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Katia's Adventure

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Muttering under her breath, Katia stared down at the map. Was she seriously lost?

Grumbling, she pored over the map. The southern jungle wasn’t supposed to be too dangerous, but a human traveling without pokemon—as she was—was expected to walk with a heavy supply of repels, just in case. Her stock should have been more than enough to see her though, but she was running dangerously low…

“I’ll be fine,” the young woman muttered, idly running her fingers through her hair. “It’s not too far… I’ve got to conserve.” Besides, she hadn’t seen any pokemon at all, dangerous or no.

She continued down the pathway (though it was so worn, she admitted, it was more like a game trail) while trying to ascertain her position in the jungle. Within a few minutes, caged in by looming, vine-draped trees, Katia had to admit it to herself: she was good and lost.

Worry started to trace its cruel fingers down her heart, but only momentarily; soon enough the negative feelings were banished by a new sensation: a novel, enticing new scent. The aroma drifted past her nose, piquing her interest and soothing her worries and, strangely, causing her heart rate to skip, her skin to prick, her face to flush…

Idly, barely realizing she was doing it, Katia began tracing the new scent back to its source, leaving the map drifting lazily away on a soft breeze to be swallowed by the jungle.

The growth grew thicker, the heavy greens of the trees and vines contrasted with the pale lavender of surrounding blossoms and petals. The blossoms were becoming more and more common, and as they did so, the curious scent—overwhelmingly sweet, heavy, almost spicy—soared further and further. The smell was omnipresent and Katia couldn’t help but blink slowly. It was so luscious that it was almost hard to think… she felt her cheeks burning, and realized her breathing had gotten slow and heavy. Her core began to ache with a ruinous and luscious need.

Following the scent to its source, she found it. It was a wild Carnivine, but one that was far larger than any she had ever seen. The pokemon’s head alone would have easily dwarfed a human. The creature’s lower tendrils were wrapped tightly around the trunk of a great jungle tree, the vines redolent in the pale lavender blossoms. The creature’s toothed maw split into a grin as it grinned at her almost coyly; one of its fronds curled against its massive head, while the other was cupped low. Within it, a pale pinkish-purple nectar sloshed around. More of the same dripped from the pokemon’s mouth.

In normal circumstances, Katia would have bolted, running for her life from such a massive and frightening creature. Indeed, even now, some part of her was urging caution and escape when confronted with the Carnivine. But the scent… the lovely, overpowering scent was at its strongest here, and she knew that the Carnivine was the source. Stay, it seemed to whisper at her. Stay. We won’t hurt you. We just want to make you feel good…

The Grass-type lowered the frond with the nectar to her lips and, against the warnings from her heart, Katia gently touched her lips to it and took a sip.


The nectar was sweeter than the sweetest juice, like an exotic candy, and she gulped it down eagerly. With every swallow, her heartbeat hammered faster and faster, and she felt her face and her arms and her breasts flush more and more with arousal.

Arousal? She wondered at it but didn’t have long to ponder before the frond tipped slightly upwards, pushing more nectar on her to drink. She lapped it eagerly, barely aware that one of the vines was pushing gently yet firmly on her shoulders. She sank to her knees in deference, not even aware she was doing it, and didn’t bat an eye when that same vine casually plucked her backpack from off of her shoulders, taking it away.

Arousal… the more she drank the hotter and needier she got. She gulped down the nectar, delighting in the taste, reveling in the messages it sent her: Easy now, little one, easy… that’s right, you like it, you love it, you’re here for bliss and satiation and that’s what you will get.

The Carnivine’s vines wrapped around Katia’s legs and torso, holding her firmly enough that she couldn’t slip yet easily enough that it wasn’t painful. Maneuvering her upside down, the creature dangled her overhead, grinning up at her.

It was going to eat her! No! She had to escape! She had to—

Calm, calm, caaaaaaaaaaalm, little pet, the voice within the flowers crooned inside her head. We have no wish to harm you. Why so frightened? Why so tense? Just relax, and let your inhibitions fly away like birds… we’ve got you, little pet, and you’ll never be happier.

Yes… why was she scared? Surely the Carnivine would have already made its move if it had violent intentions… It had treated her well thus far. There was no need to worry. Katia relaxed, staring down at the Carnivine with heavy, half-lidded eyes. Despite her heavy arousal, she was also strangely drowsy, as if half near sleep; not enough to nod off, but enough for everything to get slow. Processing even simple thoughts was a chore.

