.

“This is it,” he whispered, gripping my hips firmly. Then he slowly pushed in, his head stretching me open. 

“Oh my God…” He felt so big. He was slowly sliding in, inch by inch, opening me up in a way that I’d never experienced before. And I was coming. He wasn’t even all the way in yet and I was coming, spilling my thick load all over the locker room floor. I screamed and moaned, shaking through the orgasm, my hole clenching around his dick, making it harder for him to get in. But he simply released one of my hips, then used his free hand to spread one of my ass cheeks, and he pushed in a little more firmly.

“You’re totally fucking gay, dude,” he chuckled. “You're taking this dick like a chick. And you feel so fucking good. So warm. Tight… You like a hard cock up your ass don't you?”  He continued to press in, while I trembled, the last bit of my orgasm dripping out of me.

The shadow flashed across the locker room again, much closer this time. My heart stopped.

“Okay I know you saw that!” Before he could finish getting inside properly, I jumped away from Mike, turning around to look at him.

“Saw what?” he asked irritably, his dick pointing straight out. Then he smirked. “Look, if you're too scared to take all of this dick just say it.”

The shadow shot sharply across the room like a speeding bullet, directly in front of me, startling me and making my heart drop to my feet. Mike screamed as he was roughly slammed into the lockers, his still exposed dick flopping. 

Edward snarled at him like a feral animal, both hands clutching the boy's throat in a life threatening grip.

I snapped awake in my tiny bed with a strangled cry, and… sticky underwear.

Woah. Holy fuck…. intense. I didn't even know my imagination was that good. Apparently my subconscious had taken a liking to Mike Newton—a serious liking. And apparently it thought that Edward Cullen wouldn't respond very well.