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Everyone in the group stares at Koichi incredulously and his face turns bright red. “W-what?”

“That’s not average Koichi,” Josuke says raising an eyebrow up.

“It isn’t?”

“That’s way too big for someone your size.”

Koichi’s cute face scrunches up, his cheeks puffing up like a cartoon gopher. “Going after my height now, are we?”

“Listen I’m just stating the facts, five three people don’t usually have fucking seven inch dicks, Koichi!” Okuyasu says, loudly enough for the woman at the table next to them to let out a muffled cackle.

“I don’t believe it.” Josuke laughs, leaning back in his chair.

Yukako grins, “Koichi you don’t have to lie to us, we don’t care-“

“I-I-it’s true! I literally measured it myself with my ruler!” Koichi stands up out of his chair, slamming his palms against their table, causing it to rattle. Yukako’s coffee cup came dangerously close to spilling, but she pushed it back into a stable place with a few strands of her hair, not bothering to pay it any attention.

There was a silence among the group as everyone thought the same thing at once. The other three’s eyes poke in the direction of Koichi who catches their drift. “At least let me finish my ice cream…”

About six minutes later, Josuke locks the door of the single person bathroom in the ice cream parlor. No one seemed to notice four horny teenagers walk casually into a one person bathroom, to their luck. Everyone turns expectantly to Koichi and he feels the pressure immediately. Josuke sometimes felt him up down there, but this would be the first time anyone from their group would see him exposed and vulnerable... Koichi was nervous, but... his cock was getting a little hard. Koichi averts his eyes from the expectant faces of his lovers and exhales shakily. Squeezing his eyes shut and preparing for taunting and laughter, Koichi quickly pulls his joggers down to about his mid thigh. He lifts up the top of his hoodie so it’s not slightly covered.

There’s about a two second silence before a chorus of:
“Hot damn.”
“Holy fuck.”
“Oh my god.”

Koichi opens one eye to see them all looking at his length with a variety of confused expressions. Yukako’s lips were slightly parted, her eyebrows raised up onto her forehead. Okuyasu’s brow was furrowed, his lips pursed as if he couldn’t quite comprehend what he was seeing. Josuke’s eyes bulged a bit and his face was a shade of red similar to Koichi’s.

Okuyasu finally breaks the bizarre silence. “I’m not gonna lie, I thought you were yanking my chain, Koichi.”

Koichi felt his heart flutter a little. “It’s… impressive?”

“Yeah dude, holy shit.” Josuke swallows and looks back up at Koichi’s face, his eyes round and puppy like.

“I’m honestly kinda turned on,” Yukako says. Everyone looks at her and she shrugs. “What? I’m just being honest,” she flips her hair over her shoulder.

“It’s like all the largeness that was supposed to go to your height went to your dick.” Okuyasu laughs.


“I’m kidding, idiot!”

Yukako suddenly moves without warning. She slides onto her knees onto the tile floor, and suddenly picks Koichi’s length up with her hand. “Let me just…”

“W-h!” Koichi starts a protest but he’s already getting harder Yukako’s slender fingers work gently against him. Suddenly, Okuyasu and Josuke are making moves too, also crouching down. Josuke runs his hands along Koichi’s back causing him to shiver. “Y-you guys, we’re in public!” Koichi hisses.

Several grunts of “don't care” were shared. Koichi buried his hands in his face. Why did his partners have to be such horny bastards? They couldn’t even wait till they got home? Koichi has done kissing and heavy groping sessions (mainly focused on Yukako) with the other three, but this was the first time he was the center of attention, and the first time anyone was exposed like this. It was scary, but… It made Koichi feel special.

Okuyasu suddenly bites down on Koichi’s neck. His rough mouth works into his skin, making sure it’s gonna bruise. Josuke is much more gentle, placing feverish kisses on the small of Koichi’s back. Koichi lets out a whimper as Yukako’s thumb rubs the tip of his head. Yukako pulls her thumb away, a string of precum following it.
Yukako’s face is way too close to Koichi’s dick. Like her lips are an inch away. Koichi’s dick is already really hard, and it twitches at the thought of her putting it in her mouth.

“ guys…”

Josuke silences him by turning his head and pressing a passionate kiss to his mouth. Koichi can’t help but whimper into the kiss when he feels Yukako’s lips press against the head of his cock.

“You’re so cute, Koichi…” Okuyasu whispers and gives Koichi a long kick up his neck.

Josuke breaks away from their kiss to catch his breath and moan: “So cute… we can’t help ourselves!” His sentence ends with a hitch as he giggles breathlessly.

Yukako’s lips pull away from the tip of Koichi’s dick a cute kissing noise passed through her lips. “You taste so good Koichi-kun…”

“Does he?” Okuyasu asks, his voice peaking with curiosity.
Josuke pulls away from the kiss and leans down to where Yukako sat, “Wait, lemme taste…”

Before Koichi could even get out a word, all three of them were trying to suck his dick at once, a sloppy combination of making out on his dick and actually sucking. It was the hottest thing that has ever happened to Koichi. He lets out a high pitched moan and has to cover his mouth with his hand, a shaky inhale through the nose follows. He almost forgot they were in public. Koichi watches the obscene sight before him, a note being passed through his brain that he would probably have enough jack off material for the rest of his life.

Josuke's plump lips are attatched to the side of Koichi's shaft, his tongue lolling around the bottom, Okuyasu doing the same, and he breathes heavily as his tongue touches Josukes. Yukako has the bell end in her mouth and shes making cute noises as she sucks gently. Koichi’s knees are dangerously close to giving out, when suddenly Josuke’s eyes squeeze shut and he shudders violently. "Hmngh!" He pulls away from the sloppy kissing and lets out a sharp moan. “Oh fuck.”

“Josuke, did you just cum?” Breathes Okuyasu, pullng off Koichi's cock.

“S-sorry…” Josuke lays back, and Koichi’s eyes flick over to Josuke’s pants, seeing there was a dark spot on his jeans, films of white poking through the fabric. “I didn’t think… palming myself would, uh…”

Suddenly Koichi’s breath catches. Yukako took her chance during the distraction to put Koichi’s entire length in her mouth, and give a hard suck. “Uh!” He cries. Koichi’s hands fly out to the top of her head for stability. Shit, hes gonna cum. There's too many moans escaping his mouth to properly give a warning, Koichi stands on his tip toes and stretches while he cums, his tummy muscles tightening with each shoot of cum. With each shoot a strangled noise escapes his mouth. "Ngh-! Mngh-! Hngh-!" Yukako does her best to catch all of it in her mouth, but one shot lands on her face, splattering across her cheek and nose. Okuyasu springs into action, and greedily licks it off, much to the surprise and arousal of Yukako.

Koichi’s still out of breath after recovering as he tucks away his dick. “You assholes!” He gasps.

“Hey um… Ko? Can I borrow your hoodie?” Josuke’s voice pipes up.


Rohan watches as Koichi and his group of friends totter off in the direction of his home. They all ran out of the Ice Cream Parlor, the girl Yukako and the punk Okuyasu giggling mischievously. Koichi looks disheveled and a little pink in the face. Rohan vaguely wonders if he’s sick, but then he notices that Higashikata kid trailing behind him, Koichi’s green hoodie tied around his waist, the long part covering the front of his pants. Rohan reaches the conclusion that Higashikata Josuke must have pissed himself, and Koichi's embarrassed because they had to use his hoodie to cover it. Rohan pats himself on the back for his excellent detective skills, and walks away, deciding they were much too busy.