Do you want more of the luscious nectar, little thing? She nodded, whining slightly. She did, she did… She wanted it so bad…

The Carnivine’s grin widened, showing off its moist tongue. Then take it straight from the source…

The creature lowered Katia until she was only a few feet above it. Then it reached up with its tongue until it tickled her face.

Dutifully, Katia took the tongue in, whimpering softly around it. Theeeeeeeeere, came the soothing voice from the flowers. There, little pet. Let your master treat you right. The tongue in her mouth wriggled back and forth, almost like the Carnivine was frenching her; Katia’s eyes fluttered with a muffled sigh, letting the creature hold her there and explore her mouth with its tongue. She sucked the juices off of it, the nectar even sharper than before, and sunsparks of delight burst through her body.

A cold touch to her thigh made her shiver, and she blinked, suddenly aware that her shoes were gone, and her pants were being peeled off; more vines were idly taking off her jacket, her shirt and bra, and others still wound themselves sinuously around her body. She shuddered and whined as one of Master’s vines cupped her breast while another snaked around her bare thigh, and two more rubbed themselves on her neck and lower back.

Such a lovely body, came Master’s voice, a lovely body for a lovely pet, and even in the sluggish haze that was her consciousness, Katia felt no small glow of pride: it was a lovely body, and she was happy that Master enjoyed it.

Before long all that was left on her was a (by now thoroughly soaked) pair of pale pink panties. The vines gently set her on the ground and Master slowly withdrew its tongue from Katia’s mouth. Katia almost whined in protest, only for her whine to morph into a high squeal of need as Master wrapped its tongue around her thigh, the wet touch making her skin and spine dance with pleasure and excitement.

My pet seems needy, Master’s voice taunted, and she nodded with as much energy as she could muster. She was so needy… her nethers burned and her skin was flushed. She tried to articulate her desire to Master but found that it was hard, so hard, the words stumbling on her lips.

Is pet having a difficult time? came Master’s voice. She blinked and nodded, awash in the smells and tastes and touches of the jungle. Thinking is hard, Master’s voice came. Let your master take care of it. That sounded like a good idea… Master was good, Master made her feel good. She could rely on Master.

A small vine wormed its way under her panties. Let’s get rid of these, said Master idly, and peeled them off, revealing her flushed and needy pussy. There we are. Oh my… it seems like my dearest pet needs attention. Katia watched in sluggish fascination as three of Master’s vines slowly crept their way up to her. More of Master’s vines, wrapped around her arms, pulled her back, until she arched her spine and stared up at Master’s giant visage; another vine wrapped itself around her torso, just beneath her breasts, holding her in place.

Don’t worry, little human. This will be the happiest moment of your life.

And the vines surged into her.

Katia’s face scrunched up, the sharp bite of sudden penetration present even within her lusty haze. But it soon enough faded away, and she learned to relish every thrust; the tripartite of vines in her pussy never ceased their fierce pace, and soon enough Katia was content to sit there, held tight by Master, and relish in every sensation as it plunged itself into her again and again. Every thrust was like heaven and she was content to sit in heaven and relax and feel Master’s touch on her and over her and in her; every thrust rocked her body and sent her heart hammering faster and faster, and by the end she was not even capable of saying how long she had sat there, getting fucked by Master’s vines, or how many times she had orgasmed.

Finally Master relented, and as the vines loosened, Katia collapsed sleepily on the jungle floor. The Carnivine overhead cradled her in its leaves, and the scent surrounding her seemed to have shifted, now lulling her to sleep.

Rest well, little pet, the smells seemed to croon to her. I shall care for you when you wake. Humans train pokemon but how easy it is, how rewarding, to see the tables turned…

How rewarding indeed, Katia thought, before she fell into a deep and blissful slumber.

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How long had she spent here in the jungle? She no longer knew. It all bled together, like a sweet and hazy dream…

Master had been true to its word, caring for her in the morning. She had fruit and berries and nuts to eat, and a gentle stream to bathe in, and more nectar to drink. Always, always the nectar, dribbling down and cupped in Master’s fronds, or sweetly suckled from Master’s tongue. The nectar’s spice made her whole body electric, sent the sweet lavender aroma pulsing even heavier through her brain, and left her wet and whining.

And Master was always more than happy to sate…

How Master enjoyed exploring her, and how she enjoyed being explored; Master’s vines and tongue probed into her, satiating the burn that gnawed at her depths, and Katia was happy to arch her back and send her moans caterwauling through the jungle air. Master liked it when she moaned and praised her for it, rewarding her with more sweet nectar and with long, lazy, luxurious fucks, the vines slowly grinding in and out of her pussy while she nestled sleepily in its fronds.

The days had bled into weeks, and Katia did not care how long she spent in Master’s care, because Master’s care and Master’s touch were all she needed…

And then, one morning, something weird had happened. There had been a curious weight in her tummy—not uncomfortable but unfamiliar. She frowned at it, sometimes poking at her stomach in between sessions where she exulted in Master’s attentions, and she found herself ravenous, hungry for more fruit and nuts than before. She had found her movements sluggish in general since joining with Master, but now she found herself even more languid, snoozing throughout the day.

She figured the feeling would go away but it didn’t, and as it settled into Katia her belly started to grow and Master looked at her with undisguised delight and tenderness, and one day Katia woke, cradled in their vines, and realized out of the blue that she was carrying Master’s child.

She cradled her still-modest belly in wonder, idly brushing her hands along it, and the vines surrounding her had shifted and Master’s enormous, familiar face had come to her out of the dark.

Are you happy, my little pet? Master had told her, the words driving at her through scents and sensations. Its slick tendrils coiled delicately around her thighs, making her squirm. This is an honor bestowed to no human or pokemon before… the honor of being the mate to the lord of the jungle.

“Mas… ter…” Katia said, looking up at the one who cared for her with bliss. “I’m so… happy…”

As am I, pet. More vines approached her slick and needy pussy. Let me show you how happy I make you.

And Master’s attentions left her moaning through the night.

As days rushed past like water in a stream, Master’s pet watched her belly grow, and before long she felt the new life squirming within. Sometimes she was left a writhing, whimpering mess as the activity of her young stoked her inner fire to such a degree that even Master couldn’t sate it, and the great Carnivine was content to hoist their breeder in the air, dangling her loosely from vines as she turned over on herself, sobbing with need that couldn’t be sated.

Katia was taking in more and more fruit and nuts, and especially more nectar; she gulped it down several times a day, and sometimes the sheer amount Master pushed on her left her feeling even heavier than her offspring did. She didn’t mind, however, as the nectar always brought a woozy delightedness that persisted long after its consumption.

As the day approached, her breasts began to swell and ache, as she knew they would, and one day they began to dribble liquid—and she gasped in surprise. The liquid wasn’t white but a pale lavender—she was producing new nectar for Master’s child.

Lovely, came Master’s praise, the tip of a great frond gently tickling her tummy. I knew you could do it.

“I’m… I’m so proud to…” she responded.

She perceived the sensation of a chuckle through the scented haze, the lavender flowers more vibrant than ever. I know you are, my little thing. Who are you?

“I am… Master’s pet…” she answered dutifully. It was hard to remember her old name—Katia—sometimes, and on occasion she failed to grasp it for minutes at a time. Because she was Master’s pet, after all: the mate, the breeder, the plaything to the lord of the jungle. Such roles seemed far more important than some arbitrary human appellation.

You are, little pet. You are. And the vines laid her back as Master’s great tongue lapped at her folds and made her sing.

The day arrived, and Master aided her by spraying pollen and filling her with nectar, sending her in such a haze that the act of birth barely registered; when she finally climbed out she was finished, a Carnivine the size of a human child nestled against her body.

Well done, said Master with no small degree of pride, and despite her aching exhaustion, Katia glowed at it. He needs nectar. Dutifully, she gently picked up the little pokemon and raised it to her breast, where it lapped at the pale liquid seeping from her.

The sensation of her baby nursing was like a wave slapping the shore—regular, delicate, and yet strangely powerful in its inexorableness. Katia leaned back with a contented sigh, fluttering on the line between sleep and wakefulness.

Master’s vines curled around her, the lavender flowers smelling sweet and making her mind dance with possibility.

You did well, they told her, and she burned with pride.

“Can I… do it again…?” she managed to get out.

Oh, you will. And not just to me. There are others in the jungle who pay me fealty… their numbers thin, and I have promised to help them. You’ve proven loyal… fertile… you shall aid them on my behalf.

Suddenly the mind of Master’s pet was filled with visions: herself, laying with Passimian, fucked by Toxicroak, pinned and rutted by singing Swellow, and others—so many jungle pokemon. And in each of these visions, her belly always, always swelled dutifully, giving young to them that they might not fade away.

But the visions showed that she always came back to Master, who tended to her gently and who cradled her with affection and care and other, lustier acts. And Katia settled back, anticipatory and excited at what the future would bring, as her pokemon offspring cradled against her—the first, she thought, of many.